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3A/DL2JRM/PSO LP ALLDuring Grand Prix is hard working in CW.
4G1AMSHMany problems with the equipment on the start of the contest, but we manage to work around it. We enjoyed the contest a lot.
4X3ASO HP 160MConditions were very poor. There were no sunrise peak QSOs to North America, and only one QSO with Japan. Signal levels were low in general.
6Y1AMSHRevised strategy really helped the score with the new M/S rules in the end, the MULT station only provided a small % of the score increase we had this year
7K2GMJSO LP 15MI use TS-690S Output 50Watts with 3ele Monoband Yagi.
7K2PBBSO LP 10MThe 1st day's no-good at all, 2nd day just a little-bit better, But I could get NO-SATISFACTION! Am JA's 3rd Class licensed, only 10w Output and usin' whip ANT. up ABT 13mh, So COOOOL? GL72/73
9A3MASO HP 10MNot too bad for first SOSB 10m WPX
9G1MRSO LP ALLThanks to Michael for loaning me his callsign for contest operation while awaiting for my own local license issue.Unfortunately business duties limited my on-the-air time to 24 hrs only.Surprised that you can have good
9M6BGSO HP 15MGreat conditions!
AB2ESA LP ALLICOM756Pro to Butternut Vertical
AB8DFSO QRP ALLRig used was an old Ten Tec Triton at 5 watts. Wish I had more time to play.
AE4ECSO LP ALLLost a lot of time on saturday due many thunderstorms rumbling through the area forcing me to shut everything down but conditions were better than expected based on prop forecast
AE6YSO HP ALLGreat contest, as usual. Increased my score slightly by getting up at 4 am Sunday morning to work JA's on 40m. It paid off with two hours averaging 330 points each, by far the best of the contest.
AE9B/0SO LP 20MPartial Effort during spare times between family obligations.
AI7BMSH10M sucked from the NW but whats new! JA activity continues to drop it seems in all contests. EU activity up tho. No help to the left coast with JA activity down! Way to many dupes in the log .... 95 total!
AJ1ISO HP ALLNew USA record. Great single op competition this year. Off times, 1800-1900 0012-0112
AK1NSO HP ALLAfter looking forward to this one, I just wasn't with it. I guess I didn't get enough sleep before the contest and quit while well ahead of last year,even though I might have made my goal of 3000 Qs. Hit the road early Sunday AM for Cape Cod after sleeping
AP2ARSSO LP ALLAfter making about 10,000 QSOs in a very short time here, I found myself in a pretty bad mood when just nobody would answer my endless CQs. In the contest a good prefix MUST be accompanied by more than a good signal.
DF0FSSO HP ALLWas a great fun again, hope to hear everyone again next year
DF0SXMSHHeavy to run 48 hours with two operators only, but surprising what is possible with simple rig within a big contest.
DF0WERSO LP ALLIt's my first WPX as SO/LP.
DF6LQSO LP 20MOFF-TIMES, 00,00-03,00 22,30-05,30 07,26-09,26 22,00-24,00
DK1QOSO LP ALLUsed Logging Program, TR Vers. 6.58
DK2GZSO HP 15MHarddisk crash Sunday at 11.00 utc Generator crash Sunday at 15.30 UTC Station, TenTec OMNI 6+, AL80A TH6DXX @36ft
DL4MCFSO HP 15MOFF-TIMES 00,00-03,00, 21,20-03,50, 05,40-06,40, 09,49-11,19 12 HOURS OFF-TIME, 36 HOURS OPERATING
DM3XISO LP ALLWhere are all the stations outside contests?
EA8CNSO LP ALLAs usual had lots of fun but couldn't make full entry neither LF bands. See you next year!
EF7AMDSO LP 10MI participate as single operator,band restrict (only 28.1-28.15 MHz) I make this archive with a home made program. I work with 10W and a vertical antenna. My transceiver is a PRESIDENT LINCOLN, it's a monoband Trx...
EM3JSO HP 10MThanks everyone who call me and give some points. It's make result as possible. Please call me again. 73!
F5JYSO LP 10MConditions were not very good on 28 Mhz,Not many time
F5PBLSO QRP ALLVy 1st entry with my K1 - 20m & 15m - 5W, using a broadband GP. Really amazing to see how QRP can get to really DX locations ! Tnx for the fine contest
FM5BHSO HP ALLGreat week-end as usual. See you next year.
FO8DXSO LP ALLFirst time as a Contest Expedition Station. Wonderful experience operating from Mai Moana Resort at Bora Bora. Thanks to Stan (FO5IW) for the wonderful location, great support, and fantastic food!
G0DCKSO QRP 15MFirst time in WPX. Had to ride out on my motorbike after a few hours of operating to get the narrow filters. Rig was much better after that and able to cope with the amount of traffic.
G3LHJSO QRP 20MGood condx great fun - not so many hours to spare this year.
G3OOUSO LP ALLThis really is the best contest of the year with plenty to work at all times of the night and day. Can I enter a plea for the "boy racers" to come down below 50 wpm when called by a slower station?
G3RSDSO LP ALLAt first I was only going on to give points but got interested and here is an entry
G3TXFSO HP ALLWPX-CW always produces a few brain-teaser prefixes. This year was no exception. Importing the CQ-WPX log into the station log after the event usually throws up a few that require some tweaking to the station log's 'country file'.
G3UFYSO HP 10MHad to work nights so missed out on a lot. Will do better next year.
G3VQOSO LP ALLOnly a few hours due to work/sleep/family commitments - good fun though
G3YDDSO LP ALLVast improvement on last years conditions but even so we are being short changed by the Sun this time
G4OBKSO HP ALLAfter my 100 QSOs I took a 3 hour drive to Scotland and reappeared as GM4OBK.
G6QQSO LP ALLOnly able to spend a few hours but sending entry anyway as probably the only G6 prefix in the Contest. First licensed at age 16 in 1932. Bit confused about the Cabrillo log requirement and hope this is OK
GM0CLNSO LP ALLJust came on to get some practice and give away some points. Great fun as usual and my 16 foot long piece of wire up a tree in the garden with 3 ground radials seemed to work remarkably well!
GM4OBKSO HP ALLI closed down my main station in England and drove up to Scotland to make more QSOs as GM4OBK. ...
GW0VSWSO QRP 20MNice to see some DX stations including JH3AIU and SU7ZZ take the time to work my QRP signal. Hard going at times but great fun and my best result so far!
GW3KJNSO LP 40M1st use of cabrillo hpe ok great contest again sorry I was not able to work longer. age 68 and deaf
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