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3801IZ0CEYISO LP 20M (T)37713132.4 [Cert]
3802RV9CXRA9SA LP ALL37412111.1 [Cert]
3803K9GYW9SO QRP ALL36413131.3 [Cert]
3804EB3CMLEASO LP 40M36010102.6 [Cert]
3805BG4LKGBYSO LP ALL36020184.8 [Cert]
3806N5KO/6W6SO LP ALL36012120.2 [Cert]
3807RA0AYRA0SO QRP 40M36010101.0 [Cert]
3808CS3MADCT3SO LP ALL352981.8CT3EN[Cert]
3809RK3QSUA-3SA HP 40M3511090.2 [Cert]
3810AH6RRKH6SO LP 10M35017101.5 [Cert]
3811JE1QCLJA1SO LP 15M35015142.3 [Cert]
3812JR3NDMJA3SO LP 20M35015141.5 [Cert]
3813F1IKDFSA LP ALL34812121.1 [Cert]
3814AK4IKW4SO LP 20M34017173.9 [Cert]
3815JF3VUAJA3SO LP ALL34013102.2 [Cert]
3816RA3TUTUA-3SO LP ALL33813133.7 [Cert]
3817EA5PSEASO LP ALL (T)33614141.7 [Cert]
3818DL0JKDLSA HP ALL33013110.3DG3FK[Cert]
3819K2VX/4W4SO LP ALL33015151.8 [Cert]
3820IK2RLS/2ISO LP ALL32214141.6 [Cert]
3821JA2MWVJA2SO QRP 10M319151115.5 [Cert]
3822RK3DTCUA-3SO HP 20M31212120.6 [Cert]
3823IZ0FVDISO HP 40M28611110.5 [Cert]
3824JI1UDDJA1SO LP ALL (T)28612111.1 [Cert]
3825UA9QFRA9SO LP 15M28017142.2 [Cert]
3826DL2DYLDLSO LP ALL28011103.0 [Cert]
3827KJ4CNCW4SO LP ALL (R)28015142.2 [Cert]
3828DJ3GEDLSO QRP 160M28014144.2 [Cert]
3829OZ0TEOZSA HP ALL2791093.2 [Cert]
3830JF1HJXJA1SO LP 15M2791190.4 [Cert]
3831JR0BULJA0SO LP 10M27513113.1 [Cert]
3832NU3QW3SO LP ALL (R)27015152.0 [Cert]
3833JJ2PUGJA2SO HP 40M266770.9 [Cert]
3834DF8TIDLSO LP ALL26412121.5 [Cert]
3835ON4SAXONSO LP ALL26412121.4 [Cert]
3836JK1TCVJA1SO QRP 15M26010101.2 [Cert]
3837RW4PJSUA-4SO LP 20M25311111.3 [Cert]
3838BY4CYLBYSO QRP 20M25313114.3 [Cert]
3839W7WHYW7SA HP 40M24713130.3 [Cert]
3840MM0BQIGMSO QRP ALL24211110.4 [Cert]
3841DN1TBDLSO HP 20M (R)24010100.7 [Cert]
3842JA1MJNJA1SO HP 15M230131011.8 [Cert]
3843N8QEW8SO LP ALL (T)22113130.3 [Cert]
3844PP5JNPYSO LP 15M22010101.3 [Cert]
3845IZ8LIPISO LP ALL22011111.7 [Cert]
3846US0MMURSO LP 20M216981.1 [Cert]
3847RA6XBUA-6SO LP ALL216991.2 [Cert]
3848M0JBAGSO QRP 20M21612121.7 [Cert]
3849AO3EEASO LP 15M21010101.6EC3PL[Cert]
3850JL7FBV/1JA1SO LP 20M21011101.7 [Cert]
3851NS6TW6SO LP ALL (R)20012103.0 [Cert]
3852JA5NDJA5SO LP 15M1981091.0 [Cert]
3853EA3CZREASO LP ALL19811111.2 [Cert]
3854BG4SOMBYSO LP ALL19614145.7 [Cert]
3855IK5VXLISO LP ALL192880.8 [Cert]
3856VK2KDPVKSA LP ALL18015101.1 [Cert]
3857W4GHDW4SO HP 20M180990.3 [Cert]
3858HP1DFVHPSO QRP 10M176880.7 [Cert]
3859XX9LBXX9SO QRP 15M16512112.0 [Cert]
3860SP9WANSPSA HP ALL162990.5 [Cert]
3861S53DIJS5SA HP ALL1601080.5 [Cert]
3862RN0JXRA0SO LP 20M152980.7 [Cert]
3863LT2FLUSO LP 20M147771.2LU7FNI[Cert]
3864RV9CQRA9SO LP 15M14311112.7 [Cert]
3865VK3ZGPVKSO LP ALL (T)140972.9 [Cert]
3866N0ICV/9W9SO LP 20M133872.2 [Cert]
3867JA1KPFJA1SO QRP 15M133771.8 [Cert]
3868KC0YHUW0SO LP ALL (R)13211111.7 [Cert]
3869S59TS5SO HP ALL1281080.8 [Cert]
3870JA1LBZJA1SO LP 15M128881.1 [Cert]
3871WU8YW8SO LP ALL128880.8 [Cert]
3872PY2MRPYSO LP 10M126991.4 [Cert]
3873SQ9LOJSPSO LP 15M126761.0 [Cert]
3874DN1MSFDLSO LP 20M (T)126870.6STEFAN[Cert]
3875S56DXS5SO LP ALL126970.5 [Cert]
3876S59EIJS5SO LP ALL1261070.5 [Cert]
3877LY1GLYSO HP 10M12111112.9 [Cert]
3878F5DRDFSO LP 160M120880.7 [Cert]
3879BG4TBJBYSO LP 20M1191071.1 [Cert]
3880AA8LW8SO LP 80M119872.9 [Cert]
3881BG9TXBYSO LP 20M117990.9 [Cert]
3882F4EWSFSO LP ALL112881.2 [Cert]
3883N8XTHW8SO LP ALL112881.8 [Cert]
3884JI1DSUJA1SO LP ALL11011101.3 [Cert]
3885W9SEW9SO HP 10M102660.6 [Cert]
3886WO1NDR/6W6SO LP ALL102660.9 [Cert]
3887SA1ASMSO HP 160M98770.2SM1TDE[Cert]
38889A5TO9ASA LP ALL96881.1 [Cert]
3889OK1BLUOKSO LP 15M96665.9 [Cert]
3890PY2FDXPYSO LP ALL90551.1 [Cert]
3891IW3SARISO LP 20M84770.8 [Cert]
3892EB5BVIEASO LP 40M84661.9 [Cert]
3893IW0GVGISO LP ALL8466 [Cert]
3894BG3EO/1BYSO LP 20M8011100.6 [Cert]
3895ZZ5ZPYSO HP 20M72660.6PY5YA[Cert]
3896KZ2V/6W6SO QRP 20M66661.9 [Cert]
3897DL2DSDDLSO LP 20M65551.7 [Cert]
3898K4WIW4SO LP 160M64880.2 [Cert]
3899YC1UGKYBSO LP 80M60440.6 [Cert]
39004K9W4JSO LP ALL56871.0 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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