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4201N4DTF2013W4SO LP ALL48012100.8 
4202KC4FLB2011W4SO LP ALL48015153.0 
4203W4MPJ2017W4SO HP 20M47617174.4 
4204KD4MXA2012W4SO LP 10M47618172.5 
4205K5KG/42015W4SA HP 20M46813130.2 
4206W4BCG2003W4SO LP ALL464191625.0  
4207AF4KL2006W4SO QRP ALL46416163.1  
4208KT4LS2016W4SA LP ALL45513130.9 
4209K8YC/42008W4SA HP ALL45015150.3 
4210W9CTJ/42015W4SA HP 15M44213131.6 
4211KD4FMW2010W4SA HP ALL44214133.6 
4212W4LTE2017W4SO LP ALL (R)43515152.8 
4213K8OSF/42009W4SO LP 15M42015152.0 
4214W9CNF/M41996W4SO LP 10M4101410  
4215N4GI2004W4SO HP ALL403131324.4  
4216AK4FK2011W4SO LP ALL40313134.5 
4217KO4OL2007W4SO LP ALL378151425.9  
4218K4XZ2012W4SA HP 10M37212120.5 
4219NB4F2011W4SO LP ALL36311111.6 
4220K2LYV2017W4SO LP ALL35717170.8 
4221KM4IIZ2017W4SO LP 20M35216163.6 
4222K4XZ2013W4SA HP ALL35113131.5 
4223KD4MXA2011W4SO LP 10M (T)35115131.0 
4224WB2UKX/42015W4SO LP ALL (T)35014143.0  
4225AE4NT2017W4SO LP ALL34515151.4 
4226AK4IK2009W4SO LP 20M34017173.9 
4227K2VX/42009W4SO LP ALL33015151.8 
4228W4JUK1975W4SO HP 20M3251313  
4229KI4UCJ2010W4SO LP ALL32412122.8 
4230KJ4ZFK2013W4SO LP 10M31912111.5 
4231K4FDP2013W4SO LP ALL306991.8 
4232AE4FH2016W4SA LP ALL (R)30012121.1 
4233W1BP/42010W4SO LP ALL29414141.9 
4234W4YTB2012W4SO LP 10M29010102.0 
4235W4CDO2015W4SO LP ALL29010101.1 
4236K4NDH2011W4SO LP 20M28812121.4 
4237K4KRK2017W4SA HP ALL28611110.6  
4238KJ4CNC2009W4SO LP ALL (R)28015142.2 
4239KG4WQN2007W4SO LP ALL28014141.9  
4240N4DTF2016W4SA LP ALL272980.5 
4241KD8IGK/42012W4SO LP ALL2721081.0 
4242KI4ZGF2008W4SO HP 20M (R)27010100.7 
4243K4OC2012W4SO LP 40M264880.3 
4244KC5BKS/42013W4SO HP 10M2431092.0 
4245WB4BBH1981W4SO HP ALL24399  
4246N3FNE/42016W4SO LP ALL24211111.7 
4247N4EUK2003W4SO QRP 10M2401010  
4248KC4WQ2012W4SO LP 10M234990.3 
4249KE4VEK2010W4SO LP ALL22812121.9 
4250N4YHC2014W4SO LP ALL225991.0 
4251WD4IYE2013W4SO LP ALL225992.1 
4252AA4LR2007W4SO LP 80M2178724.5  
4253K4XG2015W4SO LP ALL216991.4 
4254K5VIP/42014W4SA HP ALL (T)210770.3 
4255AK4CJ2016W4SO LP ALL21010100.4  
4256N4DTF2015W4SA LP ALL208880.7 
4257W1FOX/42016W4SO LP 15M198991.6  
4258W4NOS1980W4SO HP ALL19288  
4259KE4HUD2010W4SO QRP 40M (T)19213121.3 
4260N4TML2017W4SO LP ALL189993.0  
4261W4NX2008W4SO LP ALL18711110.5W4BCG
4262W4GHD2009W4SO HP 20M180990.3 
4263WA4JA2011W4SO LP 20M1801090.6 
4264KK4ZVD2016W4SO LP ALL (R)180993.5 
4265KM4IK2015W4SO LP ALL18011101.6 
4266N4LKE2012W4SO LP ALL (T)180991.1 
4267AF4KL2008W4SO QRP ALL180990.9 
4268KV4UV2015W4SO LP ALL (R)176881.3 
4269NQ4K2006W4SO LP 15M1629926.6  
4270AD4YQ2016W4SA LP ALL152880.5  
4271AB3MO/42012W4SO LP ALL152881.9 
4272AA4LR2017W4SA LP ALL144880.3 
4273KM4HDM2015W4SO HP ALL (R)14412122.7 
4274AE4PN2016W4SO LP ALL144881.0 
4275AE4EC2008W4SO LP ALL (T)14412120.7 
4276K2CMH/42015W4SO LP ALL14011100.6 
4277W4DTX2015W4SA LP ALL1351092.4 
4278K4DKE2012W4SO HP ALL (R)132661.3 
4279KG4NET2007W4SO LP ALL130101026.5  
4280KI4JBD2005W4SO LP 20M (R)1288825.5  
4281K4MTX2010W4SO LP 20M (R)126991.7 
4282NG4L2011W4SO LP 15M (T)112770.3 
4283K4LRO1977W4SO HP 160M108119  
4284K3TW/42013W4SO QRP 160M108991.9 
4285AJ4RI2010W4SO LP 20M104981.8 
4286WC3K/42013W4SA LP ALL102661.1 
4287KM4WTQ2017W4SO LP ALL102661.5 
4288N3TG/42015W4SO LP ALL102660.4 
4289KR1ST/42003W4SO QRP 160M10010101.6  
4290WQ3C/42013W4SO LP 20M96660.2 
4291AK4Q2011W4SO LP 20M966616.1 
4292K4MTX2011W4SO LP 20M91770.7 
4293AD4UM1997W4SO LP 20M9187  
4294W8KHP/42008W4SO LP 20M90661.1 
4295KK4FYV2012W4SO LP 10M (R)84661.9 
4296AB4WHE1976W4SO HP 20M801420  
4297K0RRP/42012W4SO LP 20M72661.0 
4298K4KUZ2005W4SO LP ALL7055W4UM 
4299K4BIG2015W4SO LP 10M65550.5 
4300K4WI2009W4SO LP 160M64880.2 

Page 43 of 45

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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