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301AB2DE1998W2MULTI-ONE HP757,800661421AB2DE KC2AVE N2KPB 
302K2QY2014W2SO HP ALL739,27865040222.6 [Cert]
303K2DB2007W2SA HP ALL739,03275042423.9  
304AA2U1993W2SO QRP ALL738,843711453  
305NJ1F/22000W2SO LP ALL738,285700415  
306WB2P2015W2SA HP ALL733,52756644713.6 [Cert]
307WA2UUK1994W2SO LP 20M731,025765475  
308W2YR2002W2SA HP ALL728,32561141521.5  
309N2MUN2013W2SA HP ALL (T)725,32266444225.4 [Cert]
310W2LK2011W2SA HP ALL713,98859839613.7 [Cert]
311WM2V1997W2MULTI-MULTI708,968671401WM2V K2KV 
312N2AA1981W2SO QRP ALL705,726733378  
313KE2ZU1992W2SO HP ALL702,868636398  
314WA2JQK2013W2SO LP ALL702,33664638424.6 [Cert]
315NW2K2011W2SO LP ALL (T)696,78472342830.5 [Cert]
316WB2WPM2017W2SO HP ALL696,13670243421.2 [Cert]
317WQ2M1991W2SO HP 40M695,196510369  
318WA1FXK/22014W2SO LP ALL (T)691,74065440527.4 [Cert]
319WA2JQK2007W2SO HP ALL687,20068940027.1  
320K2SZ2002W2SO LP ALL684,77264039435.3  
321N2FF2011W2SA LP ALL (T)683,51459941421.2 [Cert]
322KU2M2011W2SO LP ALL681,72057639014.0 [Cert]
323N2SS1983W2SO HP ALL678,656810352  
324AC2PV1976W2SO HP ALL674,900892340  
325AB2DE2008W2MULTI-ONE HP671,88867739224.2N2KPB KC2QYC[Cert]
326K2RET2016W2SA HP ALL659,89058338516.4 [Cert]
327K2DSL2012W2SA LP ALL (T)658,14065242028.2 [Cert]
328WA2JQK2000W2SO LP ALL654,878600406  
329NA2A2002W2SO LP ALL654,02465240819.4  
330K1AR/21997W2SO HP ALL648,081558381  
331AB2DE2006W2MULTI-ONE HP645,96067842031.8N2KPB KC2AVE KB2YJT 
332N2MUN2012W2SA HP ALL (T)643,50060639625.3 [Cert]
333N2SS1979W2SO HP ALL642,411775309  
334WB2YQH1995W2SO HP ALL641,146600386  
335K2PS1989W2SO HP ALL640,896638384  
336WA2JQK2004W2SO LP ALL637,83964539332.0  
337KG2AU1998W2SO LP ALL (T)634,005624365  
338AB2E2014W2SA HP ALL (T)633,97570139511.4 [Cert]
339N1IBM/22011W2SA HP ALL (T)633,36053739022.2 [Cert]
340NY6DX/22012W2SA LP 40M632,81872739728.7 [Cert]
341NI2P1998W2SO HP ALL (T)631,182624354  
342AF2K1998W2SO HP ALL630,810778430  
343NT2I2011W2SO LP ALL630,54062137228.4 [Cert]
344W2TOI2000W2MULTI-ONE HP628,948646388KC2CPF W2IK W2FX K2AP N2... 
345AB2TC2014W2SO LP ALL628,42259136623.8 [Cert]
346KC2NMZ2006W2MULTI-MULTI628,32678040222.2KC2NMZ W2VQ 
347N1CC1996W2SO HP ALL (T)624,400645400  
348KS2G2014W2SA LP ALL (T)622,12054441213.6 [Cert]
349KY2J1995W2SO HP 80M620,916617354  
350KF2O1988W2SO HP ALL619,556657406  
351N2FF2012W2MULTI-ONE HP614,65855540214.1N2FF WD2BSN[Cert]
352KS2G2015W2SA LP ALL (T)610,14263340316.0 [Cert]
353N2EIK2011W2SO HP 15M (T)608,69766042324.2 [Cert]
354KA2D2000W2SO LP ALL (T)608,457588381  
355N2JIX1998W2MULTI-ONE HP606,696587408N2JIX KF2ER 
356WR2V1999W2SO HP ALL605,172572348  
357N1RK/22008W2SA HP ALL604,87757839120.0 [Cert]
358AB2DE2013W2MULTI-ONE HP603,94252838217.6AB2DE KC2AVE[Cert]
359KR2J1986W2SO HP 80M603,840868370  
360WA4ATJ/22002W2SO HP ALL (T)603,29559638522.9  
361KD2YP1991W2MULTI-ONE HP600,600610390KD2YP + packet 
362N2MUN2016W2SA HP ALL (T)599,80759737724.6 [Cert]
363WB2WPM2015W2SO LP ALL597,90858838813.4 [Cert]
364NJ1F/22004W2SO LP ALL594,03366038326.9  
365WB2WPM2016W2SA LP ALL587,82054838815.3 [Cert]
366KS2G2010W2SA LP ALL (T)587,32861539915.5 [Cert]
367N2MUN2002W2SO LP ALL585,23461336928.2  
368WR2G2010W2SA HP 20M584,70652843718.8 [Cert]
369W2WB2000W2SA HP 10M584,568516414  
370K2NNY2006W2SA HP ALL (T)581,35757437122.9K2DB 
371WA2JQK2015W2SA LP ALL579,14457335428.6 [Cert]
372N2FF2002W2SO HP ALL576,90560837116.7  
373W2OO2003W2SO HP ALL575,25062037520.2  
374K2QMF1995W2SO LP ALL567,760513376  
375N2BJX1992W2SO HP ALL567,378640342  
376K2ONP2002W2SA HP ALL566,28057336336.0  
377KS2G2005W2SA LP ALL (T)563,95561939319.1  
378K2FR1999W2SO HP ALL (T)562,380595364  
379WA2MCR2012W2SA LP ALL562,32060336016.8 [Cert]
380KS2G2002W2SO LP 10M554,28058437213.9  
381AD2AM2010W2SA LP ALL (R)553,87552237532.4 [Cert]
382WW2Y1992W2SO HP 80M553,468816358  
383K2DSL2010W2SO LP ALL (R)553,12566137533.7 [Cert]
384NA2Q1996W2SO LP ALL (T)551,642611433  
385KG2RG2008W2SO LP 20M546,93971843129.2 [Cert]
386KB2SE1994W2SO HP ALL546,915578361  
387AB2E2002W2SA LP ALL (T)544,07259437624.6  
388AB2E2013W2SA HP ALL (T)542,4306703789.1 [Cert]
389KB2DE1991W2SO HP ALL537,570583362  
390NJ1F/21999W2SO LP ALL532,700554350  
391N2GM2004W2SO HP 15M532,03264840821.9  
392W2HG1995W2SO HP ALL530,540572410  
393WA2JQK2016W2SO LP ALL530,32255733826.8 [Cert]
394N3KCJ/22000W2SO LP ALL527,648568352  
395W2GD1993W2SO HP ALL522,029570383  
396N2SQW2009W2SA HP ALL (T)521,08157637320.6 [Cert]
397N2RJ2010W2SA HP 20M513,25852039310.0 [Cert]
398NA2A1999W2SO HP ALL512,230600363  
399KB2MG1983W2MULTI-ONE HP511,598710367KB2MG KA2MNJ KC2RG WA2UY... 
400NA2A2001W2SO LP ALL510,08161237717.9  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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