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401VA2EI2016VE2SA LP 15M10,64765638.7VE2EVN
402YC0MWM2009YBSA LP 15M (T)10,26673598.3 
403KB2NGK2011W2SA LP 15M9,91259594.7 
404HS5IGY2015HSSA LP 15M9,89166638.2 
405KE3WM2008W3SA LP 15M9,80063565.6KE3WM KE3WM
406OK5ZZ2017OKSA LP 15M (T)9,75263535.7 
407YB1TS2016YBSA LP 15M9,46262577.0 
408WB2BXO2003W2SA LP 15M (T)9,43872664.9  
409AG6AN2012W6SA LP 15M (R)9,38763638.1 
410LZ3DJ2016LZSA LP 15M9,28067588.6 
411UA9FKH2015RA9SA LP 15M9,030757010.2 
412HB9TOC2014HBSA LP 15M8,856807210.4 
413JI1HSV2016JA1SA LP 15M (R)8,845696111.0  
414UN4PG2017UNSA LP 15M8,83287698.9 
415UA9FKH2014RA9SA LP 15M8,610868210.5 
416JA0VTK2012JA0SA LP 15M8,436725710.3 
417EY7BJ2010EYSA LP 15M8,35267484.8 
418N1QD2012W1SA LP 15M8,23256563.1 
419BA6IV2010BYSA LP 15M8,120847011.3 
420JA1JLP2017JA1SA LP 15M8,10068548.9 
421YC0PJF2017YBSA LP 15M7,938585410.7 
422TA3MA2016TASA LP 15M7,88460546.4 
423BG7DOD2016BYSA LP 15M7,80076605.5 
424GM4UYZ2015GMSA LP 15M7,63278723.7 
425SV1BDO/32017SVSA LP 15M (T)7,44056483.6 
426ZW2F2015PYSA LP 15M7,18258544.4PY2LCD
427SM0OGQ2010SMSA LP 15M7,04971532.3 
428K4MOA2012W4SA LP 15M6,90949495.1 
429PY2BEK2014PYSA LP 15M6,66458567.9 
430YC2TDA2017YBSA LP 15M6,41954494.1 
431HS0ZHG2013HSSA LP 15M (T)6,22260516.1 
432GM4UYZ2014GMSA LP 15M6,17568653.6 
433DL8ZAJ2015DLSA LP 15M6,16059553.3 
434PY2XC2017PYSA LP 15M6,09556532.0 
435RA4WC2013UA-4SA LP 15M5,77555554.3 
436SQ4LH2013SPSA LP 15M5,77253521.4 
437RL3T2013UA-3SA LP 15M5,72054521.5 
438SQ8KFH2012SPSA LP 15M (R)5,66153519.4 
439YO8SAO2017YOSA LP 15M5,60052408.6 
440UZ5ZV2016URSA LP 15M5,56850482.8 
441JA1IZZ2008JA1SA LP 15M5,53553454.1 
442AB5XZ2014W5SA LP 15M (T)5,51254532.7 
4438S0F2005SMSA LP 15M5,355534525.9SM0OGQ 
444HA8V2017HASA LP 15M5,28046408.5HA8MV
445SM3XRJ2016SMSA LP 15M5,23250488.7 
446ON6FC2016ONSA LP 15M5,20345433.8 
447UX7LL2013URSA LP 15M5,08850482.6 
448YB1FWO/92016YBSA LP 15M4,83851414.5 
449JI1ALP2010JA1SA LP 15M4,83842413.1 
450KF0IQ2012W0SA LP 15M4,79741416.8 
451DV4DXT2016DUSA LP 15M4,68751436.5 
452US7IY2014URSA LP 15M4,56557552.6 
453RV9JD2009RA9SA LP 15M4,51255472.2 
454K6TI2013W6SA LP 15M (T)4,41043426.5  
455TA3AMH2015TASA LP 15M4,32939395.4 
4569A3DPL20149ASA LP 15M4,25743431.0 
457JA7DNO2017JA7SA LP 15M4,14248385.8 
4587K4QOK2015JA1SA LP 15M4,07038372.2 
459DL8ZAJ2016DLSA LP 15M4,03338374.0 
460BD4QK2016BYSA LP 15M3,86450424.2 
461YE1GD2016YBSA LP 15M3,78041365.6 
462DO5NJH2016DLSA LP 15M (R)3,76042408.1 
4637N4GIB2016JA1SA LP 15M3,64839388.4 
464BG9GYI2014BYSA LP 15M (R)3,572393816.5 
465JA1JLP2015JA1SA LP 15M3,55240372.5 
466EA5HEU2013EASA LP 15M3,51039392.0 
467IT9AUH2016IT9SA LP 15M3,40437372.8 
468YR8DD2006YOSA LP 15M3,36636333.3YO8TU 
469UB9UAK2012RA9SA LP 15M3,32537358.3 
470US8ICM2017URSA LP 15M3,29337372.5 
471IK5YJK2016ISA LP 15M3,23435332.6 
472DO5ALX2013DLSA LP 15M (T)3,20040401.9 
473UA1OMS2010UA-1SA LP 15M3,16849482.9 
474AF5CC2017W5SA LP 15M (T)3,16236344.7 
475EU4DGC2013EUSA LP 15M (R)2,95238367.7 
476PY3BEG2017PYSA LP 15M2,85046386.3 
477LZ2CM2013LZSA LP 15M2,77440381.8 
478KF0IQ2010W0SA LP 15M2,67334337.4 
479YC6BTI2017YBSA LP 15M (T)2,48039316.2 
480YC2OBI2016YBSA LP 15M (T)2,38029283.5 
481SQ8JLN2011SPSA LP 15M2,37031303.4 
482K9MJA2015W9SA LP 15M2,36838372.6 
483DG0OM2011DLSA LP 15M (T)2,34030303.1 
484JA1CTB2017JA1SA LP 15M2,21231281.7 
485JA4AQR2016JA4SA LP 15M (T)2,13328272.4 
486RK9JWR2008RA9SA LP 15M2,08831292.0RA9JR
487KA9O2015W9SA LP 15M1,94427272.3 
488SQ8KFH2013SPSA LP 15M1,74227263.8 
489JF2KWM2016JA2SA LP 15M1,69027263.6 
490JO1JKH2016JA1SA LP 15M1,45630263.8 
491IZ1MHY2011ISA LP 15M1,44923232.1 
492K3WYC2017W7SA LP 15M1,36424221.1 
493RA3XEV2009UA-3SA LP 15M1,36024202.6 
494SQ1K2011SPSA LP 15M1,35723231.0 
495DO4DXA2010DLSA LP 15M1,35724230.7 
496KF0IQ2011W0SA LP 15M1,18020204.7 
497KF0IQ2013W0SA LP 15M1,13422217.0 
498BI4SHV2016BYSA LP 15M (R)1,07827225.8 
499BD4QK2017BYSA LP 15M1,05025211.7 
500UT2AB2017URSA LP 15M (T)1,040202011.1 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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