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301JA4DQX2013JA4SO QRP 10M8,40063606.7 
302JH4CBM1978JA4SO HP 15M8,2686552  
303JA4RWN1985JA4SO HP ALL8,0964946  
304JR4ISK1983JA4SO HP ALL8,0857955  
305JA4BKL1976JA4SO HP 40M8,0646748  
306JA4AQR1998JA4SO LP 10M7,9205855  
307JA4BDY2008JA4SO LP ALL (T)7,90468524.1 
308JA4BKL1975JA4SO HP 40M7,8885334  
309JM4WUZ2008JA4SO HP 20M7,56064545.4 
310JA4DZ1977JA4SO HP 20M7,4406840  
311JH4PPQ1981JA4SO HP 15M7,3806045  
312JL4CVG1997JA4SA LP 10M7,3677553  
313JA4GXS1977JA4SO HP 20M7,2907354  
314JR4LRY2015JA4SO LP 15M (T)7,192665813.7 
315JH4KED1981JA4SO HP 10M7,0206445  
316JH4MVB1978JA4SO HP 15M6,9465146  
317JR4LRY2008JA4SO LP 15M6,721684713.6 
318JA4HIX1994JA4SO LP ALL6,1325142  
319JR4ISK1988JA4SO HP 15M6,1205245  
320JA4BKL1977JA4SO HP 40M6,0844439  
321JA4UDP1975JA4SO HP 20M6,0636943  
322JA4DQX2011JA4SO QRP 10M5,93451437.7 
323JI4ARB1990JA4SO HP ALL5,8505950  
324JA4AQR1993JA4SO LP ALL5,8485243  
325JA4AQR1983JA4SO HP 10M5,6764944  
326JA4NQD2008JA4SO HP ALL5,67059455.2 
327JG4DDN1990JA4SO HP 15M5,5805745  
328JH4QJT1981JA4SO HP 10M5,5474543  
329JG4OOU1991JA4SO HP 10M5,5444444  
330JE4QLS1985JA4SO HP 10M5,4597653  
331JA4AQR1994JA4SO LP ALL5,4005145  
332JR4ISK1991JA4SO HP ALL5,3555145  
333JA4DWG2005JA4SO LP 10M5,01447465.6  
334JA4AQR2006JA4SO LP ALL (T)4,97044354.3  
335JA4GQD2014JA4SO LP ALL4,928554412.2 
336JA4AQR2009JA4SO LP ALL (T)4,92046414.3 
337JA4DZ1975JA4SO HP ALL4,8367026  
338JJ4CDW/42010JA4SO LP 20M4,74647424.9 
339JA4PA1982JA4SO HP 20M4,6744138  
340JA4AQR1984JA4SO HP 10M4,6414639  
341JA4FHE1975JA4SO HP 10M4,5548147  
342JA4EE1975JA4SO HP 20M4,4667329  
343JM4WUZ2004JA4SO LP 80M4,433383127.1  
344JE4ETG1989JA4SO HP 10M4,3294137  
345JG4SNR1990JA4SO QRP ALL4,2235143  
346JH4PHW2015JA4SA LP ALL4,20046426.0 
347JA4NQD2017JA4SO HP 20M4,20052424.9 
348JA4NQD1991JA4SO HP ALL4,1447656  
349JH4WBY1996JA4SO LP ALL4,1204240  
350JA4CZM1996JA4SO LP ALL4,1074037  
351JR4LRY2013JA4SO LP 15M (T)4,06645386.7 
352JA4NQD2012JA4SO HP 10M3,88044406.2 
353JA4CBX2010JA4SO LP 15M3,82246395.6 
354JA4HIX1995JA4SO LP ALL3,7744037  
355JH4LWL1977JA4SO HP 10M3,7316841  
356JJ4CDW2003JA4SO HP 15M3,690424136.0  
357JR4LRY2011JA4SO LP 15M3,68640388.6 
358JA4DZ1976JA4SO HP 20M3,3665033  
359JA4BEV2016JA4SO HP 15M3,36044325.3 
360JA4AQR2015JA4SO LP 10M (T)3,34836362.5 
361JA4PA1981JA4SO HP ALL3,3024526  
362JJ4CDW2012JA4SO LP 10M2,98837365.3 
363JM4WUZ2017JA4SA HP 80M2,94434324.0 
364JR4NIV1984JA4SO QRP 15M2,8523831  
365JA4CSJ2013JA4SO QRP 20M2,62838367.2 
366JE4MHL1985JA4SO HP 15M2,5923428  
367JR4LRY2017JA4SO LP 15M (T)2,51135316.5 
368JA4EII1980JA4SO HP ALL2,4963226  
369JR4ISK1985JA4SO HP ALL2,4003324  
370JE4HIH1991JA4SO HP ALL2,3544722  
371JR4VEV2013JA4SO LP 40M2,32528251.7 
372JH4KHY2002JA4SO LP 15M2,32030293.8  
373JA4AVO2013JA4SO LP 40M2,27526253.6 
374JH1MTR/42017JA4SO LP 40M2,23627262.5 
375JH4UYB2001JA4SO HP 80M2,20022221.2  
376JA4AQR2016JA4SA LP 15M (T)2,13328272.4 
377JA4CUU1983JA4SO HP 20M2,1063126  
378JH4FUF/42014JA4SO LP 40M (T)2,01624241.8 
379JH4ARN1976JA4SO HP 15M1,9982827  
380JA4AQZ1975JA4SO HP ALL1,9844228  
381JH4LPY1987JA4SO HP 15M1,9764619  
382JI4WHS1991JA4SO QRP 15M1,9503130  
383JR4GPA2016JA4SO LP 20M (T)1,94331293.1 
384JO4CFV2010JA4SA HP ALL1,89829261.5 
385JR4LRY2014JA4SO LP 15M (T)1,86329274.9 
386JE4HIH1990JA4SO HP ALL1,8002825  
387JR4UBQ1984JA4SO HP 10M1,7763224  
388JE4URN2017JA4SO LP 40M1,74819193.0 
389JA4AQZ1976JA4SO HP 20M1,6645232  
390JR4ISK1992JA4SO LP 15M1,6562524  
391JR4HTB1983JA4SO HP 15M1,5182322  
392JH4UOG1978JA4SO HP ALL1,5123428  
393JI4WHS1992JA4SO QRP 15M1,5122624  
394JH4DRB1979JA4SO HP 20M1,4252519  
395JH3BJN/41979JA4SO HP ALL1,4202520  
396JH4PPQ1978JA4SO HP 15M1,3802920  
397JH4KEB1976JA4SO HP 15M1,3652621  
398JA4NQD2015JA4SO HP ALL1,32322212.4 
399JA4NQD2016JA4SO HP 10M1,23927212.6 
400JH4WUI2014JA4SO LP ALL1,21022223.5 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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