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801N5MOA2013W5SA HP ALL (T)66,0251681399.0 [Cert]
802K9EN2016W9SA HP ALL (T)65,96518516713.0 [Cert]
803DJ6KS2010DLSA HP ALL (T)65,1202041608.2 [Cert]
804DL8OBF2017DLSA HP ALL (T)64,5541961593.6 [Cert]
805PY5KA2008PYSA HP ALL (T)62,3351711379.2 [Cert]
806KM9M2008W9SA HP ALL (T)60,5142881585.7 [Cert]
807AJ7T2012W7SA HP ALL (T)60,38421714812.4 [Cert]
808W4DMB2011W4SA HP ALL (T)60,3841481488.3 [Cert]
809M0RNR2007GSA HP ALL (T)60,06018615615.2  
810N6VH2009W6SA HP ALL (T)58,35921314711.7 [Cert]
811KM6I2010W6SA HP ALL (T)56,9601941285.7 [Cert]
812N1IW2004W1SA HP ALL (T)56,67718815727.9  
813N8AGU2012W8SA HP ALL (T)55,6401511305.7 [Cert]
814NE1HP2007W1SA HP ALL (T)55,1301701494.5KV1J 
815TA2/AJ3M2007TASA HP ALL (T)54,720103965.0AJ3M 
816N4NM2010W4SA HP ALL (T)54,5281601283.2 [Cert]
817W7SW2008W7SA HP ALL (T)52,9842051485.4 [Cert]
818VK2BCQ2015VKSA HP ALL (T)52,88413311710.5 [Cert]
819SP1MWN2011SPSA HP ALL (T)52,25014912519.6 [Cert]
820SE5N2017SMSA HP ALL (T)52,0381731475.5SM5ISM[Cert]
821N6VH2011W6SA HP ALL (T)51,9521701366.7 [Cert]
822N2VW2010W2SA HP ALL (T)50,1731521315.0 [Cert]
823CW7T2013CXSA HP ALL (T)49,7421511339.3CX7TT[Cert]
824OH6MW2008OHSA HP ALL (T)49,05616414612.5 [Cert]
825AC0B2015W0SA HP ALL (T)48,4341431228.8 [Cert]
826W6EB2005W6SA HP ALL (T)48,3641551137.9  
827WA3AAN2017W3SA HP ALL (T)47,7901361184.0 [Cert]
828W9UIH2016W9SA HP ALL (T)47,32815613610.0N9EAT 
829F5VML2011FSA HP ALL (T)47,19214513621.5 [Cert]
830OQ5M2007ONSA HP ALL (T)47,1251731454.0ON5ZO 
831W0ELT/92015W9SA HP ALL (T)47,0001521255.7 [Cert]
832I2WIJ2015ISA HP ALL (T)46,8601521323.5 [Cert]
833W4CU2008W4SA HP ALL (T)46,6241651249.2 [Cert]
834WM5H2013W5SA HP ALL (T)46,6091701278.6 [Cert]
835N2WKS2017W2SA HP ALL (T)46,4101301194.3 [Cert]
836AA7V2016W7SA HP ALL (T)46,3741491187.1 [Cert]
837EH5J2010EASA HP ALL (T)46,0601591408.3EA5DM[Cert]
838N3CZ/42010W4SA HP ALL (T)45,6661371295.4 [Cert]
839W6VMT2015W6SA HP ALL (T)45,2981421426.5 [Cert]
840IZ5FFI2017ISA HP ALL (T)44,88813912413.1 [Cert]
841KD2P2001W2SA HP ALL (T)43,8701261074.7  
842JH1OVY2015JA1SA HP ALL (T)43,37513112510.9 [Cert]
843W4GE2017W4SA HP ALL (T)42,8001181002.8 [Cert]
844VE9MY2013VE1SA HP ALL (T)42,6301091053.3 [Cert]
845LA9DFA2011LASA HP ALL (T)42,6301701475.1 [Cert]
846I3VJW2011ISA HP ALL (T)42,26513010710.9 [Cert]
847OL2T2010OKSA HP ALL (T)42,1171601394.7 [Cert]
848OE5JSL2017OESA HP ALL (T)42,0031291174.7 [Cert]
849K8YE2014W8SA HP ALL (T)41,8601271157.7 [Cert]
850K0COP/42002W4SA HP ALL (T)41,7451321157.3  
851W9IL/42013W4SA HP ALL (T)41,3821311215.4 [Cert]
852JN3SAC2013JA3SA HP ALL (T)41,0401421148.7 [Cert]
853N7MB/92011W9SA HP ALL (T)40,859117913.4 [Cert]
854IV3NVN2009ISA HP ALL (T)40,3751421255.4 [Cert]
855W1GD/22012W2SA HP ALL (T)39,9621111064.6 [Cert]
856DJ6GI2017DLSA HP ALL (T)39,264119969.5 [Cert]
857DL6KAC2009DLSA HP ALL (T)39,2041611325.6 [Cert]
858SP1MWN2012SPSA HP ALL (T)38,80412510916.8 [Cert]
859JH8CXW2010JA8SA HP ALL (T)38,48011810411.5 [Cert]
860G3UEG2005GSA HP ALL (T)38,48014413029.1  
861NN6C2010W6SA HP ALL (T)38,3521351027.1 [Cert]
862N6EBL2013W6SA HP ALL (T)38,25013412510.4 [Cert]
863F5IDJ2014FSA HP ALL (T)38,11413311811.2 [Cert]
864LA9XKA2013LASA HP ALL (T)37,6981401228.8 [Cert]
865S51DX2017S5SA HP ALL (T)37,2481441285.5 [Cert]
866WA2VYA/42014W4SA HP ALL (T)37,1831371034.2  
867N2WK2001W2SA HP ALL (T)36,5201111104.5  
868JH8CXW2016JA8SA HP ALL (T)36,1081211029.6 [Cert]
869NS0R2017W0SA HP ALL (T)35,3752071254.0 [Cert]
870SE3X2015SMSA HP ALL (T)35,1001341084.0SA3BYC[Cert]
871PY2MD2017PYSA HP ALL (T)34,9801281109.3 [Cert]
872IK0XBX2017ISA HP ALL (T)33,1761161044.4 [Cert]
873RW4WZ2012UA-4SA HP ALL (T)32,7601301175.9 [Cert]
874DF2MM2009DLSA HP ALL (T)32,1031251238.6 [Cert]
875W6SZN2012W6SA HP ALL (T)31,6251341157.6 [Cert]
876M0INN2016GSA HP ALL (T)31,4141211134.9 [Cert]
877S58Q2016S5SA HP ALL (T)30,9101101106.4 [Cert]
878LY3BY2012LYSA HP ALL (T)30,7971111032.6 [Cert]
879W4CWA2009W4SA HP ALL (T)30,3601381109.9 [Cert]
8809M2ADX20119M2SA HP ALL (T)30,2401189617.1 [Cert]
881K9ZW2007W9SA HP ALL (T)30,0811241116.9  
882M0RNR2010GSA HP ALL (T)29,8121231164.4 [Cert]
883KI7Y2017W7SA HP ALL (T)29,48414810812.6 [Cert]
884YO9BXE2010YOSA HP ALL (T)28,8901231076.0 [Cert]
885WB2UFO/02015W0SA HP ALL (T)28,6201181087.9 [Cert]
886AI6Z2015W6SA HP ALL (T)28,3201089611.7 [Cert]
887OK6DJ2015OKSA HP ALL (T)28,215113952.4 [Cert]
888N5DD2006W5SA HP ALL (T)28,13788837.1  
889KM9M2009W9SA HP ALL (T)28,0001801253.0 [Cert]
890NN3W/42007W4SA HP ALL (T)27,9301411052.8  
891SP2LQP2011SPSA HP ALL (T)27,77894867.3 [Cert]
892G8AJM2016GSA HP ALL (T)26,7861341185.2 [Cert]
893NB3R2016W3SA HP ALL (T)26,481103973.2 [Cert]
894WI9WI2017W9SA HP ALL (T)26,404111923.0 [Cert]
895K1PH2012W1SA HP ALL (T)26,40098884.4 [Cert]
896RZ2D2016UA-3SA HP ALL (T)26,287101972.9UA3BZ 
897G7VRK2008GSA HP ALL (T)26,125113956.6 [Cert]
898EC1AE2015EASA HP ALL (T)25,8961131042.7 [Cert]
899N0KQ2011W0SA HP ALL (T)25,578107876.4 [Cert]
900WB7S2017W7SA HP ALL (T)25,365114894.5 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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