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801UA0AZ2005RA0SO HP 20M14,58090547.0  
802RU0AT2006RA0SO LP 20M14,50476743.3  
803RA0CAH2008RA0SO LP ALL14,421976914.2 [Cert]
804RA0CAH2000RA0SO QRP ALL14,170156111  
805RA0CL2006RA0SO LP 20M13,8061037810.9  
806RA0UBI2016RA0SO HP 20M (T)13,73671686.7 [Cert]
807UA0SNT1990RA0SO QRP 20M13,6327771  
808UA0AAZ1980RA0SO HP 10M13,5607860  
809RT0O2016RA0SO LP ALL13,39671684.7 [Cert]
810UA0SBQ2004RA0SO QRP ALL13,376816416.4  
811UA0ZDD1983RA0SO HP 10M13,16720157  
812RA0ADQ2017RA0SO HP 20M12,98873685.1 [Cert]
813UA0KCL2000RA0SO QRP ALL12,8359185  
814RA0JJ2001RA0SO LP ALL12,74483727.5  
815RT0B2014RA0SO HP 10M12,60072705.6 [Cert]
816UA0KCL1996RA0SO QRP 20M12,4607470  
817UA0ACG2014RA0SO HP ALL12,32873673.9 [Cert]
818RU0ST2004RA0SO LP ALL12,062837410.5  
819RA0ASL2006RA0SO HP ALL11,83272684.7  
820RA0CAH2006RA0SO LP 20M11,644887110.3  
821RW0MM2015RA0SA HP ALL11,63571653.0 [Cert]
822RU0AE2004RA0SO LP ALL11,224746111.4  
823UA0ZFK2003RA0SO HP ALL11,1601206036.0  
824RW0AA2009RA0SA LP 20M11,09681734.2 [Cert]
825UA0SBQ2010RA0SO QRP ALL10,98066619.2 [Cert]
826UA0OD2011RA0SO LP 10M10,85678599.6 [Cert]
827R0CAF2016RA0SO LP ALL10,85575657.7 [Cert]
828RW0UM2012RA0SO HP ALL10,65960572.2 [Cert]
829RA0LMO2017RA0SO LP ALL10,547665314.7 [Cert]
830UA0FOH1984RA0SO HP 80M10,5006742  
831RK0UT2009RA0SO HP 20M10,49472663.2 [Cert]
832RA0AKL2005RA0SO LP 20M10,41664621.8  
833UA0LBM1984RA0SO HP 10M10,0307159  
834RK0UT2007RA0SO HP 20M9,92070644.7  
835UA0JDD2002RA0SO HP ALL9,89174633.8  
836RW0LD2014RA0SO LP ALL9,72869644.3 [Cert]
837RN0SA2006RA0SO LP ALL9,72066607.2  
838RA0AA2005RA0SO HP 15M9,660906925.5  
839RK0SV2008RA0SA LP 20M9,61069627.3 [Cert]
840UA0CW2003RA0SO HP ALL9,577646111.9  
841RU0LL2006RA0SO HP ALL9,338655826.0  
842UA0CW2007RA0SO HP ALL9,33153438.4  
843RZ0SW2011RA0SO HP ALL (T)9,30073625.9 [Cert]
844UA0NH1979RA0SO HP 20M9,1846556  
845RW0UU2011RA0SA HP 15M9,14563592.8 [Cert]
846UA0QGQ1989RA0SO QRP 10M9,0358965  
847UC0LAF2013RA0SO LP 20M8,90566657.5  
848R0TR2014RA0SO LP ALL8,73657563.4  
849UA0FDX1985RA0SO HP 80M8,7045532  
850RK0UT2010RA0SO HP 20M8,42756531.1 [Cert]
851UA0ICM1980RA0SO HP 10M8,4158651  
852UA0WAY1982RA0SO HP 80M8,3165533  
853RA0UJ2017RA0SO LP 15M (T)8,190937013.0 [Cert]
854UA0OD2009RA0SO LP 15M7,98084708.3 [Cert]
855UA0QCT1980RA0SO HP 10M7,8109055  
856RU0AT2010RA0SA LP 20M7,70052505.0 [Cert]
857UA0CFK1984RA0SO HP 20M7,6615547  
858UA0IAW1977RA0SO HP 15M7,50024930  
859UA0SAD2008RA0SO LP 15M7,49380598.6 [Cert]
860UA0FEP1984RA0SO HP 10M7,4066446  
861RW0CF2004RA0SO HP ALL7,380454127.4  
862RA0LMK2017RA0SO LP ALL7,11270568.0 [Cert]
863UA0CCW1977RA0SO HP 10M7,0099943  
864UA0W2015RA0SA HP 80M (T)6,930363510.4 [Cert]
865UK0CBA1981RA0MULTI-ONE HP6,90975473 Oprs 
866RA0BA2010RA0SO HP 80M6,86443393.6 [Cert]
867RA0AY2006RA0SO LP ALL6,66056453.9  
868UA0SE1997RA0SO LP 15M6,5528163  
869RA0ANO2010RA0SA LP ALL6,55050506.8 [Cert]
870UA0SE2000RA0SO QRP ALL6,5505150  
871RW0BG2005RA0SO HP 40M6,51051425.1  
872UA0ZBK/01994RA0SO LP 80M6,48010354  
873RA0ALM2003RA0SO LP ALL6,42652516.4  
874UA0CCW1981RA0SO HP ALL6,3364844  
875RA0SCQ1977RA0SO HP 10M6,28014140  
876RU0LL2013RA0SA HP ALL6,25653462.3 [Cert]
877UA0AGI1999RA0SO HP ALL6,2045047  
878UW0CW1985RA0SO HP ALL6,1604135  
879RW0AR2014RA0SA HP 10M6,144504812.3  
880UA0ABC1980RA0SO HP ALL5,9665438  
881RA0CL1997RA0SO LP 20M5,8656551  
882RA0WHE2016RA0SO LP 20M5,83151494.5 [Cert]
883UA0LBU1977RA0SO HP 10M5,8058045  
884UA0LNL2012RA0SO LP ALL5,75059504.9 [Cert]
885UA0FF1987RA0SO HP 80M5,6843829  
886RW0CF2008RA0SO HP 80M5,56040403.7 [Cert]
887RA0CL1998RA0SO LP ALL5,5466047  
888UA0ZS2012RA0SO LP ALL5,47451462.6 [Cert]
889RW0COA2009RA0SO LP 20M5,46063525.0 [Cert]
890UA0LFK1977RA0SO HP 10M5,3587947  
891RA0AY2008RA0SO LP ALL5,22648395.0 [Cert]
892RU0UA2011RA0SO LP 20M5,22045452.8 [Cert]
893RK0AWQ2013RA0MULTI-ONE HP5,19459532.7R0AA RA0AY RK3M[Cert]
894UA0UBA1976RA0SO HP 40M5,1048523  
895UA0CMG2015RA0SO LP ALL (T)4,900574910.5 [Cert]
896RA0SER1977RA0SO HP 10M4,87910541  
897UZ0CWQ1993RA0MULTI-ONE HP4,8404744UA0CKN UA0-110-814 
898UA0UV2011RA0SO HP 20M4,69255512.6 [Cert]
899RW0AR2016RA0SA HP 10M4,66261424.2 [Cert]
900UA0W2016RA0SO HP 80M (T)4,650303010.5 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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