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5101N2AJOW2SA LP 15M28770.7 [Cert]
5102CS7AJSCTSO LP 20M28440.6 [Cert]
5103TA3ELTASA HP 15M27330.2 [Cert]
5104YC3TENYBSA QRP 15M (T)27330.3 [Cert]
5105YB0VBYBSO LP 10M27330.8 [Cert]
5106JA3RAZJA3SO LP 15M27330.1 [Cert]
5107YB3NGBYBSO QRP ALL27330.2 [Cert]
5108W7EDMW7SO LP ALL25551.1 [Cert]
5109G4AFJGSA HP ALL (T)24220.3 [Cert]
5110VU2UIVUSA LP 20M24441.2 [Cert]
5111SG6TSMSA LP 40M24440.5SM6WET 
5112TA4LSMTASA LP 40M24220.4 [Cert]
5113YG3CYSYBSA LP 80M (R)24330.4 [Cert]
5114YG3COLYBSA QRP 40M (T)24220.5 [Cert]
5115TA4APRTASO LP 15M (R)21330.1 [Cert]
5116RA0UBIRA0SO LP ALL21330.1  
5117IZ8GXEISO QRP ALL21330.2 [Cert]
5118PU5KGBPYSA LP ALL (T)20550.8 [Cert]
5119SA3CATSMSO HP ALL1822 [Cert]
5120EA5IMMEASO LP ALL (R)1822 [Cert]
5121PU9PEDPYSO LP 10M16441.0 [Cert]
5122M0LTE/PGSO LP 20M16440.1 [Cert]
5123JG3EHDJA3SO LP 40M16220.2 [Cert]
5124VE7EOLVE7SO LP ALL (R)1622 [Cert]
5125ZS2ECZSSO LP ALL (T)161080.7 [Cert]
5126KI7DCNW7SA LP ALL15551.0 [Cert]
5127JA1LZKJA1SO HP 15M15331.0 [Cert]
5128N0ZTOW0SO LP ALL15330.2 [Cert]
5129W4GUDW4SO LP ALL15550.6 [Cert]
5130YF3CYTYBSO LP 160M (R)1422 [Cert]
5131LZ1HWLZSO HP 20M1222  
5132JA9XATJA9SO LP 10M12220.1 [Cert]
5133YC9ZAEYBSO LP 80M (T)12330.1 [Cert]
5134BG5NKCBYSO LP ALL12662.3 [Cert]
5135BH1KVZBYSO LP ALL12441.4 [Cert]
5136JS6RTDJA6SO LP ALL1222 [Cert]
5137BW/JP3PZGBVSA LP 15M (R)10321.7JP3PZG[Cert]
5138K7ULSW7SO LP 10M10220.1 [Cert]
5139VK6SMKVKSO LP 15M (T)10320.1 [Cert]
5140KC3DVPW3SO LP 20M10220.7 [Cert]
5141KE0LW9SA LP 160M9330.2 [Cert]
5142KC3HPSW3SO LP ALL (R)933 [Cert]
5143YE1FTKYBSO QRP 15M822 [Cert]
5144R7TJUA-6SO QRP 40M8220.3 [Cert]
5145WL7BDOKLSA LP 40M6111.5 [Cert]
5146YG3CNUYBSA QRP 40M611 [Cert]
51474Z5KO4XSO HP 40M611 [Cert]
5148KI4RZTW4SO HP ALL6331.5 [Cert]
5149K5HHW5SO LP 20M (R)6220.1 [Cert]
5150W9KHHW9SO LP 20M6220.1 [Cert]
5151JE1UQGJA1SO LP 40M611 [Cert]
5152JL6USDJA6SO LP 40M (T)611 [Cert]
51535W1SA5WSO LP 80M6113.1 [Cert]
5154K0ARGW0SO LP ALL6220.1 [Cert]
5155TA5BSTASO LP ALL (T)6220.6 [Cert]
5156N6HEGW6SO HP ALL4220.3 [Cert]
5157YD1IDQYBSO QRP 40M (R)4221.0 [Cert]
5158N4SZTW4SO QRP ALL4220.8 [Cert]
5159RL6KUA-6SA HP 15M311  
5160KC2THYW2SA HP 20M311 [Cert]
5161IZ8YBSISO HP 10M311 [Cert]
51627N3IWAJA1SO HP 20M311 [Cert]
5163TA2DETASO HP 20M311 [Cert]
5164JE6PVGJA6SO LP 15M311 [Cert]
5165N4DLAW6SO LP 15M311  
5166JH8CLC/7JA7SO LP 20M311 [Cert]
5167EA3GSSEASO LP ALL311 [Cert]
5168IZ8DFOISO QRP 10M311 [Cert]
5169JI1GBCJA1SO QRP ALL311 [Cert]
5170SP9CTWSPSA HP ALL211 [Cert]
5171RA0ANORA0SA LP 20M2220.8 [Cert]
5172VK2COWVKSO LP 160M211 [Cert]
5173DM8ANEDLSO LP 40M211 [Cert]
5174JN4UUSJA4SO LP 40M211 [Cert]
5175JF2IWLJA2SA HP 20M (T)111 [Cert]
5176PU1JMKPYSA LP 10M1110.8 [Cert]
5177UZ5QURSA LP 10M1112.4UY5QZ[Cert]
5178YB3MMYBSA LP 80M111 [Cert]
5179ZL1SHPZLSO HP 15M (R)111 [Cert]
51809W2OPB9M2SO LP 10M111 [Cert]
5181JR3KWKJA3SO LP 15M111 [Cert]
5182IU1BFIISO LP 20M1110.1 [Cert]
5183JJ1HHJJA1SO LP 20M111  
5184K3TIMW6SO LP 20M111 [Cert]
5185KK6YGBW6SO LP 20M (R)111 [Cert]
5186VK2AXXVKSO QRP 10M111  
5187KC5WAW5SO QRP 20M111 [Cert]
5188PU2TYAPYSA LP 10M0110.1 [Cert]
51897K1LUEJA1Checklog   7K1LUE 
51909A8CV9AChecklog   9A8CV 
51919M6XRO9M6Checklog   9M6XRO 
51929W6ZUL9M6Checklog   9W6ZUL 
5193AA5AUW5Checklog   AA5AU 
5194AC2OCW2Checklog   AC2OC 
5195AD3YW2Checklog   AD3Y 
5196BA4MYBYChecklog   BA4MY 
5197BD3MHBYChecklog   BD3MH 
5198BH4TQXBYChecklog   BH4TQX 
5199CE2MVFCEChecklog   CE2MVF 
5200CE3DNPCEChecklog   CE3DNP 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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