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801RA7A2012UA-6SO HP 10M6,27249494.8 
802UW6NU1978UA-6SO HP ALL6,2166456  
803RM7M2013UA-6SO LP ALL6,14861582.1  
804RK6AQP2011UA-6SO LP ALL6,07651495.9 
805UA6AJG1975UA-6SO HP ALL6,0756445  
806RA6AR2001UA-6SO HP ALL6,05058551.6  
807UW6FZ1975UA-6SO HP 20M6,0398161  
808RN6DR2010UA-6SO LP ALL6,01649473.5 
809UA6XT1989UA-6SO HP 10M6,0005548  
810RA6AAW2007UA-6SO LP ALL5,986494110.5  
811RV6ACC2013UA-6SO LP 20M (T)5,98564634.9 
812RX6CC2008UA-6SO HP ALL5,97852495.2 
813RA7A2011UA-6SO HP ALL5,95052503.7 
814RA6DT2009UA-6SO LP ALL5,90453482.1 
815RM6J2011UA-6SO HP 160M5,88558551.9 
816RU6L2012UA-6SO HP ALL5,85045397.7 
817RW7M2012UA-6SO LP 10M5,82460563.3 
818RD6LP2008UA-6SO LP 15M5,76052486.6 
819RA7R2015UA-6SO HP 20M5,71274681.4 
820RA6LU1986UA-6SO QRP 160M5,7126042  
821UA7T2014UA-6SA HP ALL5,658504613.1 
822UA6LTA1984UA-6SO HP 10M5,6106151  
823UA6PT1985UA-6SO HP ALL5,5656553  
824R7GA2013UA-6SO LP ALL (R)5,52048462.9 
825RN6DR2012UA-6SA LP ALL5,40654534.5 
826R7GX2013UA-6SA HP ALL5,33649466.3 
827RA6AX2010UA-6SO LP ALL5,29247422.4 
828RA7A2013UA-6SO LP ALL5,23649442.9 
829UA6CGH2014UA-6SO LP ALL5,194555310.5 
830RA6AJI1984UA-6SO HP 10M5,1665441  
831UA6BQD2005UA-6SO LP 160M (R)5,076534730.5  
832RK6AQP2017UA-6SA LP ALL5,04342415.5 
833UA6ADC1977UA-6SO HP 10M4,9615441  
834RW6BD2010UA-6SA LP ALL4,89560553.2 
835RA6DB2003UA-6SO HP ALL4,879434127.6  
836R6KA2015UA-6SA LP ALL4,83648391.1 
837RV6LN2014UA-6SO HP ALL4,83042424.2 
838UA6LQ1986UA-6SO HP 10M4,5784842  
839RM7M2014UA-6SO LP 10M4,57654525.2  
840UB7K2016UA-6SA LP ALL4,53643362.1 
841RA6HJR2009UA-6SA HP ALL4,48046401.4 
842RG7K2016UA-6SA LP ALL4,45243421.4 
843RZ6MX2013UA-6SA LP ALL4,27547455.6 
844UA6YI2008UA-6SO LP ALL4,18243345.8 
845RU7A2011UA-6SA LP ALL4,14240382.9 
846RK6CM2008UA-6SO LP 15M4,14147412.5 
847UA6ABE2013UA-6SO LP 15M (R)4,11651493.6 
848RZ6FA2012UA-6SA HP ALL4,02539354.1 
849R6CW2011UA-6SO LP 10M (T)3,861443914.0 
850UA6RB1977UA-6SO HP 20M3,8285244  
851UA6HCZ1976UA-6SO HP ALL3,7925548  
852RU6HL2011UA-6SO LP ALL3,78038367.1 
853UK6AJN1983UA-6SO HP ALL3,7605240RA6AMH 
854UW6NU1975UA-6SO HP 80M3,6585431  
855UA6AJG1984UA-6SO HP ALL3,6543836  
856RU6MM2003UA-6SO HP ALL3,63839347.1  
857RZ6LB2012UA-6SO LP ALL3,588483911.0 
858RA6YBV1981UA-6SO HP 10M3,4654333  
859R7TO2015UA-6SO LP ALL (T)3,46537357.3 
860R6FAA2016UA-6SO QRP ALL3,43236332.9 
861RD6LP2009UA-6SO LP 15M3,27641367.4 
862UA6AK2007UA-6SO LP 10M3,2643832  
863UZ6XWC1985UA-6MULTI-ONE HP3,2125544Club Group 
864R7IA2015UA-6SO LP ALL3,17535259.7 
865RX6LOL2011UA-6SO LP 10M2,97540354.7 
866RA6XB2015UA-6SO LP 160M (T)2,91640362.4 
867R7GA2015UA-6SO LP ALL2,88438287.8 
868UA6GU2011UA-6SA LP 20M2,860454411.9 
869UA6HAC1981UA-6SO HP ALL2,8213331  
870RV6FA2011UA-6SO LP ALL2,76032306.3 
871RA7R2017UA-6SO LP ALL2,62837362.0 
872UA6BV1975UA-6SO HP 15M2,6074333  
873RK6AQP2015UA-6SO LP ALL (T)2,41839392.8 
874RN6DR2017UA-6SO LP ALL2,41437343.3 
875R7NP2016UA-6SO LP 15M2,40933332.2 
876RA6CZ2007UA-6SO HP 80M2,387313124.9  
877RK6MY2005UA-6SO LP ALL2,380373529.7  
878UA4ASE/62017UA-6SO LP 20M2,35640381.1 
879UA6LBQ1976UA-6SO HP 10M2,2333529  
880UW6CV1975UA-6SO HP 15M2,2043729  
881RX6LOL2013UA-6SO HP ALL2,10029281.1 
882UA6LQ1987UA-6SO HP 10M2,0883529  
883RV6ALI2009UA-6SO LP ALL1,97628265.3 
884RA7KW2015UA-6SA LP ALL1,97230292.5 
885UA6YI2011UA-6SO LP ALL1,95325217.9 
886UA6LED1977UA-6SO HP 10M1,9503726  
887RA6AAW2005UA-6SO LP ALL1,87026223.2  
888RV6FT2007UA-6SO LP 15M1,800252425.8  
889RK6CM2011UA-6SO LP 10M1,76828261.7 
890R7FL2015UA-6SO HP ALL1,69129193.4 
891RK6AIQ2001UA-6SO LP 160M1,6803230  
892RU6K2017UA-6SA HP ALL1,62027272.5 
893UA6ALV1984UA-6SO HP 10M1,6003025  
894R7NA2016UA-6SO QRP 160M1,59030301.8 
895UA6APP1977UA-6SO HP 20M1,5843224  
896UA6YI2012UA-6SO HP ALL1,49525235.1 
897RU7A2015UA-6SO QRP ALL1,44024201.7  
898RW6CW2009UA-6SO LP ALL1,36821181.7 
899RV6ASU2003UA-6SO LP ALL1,32025242.6  
900RU6C2014UA-6SO LP 10M1,29626242.9 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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