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401JS6EAQ2015JA6SO LP 15M5,88363537.7 
402JH6WIW1983JA6SO HP 15M5,8385142  
403JA6LCJ1980JA6SO HP 80M5,7605145  
404JM6EBU1998JA6SO LP 15M5,7345247  
405JG6DIF1984JA6SO HP ALL5,5135037  
406JQ1AHZ/62009JA6SO LP ALL5,37161415.9 
407JK6QJH1989JA6SO HP 10M5,2894543  
408JF6OJX1995JA6SO LP 80M5,2822219  
409KA6JC1977JA6SO HP 10M5,1156433  
410JF6OJX1996JA6SO LP 10M4,8957555  
411JA6AQV1988JA6SO HP 20M4,8725042  
412JA6PGL1979JA6SO HP 15M4,7974741  
413JL6IPK2007JA6SO LP 40M4,551413710.7  
414KA6RO1977JA6SO HP 10M4,5366036  
415JF6DRR1984JA6SO HP 15M4,3055041  
416JS6SRY2014JA6SO LP 15M4,27749476.8 
417JR6CF1996JA6SO HP ALL4,1604040  
418JJ6CQW1988JA6SO HP ALL4,1444437  
419JA6GMC2013JA6SO LP 15M4,01841417.3 
420JI6BEN2015JA6SO LP 20M (T)3,94848478.8 
421JP6NUI1997JA6SO HP 20M3,8854135  
422JA6CM1975JA6SO HP 20M3,8765138  
423JA6PL1978JA6SO HP 15M3,8524236  
424JE6JRI2016JA6SO LP ALL3,70837364.6 
425JH6WHN2015JA6SA LP 10M3,46535353.2 
426JH6WRW1977JA6SO HP ALL3,4564632  
427JH6CMM1984JA6SO HP 15M3,3673837  
428JE6ADE2014JA6SO LP ALL3,18030302.5  
429JI6DMN1986JA6SO HP 20M3,1454237  
430JR6CSY2017JA6SO LP ALL (T)3,06039341.9 
431JA6SRB2010JA6SA HP 80M3,05025255.6 
432JO6GIV1994JA6SO LP ALL3,0404238  
433JQ1AHZ/62007JA6SO LP ALL3,030413028.5  
434JS6SRY2016JA6SO LP 15M2,96042402.8 
435JF6RIM2016JA6SA LP 20M2,95842348.4 
436JH6NBW1987JA6SO HP 20M2,9443432  
437JL6IPK1996JA6SO QRP ALL2,8984442  
438JA6AQV1980JA6SO HP 15M2,8803230  
439JE6GIQ1995JA6SO LP 40M2,5482726  
440JG6VMO2017JA6SO LP 15M2,54238319.4 
441JA6UBK1996JA6SO QRP 10M2,4324638  
442JE6GIQ1992JA6SO LP ALL2,3662726  
443JH6WXF2012JA6SO LP 15M2,26331314.5 
444JK6LRI1993JA6SO LP ALL2,1453833  
445JA6QDU1998JA6SO LP 15M2,1062726  
446JA6QDU1984JA6SO HP 15M2,0933123  
447JA6RHH1983JA6SO HP ALL1,9763226  
448JE6UWU2006JA6SO LP ALL1,87026224.4  
449JH6WXF2013JA6SO LP ALL1,82032265.2  
450JE6PJP2016JA6SO LP 15M1,75032259.8 
451JL6BMJ1990JA6SO HP 15M1,7283327  
452JH6QIL2015JA6SA LP 40M (T)1,66020202.6 
453JH6GHZ1981JA6SO HP ALL1,5362724  
454JA6WEQ2012JA6SO QRP 15M (T)1,43027264.3 
455JP6GQN1998JA6SO LP 40M1,3801615  
456JI6HCM1987JA6SO HP ALL1,3652521  
457JR6VIX/62007JA6SO LP 15M1,28824233.9  
458JA6QDU1987JA6SO HP 15M1,2732519  
459JA6YY1975JA6SO HP 20M1,2543019  
460JF6TMH1984JA6SO HP 15M1,2323328  
461JH6WHN2013JA6SA LP 10M1,10220191.1 
462JA6QDU1996JA6SO LP 20M1,0922321  
463JA6DIJ2015JA6SO QRP ALL (T)1,05022211.8 
464JO6XHE1997JA6SO LP ALL1,0452219  
465JA6CDC2014JA6SO HP 10M1,00720192.0 
466JE6GIQ1984JA6SO HP 15M9542018  
467JH6GHZ1979JA6SO HP ALL9522017  
468JR6HNE1978JA6SO HP ALL9282216  
469JL6LTB2013JA6SA LP 15M92423223.9 
470JE6ETZ2017JA6SO LP 15M91821182.6 
471JL6LTB2012JA6SO QRP ALL87420192.9 
472JA6BGA2007JA6SO HP 10M8642016  
473JE6GIQ1994JA6SO LP ALL8321816  
474JA3INN/61976JA6SO HP 20M8172119  
475JA6WFM1996JA6SO LP 80M7801515  
476JL6LTB2014JA6SA LP ALL72017162.7 
477JQ6PAQ2007JA6SO QRP 15M71420174.5  
478JR7HOD/61999JA6SO LP 15M6301615  
479JM6EBU1997JA6SO LP 20M5741714  
480JL6IPK1993JA6SO QRP 40M5604335  
481JS6SRY2017JA6SO LP 15M54418171.7 
482JA6GDD1983JA6SO HP 10M5331513  
483JA6ADA1983JA6SO HP 10M5042212  
484JH6VCJ1980JA6SO HP ALL4441512  
485JG6UHE1986JA6SO HP 40M432109  
486JE6HID2011JA6SO LP ALL43214123.5 
487JR6LDI/61981JA6SO HP 40M4201414  
488JL6IPK1999JA6SO LP ALL4201612  
489JA6AHT1976JA6SO HP 20M4162113  
490JG1NCL/62017JA6SO LP 15M36014122.4 
491JQ6QKM2000JA6SO LP 15M3601212  
492JL6IPK1998JA6SO HP 40M2601413  
493JS6SRY2012JA6SO LP 15M25314112.1 
494JA6QDU1986JA6SO HP 15M252129  
495JA6QDU1997JA6SO HP ALL2521312  
496JA6CDC2017JA6SA HP ALL217771.3 
497JP6FCF1998JA6SO QRP 40M2001010  
498JH6WRV1977JA6SO HP ALL180119  
499JE6ETZ2016JA6SO LP 15M1711092.4 
500JH6SCA2015JA6SO LP ALL (T)114761.0 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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