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5001VE2FXLVE2SA HP ALL (T)243991.0 [Cert]
5002PY2LUCPYSA LP 10M24011102.7 [Cert]
5003DK2ABDLSO LP 15M24012120.7 [Cert]
5004VE3XATVE3SO LP ALL24010100.3 [Cert]
5005KC4WQW4SO LP 10M234990.3 [Cert]
5006BG6QYEBYSO LP ALL23011101.7 [Cert]
5007ZS6CZSSO LP 10M225991.9 [Cert]
5008DH5WBDLSO LP 20M22515150.5 [Cert]
5009J28AAJ2SO LP 20M225990.7E70A[Cert]
5010Z37VZ3SO LP 20M22515150.2Z39W[Cert]
5011DL4HCFDLSO LP ALL22011112.9 [Cert]
5012JA9EJGJA9SO LP ALL22010101.1 [Cert]
5013TA3ATATASA LP 15M216990.7 [Cert]
5014KD7HXNW7SO LP ALL21612121.8 [Cert]
5015UA9BARA9SO HP ALL210972.5 [Cert]
5016BG2WCGBYSO LP ALL21014146.8 [Cert]
5017JM3HYLJA3SO LP ALL21017143.9 [Cert]
5018N9IFGW9SO LP ALL20814132.0 [Cert]
5019BG5FCHBYSO HP ALL20412122.6 [Cert]
5020JF2FKJJA2SO LP 15M20413123.7 [Cert]
5021K1YMW1SO LP 20M198992.1 [Cert]
5022VA7HZVE7SA LP 20M192880.9 [Cert]
5023IZ2CSXISO LP ALL19212122.0 [Cert]
5024JO3EVMJA3SO LP ALL192880.8 [Cert]
5025CT7AEZCTSA LP ALL1891092.3 [Cert]
5026EE3EEASO LP 15M189990.2EA3ELZ[Cert]
5027N4LKEW4SO LP ALL (T)180991.1 [Cert]
5028VK5UEVKSO LP 20M (T)1761081.0 [Cert]
5029G0FPUGSO LP 10M (T)171991.2 [Cert]
5030RM4RUA-4SO HP 15M168980.8 [Cert]
5031M0ZIFGSO LP 20M16815140.9 [Cert]
5032PS8ETPYSO LP 40M162660.7 [Cert]
5033UB4AAVUA-4SO LP 15M (R)16010101.9 [Cert]
5034KD7JSW7SO LP 20M (T)152882.0 [Cert]
5035AB3MO/4W4SO LP ALL152881.9 [Cert]
5036N8SGDW8SO LP 20M144990.5 [Cert]
50377P8PB7PSO LP ALL144881.1EI7CC[Cert]
5038S57LRS5SO LP 20M14010101.8 [Cert]
5039SQ5RIXSPSO LP ALL136881.8 [Cert]
5040JL7FBVJA7SO LP 10M1351091.0 [Cert]
5041F4FEPFSA LP 10M133772.0 [Cert]
5042SM7RZJSMSO LP 10M133772.3 [Cert]
5043K4DKEW4SO HP ALL (R)132661.3 [Cert]
5044DU7RHDUSO LP 80M130551.0 [Cert]
5045KG9HMW9SO LP 10M1261190.7 [Cert]
5046RW4LQUA-4SO LP 10M126991.9 [Cert]
50475B4AJT5BSO LP ALL (R)126770.3 [Cert]
5048UA9JSJRA9SO LP ALL126991.6 [Cert]
5049OZ1DGQOZSO LP 10M119770.9 [Cert]
5050DL7LZDLSO LP 15M119771.2 [Cert]
5051VE2JMVE2SO HP 20M112870.2 [Cert]
5052JA5NSRJA5SO LP ALL112880.4 [Cert]
5053UN7TWUNSO LP ALL112981.8 [Cert]
5054AF6GQW6SO LP 10M11010103.1 [Cert]
5055W9ILYW9SA LP ALL108661.8 [Cert]
5056ZL2UOZLSO LP 10M108661.4 [Cert]
5057VE7DAQVE7SO LP 20M108660.5 [Cert]
5058BG9BJZBYSA LP ALL105772.5 [Cert]
5059SP8HXNSPSO HP ALL105751.2 [Cert]
5060YB8ELYBSO LP 40M100551.1 [Cert]
5061BH4BHBBYSO LP ALL10010102.9 [Cert]
5062WA2VQV/3W3SO LP 10M96660.2 [Cert]
5063JA3NOJJA3SO LP 15M96660.3 [Cert]
5064R3VAUA-3SO QRP 160M91871.6 [Cert]
5065JA9XATJA9SO LP 10M85751.2 [Cert]
5066KK4FYVW4SO LP 10M (R)84661.9 [Cert]
5067PU2LEDPYSO LP 10M (T)811091.0 [Cert]
5068DJ6TBDLSO QRP 20M81991.0 [Cert]
5069DL4HWMDLSO LP 15M78662.1 [Cert]
5070DO3MFDLSO LP 15M78661.7 [Cert]
5071BH4RZIBYSO HP ALL77872.6 [Cert]
5072BG5FIMBYSO LP ALL77772.5 [Cert]
5073IZ2SSOISO LP ALL77771.0 [Cert]
50747N2JZT/1JA1SO LP 15M75550.4 [Cert]
5075IW2FLBISO LP ALL7555 [Cert]
5076BD6JINBYSO LP 15M72881.5 [Cert]
5077K0RRP/4W4SO LP 20M72661.0 [Cert]
5078K5MBAW5SO LP 10M70550.3 [Cert]
5079RA3XGYUA-3SO LP ALL70770.9 [Cert]
5080JR1USUJA1SO QRP 10M66661.6 [Cert]
5081G7GCIGSA LP ALL65550.5 [Cert]
5082JP2MRDJA2SO LP ALL6555 [Cert]
5083SP5MDBSPSO LP ALL65550.5 [Cert]
5084JA7BEWJA7SO LP ALL64440.1 [Cert]
5085DL7BADLSO HP ALL60440.3 [Cert]
5086VU2HOTVUSO HP ALL60550.7 [Cert]
5087LA7IJALASO LP 10M60550.7 [Cert]
5088BG1SQTBYSO LP ALL (T)60661.7 [Cert]
5089BA4MYBYSO LP ALL56971.5 [Cert]
5090E21IZC/8HSSO LP 15M52540.3 [Cert]
5091JJ5GSYJA5SO HP 40M (T)48444.6 [Cert]
5092UT3EKURSO LP 10M48440.7 [Cert]
5093YO8SHKYOSO LP 10M48440.4 [Cert]
5094YO5KASYOSO LP 15M48441.3YO5CGB[Cert]
5095NQ0IW0SO LP ALL45551.0 [Cert]
5096ZS1LLZSSO QRP 10M (T)45551.1 [Cert]
5097JA0GSGJA0SO QRP 15M45550.3 [Cert]
5098JI2IXAJA2SO LP 40M42330.1 [Cert]
5099JG1MYKJA1SO LP ALL (R)42772.2 [Cert]
5100W0ROW0SO LP 40M36440.2 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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