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401VA2EI2016VE2SA LP 15M10,64765638.7VE2EVN[Cert]
402YC0MWM2009YBSA LP 15M (T)10,26673598.3 [Cert]
403KB2NGK2011W2SA LP 15M9,91259594.7 [Cert]
404HS5IGY2015HSSA LP 15M9,89166638.2 [Cert]
405KE3WM2008W3SA LP 15M9,80063565.6KE3WM KE3WM[Cert]
406OK5ZZ2017OKSA LP 15M (T)9,75263535.7 [Cert]
407YB1TS2016YBSA LP 15M9,46262577.0 [Cert]
408WB2BXO2003W2SA LP 15M (T)9,43872664.9  
409AG6AN2012W6SA LP 15M (R)9,38763638.1 [Cert]
410LZ3DJ2016LZSA LP 15M9,28067588.6 [Cert]
411UA9FKH2015RA9SA LP 15M9,030757010.2 [Cert]
412HB9TOC2014HBSA LP 15M8,856807210.4 [Cert]
413JI1HSV2016JA1SA LP 15M (R)8,845696111.0  
414UN4PG2017UNSA LP 15M8,83287698.9 [Cert]
415UA9FKH2014RA9SA LP 15M8,610868210.5 [Cert]
416JA0VTK2012JA0SA LP 15M8,436725710.3 [Cert]
417EY7BJ2010EYSA LP 15M8,35267484.8 [Cert]
418N1QD2012W1SA LP 15M8,23256563.1 [Cert]
419BA6IV2010BYSA LP 15M8,120847011.3 [Cert]
420JA1JLP2017JA1SA LP 15M8,10068548.9 [Cert]
421YC0PJF2017YBSA LP 15M7,938585410.7 [Cert]
422TA3MA2016TASA LP 15M7,88460546.4 [Cert]
423BG7DOD2016BYSA LP 15M7,80076605.5 [Cert]
424GM4UYZ2015GMSA LP 15M7,63278723.7 [Cert]
425SV1BDO/32017SVSA LP 15M (T)7,44056483.6 [Cert]
426ZW2F2015PYSA LP 15M7,18258544.4PY2LCD[Cert]
427SM0OGQ2010SMSA LP 15M7,04971532.3 [Cert]
428K4MOA2012W4SA LP 15M6,90949495.1 [Cert]
429PY2BEK2014PYSA LP 15M6,66458567.9 [Cert]
430YC2TDA2017YBSA LP 15M6,41954494.1 [Cert]
431HS0ZHG2013HSSA LP 15M (T)6,22260516.1 [Cert]
432GM4UYZ2014GMSA LP 15M6,17568653.6 [Cert]
433DL8ZAJ2015DLSA LP 15M6,16059553.3 [Cert]
434PY2XC2017PYSA LP 15M6,09556532.0 [Cert]
435RA4WC2013UA-4SA LP 15M5,77555554.3 [Cert]
436SQ4LH2013SPSA LP 15M5,77253521.4 [Cert]
437RL3T2013UA-3SA LP 15M5,72054521.5 [Cert]
438SQ8KFH2012SPSA LP 15M (R)5,66153519.4 [Cert]
439YO8SAO2017YOSA LP 15M5,60052408.6 [Cert]
440UZ5ZV2016URSA LP 15M5,56850482.8 [Cert]
441JA1IZZ2008JA1SA LP 15M5,53553454.1 [Cert]
442AB5XZ2014W5SA LP 15M (T)5,51254532.7 [Cert]
4438S0F2005SMSA LP 15M5,355534525.9SM0OGQ 
444HA8V2017HASA LP 15M5,28046408.5HA8MV[Cert]
445SM3XRJ2016SMSA LP 15M5,23250488.7 [Cert]
446ON6FC2016ONSA LP 15M5,20345433.8 [Cert]
447UX7LL2013URSA LP 15M5,08850482.6 [Cert]
448YB1FWO/92016YBSA LP 15M4,83851414.5 [Cert]
449JI1ALP2010JA1SA LP 15M4,83842413.1 [Cert]
450KF0IQ2012W0SA LP 15M4,79741416.8 [Cert]
451DV4DXT2016DUSA LP 15M4,68751436.5 [Cert]
452US7IY2014URSA LP 15M4,56557552.6 [Cert]
453RV9JD2009RA9SA LP 15M4,51255472.2 [Cert]
454K6TI2013W6SA LP 15M (T)4,41043426.5  
455TA3AMH2015TASA LP 15M4,32939395.4 [Cert]
4569A3DPL20149ASA LP 15M4,25743431.0 [Cert]
457JA7DNO2017JA7SA LP 15M4,14248385.8 [Cert]
4587K4QOK2015JA1SA LP 15M4,07038372.2 [Cert]
459DL8ZAJ2016DLSA LP 15M4,03338374.0 [Cert]
460BD4QK2016BYSA LP 15M3,86450424.2 [Cert]
461YE1GD2016YBSA LP 15M3,78041365.6 [Cert]
462DO5NJH2016DLSA LP 15M (R)3,76042408.1 [Cert]
4637N4GIB2016JA1SA LP 15M3,64839388.4 [Cert]
464BG9GYI2014BYSA LP 15M (R)3,572393816.5 [Cert]
465JA1JLP2015JA1SA LP 15M3,55240372.5 [Cert]
466EA5HEU2013EASA LP 15M3,51039392.0 [Cert]
467IT9AUH2016IT9SA LP 15M3,40437372.8 [Cert]
468YR8DD2006YOSA LP 15M3,36636333.3YO8TU 
469UB9UAK2012RA9SA LP 15M3,32537358.3 [Cert]
470US8ICM2017URSA LP 15M3,29337372.5 [Cert]
471IK5YJK2016ISA LP 15M3,23435332.6 [Cert]
472DO5ALX2013DLSA LP 15M (T)3,20040401.9 [Cert]
473UA1OMS2010UA-1SA LP 15M3,16849482.9 [Cert]
474AF5CC2017W5SA LP 15M (T)3,16236344.7 [Cert]
475EU4DGC2013EUSA LP 15M (R)2,95238367.7 [Cert]
476PY3BEG2017PYSA LP 15M2,85046386.3 [Cert]
477LZ2CM2013LZSA LP 15M2,77440381.8 [Cert]
478KF0IQ2010W0SA LP 15M2,67334337.4 [Cert]
479YC6BTI2017YBSA LP 15M (T)2,48039316.2 [Cert]
480YC2OBI2016YBSA LP 15M (T)2,38029283.5 [Cert]
481SQ8JLN2011SPSA LP 15M2,37031303.4 [Cert]
482K9MJA2015W9SA LP 15M2,36838372.6 [Cert]
483DG0OM2011DLSA LP 15M (T)2,34030303.1 [Cert]
484JA1CTB2017JA1SA LP 15M2,21231281.7 [Cert]
485JA4AQR2016JA4SA LP 15M (T)2,13328272.4 [Cert]
486RK9JWR2008RA9SA LP 15M2,08831292.0RA9JR[Cert]
487KA9O2015W9SA LP 15M1,94427272.3 [Cert]
488SQ8KFH2013SPSA LP 15M1,74227263.8 [Cert]
489JF2KWM2016JA2SA LP 15M1,69027263.6 [Cert]
490JO1JKH2016JA1SA LP 15M1,45630263.8 [Cert]
491IZ1MHY2011ISA LP 15M1,44923232.1 [Cert]
492K3WYC2017W7SA LP 15M1,36424221.1 [Cert]
493RA3XEV2009UA-3SA LP 15M1,36024202.6 [Cert]
494SQ1K2011SPSA LP 15M1,35723231.0 [Cert]
495DO4DXA2010DLSA LP 15M1,35724230.7 [Cert]
496KF0IQ2011W0SA LP 15M1,18020204.7 [Cert]
497KF0IQ2013W0SA LP 15M1,13422217.0 [Cert]
498BI4SHV2016BYSA LP 15M (R)1,07827225.8 [Cert]
499BD4QK2017BYSA LP 15M1,05025211.7 [Cert]
500UT2AB2017URSA LP 15M (T)1,040202011.1 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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