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34017N3PBT2017JA1SO LP 15M60660.7 
3402JO7EGJ/12002JA1SO LP 15M6066  
3403YU4NBN2015YUSO LP 15M (R)56880.3 
3404JA1RRA2016JA1SO LP 15M55550.4 
3405JR2AAN/22013JA2SO LP 15M55550.2 
3406JO1MCC1995JA1SO LP 15M5555  
3407E21IZC/82012HSSO LP 15M52540.3 
3408JA3ORD1997JA3SO LP 15M5254  
3409BV4/7N4TEN2003BVSO LP 15M497729.5  
3410DO2JX2017DLSO LP 15M48441.0 
3411TA4ALQ2017TASO LP 15M (R)48440.1 
3412JR2AAN/22016JA2SO LP 15M48440.1 
3413N8EPG2013W8SO LP 15M (T)48440.6  
3414YO5KAS2012YOSO LP 15M48441.3YO5CGB
3415YO4RDJ2011YOSO LP 15M48440.6 
3416JI1LAI2008JA1SO LP 15M48440.8 
3417SL5ZXR2005SMSO LP 15M486624.4SM5ARR 
3418JK8FRL2002JA8SO LP 15M4844  
3419YC2DWL2017YBSO LP 15M45552.1 
3420JR0JOW2016JA0SO LP 15M45550.2 
3421JE6PVG2016JA6SO LP 15M (R)44541.2 
3422YU4NBM2015YUSO LP 15M (R)42660.3 
3423BH1NGG2016BYSO LP 15M40651.4 
3424JG2VSF2011JA2SO LP 15M40440.3 
3425YO7BGB2006YOSO LP 15M404425.4  
3426G7RSM2012GSO LP 15M (T)35550.5 
3427ZP5LOB2005ZPSO LP 15M355524.4  
3428N5PV2016W5SO LP 15M32440.2 
3429KI4MPQ2006W4SO LP 15M (R)324426.2  
3430AB0OX/22005W2SO LP 15M (T)324424.4  
3431IZ1ASP1999ISO LP 15M3244  
3432JA3RAZ2017JA3SO LP 15M27330.1 
3433OE6PID2016OESO LP 15M27331.1 
3434UA4ASE/62016UA-6SO LP 15M27330.1 
3435JA1TZG2014JA1SO LP 15M27330.2 
3436DO9GM2013DLSO LP 15M (R)27330.2 
3437JH1RRP2012JA1SO LP 15M27330.3 
3438JR1AHP2012JA1SO LP 15M (T)2733 
3439KH2/JO3XGY2012KH2SO LP 15M (R)27330.1 
3440OE8SCQ2012OESO LP 15M2733 
3441YO5BTZ2012YOSO LP 15M2733 
3442OK1ULE2008OKSO LP 15M27330.1 
3443TA4APR2017TASO LP 15M (R)21330.1 
3444ES4RLH2016ESSO LP 15M (T)21330.3 
3445JR1USU2016JA1SO LP 15M21330.5 
3446JK3AHS2002JA3SO LP 15M213325.1  
3447HS0ZJI2014HSSO LP 15M20441.4 
3448DO2ABK2012DLSO LP 15M20551.3 
3449JI1LAI2009JA1SO LP 15M1843 
3450T88TW2012T8SO LP 15M16440.1 
3451OK2ABU2007OKSO LP 15M164424.4  
3452IZ3NXS2013ISO LP 15M (T)15330.4 
3453KB3IPZ2013W3SO LP 15M15330.3 
3454KJ9C/02003W0SO LP 15M (T)153324.2  
3455JA1LPQ2016JA1SO LP 15M12220.2  
3456YO5CEU2012YOSO LP 15M12440.9 
3457BG2TBN2011BYSO LP 15M1222 
3458JN1DNV2009JA1SO LP 15M1222 
3459VK6SMK2017VKSO LP 15M (T)10320.1 
3460BG8AAK2011BYSO LP 15M (T)9330.6 
3461JR1BSV2004JA1SO LP 15M933  
3462JR2AAN/22012JA2SO LP 15M8220.1 
3463JI2LFX2005JA2SO LP 15M822  
3464UA3AKI2005UA-3SO LP 15M82224.7  
3465JM1NAD1993JA1SO LP 15M822  
3466IR3L2014ISO LP 15M4220.1  
3467JR2MVC2014JA2SO LP 15M4220.2 
3468BH1HSX2010BYSO LP 15M (R)422 
3469JA1LBZ2007JA1SO LP 15M42224.1  
3470JE6PVG2017JA6SO LP 15M311 
3471N4DLA2017W6SO LP 15M311  
3472AF7VC2016W7SO LP 15M311 
3473JE6PVF2016JA6SO LP 15M (R)311 
3474JH1GTU2015JA1SO LP 15M311 
3475RA4LK2014UA-4SO LP 15M311 
3476YT1ML2014YUSO LP 15M311 
3477F4FOO2012FSO LP 15M311 
3478JH8CLC/72011JA7SO LP 15M311 
3479VK5FCJM2011VKSO LP 15M311 
3480JA5ND2010JA5SO LP 15M311 
3481NT8K2010W8SO LP 15M311 
3482N5ESA2009W5SO LP 15M311 
3483F4DOG2007FSO LP 15M (R)31124.1  
3484JR3KWK2017JA3SO LP 15M111 
3485JF1TEU2016JA1SO LP 15M111 
3486PY1TJ2016PYSO LP 15M (T)111 
3487VU2TKO2016VUSO LP 15M111 
3488JA4CBX/32014JA3SO LP 15M111 
3489YB0MZI/42013YBSO LP 15M111  
3490JN3CSF2010JA3SO LP 15M111 
3491JH3BNB2005JA3SO LP 15M11124.0  
3492PY2RAF1998PYSO LP 15M0    
3493SP3KVE1998SPSO LP 15M0171   
3494YO9FLL1995YOSO LP 15M0    
3495JA1JLP1994JA1SO LP 15M0    
3496G0NIF1992GSO LP 15M059   

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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