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401KH6CP1986KH6SO QRP 10M4,9207540  
402JA2MWV2011JA2SO QRP 10M4,85948435.6 [Cert]
403N5US1989W5SO QRP 10M4,7564141  
404SQ9UM2003SPSO QRP 10M4,71947397.3  
405EU1AA2013EUSO QRP 10M4,662444211.0 [Cert]
406YO5OPH2011YOSO QRP 10M4,58842374.5 [Cert]
407EA3ERT1984EASO QRP 10M4,2517739  
408ED1CJJ1984EASO QRP 10M4,2146743  
409S51RW1994S5SO QRP 10M4,1824234  
410RA4DX2014UA-4SO QRP 10M4,10455543.7 [Cert]
411KF7AXE2015W7SO QRP 10M4,08051489.3 [Cert]
412SM7ACN1980SMSO QRP 10M4,0284738  
413K7EAU1992W7SO QRP 10M3,9446458  
414JH0ALB1983JA0SO QRP 10M3,9445034  
415W6GMT/52010W5SO QRP 10M3,92439366.9 [Cert]
416EA4CFN1986EASO QRP 10M3,9004530  
417I6YEF1983ISO QRP 10M3,8165136  
418SQ9KPA2013SPSO QRP 10M3,71040358.4 [Cert]
419RX3AU2012UA-3SO QRP 10M3,708393614.7 [Cert]
420UR2RCD1988ESSO QRP 10M3,6633733  
421JH9HXF/11986JA1SO QRP 10M3,6005448  
422UA3DEA1978UA-3SO QRP 10M3,5844032  
423JE7DOT1999JA7SO QRP 10M3,5154037  
424LW3DC2006LUSO QRP 10M3,50239348.5  
425NZ1I2015W1SO QRP 10M (T)3,31236364.3 [Cert]
426I5KAP2009ISO QRP 10M3,28638312.6 [Cert]
427A22LL2015A2SO QRP 10M (T)3,26434344.5 [Cert]
428IZ2JPN2013ISO QRP 10M3,23036346.3 [Cert]
429VE3DQN2014VE3SO QRP 10M3,16834322.1 [Cert]
430I5KAP2006ISO QRP 10M3,12038305.0  
4319X0A19989XSO QRP 10M3,1033729  
432UR2RHF1980ESSO QRP 10M3,0943934  
433ES2SW2002ESSO QRP 10M3,05237286.7  
434EA4CU2014EASO QRP 10M3,04239392.8 [Cert]
4359A2VX20149ASO QRP 10M3,01036352.9 [Cert]
436VE2AEJ/31983VE3SO QRP 10M2,9703933  
4372E0ARM1998GSO QRP 10M2,9254135  
438JA2MWV2010JA2SO QRP 10M2,91442315.6 [Cert]
439YO4ATW2010YOSO QRP 10M2,85034303.8 [Cert]
440I5KAP2007ISO QRP 10M2,828352828.0  
441JF3EIU1997JA3SO QRP 10M2,8214631  
442NT5CC1997W5SO QRP 10M2,7543527KY5N 
443OK1AIJ2001OKSO QRP 10M2,7203732  
444FB1PMO1998FSO QRP 10M2,6883428  
445LU6EVD2012LUSO QRP 10M2,68634341.5 [Cert]
446DL2TM2014DLSO QRP 10M2,62537353.0 [Cert]
447JH9HXF/11985JA1SO QRP 10M2,6184534  
448LZ2UW2010LZSO QRP 10M2,61032305.1 [Cert]
449OK1AIJ2002OKSO QRP 10M2,58032302.3  
450IK0BZE2011ISO QRP 10M2,55232292.9 [Cert]
451VE5ACY1982VE5SO QRP 10M2,5423731  
452PU5UAI2014PYSO QRP 10M2,51635343.6 [Cert]
453W6GMT/52009W5SO QRP 10M2,48432276.0 [Cert]
454JA6UBK1996JA6SO QRP 10M2,4324638  
455VE7EKS1990VE7SO QRP 10M2,4033327  
456SP6JOE2011SPSO QRP 10M2,36632262.9 [Cert]
457CX4AD2005CXSO QRP 10M2,346373427.2  
458VU2LYX2010VUSO QRP 10M2,32034292.6VU2UR[Cert]
459JH7RTQ2005JA7SO QRP 10M2,23331297.7  
460WW0WB2006W0SO QRP 10M2,22533257.0  
461II7U2013ISO QRP 10M2,21430272.7 [Cert]
462CT9/M0BCT2010CT3SO QRP 10M2,18429265.9 [Cert]
463PY2MTV2005PYSO QRP 10M (R)2,160323026.6  
464JI3CJO2012JA3SO QRP 10M2,14432324.1 [Cert]
465OH2BLU1981OHSO QRP 10M2,1443232  
466PA2REH2000PASO QRP 10M2,0773131  
467YO3III1999YOSO QRP 10M2,0715519  
468YL2MF2000YLSO QRP 10M2,0575147  
469PU2TRX2014PYSO QRP 10M2,04043407.2 [Cert]
470JH3DMQ2005JA3SO QRP 10M1,9003920  
471DK1MIR2014DLSO QRP 10M1,88832326.7 [Cert]
472UA0SG1988RA0SO QRP 10M1,8864741  
473WA7NWL1993W7SO QRP 10M1,8853129  
474WB0IWG/32006W3SO QRP 10M1,87628286.2  
475UY5UP1989URSO QRP 10M1,8722826  
476AD6G/52003W5SO QRP 10M1,856333226.8  
477OK2BMU1991OKOMSO QRP 10M1,8503025  
478JA1NEZ2016JA1SO QRP 10M1,84832247.8 [Cert]
479CX4AD2013CXSO QRP 10M1,83030303.3  
480JI3BFG1985JA3SO QRP 10M1,7854235  
481JE1RZR2010JA1SO QRP 10M1,78231272.7 [Cert]
4829A7KDT20159ASO QRP 10M (T)1,70025254.0 [Cert]
483VU2LYX2011VUSO QRP 10M1,62029273.8VU2UR[Cert]
484JA2MWV2008JA2SO QRP 10M1,60828245.4 [Cert]
485UR5FCM2003URSO QRP 10M1,60030255.2  
486W6QU2007W6SO QRP 10M1,56426232.6W8QZA 
487WB8JUI2016W8SO QRP 10M1,56024242.2 [Cert]
488SQ9DJG2005SPSO QRP 10M1,5402720  
489BD4HY2013BYSO QRP 10M1,52529256.5 [Cert]
490N5BA1986W5SO QRP 10M1,4742822  
491OM8JP2012OMSO QRP 10M1,44923234.8 [Cert]
492YO8DDP2011YOSO QRP 10M1,43023224.5 [Cert]
493UB5DAG1982URSO QRP 10M1,4282421  
494JF3EIU1996JA3SO QRP 10M1,4043027  
495RW4HO2015UA-4SO QRP 10M1,32629265.6 [Cert]
496EA4CFN1987EASO QRP 10M1,1972419  
497DF7LS2012DLSO QRP 10M1,17621212.2 [Cert]
498IW5BT2014ISO QRP 10M1,16020202.3 [Cert]
499JA4DQX2016JA4SO QRP 10M1,15922192.0 [Cert]
500KD4URA1993W4SO QRP 10M1,1052417  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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