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ADIF to Cabrillo Log Converter

Almost all logging programs are able to export a file in the Amateur Data Interchange Format (adif or adi). This page enables you to upload your adif format log file and convert it into the Cabrillo format required for submitting your log entry for the contest. The converter wizard has three simple steps.

  1. Enter the callsign used in the contest and select the file to upload or paste it into the box.
  2. Select the entry category and other information needed for your contest entry.
  3. Enter your name and mailing address.

Your log will then be converted to Cabrillo format and ready to submit to the WPX Contest robot.

Callsign Used:(Required)
Choose a file to upload:
Paste ADIF File to upload:


Please contact director@cqwpx.com with any questions.

ADIF converter created by Tsvetomir Tishevishki, LZ2FQ