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5501TA3MHA2017TASA HP ALL1,72828271.8 [Cert]
5502JQ1TIV2017JA1SA HP ALL1,72528251.1 [Cert]
5503PA1T2011PASA HP ALL1,71031301.4 [Cert]
5504N7JB2015W7SA HP ALL1,70531313.9 [Cert]
5505UA4WW2011UA-4SA HP ALL1,66634342.5 [Cert]
5506SA3D2016SMSA HP ALL1,65625240.5  
5507F8DFP2016FSA HP ALL1,64331311.5 [Cert]
5508LZ1ST2013LZSA HP ALL1,63828263.5 [Cert]
5509RU6K2017UA-6SA HP ALL1,62027272.5 [Cert]
5510PY2XJ2017PYSA HP ALL1,61042355.2  
5511W6GJB2016W6SA HP ALL1,58423220.6 [Cert]
5512PR7KSA2017PYSA HP ALL1,56855328.9 [Cert]
5513RN4HKQ2013UA-4SA HP ALL1,55422212.8 [Cert]
5514YC1DOL2014YBSA HP ALL1,54123232.4 [Cert]
5515KK4VA2017W4SA HP ALL1,54022220.8 [Cert]
5516RN9CM2013RA9SA HP ALL1,53924192.3  
5517OH1LEG2017OHSA HP ALL1,53018171.9 [Cert]
5518RN3ZJJ2007UA-3SA HP ALL1,485282726.0  
5519N5VGK2017W5SA HP ALL1,47223233.0 [Cert]
5520YC2FAJ2007YBSA HP ALL1,45821187.4  
5521BA4SD2009BYSA HP ALL1,45636283.5 [Cert]
55229N7AA20149NSA HP ALL1,45026251.3 [Cert]
5523YL2TQ2009YLSA HP ALL1,42825211.5 [Cert]
5524RX3RZ2007UA-3SA HP ALL1,416252425.8  
5525Z31MM2008Z3SA HP ALL1,40427263.1 [Cert]
5526OZ2PJ2013OZSA HP ALL (R)1,39230292.9 [Cert]
5527EA3XL2013EASA HP ALL1,38622213.6 [Cert]
5528RK9CR2013RA9SA HP ALL1,38025234.5  
5529EA7HGX2013EASA HP ALL1,37826264.3 [Cert]
5530SQ8LSB2009SPSA HP ALL1,37635324.5 [Cert]
5531WA8A2015W8SA HP ALL1,36822197.1 [Cert]
5532UR4LBL2016URSA HP ALL1,35027254.9 [Cert]
5533Z32MC2008Z3SA HP ALL1,35029272.0 [Cert]
5534IK2IKW2016ISA HP ALL1,34223226.0 [Cert]
5535UU2JQ2014URSA HP ALL1,34226221.9 [Cert]
5536UA9OC2008RA9SA HP ALL1,32321211.7 [Cert]
5537K0ALT2015W0SA HP ALL (T)1,31123231.2  
55387N4GIB2017JA1SA HP ALL1,29824227.5 [Cert]
5539NE6I2015W6SA HP ALL1,29822220.7 [Cert]
5540RV4CT2011UA-4SA HP ALL1,29823221.3 [Cert]
5541JR9GMS2011JA9SA HP ALL (T)1,28121213.0 [Cert]
5542RU6YY2007UA-6SA HP ALL1,273191925.6  
5543KF0IQ2016W0SA HP ALL1,26021215.5 [Cert]
5544EB8AH2008EA8SA HP ALL1,26021201.5 [Cert]
5545W6HYI2016W6SA HP ALL1,24824242.1 [Cert]
5546NA9RB2016W9SA HP ALL1,24120170.7 [Cert]
5547RW0CF2017RA0SA HP ALL1,23216163.1 [Cert]
5548AF6SA2016W6SA HP ALL1,21822210.7  
5549RU6K2015UA-6SA HP ALL1,21023221.1 [Cert]
5550YL3CW2015YLSA HP ALL1,20417142.2  
5551IZ2ODM2010ISA HP ALL (T)1,17621213.4 [Cert]
5552ZS2EC2013ZSSA HP ALL1,17323237.4 [Cert]
5553SP6ZT2015SPSA HP ALL1,12723230.8  
5554LZ1BJ2014LZSA HP ALL1,11830260.7 [Cert]
5555RW4O2015UA-4SA HP ALL1,10729270.6 [Cert]
5556NJ5DX2013W5SA HP ALL1,10425240.6W5OV[Cert]
5557KE7FBY2007W7SA HP ALL (R)1,081242327.0  
5558SP9LAS2008SPSA HP ALL1,07121210.8 [Cert]
5559DN2JOM2011DLSA HP ALL (R)1,06627261.1 [Cert]
5560BH4SRC2014BYSA HP ALL1,04520195.3  
5561W0JEC2014W0SA HP ALL1,04519192.1 [Cert]
5562JR9GMS2013JA9SA HP ALL1,04520192.0 [Cert]
5563RO4I2014UA-4SA HP ALL1,03630282.5  
5564VK2PN2014VKSA HP ALL1,02020202.1 [Cert]
5565SQ1OD2010SPSA HP ALL1,02021203.7 [Cert]
5566TA2AKX2016TASA HP ALL1,00318172.8 [Cert]
5567W1PL2015W1SA HP ALL98617172.0 [Cert]
5568DJ9MH2016DLSA HP ALL97617163.3 [Cert]
5569IN3FCK2017ISA HP ALL97516152.1 [Cert]
5570SP4CUF2010SPSA HP ALL96920192.5 [Cert]
5571SA4ATZ2014SMSA HP ALL96033321.8 [Cert]
5572W4TG2017W4SA HP ALL94020200.6 [Cert]
5573JH8SGR2017JA8SA HP ALL93618183.2 [Cert]
5574SQ4OLP2009SPSA HP ALL92423221.5 [Cert]
5575DL8UAT2015DLSA HP ALL (T)89321192.6 [Cert]
5576W1ZQ2016W1SA HP ALL88814122.9 [Cert]
5577SQ4HRN2016SPSA HP ALL86419182.5  
5578NE6AA2016W6SA HP ALL85824221.4 [Cert]
5579YC1IVW2016YBSA HP ALL (T)82515154.5 [Cert]
5580LA9JDA2017LASA HP ALL81922212.0 [Cert]
5581EW1BA2013EUSA HP ALL81616161.9 [Cert]
5582SP1APZ2012SPSA HP ALL81617172.1 [Cert]
5583YL4U2013YLSA HP ALL77420180.4 [Cert]
5584W7SLS2015W7SA HP ALL76517171.9  
5585PY1CJ2010PYSA HP ALL76021203.2 [Cert]
5586SQ9NKR2009SPSA HP ALL75924233.7 [Cert]
5587JA5FNX2017JA5SA HP ALL74215142.0 [Cert]
5588SQ1DWS2011SPSA HP ALL73616161.5 [Cert]
5589IZ3XEF2017ISA HP ALL72813132.3  
5590PP5EG2013PYSA HP ALL70416161.9 [Cert]
5591W3GQ2017W4SA HP ALL70214130.5 [Cert]
5592LZ1BJ2017LZSA HP ALL66618181.0 [Cert]
5593LA8HGA2014LASA HP ALL64617173.3 [Cert]
5594IU4AZC2016ISA HP ALL63019180.9 [Cert]
5595G4DBW2015GSA HP ALL62413131.8  
5596N6ML2009W6SA HP ALL61515153.1 [Cert]
5597RU6B2016UA-6SA HP ALL61214120.9 [Cert]
5598JY9QJ2004JYSA HP ALL598151325.0  
5599YL8M2013YLSA HP ALL59518170.5 [Cert]
5600RV6ASU2017UA-6SA HP ALL58311111.6 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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