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6019A2GA20099ASO LP 80M12,30079752.4 [Cert]
602EZ8CW2005EZSO LP 80M12,0154645  
603AE7VA2013W7SO LP 80M (T)11,4401218016.5 [Cert]
604YV4ET2015YVSO LP 80M11,40847467.1 [Cert]
605OM50KHE2007OMSO LP 80M11,242767326.7OM6AZ 
606SP9CLU2009SPSO LP 80M11,218797113.6 [Cert]
607JD1BIA2001JD/oSO LP 80M11,2009450  
608JH9URT2006JA9SO LP 80M11,178655410.2  
609EA5CRC2015EASO LP 80M10,73666615.0 [Cert]
610VE7YU2012VE7SO LP 80M10,71258527.5 [Cert]
611W6HH/52011W5SO LP 80M (T)10,296676622.6 [Cert]
612PY7ZY2002PYSO LP 80M10,29646448.5  
613SP5OXJ1997SPSO LP 80M10,2527168  
614DH4JQ1996DLSO LP 80M10,2068163  
615OZ5ABD1996OZSO LP 80M10,2007668  
616OM7AES2017OMSO LP 80M10,07472695.6 [Cert]
6174X0T20034XSO LP 80M10,00043404Z5FI 
618YB2DX2011YBSO LP 80M9,984534812.9 [Cert]
619JE1SPY2012JA1SO LP 80M9,93268527.2 [Cert]
620W2LP2009W2SO LP 80M9,89186636.5 [Cert]
621OM2SM1995OMSO LP 80M9,7287664  
622EA1HP2001EASO LP 80M9,63872613.1  
623EB5EKT2010EASO LP 80M (T)9,15062611.3 [Cert]
624W4YDD1995W4SO LP 80M9,1206360  
625DF9JZ1997DLSO LP 80M9,0887064  
626YL2GUV2009YLSO LP 80M9,07264639.0 [Cert]
627JE1SPY2013JA1SO LP 80M9,04869525.0 [Cert]
628JE1SPY2009JA1SO LP 80M8,964725410.8 [Cert]
629OM4APD2004OMSO LP 80M8,82071634.4  
630RA4PTI2009UA-4SO LP 80M8,64270586.4 [Cert]
631EA5BJI2006EASO LP 80M8,52857526.3  
632SQ2DYL2007SPSO LP 80M8,51467664.7  
633DO1TGM2009DLSO LP 80M (R)8,50565634.2 [Cert]
634IZ5OQX2013ISO LP 80M8,385696512.2 [Cert]
635YU1FLM2017YUSO LP 80M8,32261575.1YT1BD[Cert]
636RA4PTI2010UA-4SO LP 80M8,24671629.9 [Cert]
637JE1SPY2007JA1SO LP 80M8,05559459.6  
638CT2GMH2014CTSO LP 80M8,00459583.3 [Cert]
639EC2AUD1993EASO LP 80M7,9366962  
640NA8V2011W8SO LP 80M7,79149491.4 [Cert]
641SQ8IN2005SPSO LP 80M7,62062606.9  
642UR7HCX2006URSO LP 80M7,480625526.2  
643DL2RZG2014DLSO LP 80M7,44066601.8 [Cert]
644NO0Y1994W0SO LP 80M7,3928777  
645YT3TA2014YUSO LP 80M7,31559553.5 [Cert]
646OK1HXH1999OKSO LP 80M7,2086853  
647SQ9Z2017SPSO LP 80M7,04957535.4 [Cert]
648LY3BA2008LYSO LP 80M6,94461560.7 [Cert]
649JE1SPY2006JA1SO LP 80M6,862574710.9  
650OK1MCA1996OKSO LP 80M6,8326156  
651SP9IKN1995SPSO LP 80M6,7106255  
652SV1MO2017SVSO LP 80M6,681535115.0 [Cert]
653DL2RZG2003DLSO LP 80M6,60863563.5  
654UA0ZBK/01994RA0SO LP 80M6,48010354  
655SN2U2008SPSO LP 80M6,42664541.0SQ2GXO @SP2PUT[Cert]
656EA3DUM2006EASO LP 80M6,39655526.4  
657EU6AF2009EUSO LP 80M6,30051504.2 [Cert]
658N0YY2007W0SO LP 80M (T)6,27253492.6  
659CO8AW2009CMSO LP 80M6,08046409.1 [Cert]
660EC2BAH1997EASO LP 80M5,9365653  
661JE1SPY1999JA1SO LP 80M5,8505045  
662SK4UW1996SMSO LP 80M5,8246052  
663KB3AFT1997W3SO LP 80M5,76010072  
664DH0LQU/P1994DLSO LP 80M5,7245853  
665IV3RCH2000ISO LP 80M5,5465347  
666W2DZO/42009W4SO LP 80M5,54476562.1 [Cert]
667ES1TP/22010ESSO LP 80M5,50855518.1 [Cert]
668SP2CMD2003SPSO LP 80M5,42710427  
669JE1SPY2005JA1SO LP 80M5,3204138  
670YL2PP2008YLSO LP 80M5,29249492.0 [Cert]
671SP4AAZ1998SPSO LP 80M5,2925449  
672JF6OJX1995JA6SO LP 80M5,2822219  
673Z32AF2005Z3SO LP 80M5,21750471.7  
674JE1SPY2004JA1SO LP 80M5,14547357.8  
675OK1CLD2005OKSO LP 80M (R)5,04053487.6  
676SM6IQD2016SMSO LP 80M4,99851492.2 [Cert]
677SP9WLC2006SPSO LP 80M4,92258464.5  
678RA4PTI2013UA-4SO LP 80M4,90547457.1 [Cert]
679SQ9BDB2017SPSO LP 80M4,90051503.3 [Cert]
680UR7HJD2017URSO LP 80M (T)4,87658537.4 [Cert]
681OM7KW2017OMSO LP 80M4,84149471.3 [Cert]
682JE1SPY2017JA1SO LP 80M4,70449426.7 [Cert]
683DL2RZG2009DLSO LP 80M4,56053483.4 [Cert]
684HA8T2004HASO LP 80M4,515474325.9  
685DL3KDC2007DLSO LP 80M4,4755147  
686UR5IKN2007URSO LP 80M (T)4,4554645UR5IKN 
687JM4WUZ2004JA4SO LP 80M4,433383127.1  
688PS8NF2007PYSO LP 80M4,37931294.0  
689JE1SPY2014JA1SO LP 80M4,16543355.6 [Cert]
690CT1FNT1998CTSO LP 80M4,0565239  
691K3SWZ2007W3SO LP 80M4,018454126.7  
692UN5C2008UNSO LP 80M4,00234293.5 [Cert]
693SP3FYX2008SPSO LP 80M3,99547473.5 [Cert]
694JE1SPY2008JA1SO LP 80M3,88543357.8 [Cert]
695JE1SPY2015JA1SO LP 80M3,80046385.4 [Cert]
696VE4HAZ1999VE4SO LP 80M3,6963433  
697EC3ABU1994EASO LP 80M3,6904341  
698OM7AGF2012OMSO LP 80M3,54942394.1 [Cert]
699OH6JYH2009OHSO LP 80M (T)3,48646422.7 [Cert]
700JE1SPY1997JA1SO LP 80M3,4564432  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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