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401WA7LNW2011W7SO QRP 15M (T)1,50026252.4 
402PA3CAL1992PASO QRP 15M1,5002625  
403JG3MSD1984JA3SO QRP 15M1,4583327  
404JA6WEQ2012JA6SO QRP 15M (T)1,43027264.3 
405XE1HKR1998XESO QRP 15M1,4252525  
406SM0BYD1982SMSO QRP 15M1,3723528  
407W6FRH/VE72001VE7SO QRP 15M1,3342723  
4089M2SM20129M2SO QRP 15M1,30222212.09M2GET
409JG2CNS/32010JA3SO QRP 15M1,30026254.4 
410VA3JFF2005VE3SO QRP 15M1,27224241.5  
411SM5MEK2009SMSO QRP 15M (T)1,26024212.4 
412EF1ANC1999EASO QRP 15M1,2543433EC1ANC 
413JL3SBE2011JA3SO QRP 15M1,24224231.9 
414YB2BBY2016YBSO QRP 15M (T)1,21822214.0 
415SP3PL2006SPSO QRP 15M1,197211925.1  
416JI8GZS/12004JA1SO QRP 15M1,1752525  
417UB5DAG1984URSO QRP 15M1,1732523  
418HA1WD2014HASO QRP 15M1,16127270.8 
419LA4OGA2000LASO QRP 15M1,1612927  
420K6VHF2016W6SO QRP 15M1,15226243.6 
421YT2B2009YUSO QRP 15M1,14422221.4 
422VU2UR2012VUSO QRP 15M1,12725234.3 
423VX3CW2010VE3SO QRP 15M1,11325212.3VE3CW
424KB7M1985W7SO QRP 15M1,1052617  
425UT2AA2011URSO QRP 15M1,07525251.6 
426VA3VF2015VE3SO QRP 15M1,06419190.8 
427BG1UW2012BYSO QRP 15M1,00834281.8 
428OH2BLU1979OHSO QRP 15M9573029  
429OM8AIK2016OMSO QRP 15M93119192.5 
430YO9RIJ2011YOSO QRP 15M89724232.2 
431JA9CRI1982JA9SO QRP 15M8551915  
432PP5BSD2016PYSO QRP 15M83619192.0 
433PA1W2005PASO QRP 15M792242210.7  
434N7AZ2013W7SO QRP 15M (T)75621213.3 
435M0DZB2015GSO QRP 15M73521212.3 
436XX9LQ2007XX9SO QRP 15M (R)72018156.0  
437JQ6PAQ2007JA6SO QRP 15M71420174.5  
438ES6RHB1995ESSO QRP 15M6802020  
439VE3GTC2012VE3SO QRP 15M61217171.3 
440SM6D2003SMSO QRP 15M60818163.0SM6DER 
441AB8FJ2013W8SO QRP 15M (T)58919192.5 
442BA3QZ2016BYSO QRP 15M56117176.4 
443DF1RK2006DLSO QRP 15M56117173.0  
444VK2BAA2005VKSO QRP 15M520141326.3  
445DH8BQA2005DLSO QRP 15M518171426.1  
446CO8ZZ2012CMSO QRP 15M50414140.5 
447JO3XCK2011JA3SO QRP 15M49515152.9 
448VK2FGLB2017VKSO QRP 15M42915131.6 
449JG1GPY2013JA1SO QRP 15M39216141.8 
450JG1GPY2016JA1SO QRP 15M37213122.6 
451KB7M1986W7SO QRP 15M3521211  
452VU3PRH2015VUSO QRP 15M (T)33814131.7 
453YU1RA2017YUSO QRP 15M (T)33011112.6 
454M6NNC2016GSO QRP 15M32412124.0 
455WO9S2017W9SO QRP 15M31212121.5 
456JO7FGZ/12010JA1SO QRP 15M31213131.5 
457DO5TMM/P2017DLSO QRP 15M29712112.7 
458JK1TCV2009JA1SO QRP 15M26010101.2 
459YT1CS2017YUSO QRP 15M243991.3  
4609V1OE20089VSO QRP 15M24211111.2OE1WWL
461SY1AEA2016SVSO QRP 15M225993.0 
462OH2MPO1996OHSO QRP 15M1901010  
463JH7BMF2017JA7SO QRP 15M1801090.5 
464JE8UHY1992JA8SO QRP 15M17688  
465XX9LB2009XX9SO QRP 15M16512112.0 
4667K2QNI2017JA1SO QRP 15M1621092.6 
467YB1UUU2017YBSO QRP 15M160880.8 
468KK6TV2007W6SO QRP 15M1608826.6  
469YO5KUA2005YOSO QRP 15M1539925.0YO5OQF 
470JA1KPF2009JA1SO QRP 15M133771.8 
471JA1KPF2007JA1SO QRP 15M1268725.4  
472YO4HHP2014YOSO QRP 15M117990.6 
473DL2TM2017DLSO QRP 15M108660.6 
474IT9IGN2015IT9SO QRP 15M9814142.4 
475OH2BLU1982OHSO QRP 15M9887  
476VR2UNG2016VRSO QRP 15M96880.3 
477K2HT/02011W0SO QRP 15M91870.4 
4787K1CPT2005JA1SO QRP 15M917724.5  
479KT7G1986W7SO QRP 15M7266  
480DO9IN2017DLSO QRP 15M65550.7 
481DO5TMM/P2016DLSO QRP 15M55550.1  
482JR2DAJ/22011JA2SO QRP 15M (R)55550.7 
483JL8HLI2005JA8SO QRP 15M555525.2  
484DO4DXA2014DLSO QRP 15M49771.0 
485JO7FGZ/12017JA1SO QRP 15M48440.1 
486US4IRT2014URSO QRP 15M48441.7 
487JA0GSG2012JA0SO QRP 15M45550.3 
488JP1OGO/01991JA0SO QRP 15M4044  
489CX7RT2015CXSO QRP 15M35752.9 
490OH1UP1999OHSO QRP 15M3555  
491A22LL2016A2SO QRP 15M (T)28441.8  
492DO1JMW2013DLSO QRP 15M (R)25550.3 
493OH6GFI2004OHSO QRP 15M244424.4  
494JO7FGZ/12015JA1SO QRP 15M21330.1 
495JJ0SFV2016JA0SO QRP 15M18330.2 
496WA9KQM1979W9SO QRP 15M1843  
497CX7RT2016CXSO QRP 15M15330.1 
498IZ5JLW2013ISO QRP 15M15330.1 
499DO7XP2010DLSO QRP 15M (R)15331.4 
500KD8MBI2010W8SO QRP 15M12330.9 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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