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401JS6EAQ2015JA6SO LP 15M5,88363537.7 [Cert]
402JH6WIW1983JA6SO HP 15M5,8385142  
403JA6LCJ1980JA6SO HP 80M5,7605145  
404JM6EBU1998JA6SO LP 15M5,7345247  
405JG6DIF1984JA6SO HP ALL5,5135037  
406JQ1AHZ/62009JA6SO LP ALL5,37161415.9 [Cert]
407JK6QJH1989JA6SO HP 10M5,2894543  
408JF6OJX1995JA6SO LP 80M5,2822219  
409KA6JC1977JA6SO HP 10M5,1156433  
410JF6OJX1996JA6SO LP 10M4,8957555  
411JA6AQV1988JA6SO HP 20M4,8725042  
412JA6PGL1979JA6SO HP 15M4,7974741  
413JL6IPK2007JA6SO LP 40M4,551413710.7  
414KA6RO1977JA6SO HP 10M4,5366036  
415JF6DRR1984JA6SO HP 15M4,3055041  
416JS6SRY2014JA6SO LP 15M4,27749476.8 [Cert]
417JR6CF1996JA6SO HP ALL4,1604040  
418JJ6CQW1988JA6SO HP ALL4,1444437  
419JA6GMC2013JA6SO LP 15M4,01841417.3 [Cert]
420JI6BEN2015JA6SO LP 20M (T)3,94848478.8 [Cert]
421JP6NUI1997JA6SO HP 20M3,8854135  
422JA6CM1975JA6SO HP 20M3,8765138  
423JA6PL1978JA6SO HP 15M3,8524236  
424JE6JRI2016JA6SO LP ALL3,70837364.6 [Cert]
425JH6WHN2015JA6SA LP 10M3,46535353.2 [Cert]
426JH6WRW1977JA6SO HP ALL3,4564632  
427JH6CMM1984JA6SO HP 15M3,3673837  
428JE6ADE2014JA6SO LP ALL3,18030302.5  
429JI6DMN1986JA6SO HP 20M3,1454237  
430JR6CSY2017JA6SO LP ALL (T)3,06039341.9 [Cert]
431JA6SRB2010JA6SA HP 80M3,05025255.6 [Cert]
432JO6GIV1994JA6SO LP ALL3,0404238  
433JQ1AHZ/62007JA6SO LP ALL3,030413028.5  
434JS6SRY2016JA6SO LP 15M2,96042402.8 [Cert]
435JF6RIM2016JA6SA LP 20M2,95842348.4 [Cert]
436JH6NBW1987JA6SO HP 20M2,9443432  
437JL6IPK1996JA6SO QRP ALL2,8984442  
438JA6AQV1980JA6SO HP 15M2,8803230  
439JE6GIQ1995JA6SO LP 40M2,5482726  
440JG6VMO2017JA6SO LP 15M2,54238319.4 [Cert]
441JA6UBK1996JA6SO QRP 10M2,4324638  
442JE6GIQ1992JA6SO LP ALL2,3662726  
443JH6WXF2012JA6SO LP 15M2,26331314.5 [Cert]
444JK6LRI1993JA6SO LP ALL2,1453833  
445JA6QDU1998JA6SO LP 15M2,1062726  
446JA6QDU1984JA6SO HP 15M2,0933123  
447JA6RHH1983JA6SO HP ALL1,9763226  
448JE6UWU2006JA6SO LP ALL1,87026224.4  
449JH6WXF2013JA6SO LP ALL1,82032265.2  
450JE6PJP2016JA6SO LP 15M1,75032259.8 [Cert]
451JL6BMJ1990JA6SO HP 15M1,7283327  
452JH6QIL2015JA6SA LP 40M (T)1,66020202.6 [Cert]
453JH6GHZ1981JA6SO HP ALL1,5362724  
454JA6WEQ2012JA6SO QRP 15M (T)1,43027264.3 [Cert]
455JP6GQN1998JA6SO LP 40M1,3801615  
456JI6HCM1987JA6SO HP ALL1,3652521  
457JR6VIX/62007JA6SO LP 15M1,28824233.9  
458JA6QDU1987JA6SO HP 15M1,2732519  
459JA6YY1975JA6SO HP 20M1,2543019  
460JF6TMH1984JA6SO HP 15M1,2323328  
461JH6WHN2013JA6SA LP 10M1,10220191.1 [Cert]
462JA6QDU1996JA6SO LP 20M1,0922321  
463JA6DIJ2015JA6SO QRP ALL (T)1,05022211.8 [Cert]
464JO6XHE1997JA6SO LP ALL1,0452219  
465JA6CDC2014JA6SO HP 10M1,00720192.0 [Cert]
466JE6GIQ1984JA6SO HP 15M9542018  
467JH6GHZ1979JA6SO HP ALL9522017  
468JR6HNE1978JA6SO HP ALL9282216  
469JL6LTB2013JA6SA LP 15M92423223.9 [Cert]
470JE6ETZ2017JA6SO LP 15M91821182.6 [Cert]
471JL6LTB2012JA6SO QRP ALL87420192.9 [Cert]
472JA6BGA2007JA6SO HP 10M8642016  
473JE6GIQ1994JA6SO LP ALL8321816  
474JA3INN/61976JA6SO HP 20M8172119  
475JA6WFM1996JA6SO LP 80M7801515  
476JL6LTB2014JA6SA LP ALL72017162.7 [Cert]
477JQ6PAQ2007JA6SO QRP 15M71420174.5  
478JR7HOD/61999JA6SO LP 15M6301615  
479JM6EBU1997JA6SO LP 20M5741714  
480JL6IPK1993JA6SO QRP 40M5604335  
481JS6SRY2017JA6SO LP 15M54418171.7 [Cert]
482JA6GDD1983JA6SO HP 10M5331513  
483JA6ADA1983JA6SO HP 10M5042212  
484JH6VCJ1980JA6SO HP ALL4441512  
485JG6UHE1986JA6SO HP 40M432109  
486JE6HID2011JA6SO LP ALL43214123.5 [Cert]
487JR6LDI/61981JA6SO HP 40M4201414  
488JL6IPK1999JA6SO LP ALL4201612  
489JA6AHT1976JA6SO HP 20M4162113  
490JG1NCL/62017JA6SO LP 15M36014122.4 [Cert]
491JQ6QKM2000JA6SO LP 15M3601212  
492JL6IPK1998JA6SO HP 40M2601413  
493JS6SRY2012JA6SO LP 15M25314112.1 [Cert]
494JA6QDU1986JA6SO HP 15M252129  
495JA6QDU1997JA6SO HP ALL2521312  
496JA6CDC2017JA6SA HP ALL217771.3 [Cert]
497JP6FCF1998JA6SO QRP 40M2001010  
498JH6WRV1977JA6SO HP ALL180119  
499JE6ETZ2016JA6SO LP 15M1711092.4 [Cert]
500JH6SCA2015JA6SO LP ALL (T)114761.0 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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