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5501TA3MHA2017TASA HP ALL1,72828271.8 
5502JQ1TIV2017JA1SA HP ALL1,72528251.1 
5503PA1T2011PASA HP ALL1,71031301.4 
5504N7JB2015W7SA HP ALL1,70531313.9 
5505UA4WW2011UA-4SA HP ALL1,66634342.5 
5506SA3D2016SMSA HP ALL1,65625240.5  
5507F8DFP2016FSA HP ALL1,64331311.5 
5508LZ1ST2013LZSA HP ALL1,63828263.5 
5509RU6K2017UA-6SA HP ALL1,62027272.5 
5510PY2XJ2017PYSA HP ALL1,61042355.2  
5511W6GJB2016W6SA HP ALL1,58423220.6 
5512PR7KSA2017PYSA HP ALL1,56855328.9 
5513RN4HKQ2013UA-4SA HP ALL1,55422212.8 
5514YC1DOL2014YBSA HP ALL1,54123232.4 
5515KK4VA2017W4SA HP ALL1,54022220.8 
5516RN9CM2013RA9SA HP ALL1,53924192.3  
5517OH1LEG2017OHSA HP ALL1,53018171.9 
5518RN3ZJJ2007UA-3SA HP ALL1,485282726.0  
5519N5VGK2017W5SA HP ALL1,47223233.0 
5520YC2FAJ2007YBSA HP ALL1,45821187.4  
5521BA4SD2009BYSA HP ALL1,45636283.5 
55229N7AA20149NSA HP ALL1,45026251.3 
5523YL2TQ2009YLSA HP ALL1,42825211.5 
5524RX3RZ2007UA-3SA HP ALL1,416252425.8  
5525Z31MM2008Z3SA HP ALL1,40427263.1 
5526OZ2PJ2013OZSA HP ALL (R)1,39230292.9 
5527EA3XL2013EASA HP ALL1,38622213.6 
5528RK9CR2013RA9SA HP ALL1,38025234.5  
5529EA7HGX2013EASA HP ALL1,37826264.3 
5530SQ8LSB2009SPSA HP ALL1,37635324.5 
5531WA8A2015W8SA HP ALL1,36822197.1 
5532UR4LBL2016URSA HP ALL1,35027254.9 
5533Z32MC2008Z3SA HP ALL1,35029272.0 
5534IK2IKW2016ISA HP ALL1,34223226.0 
5535UU2JQ2014URSA HP ALL1,34226221.9 
5536UA9OC2008RA9SA HP ALL1,32321211.7 
5537K0ALT2015W0SA HP ALL (T)1,31123231.2  
55387N4GIB2017JA1SA HP ALL1,29824227.5 
5539NE6I2015W6SA HP ALL1,29822220.7 
5540RV4CT2011UA-4SA HP ALL1,29823221.3 
5541JR9GMS2011JA9SA HP ALL (T)1,28121213.0 
5542RU6YY2007UA-6SA HP ALL1,273191925.6  
5543KF0IQ2016W0SA HP ALL1,26021215.5 
5544EB8AH2008EA8SA HP ALL1,26021201.5 
5545W6HYI2016W6SA HP ALL1,24824242.1 
5546NA9RB2016W9SA HP ALL1,24120170.7 
5547RW0CF2017RA0SA HP ALL1,23216163.1 
5548AF6SA2016W6SA HP ALL1,21822210.7  
5549RU6K2015UA-6SA HP ALL1,21023221.1 
5550YL3CW2015YLSA HP ALL1,20417142.2  
5551IZ2ODM2010ISA HP ALL (T)1,17621213.4 
5552ZS2EC2013ZSSA HP ALL1,17323237.4 
5553SP6ZT2015SPSA HP ALL1,12723230.8  
5554LZ1BJ2014LZSA HP ALL1,11830260.7 
5555RW4O2015UA-4SA HP ALL1,10729270.6 
5556NJ5DX2013W5SA HP ALL1,10425240.6W5OV
5557KE7FBY2007W7SA HP ALL (R)1,081242327.0  
5558SP9LAS2008SPSA HP ALL1,07121210.8 
5559DN2JOM2011DLSA HP ALL (R)1,06627261.1 
5560BH4SRC2014BYSA HP ALL1,04520195.3  
5561W0JEC2014W0SA HP ALL1,04519192.1 
5562JR9GMS2013JA9SA HP ALL1,04520192.0 
5563RO4I2014UA-4SA HP ALL1,03630282.5  
5564VK2PN2014VKSA HP ALL1,02020202.1 
5565SQ1OD2010SPSA HP ALL1,02021203.7 
5566TA2AKX2016TASA HP ALL1,00318172.8 
5567W1PL2015W1SA HP ALL98617172.0 
5568DJ9MH2016DLSA HP ALL97617163.3 
5569IN3FCK2017ISA HP ALL97516152.1 
5570SP4CUF2010SPSA HP ALL96920192.5 
5571SA4ATZ2014SMSA HP ALL96033321.8 
5572W4TG2017W4SA HP ALL94020200.6 
5573JH8SGR2017JA8SA HP ALL93618183.2 
5574SQ4OLP2009SPSA HP ALL92423221.5 
5575DL8UAT2015DLSA HP ALL (T)89321192.6 
5576W1ZQ2016W1SA HP ALL88814122.9 
5577SQ4HRN2016SPSA HP ALL86419182.5  
5578NE6AA2016W6SA HP ALL85824221.4 
5579YC1IVW2016YBSA HP ALL (T)82515154.5 
5580LA9JDA2017LASA HP ALL81922212.0 
5581EW1BA2013EUSA HP ALL81616161.9 
5582SP1APZ2012SPSA HP ALL81617172.1 
5583YL4U2013YLSA HP ALL77420180.4 
5584W7SLS2015W7SA HP ALL76517171.9  
5585PY1CJ2010PYSA HP ALL76021203.2 
5586SQ9NKR2009SPSA HP ALL75924233.7 
5587JA5FNX2017JA5SA HP ALL74215142.0 
5588SQ1DWS2011SPSA HP ALL73616161.5 
5589IZ3XEF2017ISA HP ALL72813132.3  
5590PP5EG2013PYSA HP ALL70416161.9 
5591W3GQ2017W4SA HP ALL70214130.5 
5592LZ1BJ2017LZSA HP ALL66618181.0 
5593LA8HGA2014LASA HP ALL64617173.3 
5594IU4AZC2016ISA HP ALL63019180.9 
5595G4DBW2015GSA HP ALL62413131.8  
5596N6ML2009W6SA HP ALL61515153.1 
5597RU6B2016UA-6SA HP ALL61214120.9 
5598JY9QJ2004JYSA HP ALL598151325.0  
5599YL8M2013YLSA HP ALL59518170.5 
5600RV6ASU2017UA-6SA HP ALL58311111.6 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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