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4201N4DTF2013W4SO LP ALL48012100.8 [Cert]
4202KC4FLB2011W4SO LP ALL48015153.0 [Cert]
4203W4MPJ2017W4SO HP 20M47617174.4 [Cert]
4204KD4MXA2012W4SO LP 10M47618172.5 [Cert]
4205K5KG/42015W4SA HP 20M46813130.2 [Cert]
4206W4BCG2003W4SO LP ALL464191625.0  
4207AF4KL2006W4SO QRP ALL46416163.1  
4208KT4LS2016W4SA LP ALL45513130.9 [Cert]
4209K8YC/42008W4SA HP ALL45015150.3 [Cert]
4210W9CTJ/42015W4SA HP 15M44213131.6 [Cert]
4211KD4FMW2010W4SA HP ALL44214133.6 [Cert]
4212W4LTE2017W4SO LP ALL (R)43515152.8 [Cert]
4213K8OSF/42009W4SO LP 15M42015152.0 [Cert]
4214W9CNF/M41996W4SO LP 10M4101410  
4215N4GI2004W4SO HP ALL403131324.4  
4216AK4FK2011W4SO LP ALL40313134.5 [Cert]
4217KO4OL2007W4SO LP ALL378151425.9  
4218K4XZ2012W4SA HP 10M37212120.5 [Cert]
4219NB4F2011W4SO LP ALL36311111.6 [Cert]
4220K2LYV2017W4SO LP ALL35717170.8 [Cert]
4221KM4IIZ2017W4SO LP 20M35216163.6 [Cert]
4222K4XZ2013W4SA HP ALL35113131.5 [Cert]
4223KD4MXA2011W4SO LP 10M (T)35115131.0 [Cert]
4224WB2UKX/42015W4SO LP ALL (T)35014143.0  
4225AE4NT2017W4SO LP ALL34515151.4 [Cert]
4226AK4IK2009W4SO LP 20M34017173.9 [Cert]
4227K2VX/42009W4SO LP ALL33015151.8 [Cert]
4228W4JUK1975W4SO HP 20M3251313  
4229KI4UCJ2010W4SO LP ALL32412122.8 [Cert]
4230KJ4ZFK2013W4SO LP 10M31912111.5 [Cert]
4231K4FDP2013W4SO LP ALL306991.8 [Cert]
4232AE4FH2016W4SA LP ALL (R)30012121.1 [Cert]
4233W1BP/42010W4SO LP ALL29414141.9 [Cert]
4234W4YTB2012W4SO LP 10M29010102.0 [Cert]
4235W4CDO2015W4SO LP ALL29010101.1 [Cert]
4236K4NDH2011W4SO LP 20M28812121.4 [Cert]
4237K4KRK2017W4SA HP ALL28611110.6  
4238KJ4CNC2009W4SO LP ALL (R)28015142.2 [Cert]
4239KG4WQN2007W4SO LP ALL28014141.9  
4240N4DTF2016W4SA LP ALL272980.5 [Cert]
4241KD8IGK/42012W4SO LP ALL2721081.0 [Cert]
4242KI4ZGF2008W4SO HP 20M (R)27010100.7 [Cert]
4243K4OC2012W4SO LP 40M264880.3 [Cert]
4244KC5BKS/42013W4SO HP 10M2431092.0 [Cert]
4245WB4BBH1981W4SO HP ALL24399  
4246N3FNE/42016W4SO LP ALL24211111.7 [Cert]
4247N4EUK2003W4SO QRP 10M2401010  
4248KC4WQ2012W4SO LP 10M234990.3 [Cert]
4249KE4VEK2010W4SO LP ALL22812121.9 [Cert]
4250N4YHC2014W4SO LP ALL225991.0 [Cert]
4251WD4IYE2013W4SO LP ALL225992.1 [Cert]
4252AA4LR2007W4SO LP 80M2178724.5  
4253K4XG2015W4SO LP ALL216991.4 [Cert]
4254K5VIP/42014W4SA HP ALL (T)210770.3 [Cert]
4255AK4CJ2016W4SO LP ALL21010100.4  
4256N4DTF2015W4SA LP ALL208880.7 [Cert]
4257W1FOX/42016W4SO LP 15M198991.6  
4258W4NOS1980W4SO HP ALL19288  
4259KE4HUD2010W4SO QRP 40M (T)19213121.3 [Cert]
4260N4TML2017W4SO LP ALL189993.0  
4261W4NX2008W4SO LP ALL18711110.5W4BCG[Cert]
4262W4GHD2009W4SO HP 20M180990.3 [Cert]
4263WA4JA2011W4SO LP 20M1801090.6 [Cert]
4264KK4ZVD2016W4SO LP ALL (R)180993.5 [Cert]
4265KM4IK2015W4SO LP ALL18011101.6 [Cert]
4266N4LKE2012W4SO LP ALL (T)180991.1 [Cert]
4267AF4KL2008W4SO QRP ALL180990.9 [Cert]
4268KV4UV2015W4SO LP ALL (R)176881.3 [Cert]
4269NQ4K2006W4SO LP 15M1629926.6  
4270AD4YQ2016W4SA LP ALL152880.5  
4271AB3MO/42012W4SO LP ALL152881.9 [Cert]
4272AA4LR2017W4SA LP ALL144880.3 [Cert]
4273KM4HDM2015W4SO HP ALL (R)14412122.7 [Cert]
4274AE4PN2016W4SO LP ALL144881.0 [Cert]
4275AE4EC2008W4SO LP ALL (T)14412120.7 [Cert]
4276K2CMH/42015W4SO LP ALL14011100.6 [Cert]
4277W4DTX2015W4SA LP ALL1351092.4 [Cert]
4278K4DKE2012W4SO HP ALL (R)132661.3 [Cert]
4279KG4NET2007W4SO LP ALL130101026.5  
4280KI4JBD2005W4SO LP 20M (R)1288825.5  
4281K4MTX2010W4SO LP 20M (R)126991.7 [Cert]
4282NG4L2011W4SO LP 15M (T)112770.3 [Cert]
4283K4LRO1977W4SO HP 160M108119  
4284K3TW/42013W4SO QRP 160M108991.9 [Cert]
4285AJ4RI2010W4SO LP 20M104981.8 [Cert]
4286WC3K/42013W4SA LP ALL102661.1 [Cert]
4287KM4WTQ2017W4SO LP ALL102661.5 [Cert]
4288N3TG/42015W4SO LP ALL102660.4 [Cert]
4289KR1ST/42003W4SO QRP 160M10010101.6  
4290WQ3C/42013W4SO LP 20M96660.2 [Cert]
4291AK4Q2011W4SO LP 20M966616.1 [Cert]
4292K4MTX2011W4SO LP 20M91770.7 [Cert]
4293AD4UM1997W4SO LP 20M9187  
4294W8KHP/42008W4SO LP 20M90661.1 [Cert]
4295KK4FYV2012W4SO LP 10M (R)84661.9 [Cert]
4296AB4WHE1976W4SO HP 20M801420  
4297K0RRP/42012W4SO LP 20M72661.0 [Cert]
4298K4KUZ2005W4SO LP ALL7055W4UM 
4299K4BIG2015W4SO LP 10M65550.5 [Cert]
4300K4WI2009W4SO LP 160M64880.2 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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