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3501W6SIY2013W6SO LP ALL (T)1,96826244.0 [Cert]
3502RA9X2015RA9SO LP ALL (T)1,96137376.6 [Cert]
3503DL1SBF2000DLSO LP ALL (T)1,9603028  
3504AF8C2010W8SO LP ALL (T)1,95339312.2 [Cert]
3505IK2HLM2006ISO LP ALL (T)1,947333327.5  
3506N8PPF/72016W7SO LP ALL (T)1,93839342.4 [Cert]
3507G3YJR2014GSO LP ALL (T)1,91728275.2  
3508KB9LTH2015W9SO LP ALL (T)1,89132314.8 [Cert]
3509EA6YW1997EA6SO LP ALL (T)1,8862323  
3510SP6EWB/92002SPSO LP ALL (T)1,8853829  
3511IV3IDP2017ISO LP ALL (T)1,83031302.8 [Cert]
3512JA8CEA2016JA8SO LP ALL (T)1,82026262.7 [Cert]
3513VK4XES2008VKSO LP ALL (T)1,80927274.8 [Cert]
3514YY5TIO2011YVSO LP ALL (T)1,80024246.9 [Cert]
3515UY5TG2015URSO LP ALL (T)1,78537357.0 [Cert]
3516JR3SZZ2008JA3SO LP ALL (T)1,76437283.2 [Cert]
3517W0AO2013W0SO LP ALL (T)1,73631311.5 [Cert]
3518K0UD2006W0SO LP ALL (T)1,736342825.2  
3519JI7OED1999JA7SO LP ALL (T)1,7252525  
3520SM5OSZ2006SMSO LP ALL (T)1,68337334.6  
3521OK1TVL2016OKSO LP ALL (T)1,66427262.8 [Cert]
3522YU1IV2008YUSO LP ALL (T)1,65025252.1 [Cert]
3523AB1NG2013W1SO LP ALL (T)1,63324233.9 [Cert]
3524IK1BPL2016ISO LP ALL (T)1,62525250.8 [Cert]
35252U0FER2014GUSO LP ALL (T)1,58436334.2 [Cert]
3526JR1AHP2010JA1SO LP ALL (T)1,58423225.0 [Cert]
3527K4GDW2010W4SO LP ALL (T)1,56628272.0 [Cert]
3528BG2AUE2009BYSO LP ALL (T)1,55037316.3 [Cert]
3529JG2RZF2015JA2SO LP ALL (T)1,52531254.9 [Cert]
3530LY3RQ2010LYSO LP ALL (T)1,51931317.1 [Cert]
3531JA3DAY2016JA3SO LP ALL (T)1,51225242.1 [Cert]
3532YB8VM2014YBSO LP ALL (T)1,47021213.9 [Cert]
3533JG2KFI2012JA2SO LP ALL (T)1,44047369.8 [Cert]
3534EA3EAN2016EASO LP ALL (T)1,42835346.9 [Cert]
3535JR3SZZ/32010JA3SO LP ALL (T)1,31123232.6 [Cert]
3536M1JJK2010GSO LP ALL (T)1,30529294.2 [Cert]
3537JA2KKA2016JA2SO LP ALL (T)1,29620180.9 [Cert]
3538JH1RDU2005JA1SO LP ALL (T)1,275191727.6  
3539JJ1WWL/12011JA1SO LP ALL (T)1,27225242.5 [Cert]
3540TI2KAC2002TISO LP ALL (T)1,2352219  
3541JE8KKX2017JA8SO LP ALL (T)1,23223224.3 [Cert]
3542IZ1HBC2017ISO LP ALL (T)1,14422222.0 [Cert]
3543SP9MDY2014SPSO LP ALL (T)1,14021203.7 [Cert]
3544DL5FCY2012DLSO LP ALL (T)1,12223224.0 [Cert]
3545JF1RYU2008JA1SO LP ALL (T)1,12223225.1 [Cert]
3546KA8SBI2013W8SO LP ALL (T)1,10023201.7 [Cert]
3547IK4VFB2016ISO LP ALL (T)1,04020201.9 [Cert]
3548IU1LIT2017ISO LP ALL (T)1,03524232.0 [Cert]
3549ZW2F2016PYSO LP ALL (T)1,03225247.3PY2LCD[Cert]
3550JO3RCK2009JA3SO LP ALL (T)1,02626196.6 [Cert]
3551DG7RO2009DLSO LP ALL (T)1,00025250.6 [Cert]
3552EA1GPL2008EASO LP ALL (T)1,00022206.8 [Cert]
3553EB1EVX2007EASO LP ALL (T)990222229.5  
3554JA2DLM2008JA2SO LP ALL (T)96021203.6 [Cert]
3555EA5DIT1998EASO LP ALL (T)9542118  
3556WA3YTI/62011W6SO LP ALL (T)94020202.5 [Cert]
3557W0IM2015W0SO LP ALL (T)93627243.0 [Cert]
3558YO2LIM2012YOSO LP ALL (T)93120191.1 [Cert]
3559K1HG/42015W4SO LP ALL (T)92421211.2 [Cert]
3560AJ4LN2017W4SO LP ALL (T)92023230.8 [Cert]
3561EA3EYO2016EASO LP ALL (T)91819181.5 [Cert]
3562NG4L2016W4SO LP ALL (T)90321211.3 [Cert]
3563VK4CL2015VKSO LP ALL (T)90018182.8 [Cert]
3564EA1CRL2007EASO LP ALL (T)89320193.7  
35659H1CG20179HSO LP ALL (T)85822221.0  
3566W6ZZZ2004W6SO LP ALL (T)85525191.8  
3567DD5MA2017DLSO LP ALL (T)85017171.5 [Cert]
3568JG3GOM2014JA3SO LP ALL (T)84618181.7 [Cert]
3569W1XW2006W1SO LP ALL (T)84022215.9  
3570YO5CCQ2015YOSO LP ALL (T)81617172.5  
3571YY5APA2011YVSO LP ALL (T)77527252.6 [Cert]
3572EA7ALO1997EASO LP ALL (T)7681616  
3573JL1MWI2014JA1SO LP ALL (T)76518172.6 [Cert]
3574KF5YZ2014W5SO LP ALL (T)74120191.4 [Cert]
3575IZ8CJV2011ISO LP ALL (T)72219199.1 [Cert]
3576KA3YAN/42013W4SO LP ALL (T)70319191.3 [Cert]
3577IW4EGX2010ISO LP ALL (T)69717172.0 [Cert]
3578M0PKZ2009GSO LP ALL (T)68019171.8 [Cert]
3579K2ACK/62013W6SO LP ALL (T)66620183.0 [Cert]
3580K9JG/42010W4SO LP ALL (T)66317171.0 [Cert]
3581M0PKZ2010GSO LP ALL (T)65121212.6 [Cert]
3582CS8ABA2014CUSO LP ALL (T)64818180.6 [Cert]
3583N6AJR2012W6SO LP ALL (T)64618170.8 [Cert]
35849Z4A20169YSO LP ALL (T)63022215.0 [Cert]
3585MM0VTV2011GMSO LP ALL (T)62719190.8 [Cert]
3586KK9U2015W9SO LP ALL (T)61218180.7 [Cert]
3587EF5W2009EASO LP ALL (T)58020203.8EC5CWG[Cert]
3588SM0FM2013SMSO LP ALL (T)57618183.9 [Cert]
3589IW3SRC2009ISO LP ALL (T)57619181.4 [Cert]
3590RX9DJ2015RA9SO LP ALL (T)57020192.0 [Cert]
3591VK4MON2015VKSO LP ALL (T)57015152.3 [Cert]
3592BG8BIN2011BYSO LP ALL (T)54418175.9 [Cert]
3593K8OAE2015W8SO LP ALL (T)54019182.6 [Cert]
3594VU2ISH2017VUSO LP ALL (T)51221166.1 [Cert]
3595IW2DJN2012ISO LP ALL (T)51217164.1 [Cert]
3596JJ1KZZ2016JA1SO LP ALL (T)49512111.6 [Cert]
35977N4CPT2011JA1SO LP ALL (T)49511110.9 [Cert]
3598RX3AU2016UA-3SO LP ALL (T)49414132.9 [Cert]
3599K2AL2017W2SO LP ALL (T)48114131.4 [Cert]
3600JR3SZZ/32009JA3SO LP ALL (T)47316111.5 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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