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801VE3WG2012VE3SO LP ALL31,581116993.7 [Cert]
802VE3TCV2015VE3SO LP ALL (R)31,5001121058.1  
803XJ3FFA1976VE3SO HP 160M31,41610677VE3FFA 
804VA3VP2006VE3SO LP 15M31,300313100  
805VY2MGY/32000VE3SO LP 160M30,82511475  
806VA3JFF2004VE3SO QRP ALL30,47011011011.4  
807VA3PAW2012VE3SO LP ALL (R)30,4521119214.9 [Cert]
808VE3RRH2017VE3SO LP ALL30,330104907.4 [Cert]
809VA3MTT2014VE3SO HP ALL (R)30,096112994.9 [Cert]
810VE3BK2007VE3SA HP ALL29,726113898.1  
811VE3NVP1987VE3SO QRP ALL28,55110293  
812VE3BBN1984VE3SO HP 160M28,52012262  
813VA3PDG2017VE3SA LP ALL (R)28,36299879.8 [Cert]
814VA3EC2015VE3SO HP ALL27,88097851.7 [Cert]
815VE3FTM2010VE3SO HP ALL (T)27,720105998.8 [Cert]
816VE3CW2007VE3SO QRP ALL27,6321148819.6  
817VE3JI2008VE3SO LP ALL (T)26,960101804.1 [Cert]
818VE3EL1995VE3SO LP ALL26,69010185  
819VE3BBN1978VE3SO HP 160M26,26414049  
820VE3BBN1980VE3SO HP 160M25,37612252  
821VE3WBR2009VE3SO HP ALL25,315988311.8 [Cert]
822VE3ZIN2006VE3SO LP ALL24,8641149611.2  
823VA3FP2009VE3SO HP 15M24,8401109211.5 [Cert]
824VE3DUS1978VE3SO HP 20M24,83210097  
825VE3GNI2014VE3SO LP ALL24,83195939.3 [Cert]
826VE3BBN1982VE3SO HP 160M24,52210661  
827VE3ISN1994VE3SO LP 20M24,28810196  
828VE3NYT1986VE3SO HP 20M24,06410194  
829VE3PYJ2017VE3SO LP ALL24,016987912.3 [Cert]
830VE3RCN2004VE3SO LP 20M (T)24,01098985.9  
831VE3BDN2003VE3SO LP ALL23,97096945.2  
832VE3LJQ2016VE3SO QRP ALL (R)23,9251088714.1 [Cert]
833VA3XFC2017VE3SA LP ALL23,780988210.1 [Cert]
834VE3OIL2014VE3SO LP ALL23,22098866.1 [Cert]
835VE3NQK1998VE3SO LP ALL23,14110279  
836VA3PC2006VE3SO HP ALL (T)23,0401009027.7  
837VA3OV2012VE3SO LP ALL22,77688784.4 [Cert]
838VA3XH2013VE3SO HP 40M (T)22,770746911.1 [Cert]
839VA3PL2009VE3SA LP 20M22,76197811.6 [Cert]
840VA3EEB2014VE3SO LP ALL22,69596895.1 [Cert]
841VE3HEU2014VE3SA LP 10M22,680999010.9 [Cert]
842VE3AJ2010VE3SO LP ALL22,55094828.2 [Cert]
843VA3LUK2011VE3SO HP ALL22,041937910.4 [Cert]
844XJ3EJK1976VE3SO HP ALL22,02210391VE3EJK 
845VE3RCN2008VE3SO LP ALL21,91090703.8 [Cert]
846VE3BBN1983VE3SO HP 160M21,61610556  
847VA3XOV2007VE3SO LP ALL (T)21,60093909.9  
848VA3KEI1994VE3SO LP ALL21,43210394  
849VA3IX2006VE3SO LP ALL21,230138110  
850VE3EDY2013VE3SO LP 160M (T)20,820936011.8 [Cert]
851VE3TL2012VE3SA LP 20M20,740858518.2 [Cert]
852VE3SS2008VE3SO HP 20M20,74090853.8 [Cert]
853CG3HEU2017VE3SA LP 40M20,59282668.0 [Cert]
854VE3RRH1992VE3SO LP ALL20,5609080  
855VA3PL2007VE3SA LP ALL20,540997928.9  
856VE3BBN1979VE3SO HP 160M20,42412046  
857VE3EZU1979VE3SO HP ALL20,1489273  
858VE3WPV2017VE3SA HP ALL20,003838310.5 [Cert]
859VE3EDY2017VE3SO LP 160M (T)19,94789619.2 [Cert]
860VE3SB2013VE3SO LP 40M19,56567653.4 [Cert]
861VA3OV2016VE3SO LP ALL19,50596836.0 [Cert]
862VE3VSM2013VE3SO LP 80M19,45680642.3 [Cert]
863VE3XAT2008VE3SA LP ALL19,02486822.3 [Cert]
864VE3CMV1975VE3SO HP 20M19,01910777  
865VA3XH2005VE3SO HP 80M18,85069656.3  
866VA3RKM2010VE3SO QRP ALL18,16095809.9 [Cert]
867VE3HX1998VE3SO LP 10M18,07010065  
868VE3SXY2016VE3SO LP ALL17,25086757.3 [Cert]
869VE3PQ2015VE3SO LP ALL17,11176713.7 [Cert]
870VA3PL2002VE3SO LP ALL16,92085724.8  
871VE3XAT2017VE3SA LP ALL16,72080764.6 [Cert]
872VE3OIL1996VE3SO LP 80M16,4827267  
873VE3NBE1989VE3SO HP 20M16,4808080  
874VE3XAT2014VE3SA LP 10M (T)15,96076766.3 [Cert]
875VE2AEJ/31984VE3SO QRP ALL15,5498671  
876VE3XAT2013VE3SA LP ALL15,46678742.3 [Cert]
877VE3BBN1977VE3SO HP 160M15,4449939  
878VE3AUO2011VE3SA LP 10M15,400907013.9 [Cert]
879VA3FN2012VE3SO LP ALL15,18075667.9 [Cert]
880VA3MQS2015VE3SO LP ALL (R)15,08980797.4 [Cert]
881VE3BR2015VE3SO QRP 40M14,84858583.7 [Cert]
882VE3WMJ2011VE3SO LP ALL14,824786810.7 [Cert]
883VE3IPS1978VE3SO HP 10M14,8079767  
884VY2MGY/31998VE3SO QRP 160M14,4008045  
885VA3ZLT2015VE3SA LP ALL14,32277774.3  
886VE3IAE2008VE3SO LP 20M (T)14,21271764.8 [Cert]
887VE3EVV1999VE3SO LP 20M14,1128372  
888VA3PC2010VE3SO HP 10M13,92675663.2 [Cert]
889VA3RKM2006VE3SO QRP ALL13,46479688.5  
890VE3KCO2008VE3SO LP ALL13,440947016.3 [Cert]
891VE3GCO1983VE3SO HP 20M13,4258775  
892VE3EZU1978VE3SO HP ALL13,3907565  
893VA3PDG2015VE3SO LP 10M (R)13,32876686.5 [Cert]
894VE3AJ2008VE3SO LP ALL13,16774637.1 [Cert]
895VA3FP2008VE3SO HP 15M13,056756410.6 [Cert]
896VE3MEW2016VE3SO LP ALL12,85270638.0 [Cert]
897VA3RKM2009VE3SO QRP ALL12,78073606.7 [Cert]
898VE3RHD2009VE3SO LP 20M12,76585698.3 [Cert]
899VE3RCN2015VE3SO LP ALL12,74466593.1 [Cert]
900VE3NYT1985VE3SO HP 20M12,7407570  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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