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401VA7IRL2004VE7SO LP ALL (R)47,25015310513.3  
402VE7TK2015VE7SA HP ALL46,37413211810.8 
403VE7COW1983VE7SO HP 10M46,110200106  
404CG7SCC2017VE7MULTI-TWO46,0521601167.9VA7NR VA7ADI
405VE7BSM2007VE7SO LP ALL (R)45,9801571218.4  
406VA7QLT2015VE7SA LP ALL45,85014613113.3 
407VE7TUG2009VE7SO HP ALL (T)45,0001541209.4 
408VE7NSR2010VE7MULTI-ONE HP43,6731591198.3VA7JMO VE7GPK
409VA7MJR2008VE7SO LP ALL42,55214610819.5 
410VE7AZG1977VE7SO HP 40M41,90419454  
411VE7RSV2017VE7SO LP ALL37,23212710418.1 
412VE7TG2012VE7SA HP 15M32,33011610615.9 
413VE7RSV2009VE7SO LP ALL (R)32,10011710019.3 
414VE7FCO2007VE7SO LP ALL30,76512110513.3  
415VA7RN2010VE7SO HP ALL29,5611181034.4 
416VE7EKS1992VE7SO QRP 10M29,224115104  
417CG7CXN1985VE7SO HP 20M27,64813896  
418VA7MJR2004VE7SO LP ALL (T)25,9381169910.2  
419VE7AJ1981VE7SO HP ALL25,81011889  
420VE7JT2009VE7SO LP 20M25,55312210114.8 
421VA7ALK2008VE7SO LP 20M (R)24,892121989.4 
422VE7CFA1992VE7SO LP ALL24,84612282  
423VA7JC2015VE7SA LP ALL24,628119948.7 
424VE7RSV2014VE7SO LP ALL24,388939118.2 
425VA7MJR2005VE7SO LP ALL23,5941109410.3  
426VE7TI2015VE7SO LP ALL23,532111746.3 
427VA7MJR2006VE7SO LP ALL23,370104959.8  
428VE7CKZ2017VE7SA LP ALL22,831102795.5 
429VE7TAR1979VE7SO HP ALL22,65011275VE7DQS 
430VA7JC2014VE7SA LP ALL21,5261009411.4 
431VE7CYU2015VE7SA LP ALL21,420104844.8 
432VE7FCO2016VE7SO LP ALL (T)20,328958810.0 
433VE7BGP2015VE7SO LP ALL (T)18,600907510.7 
434VE7CKZ2015VE7SO LP ALL17,78493784.9 
435VE7QC2013VE7SA LP ALL17,55697763.5 
436VE7LRB1999VE7SO LP ALL17,49010066  
437VE7BGP2013VE7SO LP ALL (T)17,400917511.8 
438VE7NSR2011VE7SO HP ALL16,60094835.5VA7JMO
439VE7AV2003VE7SO HP 20M16,32485773.7  
440VA7FFT2017VE7SO HP ALL (T)13,936766713.8 
441VE7PT2017VE7SO LP ALL13,72581757.4 
442VA7XB2017VE7SA HP ALL13,66870683.6 
443VA7ALK2007VE7SO LP 20M (R)13,651907311.6  
444VA7LC2002VE7SO LP ALL13,32083725.4  
445VE7IO2017VE7SA HP ALL12,30868684.4 
446VE7IAD2014VE7SO LP ALL12,28575636.6 
447VE7ETW1986VE7SO HP ALL12,1807158  
448VA7XB2016VE7MULTI-ONE HP10,91961613.2VA7XB VA7FMR
449VE7YU2012VE7SO LP 80M10,71258527.5 
450VE7NAE2013VE7SO LP ALL10,49280619.5 
451VE7SV1998VE7SO LP 160M10,4727244  
452VE7BGP2008VE7SO LP ALL (T)10,38468598.5 
453VA7CAB2004VE7SO LP ALL10,065706115.9  
454VE7EKS1989VE7SO QRP 10M8,7366656  
455VE7BGP2017VE7SO LP ALL8,42462549.1 
456VE7GPK2013VE7SO LP ALL8,36064556.2 
457VA7KOJ2006VE7SO LP ALL8,2505955  
458VA7BS2011VE7SO HP ALL8,17864588.0 
459VE7RSV2011VE7SO LP ALL7,956525113.4 
460VC7AZC1978VE7SO HP ALL7,4975751  
461VE7HL2007VE7SO LP ALL6,96857523.9  
462VA7XNL2016VE7SO LP 20M (R)6,37557516.0  
463VA7EGZ2017VE7SO LP ALL (R)6,36449435.7 
464VE7JDZ2017VE7SO LP 20M6,15054505.6 
465VE7YJ1998VE7SO LP ALL5,6404840  
466VE7YU2013VE7SO LP 10M5,62846425.9 
467VE7YU1985VE7SO QRP ALL5,6255147  
468VA7GAP2009VE7SO LP ALL5,49954477.0 
469VA7IR2015VE7SO HP 80M4,86045362.6 
470VE7NA2016VE7SO LP ALL (T)4,83051424.7VE7BGP
471XJ7AZG1976VE7SO HP ALL4,7473747  
472XJ7AJ1976VE7SO HP ALL4,7004350  
473VE7WWW2005VE7SO LP 15M4,28448424.4  
474VE7NI1980VE7SO HP ALL4,0604035  
475VE7VAW2012VE7SO LP ALL (R)3,57245384.6 
476VE7CQK1998VE7SO QRP ALL3,5644736  
477VE7DQS1980VE7SO HP ALL3,1853835  
478VA7IR2013VE7SO LP 10M (T)3,16235314.1 
479VE7TI2012VE7SO LP ALL2,73628241.7 
480VA7GL2013VE7SO LP ALL2,54135332.4  
481VE7EKS1990VE7SO QRP 10M2,4033327  
482VE7KCY2017VE7SA LP ALL (R)2,33635322.3 
483VE7SXM2017VE7SO LP ALL2,25030254.0  
484VA7HZ2016VE7SO LP 20M1,87226262.4 
485VA7FMR2017VE7SO LP ALL1,70831287.0 
486VA7IR2016VE7SA QRP 20M (T)1,59327273.4 
487VA7ZOO2008VE7SO LP ALL1,57527215.7 
488VE7GBK2009VE7SO HP ALL1,42526252.3 
489XO7CXN1983VE7SO HP ALL1,4003025  
490VE7VIB2015VE7SO LP 10M1,36424222.9 
491W6FRH/VE72001VE7SO QRP 15M1,3342723  
492VE7WWW2004VE7SO LP 10M1,242252327.1  
493VE7NI2004VE7SO LP 15M1,155242125.4  
494VA7HZ2015VE7SA LP ALL88417171.7 
495VE7BSM2010VE7SO LP ALL64618171.3 
496VA7ZM2012VE7SO LP 20M64515151.7 
497VE7TJL2017VE7SO LP ALL60215142.7 
498VA7ZM2017VE7SO LP ALL40813121.9 
499VE7DAQ2011VE7SO LP 20M33813131.9 
500CG7CMT2017VE7SA HP 160M3331091.4VA7IR

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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