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3401AB0OX/22006W2SO LP ALL (T)3,64841382.9  
3402W4HRC2008W4SO LP ALL (T)3,61245422.8 [Cert]
3403KC7V2017W7SO LP ALL (T)3,58849464.2 [Cert]
3404KM4F2017W4SO LP ALL (T)3,56742413.7 [Cert]
3405JR2SQU2005JA2SO LP ALL (T)3,53647344.7  
3406KC9ELU2011W9SO LP ALL (T)3,51039398.0 [Cert]
3407R7TO2015UA-6SO LP ALL (T)3,46537357.3 [Cert]
3408DL4SUN2010DLSO LP ALL (T)3,44141372.6 [Cert]
3409RW4LQ2008UA-4SO LP ALL (T)3,44137314.0 [Cert]
3410SQ6OXC2014SPSO LP ALL (T)3,44050433.4 [Cert]
3411PE1EXD2014PASO LP ALL (T)3,43249443.6 [Cert]
3412IZ1QXV2012ISO LP ALL (T)3,43241397.0 [Cert]
3413EA5CRU1996EASO LP ALL (T)3,4175251  
3414K1VSJ2017W1SO LP ALL (T)3,39536350.5 [Cert]
3415VE3XB2013VE3SO LP ALL (T)3,38436361.3 [Cert]
3416W0RU2011W0SO LP ALL (T)3,36743372.4 [Cert]
3417KA0JDT2016W0SO LP ALL (T)3,36039356.7 [Cert]
3418M0DAG2014GSO LP ALL (T)3,35846466.9 [Cert]
3419OH1MN2015OHSO LP ALL (T)3,33336334.1 [Cert]
3420KI4HHK2010W4SO LP ALL (T)3,32540357.8 [Cert]
3421AG6GL2017W6SO LP ALL (T)3,32146417.3  
3422KC7RPO2012W7SO LP ALL (T)3,30639385.3 [Cert]
3423SP9IVD2017SPSO LP ALL (T)3,28550453.8 [Cert]
3424WK5P2009W5SO LP ALL (T)3,27643422.9 [Cert]
3425N4IOZ2007W4SO LP ALL (T)3,268403826.5  
3426EC1AQT2008EASO LP ALL (T)3,25645445.7 [Cert]
3427YO2LSP2010YOSO LP ALL (T)3,24037363.1 [Cert]
3428EA1DFP1996EASO LP ALL (T)3,2303734  
3429IZ8XQC2015ISO LP ALL (T)3,22435315.6 [Cert]
3430TA3EP2016TASO LP ALL (T)3,22036354.4 [Cert]
3431LN4BBC2013LASO LP ALL (T)3,19846411.7LA6ZFA[Cert]
3432IK2LFD2009ISO LP ALL (T)3,19847413.5 [Cert]
3433JA2KKA2017JA2SO LP ALL (T)3,16841363.6 [Cert]
3434JR3GVH2010JA3SO LP ALL (T)3,16843363.5 [Cert]
3435VE2SCA2015VE2SO LP ALL (T)3,160424015.4  
3436EB5WC2009EASO LP ALL (T)3,15438381.5 [Cert]
3437KC8KCU2011W8SO LP ALL (T)3,13236362.8 [Cert]
3438RL3AN2012UA-3SO LP ALL (T)3,12839340.8 [Cert]
3439EA4CU2003EASO LP ALL (T)3,10844424.7  
3440WD9HDT2009W9SO LP ALL (T)3,08051448.2 [Cert]
3441K7CS/42013W4SO LP ALL (T)3,07841382.4 [Cert]
3442JR6CSY2017JA6SO LP ALL (T)3,06039341.9 [Cert]
3443KD0CVZ2016W0SO LP ALL (T)3,03448413.1  
3444DF9IU2017DLSO LP ALL (T)2,98246425.5 [Cert]
3445EA5XN1996EASO LP ALL (T)2,9804242  
3446VK5AKH2013VKSO LP ALL (T)2,97638326.7 [Cert]
3447KK6MM2006W6SO LP ALL (T)2,96446392.1  
3448UR5WHT2013URSO LP ALL (T)2,95240364.3 [Cert]
3449IV3BCA2011ISO LP ALL (T)2,95236362.5 [Cert]
3450BD9CJH2017BYSO LP ALL (T)2,940554211.7 [Cert]
3451IZ3SXO2017ISO LP ALL (T)2,915585311.7 [Cert]
3452JA7HYS2012JA7SO LP ALL (T)2,90029295.2 [Cert]
3453N9YO2017W0SO LP ALL (T)2,88842387.1 [Cert]
3454HK5/OZ1AA2017HKSO LP ALL (T)2,88042402.6 [Cert]
3455VA3SRV2015VE3SO LP ALL (T)2,88033323.3  
3456IN3ANF2015ISO LP ALL (T)2,87136334.3 [Cert]
3457N8NA/32010W3SO LP ALL (T)2,85233310.7 [Cert]
3458HS1OVH2006HSSO LP ALL (T)2,83840335.6  
3459N1IG/32009W3SO LP ALL (T)2,82947414.5 [Cert]
3460LA9VKA2014LASO LP ALL (T)2,81640323.2 [Cert]
3461SP1II2009SPSO LP ALL (T)2,81633324.8 [Cert]
3462IQ0PG2015ISO LP ALL (T)2,78238263.6 [Cert]
3463K6CSL2007W6SO LP ALL (T)2,77539379.4  
3464M0PKZ2011GSO LP ALL (T)2,77439385.5 [Cert]
3465NR8R2016W8SO LP ALL (T)2,75437345.4 [Cert]
3466NS8O2014W8SO LP ALL (T)2,67030301.8 [Cert]
3467EA1DFP1997EASO LP ALL (T)2,6522726  
3468YO9HRB2014YOSO LP ALL (T)2,64042404.0 [Cert]
3469DL2FQ2017DLSO LP ALL (T)2,62739374.9 [Cert]
3470HL2/KA8U2012HLSO LP ALL (T)2,62439325.9 [Cert]
3471JO1UOE2003JA1SO LP ALL (T)2,62436325.3  
3472W4AMP2007W4SO LP ALL (T)2,60737335.6  
3473AC7MX2016W7SO LP ALL (T)2,60437313.6 [Cert]
3474JA1PCM2013JA1SO LP ALL (T)2,59234326.3 [Cert]
3475CX8ABF2009CXSO LP ALL (T)2,57445396.4 [Cert]
3476JJ1WWL/12014JA1SO LP ALL (T)2,55032303.2 [Cert]
3477KB6A2016W6SO LP ALL (T)2,43630282.6 [Cert]
3478RK6AQP2015UA-6SO LP ALL (T)2,41839392.8 [Cert]
3479N5PU2008W5SO LP ALL (T)2,41841391.3 [Cert]
3480KE6GFI2001W6SO LP ALL (T)2,4003532  
3481VK8HPB2016VKSO LP ALL (T)2,35641314.8 [Cert]
3482JA9EJG2017JA9SO LP ALL (T)2,34932275.7 [Cert]
3483KG6YHH2008W6SO LP ALL (T)2,34045397.0 [Cert]
3484AN3DTQ/22001EASO LP ALL (T)2,3404040  
3485N6PM2017W6SO LP ALL (T)2,32040403.0 [Cert]
3486KG7P2012W7SO LP ALL (T)2,27845343.4 [Cert]
3487EI2KA2012EISO LP ALL (T)2,20134312.0 [Cert]
3488DL7CU2011DLSO LP ALL (T)2,20134313.1 [Cert]
3489OF3MA2017OHSO LP ALL (T)2,19636364.0 [Cert]
3490BH2SY2013BYSO LP ALL (T)2,14535337.6 [Cert]
3491EA1CIL1998EASO LP ALL (T)2,1353635  
3492IK8VKW2014ISO LP ALL (T)2,10937373.2 [Cert]
3493IZ3TXM2013ISO LP ALL (T)2,10044423.6 [Cert]
3494K6LDX2002W6SO LP ALL (T)2,09143417.5  
3495AC2IK2017W2SO LP ALL (T)2,04036346.5 [Cert]
3496K0TC2016W0SO LP ALL (T)2,03031291.9 [Cert]
3497K2PS/42015W4SO LP ALL (T)2,00132290.5 [Cert]
3498EA5GZO2008EASO LP ALL (T)1,98037363.1 [Cert]
3499WA4PGM2012W4SO LP ALL (T)1,97131270.8 [Cert]
3500JI1UDD2008JA1SO LP ALL (T)1,97134277.4 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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