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301RV6AB1988UA-6SO QRP 15M8,5005950  
302WA6FGV1997W6SO QRP 15M8,4877769  
303YB2OK2011YBSO QRP 15M8,44270679.2 [Cert]
304WA6FGV2008W6SO QRP 15M8,23667587.9 [Cert]
305JA0BMS/11985JA1SO QRP 15M8,1786958  
306RA3XEV2004UA-3SO QRP 15M8,140665511.2  
307BD6QDR2009BYSO QRP 15M8,085695512.8 [Cert]
308VE6SH1995VE6SO QRP 15M8,0376757  
309JR1NKN1997JA1SO QRP 15M7,9567252  
310JH8DEH1979JA8SO QRP 15M7,9367862  
311PY2IAX2010PYSO QRP 15M7,830595810.2 [Cert]
312LA5FBA2013LASO QRP 15M7,630727011.2  
313YO6XK2017YOSO QRP 15M7,56059458.7 [Cert]
314WB7OCV/22005W2SO QRP 15M7,4825958  
315DU3MJJ1990DUSO QRP 15M7,2456245  
316W1KLM2004W1SO QRP 15M7,2246556  
317VK3FNP2002VKSO QRP 15M (T)7,03854519.5  
318UA3DPX1988UA-3SO QRP 15M6,9126054  
319SP4GFG1988SPSO QRP 15M6,8856145  
320SP2UUU1992SPSO QRP 15M6,8086446  
321SP9GLJ2012SPSO QRP 15M6,71058555.5 [Cert]
322JH3DMQ2001JA3SO QRP 15M6,6128029  
323UA3MDV1988UA-3SO QRP 15M6,2235549  
3249A8MM20169ASO QRP 15M6,16446462.3 [Cert]
325UB5FDM1986URSO QRP 15M6,1446348  
326XE2HWB1997XESO QRP 15M6,1008561  
3277M3CBF2002JA1SO QRP 15M5,4565044  
328IK7XNF2012ISO QRP 15M5,37661562.0 [Cert]
329JR1NKN2008JA1SO QRP 15M5,208554210.4 [Cert]
330KC9AMM2010W9SO QRP 15M5,14157535.3 [Cert]
331OK1AIJ2010OKSO QRP 15M5,08450418.7 [Cert]
332EI4GXB2010EISO QRP 15M (T)5,08046403.7 [Cert]
333JK1TCV2008JA1SO QRP 15M4,719493911.3 [Cert]
334EY8BW2006EYSO QRP 15M4,63573450.8  
335AA4JI1986W4SO QRP 15M4,4404340  
336OM7PY1999OMSO QRP 15M4,4084038  
337OK1AIJ2011OKSO QRP 15M4,40052445.5 [Cert]
338KD2HE2007W2SO QRP 15M4,25744434.9  
339DU7AFT1993DUSO QRP 15M4,2554137  
340RA4DX2011UA-4SO QRP 15M4,214544910.4 [Cert]
341VU2UR2011VUSO QRP 15M4,18248417.6 [Cert]
342JR0BUL2017JA0SO QRP 15M3,939483910.3 [Cert]
343JR1LZK2013JA1SO QRP 15M3,92440361.6 [Cert]
344DO6SR2016DLSO QRP 15M3,92041404.7 [Cert]
345M0LDW2014GSO QRP 15M3,66648476.5 [Cert]
346JH7BMF2015JA7SO QRP 15M3,66337372.4 [Cert]
347YO5BQ1985YOSO QRP 15M3,6634137  
348JI3CJO2013JA3SO QRP 15M3,57242388.1 [Cert]
349YO3FLP1991YOSO QRP 15M3,5307254  
350JI8GZS/12003JA1SO QRP 15M3,5284642  
351HG3C2017HASO QRP 15M3,43236337.6HA3HX[Cert]
352TA2IB2017TASO QRP 15M3,42043368.2 [Cert]
353WA6FGV1995W6SO QRP 15M3,3606156  
354PA3EXS1999PASO QRP 15M3,3303837  
355YO6AJI1979YOSO QRP 15M3,1455337  
3567K1CPT2010JA1SO QRP 15M3,09640364.4 [Cert]
357JI8GZS/12005JA1SO QRP 15M3,0604636  
358DL2MIH2003DLSO QRP 15M3,0453735  
359N6HI/72011W7SO QRP 15M2,96441396.7 [Cert]
360JA0BMS/11986JA1SO QRP 15M2,8704135  
361JR4NIV1984JA4SO QRP 15M2,8523831  
3628S5X2004SMSO QRP 15M2,8423429SM5HJZ 
363WA6FGV1996W6SO QRP 15M2,8066761  
364IZ2QKG2015ISO QRP 15M (T)2,78846419.3 [Cert]
365JA0BMS/11980JA1SO QRP 15M2,7843629  
366KS9J/01987W0SO QRP 15M2,7593531  
367RA4DX2012UA-4SO QRP 15M2,72849442.8 [Cert]
368KA5N1982W5SO QRP 15M2,6884942  
369JQ1AHZ/21998JA2SO QRP 15M2,6284036  
370DL5EC2016DLSO QRP 15M2,61032296.1 [Cert]
371JK1TCV2010JA1SO QRP 15M2,57436335.3 [Cert]
372UB5YDX1984URSO QRP 15M2,5744539  
373CO8AW2017CMSO QRP 15M2,55032302.6 [Cert]
374RA9MU2010RA9SO QRP 15M2,55034303.4 [Cert]
375RW3VZ2004UA-3SO QRP 15M (T)2,5503530  
376OK1LV2017OKSO QRP 15M2,51133276.4 [Cert]
377YB1TS2014YBSO QRP 15M (T)2,46532294.5  
378XX9LQ2010XX9SO QRP 15M2,44938317.2 [Cert]
379JF8NRC1989JA8SO QRP 15M2,4363129  
380ON8WN1988ONSO QRP 15M2,4004132  
381SQ9AOR2007SPSO QRP 15M2,36834326.6SQ9AOR 
382OM8JP2010OMSO QRP 15M2,36636266.2 [Cert]
383SQ6ELV2007SPSO QRP 15M2,29131295.0  
384AA8UP1998W8SO QRP 15M2,2803030  
385SV1HEM2017SVSO QRP 15M2,24129276.2 [Cert]
386YT2B2005YUSO QRP 15M2,212292825.1  
387RK4PA2010UA-4SO QRP 15M2,10042425.4 [Cert]
388UB5VAA1984URSO QRP 15M2,0803326  
389UR1YDD2017URSO QRP 15M1,99229246.6 [Cert]
390JI4WHS1991JA4SO QRP 15M1,9503130  
391VK4MOJ1999VKSO QRP 15M1,8723026  
392WC5C2010W5SO QRP 15M (T)1,77033302.5K5ANR[Cert]
393JR3EZH1986JA3SO QRP 15M1,7643228  
394VK2FADD2013VKSO QRP 15M (R)1,67431276.5 [Cert]
395JE7DOT1987JA7SO QRP 15M1,6563223  
396K7UP/52006W5SO QRP 15M1,60825241.0  
397IZ7SIA2013ISO QRP 15M (R)1,51834333.8 [Cert]
398EA1BYA2013EASO QRP 15M1,51237363.4 [Cert]
399JI4WHS1992JA4SO QRP 15M1,5122624  
400KA5N1983W5SO QRP 15M1,5043732  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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