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401UA1CEC2013UA-1SO QRP 20M2,72041402.7  
4029A8MM20059ASO QRP 20M2,66852461.5  
403SQ3OGP2014SPSO QRP 20M2,65547454.7 [Cert]
404SP4CMW1995SPSO QRP 20M2,6404040  
405JA4CSJ2013JA4SO QRP 20M2,62838367.2 [Cert]
406UP2BB1986LYSO QRP 20M2,6074333  
407YO9CUF2009YOSO QRP 20M2,59238363.7 [Cert]
408KT8K2006W8SO QRP 20M2,50841385.1  
4099A8MM20119ASO QRP 20M2,47843422.1 [Cert]
410AN2SN2006EASO QRP 20M2,45147432.6EA2SN 
411SQ2CFJ1997SPSO QRP 20M2,4055337  
412UW3WU2013URSO QRP 20M2,37649447.2 [Cert]
413UA3TW2011UA-3SO QRP 20M2,35639383.7 [Cert]
414JF2PKI1982JA2SO QRP 20M2,2623129  
415IY7M2014ISO QRP 20M2,16249461.0 [Cert]
416IV3AOL2009ISO QRP 20M1,95333318.6 [Cert]
417IZ2QKG2016ISO QRP 20M (T)1,95043399.5 [Cert]
418KB0NJJ2013W0SO QRP 20M1,94443366.2 [Cert]
419DK1AUP2017DLSO QRP 20M1,93841389.1 [Cert]
420BY4CYL2011BYSO QRP 20M1,92430263.7 [Cert]
421NQ5M2017W5SO QRP 20M (R)1,88741375.5 [Cert]
422E77J2009E7SO QRP 20M1,88133334.4YU2EA[Cert]
423G4GSA2007GSO QRP 20M1,87035345.2  
424UP2BB1989LYSO QRP 20M1,8553535  
425UT4UMZ2017URSO QRP 20M1,80929273.2 [Cert]
426KA5PVB1987W5SO QRP 20M1,8005245  
427M3GWO2016GSO QRP 20M1,79440395.6 [Cert]
428OZ1AYY1978OZSO QRP 20M1,7855235  
429DJ6TB/P2016DLSO QRP 20M1,76033322.4 [Cert]
430US1UU2017URSO QRP 20M1,68039354.6  
431HB9ENI2013HBSO QRP 20M1,60040407.0  
432EA2BTO1986EASO QRP 20M1,5983434  
433PA0NRD1985PASO QRP 20M1,5753535  
434SP2UUU1996SPSO QRP 20M1,5503331  
435HB9ENI2009HBSO QRP 20M1,51238366.7 [Cert]
436JR7JLU1987JA7SO QRP 20M1,4752725  
437SP9EWO1995SPSO QRP 20M1,4573431  
438KK7VL2015W7SO QRP 20M1,42129296.6 [Cert]
439YO6UO1982YOSO QRP 20M1,4104030  
440WB2OHD/61989W6SO QRP 20M1,4084032  
441DL1DQY2009DLSO QRP 20M1,35724232.0 [Cert]
442WB7OCV1997W7SO QRP 20M1,3533433  
443KF5TXU2016W5SO QRP 20M1,34432325.7 [Cert]
444BH4RNX2012BYSO QRP 20M (R)1,28831289.6 [Cert]
445OK3CXS1988OKOMSO QRP 20M1,2883728  
446IN3FOX2017ISO QRP 20M1,26523231.4 [Cert]
447R2WW2012UA-3SO QRP 20M1,25434334.4 [Cert]
448R2MA2015UA-3SO QRP 20M1,23230285.3 [Cert]
449N8AXA1995W8SO QRP 20M1,2192523  
450JH3LCU/11983JA1SO QRP 20M1,2163532  
451KB1QEU2009W1SO QRP 20M (R)1,17525253.5 [Cert]
452EA1ITC2017EASO QRP 20M1,13428273.9 [Cert]
453XX9ET2009XX9SO QRP 20M1,11829267.7 [Cert]
454NU4I2008W4SO QRP 20M1,05622222.7 [Cert]
455M5AAV/P2007GSO QRP 20M (T)1,056242426.0  
456LZ1/TA2AHS2012LZSO QRP 20M (R)1,05328273.4 [Cert]
457OK8EYJ2013OKSO QRP 20M99030305.9 [Cert]
458W9BNO/02008W0SO QRP 20M98029284.1 [Cert]
459WA6NOL2006W6SO QRP 20M (T)96020202.9  
460R7GU2017UA-6SO QRP 20M93627261.9R7TJ[Cert]
461HR2/NP3D2010HRSO QRP 20M (T)93120190.3HR2J[Cert]
462SQ3WW2013SPSO QRP 20M89319191.2 [Cert]
463JA2BNN1988JA2SO QRP 20M8932619  
464OK1DKW1982OKOMSO QRP 20M8643024  
465ON3AD2010ONSO QRP 20M81228284.2 [Cert]
466SP9EH1993SPSO QRP 20M7684016  
467UX7QG2012URSO QRP 20M72024243.6 [Cert]
468EA4EOZ2006EASO QRP 20M682232227.4  
469JK1OXU1995JA1SO QRP 20M6805250  
470W6YVK1988W6SO QRP 20M5892019  
471F5NBK2002FSO QRP 20M57624243.1  
472Y24LA1986DMSO QRP 20M5702019  
473LA5ZTA2014LASO QRP 20M (R)52923233.2 [Cert]
474XX9LB2010XX9SO QRP 20M51018175.2 [Cert]
475EA3FHP2016EASO QRP 20M48619180.8 [Cert]
476HA5BA1981HASO QRP 20M4862718  
477JQ1VDJ2015JA1SO QRP 20M47614144.4 [Cert]
478WB2GDD1988W2SO QRP 20M4763028  
479N5EIT2016W5SO QRP 20M (R)44816161.7 [Cert]
480IZ5PNL2012ISO QRP 20M44020203.4 [Cert]
481DF9MP2017DLSO QRP 20M43219182.2 [Cert]
482JK3AHS2009JA3SO QRP 20M40314133.3 [Cert]
483LA1XUA2016LASO QRP 20M (R)40021201.3 [Cert]
484OZ3PE1988OZSO QRP 20M3992121  
485N8PMR2017W8SO QRP 20M39214141.7 [Cert]
486VR2JAM2012VRSO QRP 20M37814142.7VR2UNG[Cert]
487DC6CO2006DLSO QRP 20M378191826.8  
488AC5O2016W5SO QRP 20M36311110.5 [Cert]
489VA3VF2004VE3SO QRP 20M360121218.4  
490DJ6TB/P2017DLSO QRP 20M (T)34813121.1 [Cert]
491TA3ADK2015TASO QRP 20M29711111.9 [Cert]
492AD8J/32003W3SO QRP 20M297111125.0  
493VA3WR2013VE3SO QRP 20M26010100.5 [Cert]
494R2WW2011UA-3SO QRP 20M25515152.0 [Cert]
495BY4CYL2009BYSO QRP 20M25313114.3 [Cert]
496JL3SBE1999JA3SO QRP 20M2531111  
497K4IU/02004W0SO QRP 20M228121224.7  
498SV1DJG2013SVSO QRP 20M22414143.5 [Cert]
499VR2UNG2011VRSO QRP 20M22010100.6 [Cert]
500EA1BBG1984EASO QRP 20M2201414  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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