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301JA4DQX2013JA4SO QRP 10M8,40063606.7 [Cert]
302JH4CBM1978JA4SO HP 15M8,2686552  
303JA4RWN1985JA4SO HP ALL8,0964946  
304JR4ISK1983JA4SO HP ALL8,0857955  
305JA4BKL1976JA4SO HP 40M8,0646748  
306JA4AQR1998JA4SO LP 10M7,9205855  
307JA4BDY2008JA4SO LP ALL (T)7,90468524.1 [Cert]
308JA4BKL1975JA4SO HP 40M7,8885334  
309JM4WUZ2008JA4SO HP 20M7,56064545.4 [Cert]
310JA4DZ1977JA4SO HP 20M7,4406840  
311JH4PPQ1981JA4SO HP 15M7,3806045  
312JL4CVG1997JA4SA LP 10M7,3677553  
313JA4GXS1977JA4SO HP 20M7,2907354  
314JR4LRY2015JA4SO LP 15M (T)7,192665813.7 [Cert]
315JH4KED1981JA4SO HP 10M7,0206445  
316JH4MVB1978JA4SO HP 15M6,9465146  
317JR4LRY2008JA4SO LP 15M6,721684713.6 [Cert]
318JA4HIX1994JA4SO LP ALL6,1325142  
319JR4ISK1988JA4SO HP 15M6,1205245  
320JA4BKL1977JA4SO HP 40M6,0844439  
321JA4UDP1975JA4SO HP 20M6,0636943  
322JA4DQX2011JA4SO QRP 10M5,93451437.7 [Cert]
323JI4ARB1990JA4SO HP ALL5,8505950  
324JA4AQR1993JA4SO LP ALL5,8485243  
325JA4AQR1983JA4SO HP 10M5,6764944  
326JA4NQD2008JA4SO HP ALL5,67059455.2 [Cert]
327JG4DDN1990JA4SO HP 15M5,5805745  
328JH4QJT1981JA4SO HP 10M5,5474543  
329JG4OOU1991JA4SO HP 10M5,5444444  
330JE4QLS1985JA4SO HP 10M5,4597653  
331JA4AQR1994JA4SO LP ALL5,4005145  
332JR4ISK1991JA4SO HP ALL5,3555145  
333JA4DWG2005JA4SO LP 10M5,01447465.6  
334JA4AQR2006JA4SO LP ALL (T)4,97044354.3  
335JA4GQD2014JA4SO LP ALL4,928554412.2 [Cert]
336JA4AQR2009JA4SO LP ALL (T)4,92046414.3 [Cert]
337JA4DZ1975JA4SO HP ALL4,8367026  
338JJ4CDW/42010JA4SO LP 20M4,74647424.9 [Cert]
339JA4PA1982JA4SO HP 20M4,6744138  
340JA4AQR1984JA4SO HP 10M4,6414639  
341JA4FHE1975JA4SO HP 10M4,5548147  
342JA4EE1975JA4SO HP 20M4,4667329  
343JM4WUZ2004JA4SO LP 80M4,433383127.1  
344JE4ETG1989JA4SO HP 10M4,3294137  
345JG4SNR1990JA4SO QRP ALL4,2235143  
346JH4PHW2015JA4SA LP ALL4,20046426.0 [Cert]
347JA4NQD2017JA4SO HP 20M4,20052424.9 [Cert]
348JA4NQD1991JA4SO HP ALL4,1447656  
349JH4WBY1996JA4SO LP ALL4,1204240  
350JA4CZM1996JA4SO LP ALL4,1074037  
351JR4LRY2013JA4SO LP 15M (T)4,06645386.7 [Cert]
352JA4NQD2012JA4SO HP 10M3,88044406.2 [Cert]
353JA4CBX2010JA4SO LP 15M3,82246395.6 [Cert]
354JA4HIX1995JA4SO LP ALL3,7744037  
355JH4LWL1977JA4SO HP 10M3,7316841  
356JJ4CDW2003JA4SO HP 15M3,690424136.0  
357JR4LRY2011JA4SO LP 15M3,68640388.6 [Cert]
358JA4DZ1976JA4SO HP 20M3,3665033  
359JA4BEV2016JA4SO HP 15M3,36044325.3 [Cert]
360JA4AQR2015JA4SO LP 10M (T)3,34836362.5 [Cert]
361JA4PA1981JA4SO HP ALL3,3024526  
362JJ4CDW2012JA4SO LP 10M2,98837365.3 [Cert]
363JM4WUZ2017JA4SA HP 80M2,94434324.0 [Cert]
364JR4NIV1984JA4SO QRP 15M2,8523831  
365JA4CSJ2013JA4SO QRP 20M2,62838367.2 [Cert]
366JE4MHL1985JA4SO HP 15M2,5923428  
367JR4LRY2017JA4SO LP 15M (T)2,51135316.5 [Cert]
368JA4EII1980JA4SO HP ALL2,4963226  
369JR4ISK1985JA4SO HP ALL2,4003324  
370JE4HIH1991JA4SO HP ALL2,3544722  
371JR4VEV2013JA4SO LP 40M2,32528251.7 [Cert]
372JH4KHY2002JA4SO LP 15M2,32030293.8  
373JA4AVO2013JA4SO LP 40M2,27526253.6 [Cert]
374JH1MTR/42017JA4SO LP 40M2,23627262.5 [Cert]
375JH4UYB2001JA4SO HP 80M2,20022221.2  
376JA4AQR2016JA4SA LP 15M (T)2,13328272.4 [Cert]
377JA4CUU1983JA4SO HP 20M2,1063126  
378JH4FUF/42014JA4SO LP 40M (T)2,01624241.8 [Cert]
379JH4ARN1976JA4SO HP 15M1,9982827  
380JA4AQZ1975JA4SO HP ALL1,9844228  
381JH4LPY1987JA4SO HP 15M1,9764619  
382JI4WHS1991JA4SO QRP 15M1,9503130  
383JR4GPA2016JA4SO LP 20M (T)1,94331293.1 [Cert]
384JO4CFV2010JA4SA HP ALL1,89829261.5 [Cert]
385JR4LRY2014JA4SO LP 15M (T)1,86329274.9 [Cert]
386JE4HIH1990JA4SO HP ALL1,8002825  
387JR4UBQ1984JA4SO HP 10M1,7763224  
388JE4URN2017JA4SO LP 40M1,74819193.0 [Cert]
389JA4AQZ1976JA4SO HP 20M1,6645232  
390JR4ISK1992JA4SO LP 15M1,6562524  
391JR4HTB1983JA4SO HP 15M1,5182322  
392JH4UOG1978JA4SO HP ALL1,5123428  
393JI4WHS1992JA4SO QRP 15M1,5122624  
394JH4DRB1979JA4SO HP 20M1,4252519  
395JH3BJN/41979JA4SO HP ALL1,4202520  
396JH4PPQ1978JA4SO HP 15M1,3802920  
397JH4KEB1976JA4SO HP 15M1,3652621  
398JA4NQD2015JA4SO HP ALL1,32322212.4 [Cert]
399JA4NQD2016JA4SO HP 10M1,23927212.6 [Cert]
400JH4WUI2014JA4SO LP ALL1,21022223.5 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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