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801UA0AZ2005RA0SO HP 20M14,58090547.0  
802RU0AT2006RA0SO LP 20M14,50476743.3  
803RA0CAH2008RA0SO LP ALL14,421976914.2 
804RA0CAH2000RA0SO QRP ALL14,170156111  
805RA0CL2006RA0SO LP 20M13,8061037810.9  
806RA0UBI2016RA0SO HP 20M (T)13,73671686.7 
807UA0SNT1990RA0SO QRP 20M13,6327771  
808UA0AAZ1980RA0SO HP 10M13,5607860  
809RT0O2016RA0SO LP ALL13,39671684.7 
810UA0SBQ2004RA0SO QRP ALL13,376816416.4  
811UA0ZDD1983RA0SO HP 10M13,16720157  
812RA0ADQ2017RA0SO HP 20M12,98873685.1 
813UA0KCL2000RA0SO QRP ALL12,8359185  
814RA0JJ2001RA0SO LP ALL12,74483727.5  
815RT0B2014RA0SO HP 10M12,60072705.6 
816UA0KCL1996RA0SO QRP 20M12,4607470  
817UA0ACG2014RA0SO HP ALL12,32873673.9 
818RU0ST2004RA0SO LP ALL12,062837410.5  
819RA0ASL2006RA0SO HP ALL11,83272684.7  
820RA0CAH2006RA0SO LP 20M11,644887110.3  
821RW0MM2015RA0SA HP ALL11,63571653.0 
822RU0AE2004RA0SO LP ALL11,224746111.4  
823UA0ZFK2003RA0SO HP ALL11,1601206036.0  
824RW0AA2009RA0SA LP 20M11,09681734.2 
825UA0SBQ2010RA0SO QRP ALL10,98066619.2 
826UA0OD2011RA0SO LP 10M10,85678599.6 
827R0CAF2016RA0SO LP ALL10,85575657.7 
828RW0UM2012RA0SO HP ALL10,65960572.2 
829RA0LMO2017RA0SO LP ALL10,547665314.7 
830UA0FOH1984RA0SO HP 80M10,5006742  
831RK0UT2009RA0SO HP 20M10,49472663.2 
832RA0AKL2005RA0SO LP 20M10,41664621.8  
833UA0LBM1984RA0SO HP 10M10,0307159  
834RK0UT2007RA0SO HP 20M9,92070644.7  
835UA0JDD2002RA0SO HP ALL9,89174633.8  
836RW0LD2014RA0SO LP ALL9,72869644.3 
837RN0SA2006RA0SO LP ALL9,72066607.2  
838RA0AA2005RA0SO HP 15M9,660906925.5  
839RK0SV2008RA0SA LP 20M9,61069627.3 
840UA0CW2003RA0SO HP ALL9,577646111.9  
841RU0LL2006RA0SO HP ALL9,338655826.0  
842UA0CW2007RA0SO HP ALL9,33153438.4  
843RZ0SW2011RA0SO HP ALL (T)9,30073625.9 
844UA0NH1979RA0SO HP 20M9,1846556  
845RW0UU2011RA0SA HP 15M9,14563592.8 
846UA0QGQ1989RA0SO QRP 10M9,0358965  
847UC0LAF2013RA0SO LP 20M8,90566657.5  
848R0TR2014RA0SO LP ALL8,73657563.4  
849UA0FDX1985RA0SO HP 80M8,7045532  
850RK0UT2010RA0SO HP 20M8,42756531.1 
851UA0ICM1980RA0SO HP 10M8,4158651  
852UA0WAY1982RA0SO HP 80M8,3165533  
853RA0UJ2017RA0SO LP 15M (T)8,190937013.0 
854UA0OD2009RA0SO LP 15M7,98084708.3 
855UA0QCT1980RA0SO HP 10M7,8109055  
856RU0AT2010RA0SA LP 20M7,70052505.0 
857UA0CFK1984RA0SO HP 20M7,6615547  
858UA0IAW1977RA0SO HP 15M7,50024930  
859UA0SAD2008RA0SO LP 15M7,49380598.6 
860UA0FEP1984RA0SO HP 10M7,4066446  
861RW0CF2004RA0SO HP ALL7,380454127.4  
862RA0LMK2017RA0SO LP ALL7,11270568.0 
863UA0CCW1977RA0SO HP 10M7,0099943  
864UA0W2015RA0SA HP 80M (T)6,930363510.4 
865UK0CBA1981RA0MULTI-ONE HP6,90975473 Oprs 
866RA0BA2010RA0SO HP 80M6,86443393.6 
867RA0AY2006RA0SO LP ALL6,66056453.9  
868UA0SE1997RA0SO LP 15M6,5528163  
869RA0ANO2010RA0SA LP ALL6,55050506.8 
870UA0SE2000RA0SO QRP ALL6,5505150  
871RW0BG2005RA0SO HP 40M6,51051425.1  
872UA0ZBK/01994RA0SO LP 80M6,48010354  
873RA0ALM2003RA0SO LP ALL6,42652516.4  
874UA0CCW1981RA0SO HP ALL6,3364844  
875RA0SCQ1977RA0SO HP 10M6,28014140  
876RU0LL2013RA0SA HP ALL6,25653462.3 
877UA0AGI1999RA0SO HP ALL6,2045047  
878UW0CW1985RA0SO HP ALL6,1604135  
879RW0AR2014RA0SA HP 10M6,144504812.3  
880UA0ABC1980RA0SO HP ALL5,9665438  
881RA0CL1997RA0SO LP 20M5,8656551  
882RA0WHE2016RA0SO LP 20M5,83151494.5 
883UA0LBU1977RA0SO HP 10M5,8058045  
884UA0LNL2012RA0SO LP ALL5,75059504.9 
885UA0FF1987RA0SO HP 80M5,6843829  
886RW0CF2008RA0SO HP 80M5,56040403.7 
887RA0CL1998RA0SO LP ALL5,5466047  
888UA0ZS2012RA0SO LP ALL5,47451462.6 
889RW0COA2009RA0SO LP 20M5,46063525.0 
890UA0LFK1977RA0SO HP 10M5,3587947  
891RA0AY2008RA0SO LP ALL5,22648395.0 
892RU0UA2011RA0SO LP 20M5,22045452.8 
893RK0AWQ2013RA0MULTI-ONE HP5,19459532.7R0AA RA0AY RK3M
894UA0UBA1976RA0SO HP 40M5,1048523  
895UA0CMG2015RA0SO LP ALL (T)4,900574910.5 
896RA0SER1977RA0SO HP 10M4,87910541  
897UZ0CWQ1993RA0MULTI-ONE HP4,8404744UA0CKN UA0-110-814 
898UA0UV2011RA0SO HP 20M4,69255512.6 
899RW0AR2016RA0SA HP 10M4,66261424.2 
900UA0W2016RA0SO HP 80M (T)4,650303010.5 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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