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401JP7CFP2014JA7SO LP 10M13,680907614.4 [Cert]
402JR7LVK1996JA7SO LP 15M13,5108170  
403JM7UBI2014JA7SO QRP 10M13,10478725.9  
404JP7CFP2013JA7SO LP 15M13,024847414.0 [Cert]
405JR7WFC1994JA7SO LP 20M12,8707366  
406JF7JOV1985JA7SO HP 15M12,3509065  
407JH7JDB1980JA7SO HP ALL12,2387558  
408JA7KM1997JA7SO LP 15M12,0788566  
409JK7ADM1991JA7SO HP 15M11,88010572  
410JA1MZM/71976JA7SO HP 20M11,5208960  
411JA7HMZ1983JA7SO HP 80M11,4247456  
412JA7ADV2004JA7SO LP 15M11,34016270  
4138J7JODO/72012JA7SO LP ALL11,23260524.6 [Cert]
414JH7KTI2012JA7SO LP 15M10,92169673.2 [Cert]
415JA7CNS2016JA7SO HP ALL (T)10,773806310.9 [Cert]
416JA7VEI2015JA7SO LP 10M10,46568655.1 [Cert]
417JF7PHE2016JA7SA LP ALL10,40064524.6 [Cert]
418JO7KMB2017JA7SO HP 20M (T)10,38071605.7 [Cert]
419JR7RHR1982JA7SO HP 15M10,3176657  
420JA7JH2011JA7SO HP 10M10,14064608.4 [Cert]
421JH7LVK1981JA7SO HP 80M10,0886352  
422JA7ADV2000JA7SO LP 15M9,7006260  
423JA7HYS2009JA7SO LP 20M9,68568659.8 [Cert]
424JH7DUM2009JA7SO HP ALL9,676705912.0 [Cert]
425JA7UFZ1983JA7SO HP 20M9,2227258  
426JL7AIA2003JA7SO LP ALL9,12955512.7  
427JI7OED1992JA7SO HP ALL8,9606256  
428JA7NX2015JA7SO HP ALL8,69256532.8 [Cert]
429JA7NHV1991JA7SO HP 10M8,3706254  
430JH7PWS1980JA7SO HP 15M8,3645651  
431JF7WLX1988JA7SO HP 15M8,2087657  
432JA7FFN1995JA7SO HP 40M8,0804540  
433JP7GRU2016JA7SO LP ALL7,897655314.0 [Cert]
434JA7ARW1999JA7SO LP ALL7,8007740  
435JA7RXU1984JA7SO HP 20M7,7556355  
436JA7LLL2009JA7SO LP 20M7,68556533.8 [Cert]
437JG7BCD1989JA7SO HP 15M7,5906346  
438JA7LLL2012JA7SO LP 20M7,45254543.3 [Cert]
439JR7CDL1983JA7SO HP 10M7,23810677  
440JA7HYS2011JA7SO LP 40M (T)7,21641416.8 [Cert]
441JA7FFN1994JA7SO HP 40M7,1764039  
442JA7KM1998JA7SO LP ALL7,1445547  
443JH7BRG1976JA7SO HP 20M7,0205252  
444JA7ARW1993JA7SO LP 10M7,0206052  
445JA7KAC1976JA7SO HP 80M6,9005250  
446JA7KAC1975JA7SO HP 80M6,6305939  
447JA7OWD2009JA7SO HP 10M6,41977495.2 [Cert]
448JE7OXJ1983JA7SO HP ALL6,3367248  
449JP7CFP2012JA7SO LP 15M6,17163519.3 [Cert]
450JH7PWS1981JA7SO HP 15M6,1654745  
451JH7PWS1982JA7SO HP 15M6,0724646  
452JA7VEI2011JA7SO LP ALL5,93447461.4 [Cert]
453JA7GVL1981JA7SO HP 10M5,8635541  
454JR7XKN1981JA7SO HP 15M5,6245238  
455JA7ZP2017JA7SA LP ALL5,53847394.8 [Cert]
456JK7ESY2002JA7SO HP ALL (R)5,41248412  
457JH7UWY1979JA7SO HP 15M5,0764736  
458JA7KM2004JA7SO LP 10M4,99553455.4  
459JR7NFW1981JA7SO HP 40M4,8165243  
460JA7FFN1992JA7SO HP 40M4,6403029  
461JG7HYF1987JA7SO HP 15M4,6334941  
462JG7PSJ2012JA7SO HP 40M4,15828271.1 [Cert]
463JA7DNO2017JA7SA LP 15M4,14248385.8 [Cert]
464JN7FPB2002JA7SO LP ALL4,09543395.2  
465JI7OED1993JA7SO HP ALL4,0254035  
466JA7JH2010JA7SO HP 10M3,83847386.7 [Cert]
467JH7DPU1976JA7SO HP 20M3,6665639  
468JH7BMF2015JA7SO QRP 15M3,66337372.4 [Cert]
469JA7JGD1978JA7SO HP 15M3,5964031  
470JE7XNN1984JA7SO HP ALL3,5524932  
471JH7XVB2009JA7SA HP ALL3,52037322.4 [Cert]
472JE7DOT1999JA7SO QRP 10M3,5154037  
473JE7SOG2014JA7SO HP ALL3,46837343.2 [Cert]
474JA7FFN1993JA7SO LP 40M3,3602624  
475JE7DOT1998JA7SO LP ALL3,3603632  
476JG7EHM2017JA7SO HP 20M3,33236342.8 [Cert]
477JH7AJD1985JA7SO HP 20M3,2013533  
478JE7GRW1985JA7SO HP 20M3,1684036  
479JH7CZQ1976JA7SO HP ALL3,1324736  
480JR7CDL1987JA7SO HP 10M3,0535643  
481JA7ADV2003JA7SO LP 15M3,0363433  
482JA7JHT2003JA7SO LP 40M2,99025232.6  
483JA7HYS2012JA7SO LP ALL (T)2,90029295.2 [Cert]
484JA7ADV2013JA7SO HP ALL2,860574412.4 [Cert]
485JA7HYS2016JA7SO LP 15M (T)2,84833322.3 [Cert]
486JH7DUM2008JA7SO HP ALL2,81639324.8 [Cert]
487JE7DOT1985JA7SO HP ALL2,6643836  
488JA7AXP1990JA7SO HP ALL2,6403433  
489JA7JH2008JA7SO HP 10M2,60437315.3 [Cert]
490JA7FFN1996JA7SO HP 40M2,5522422  
491JR7BKB1991JA7SO HP 10M2,5203030  
492JO7APG2009JA7SO LP ALL2,44234334.4 [Cert]
493JE7DOT1995JA7SO QRP ALL2,4363229  
494JI7OED1991JA7SO HP 10M2,3783229  
495JA7AXP1995JA7SO LP 20M2,3783229  
496JA7BEW1994JA7SO HP 20M2,3223027  
497JE7SLC1992JA7SO LP 15M2,3203029  
498JA7RXU1988JA7SO HP 40M2,3103735  
499JE7DOT1996JA7SO QRP ALL2,2773533  
500JG7EHM2009JA7SO HP 20M2,27233325.7 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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