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301OL2T2007OKSO LP ALL (R)122,80730222725.2OK2TC 
302N9TU1998W9SO LP ALL (R)122,740278190  
303EA1AHO2006EASO LP ALL (R)122,08028222417.1  
304G0LZX2012GSO LP ALL (R)121,74625619714.8 [Cert]
305DJ9AO2003DLSO LP ALL (R)120,54034321023.5  
306CR9ABG2014CT3SO LP ALL (R)119,86722818713.8 [Cert]
307OM2DT2012OMSO LP ALL (R)119,56725220323.7 [Cert]
308YY5JRU2004YVSO LP ALL (R)118,80227019115.5  
309DL6TA2012DLSO LP ALL (R)118,62229322911.4 [Cert]
310KK4JW2016W4SO LP ALL (R)118,44023918817.3 [Cert]
311SV1PMH2014SVSO LP ALL (R)118,27230223123.1  
312IZ2NZZ2010ISO LP ALL (R)116,84124223713.7 [Cert]
313EA1EWC2006EASO LP ALL (R)116,79025522925.7  
314KC9QOJ2011W9SO LP ALL (R)116,66224118216.4 [Cert]
315OE6SWG2016OESO LP ALL (R)115,99729022721.1 [Cert]
316EA4EMC2001EASO LP ALL (R)115,210242205  
317VK4FRAJ2008VKSO LP ALL (R)114,70830915825.5 [Cert]
318MM0VTV2010GMSO LP ALL (R)114,05629621220.9 [Cert]
319KI4IMA2007W4SO LP ALL (R)113,27426620323.4  
320NJ6G2013W6SO LP ALL (R)112,98828818822.1 [Cert]
321IZ8GBH2006ISO LP ALL (R)112,52825820816.3  
322DM4DS2017DLSO LP ALL (R)112,26624719814.7 [Cert]
3232M0GUL2005GMSO LP ALL (R)111,98129522911.9  
324VE1TRH1997VE1SO LP ALL (R)111,843221153  
325OZ2CA2013OZSO LP ALL (R)111,82429323222.5 [Cert]
3262E0CPT2010GSO LP ALL (R)111,61227521320.9 [Cert]
327W6AOZ2015W6SO LP ALL (R)111,40023920022.2 [Cert]
328VE3NCQ2008VE3SO LP ALL (R)110,88022515421.0 [Cert]
329RU9CD2006RA9SO LP ALL (R)110,67023017021.0  
330VE2SAI1997VE2SO LP ALL (R)109,824216156  
331AD0JA2015W0SO LP ALL (R)109,75225720410.8 [Cert]
332SQ1WO2004SPSO LP ALL (R)109,35429621422.2  
333RW3AFY2001UA-3SO LP ALL (R)108,94224620118.7  
334AL4Y2015KLSO LP ALL (R)108,77025614624.7 [Cert]
335VE2PDT2014VE2SO LP ALL (R)108,60021518111.3 [Cert]
336KC8HWV1999W8SO LP ALL (R)108,108229189  
337AE0EE2015W0SO LP ALL (R)107,95227420820.5 [Cert]
338IZ2WYA2015ISO LP ALL (R)107,95226020812.7 [Cert]
339DL5PW1996DLSO LP ALL (R)107,916250204  
340KF7GNI2011W7SO LP ALL (R)107,71226418728.5 [Cert]
341SP9GMI2015SPSO LP ALL (R)107,36524619723.9 [Cert]
342AN4EMC2000EASO LP ALL (R)106,855264215EA4EMC 
343KD8GOX2009W8SO LP ALL (R)106,80526820515.4 [Cert]
344YY5OAN2002YVSO LP ALL (R)106,582194161  
345KC2GOW2005W2SO LP ALL (R)105,78926619714.5  
346YO2MKT2012YOSO LP ALL (R)105,69023719514.2 [Cert]
347K4AMQ2013W4SO LP ALL (R)105,66027918018.8 [Cert]
348SP5TWA2012SPSO LP ALL (R)105,15225921221.7 [Cert]
349WP3GW2001KP4SO LP ALL (R)104,760246204  
350KF7WRS2014W7SO LP ALL (R)104,34625518718.9 [Cert]
351OK1CJN2003OKSO LP ALL (R)103,55022419015.7  
352TA3IWS2016TASO LP ALL (R)103,45419417319.2 [Cert]
353KK4JW2017W4SO LP ALL (R)103,14028519118.9 [Cert]
354CS9ABC2014CT3SO LP ALL (R)102,85819915813.0 [Cert]
355PD7BZ2008PASO LP ALL (R)102,82025921222.7 [Cert]
356W0TUP2012W0SO LP ALL (R)102,80025320014.0 [Cert]
357DO9RE2008DLSO LP ALL (R)102,40026920016.6 [Cert]
358KK4EDY2012W4SO LP ALL (R)102,12022718414.4 [Cert]
359SQ8LSC2006SPSO LP ALL (R)101,59224220428.3  
360RV9WND2011RA9SO LP ALL (R)101,24421917719.3 [Cert]
361IT9JDH2009IT9SO LP ALL (R)100,76827218825.4 [Cert]
362EA1CEI1997EASO LP ALL (R)100,274238181  
363NE1RD2005W1SO LP ALL (R)99,8822411798.0  
364K1USC/62006W6SO LP ALL (R)99,68028817820.6  
365HS3ANP2014HSSO LP ALL (R)99,36922618319.6 [Cert]
366OZ2CA2012OZSO LP ALL (R)98,34526322115.8 [Cert]
367VE3BHP2003VE3SO LP ALL (R)98,07223316416.2  
368IZ2UST2012ISO LP ALL (R)97,97025820214.5 [Cert]
369VE9EX2013VE1SO LP ALL (R)97,50020315616.3 [Cert]
370N3XZ2007W3SO LP ALL (R)97,12826217115.0  
371KD0WWH2014W0SO LP ALL (R)96,40821020625.6 [Cert]
372LB1KG2014LASO LP ALL (R)96,40826820622.0 [Cert]
373EA2AOO2008EASO LP ALL (R)94,61519114921.7 [Cert]
374SG0M2009SMSO LP ALL (R)94,57525719514.1SA0AQT[Cert]
375VE6AMI2012VE6SO LP ALL (R)94,50021118021.6 [Cert]
376DL6LB2007DLSO LP ALL (R)94,35422919114.2  
377KB0ARZ2008W0SO LP ALL (R)93,81027417719.3 [Cert]
378W4TTX2005W4SO LP ALL (R)93,08024317922.2  
379IW9GRL2014IT9SO LP ALL (R)93,05124721111.4 [Cert]
380EI9GSB2012EISO LP ALL (R)92,6502492189.4 [Cert]
381ED5A2012EASO LP ALL (R)92,31623819623.5EA5HRT[Cert]
382SA0AQT2008SMSO LP ALL (R)90,62424119219.5 [Cert]
383F8EEQ2004FSO LP ALL (R)89,89223819820.9  
384YO2MKT2011YOSO LP ALL (R)89,26221617414.7 [Cert]
385OE5CWO/22008OESO LP ALL (R)88,46425019414.6 [Cert]
386R80SVG2014RA9SO LP ALL (R)88,35219417617.9 [Cert]
387IZ8JFL2008ISO LP ALL (R)87,87022417411.5 [Cert]
388NC2T2010W2SO LP ALL (R)87,09620815218.9 [Cert]
389LA2NTA2012LASO LP ALL (R)86,92224819817.3 [Cert]
390NU6T2003W6SO LP ALL (R)86,88026818113.4  
391IZ8DPN2002ISO LP ALL (R)86,58124318713.8  
392IZ2NZZ2009ISO LP ALL (R)86,45620720213.8 [Cert]
393IZ8QNS2013ISO LP ALL (R)85,66822817724.2 [Cert]
394OK2TSG2006OKSO LP ALL (R)85,65524318517.9  
395RN3ARA2009UA-3SO LP ALL (R)83,88023718019.4 [Cert]
396ON3AR2008ONSO LP ALL (R)83,72725618921.7 [Cert]
397KD9BNP2016W9SO LP ALL (R)83,16020516817.0 [Cert]
398AB4G2011W4SO LP ALL (R)83,16021716815.8 [Cert]
399N2LWL2004W2SO LP ALL (R)83,07225417617.1  
400KG7JWD2016W7SO LP ALL (R)83,04021316014.4 [Cert]

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