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401VA7IRL2004VE7SO LP ALL (R)47,25015310513.3  
402VE7TK2015VE7SA HP ALL46,37413211810.8 [Cert]
403VE7COW1983VE7SO HP 10M46,110200106  
404CG7SCC2017VE7MULTI-TWO46,0521601167.9VA7NR VA7ADI[Cert]
405VE7BSM2007VE7SO LP ALL (R)45,9801571218.4  
406VA7QLT2015VE7SA LP ALL45,85014613113.3 [Cert]
407VE7TUG2009VE7SO HP ALL (T)45,0001541209.4 [Cert]
408VE7NSR2010VE7MULTI-ONE HP43,6731591198.3VA7JMO VE7GPK[Cert]
409VA7MJR2008VE7SO LP ALL42,55214610819.5 [Cert]
410VE7AZG1977VE7SO HP 40M41,90419454  
411VE7RSV2017VE7SO LP ALL37,23212710418.1 [Cert]
412VE7TG2012VE7SA HP 15M32,33011610615.9 [Cert]
413VE7RSV2009VE7SO LP ALL (R)32,10011710019.3 [Cert]
414VE7FCO2007VE7SO LP ALL30,76512110513.3  
415VA7RN2010VE7SO HP ALL29,5611181034.4 [Cert]
416VE7EKS1992VE7SO QRP 10M29,224115104  
417CG7CXN1985VE7SO HP 20M27,64813896  
418VA7MJR2004VE7SO LP ALL (T)25,9381169910.2  
419VE7AJ1981VE7SO HP ALL25,81011889  
420VE7JT2009VE7SO LP 20M25,55312210114.8 [Cert]
421VA7ALK2008VE7SO LP 20M (R)24,892121989.4 [Cert]
422VE7CFA1992VE7SO LP ALL24,84612282  
423VA7JC2015VE7SA LP ALL24,628119948.7 [Cert]
424VE7RSV2014VE7SO LP ALL24,388939118.2 [Cert]
425VA7MJR2005VE7SO LP ALL23,5941109410.3  
426VE7TI2015VE7SO LP ALL23,532111746.3 [Cert]
427VA7MJR2006VE7SO LP ALL23,370104959.8  
428VE7CKZ2017VE7SA LP ALL22,831102795.5 [Cert]
429VE7TAR1979VE7SO HP ALL22,65011275VE7DQS 
430VA7JC2014VE7SA LP ALL21,5261009411.4 [Cert]
431VE7CYU2015VE7SA LP ALL21,420104844.8 [Cert]
432VE7FCO2016VE7SO LP ALL (T)20,328958810.0 [Cert]
433VE7BGP2015VE7SO LP ALL (T)18,600907510.7 [Cert]
434VE7CKZ2015VE7SO LP ALL17,78493784.9 [Cert]
435VE7QC2013VE7SA LP ALL17,55697763.5 [Cert]
436VE7LRB1999VE7SO LP ALL17,49010066  
437VE7BGP2013VE7SO LP ALL (T)17,400917511.8 [Cert]
438VE7NSR2011VE7SO HP ALL16,60094835.5VA7JMO[Cert]
439VE7AV2003VE7SO HP 20M16,32485773.7  
440VA7FFT2017VE7SO HP ALL (T)13,936766713.8 [Cert]
441VE7PT2017VE7SO LP ALL13,72581757.4 [Cert]
442VA7XB2017VE7SA HP ALL13,66870683.6 [Cert]
443VA7ALK2007VE7SO LP 20M (R)13,651907311.6  
444VA7LC2002VE7SO LP ALL13,32083725.4  
445VE7IO2017VE7SA HP ALL12,30868684.4 [Cert]
446VE7IAD2014VE7SO LP ALL12,28575636.6 [Cert]
447VE7ETW1986VE7SO HP ALL12,1807158  
448VA7XB2016VE7MULTI-ONE HP10,91961613.2VA7XB VA7FMR[Cert]
449VE7YU2012VE7SO LP 80M10,71258527.5 [Cert]
450VE7NAE2013VE7SO LP ALL10,49280619.5 [Cert]
451VE7SV1998VE7SO LP 160M10,4727244  
452VE7BGP2008VE7SO LP ALL (T)10,38468598.5 [Cert]
453VA7CAB2004VE7SO LP ALL10,065706115.9  
454VE7EKS1989VE7SO QRP 10M8,7366656  
455VE7BGP2017VE7SO LP ALL8,42462549.1 [Cert]
456VE7GPK2013VE7SO LP ALL8,36064556.2 [Cert]
457VA7KOJ2006VE7SO LP ALL8,2505955  
458VA7BS2011VE7SO HP ALL8,17864588.0 [Cert]
459VE7RSV2011VE7SO LP ALL7,956525113.4 [Cert]
460VC7AZC1978VE7SO HP ALL7,4975751  
461VE7HL2007VE7SO LP ALL6,96857523.9  
462VA7XNL2016VE7SO LP 20M (R)6,37557516.0  
463VA7EGZ2017VE7SO LP ALL (R)6,36449435.7 [Cert]
464VE7JDZ2017VE7SO LP 20M6,15054505.6 [Cert]
465VE7YJ1998VE7SO LP ALL5,6404840  
466VE7YU2013VE7SO LP 10M5,62846425.9 [Cert]
467VE7YU1985VE7SO QRP ALL5,6255147  
468VA7GAP2009VE7SO LP ALL5,49954477.0 [Cert]
469VA7IR2015VE7SO HP 80M4,86045362.6 [Cert]
470VE7NA2016VE7SO LP ALL (T)4,83051424.7VE7BGP[Cert]
471XJ7AZG1976VE7SO HP ALL4,7473747  
472XJ7AJ1976VE7SO HP ALL4,7004350  
473VE7WWW2005VE7SO LP 15M4,28448424.4  
474VE7NI1980VE7SO HP ALL4,0604035  
475VE7VAW2012VE7SO LP ALL (R)3,57245384.6 [Cert]
476VE7CQK1998VE7SO QRP ALL3,5644736  
477VE7DQS1980VE7SO HP ALL3,1853835  
478VA7IR2013VE7SO LP 10M (T)3,16235314.1 [Cert]
479VE7TI2012VE7SO LP ALL2,73628241.7 [Cert]
480VA7GL2013VE7SO LP ALL2,54135332.4  
481VE7EKS1990VE7SO QRP 10M2,4033327  
482VE7KCY2017VE7SA LP ALL (R)2,33635322.3 [Cert]
483VE7SXM2017VE7SO LP ALL2,25030254.0  
484VA7HZ2016VE7SO LP 20M1,87226262.4 [Cert]
485VA7FMR2017VE7SO LP ALL1,70831287.0 [Cert]
486VA7IR2016VE7SA QRP 20M (T)1,59327273.4 [Cert]
487VA7ZOO2008VE7SO LP ALL1,57527215.7 [Cert]
488VE7GBK2009VE7SO HP ALL1,42526252.3 [Cert]
489XO7CXN1983VE7SO HP ALL1,4003025  
490VE7VIB2015VE7SO LP 10M1,36424222.9 [Cert]
491W6FRH/VE72001VE7SO QRP 15M1,3342723  
492VE7WWW2004VE7SO LP 10M1,242252327.1  
493VE7NI2004VE7SO LP 15M1,155242125.4  
494VA7HZ2015VE7SA LP ALL88417171.7 [Cert]
495VE7BSM2010VE7SO LP ALL64618171.3 [Cert]
496VA7ZM2012VE7SO LP 20M64515151.7 [Cert]
497VE7TJL2017VE7SO LP ALL60215142.7 [Cert]
498VA7ZM2017VE7SO LP ALL40813121.9 [Cert]
499VE7DAQ2011VE7SO LP 20M33813131.9 [Cert]
500CG7CMT2017VE7SA HP 160M3331091.4VA7IR[Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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