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33017M2MIK1996JA1SO LP 15M2382214  
3302JR3KAH1995JA3SO LP 15M234109  
3303YM4KT2017TASO LP 15M23111110.8 [Cert]
3304IK4NZD2013ISO LP 15M (T)23111110.5 [Cert]
3305YY5AFJ2013YVSO LP 15M22010103.7 [Cert]
3306JL7FBV/12011JA1SO LP 15M22010101.2 [Cert]
3307W9ILY2011W9SO LP 15M (T)22010100.2 [Cert]
3308PP5JN2009PYSO LP 15M22010101.3 [Cert]
3309JK1CYF2015JA1SO LP 15M (T)21612120.7 [Cert]
3310JA1SMD2008JA1SO LP 15M2161091.4 [Cert]
3311JF1HJX2010JA1SO LP 15M21010101.3 [Cert]
3312AO3E2009EASO LP 15M21010101.6EC3PL[Cert]
3313YB1TS2017YBSO LP 15M (T)2071191.4 [Cert]
3314UN7JID2016UNSO LP 15M207990.2 [Cert]
3315JL7PVR/11994JA1SO LP 15M20799  
3316JF2FKJ2012JA2SO LP 15M20413123.7 [Cert]
3317EW2EO2011EUSO LP 15M20010101.1 [Cert]
3318W1FOX/42016W4SO LP 15M198991.6  
3319JA5ND2009JA5SO LP 15M1981091.0 [Cert]
3320JN4GHQ1999JA4SO LP 15M (R)1981211  
3321JF2FKJ2003JA2SO LP 15M196187  
3322JR2TTS2016JA2SO LP 15M192981.5  
3323JM2BHI1998JA2SO LP 15M19288  
3324EE3E2012EASO LP 15M189990.2EA3ELZ[Cert]
3325JJ1VTE2002JA1SO LP 15M1849824.7  
3326BG6AHD2016BYSO LP 15M18010101.7 [Cert]
3327DO4HBK2013DLSO LP 15M18015154.9 [Cert]
3328HC8GR2002HC8SO LP 15M (T)180101024.9  
3329KF4MDV/62015W6SO LP 15M17612111.4 [Cert]
3330W0IE2008W0SO LP 15M176880.5 [Cert]
3331JI8BUR2007JA1SO LP 15M17610825.7  
3332UX3IO2006URSO LP 15M17688  
3333ZP5/YO7BA2001ZPSO LP 15M17610825.5  
3334SP6SOX1997SPSO LP 15M175217  
3335JE6ETZ2016JA6SO LP 15M1711092.4 [Cert]
3336JF1DIR2014JA1SO LP 15M171990.7 [Cert]
3337JF1UOX2013JA1SO LP 15M171990.8 [Cert]
3338JN1DNV2004JA1SO LP 15M1719924.9  
33397L3OBQ2017JA1SO LP 15M17011101.7 [Cert]
3340JJ1HHJ2014JA1SO LP 15M17011100.1  
3341YC5OVZ2006YBSO LP 15M1689824.1  
3342YU4LEO2015YUSO LP 15M (R)16511110.3 [Cert]
3343UT0MF2016URSO LP 15M (T)162990.6 [Cert]
3344NQ4K2006W4SO LP 15M1629926.6  
3345RA0CDF2006RA0SO LP 15M16210925.8  
3346JO2XYK2016JA2SO LP 15M160880.7 [Cert]
3347UB4AAV2012UA-4SO LP 15M (R)16010101.9 [Cert]
3348JI8BUR2006JA8SO LP 15M160881.1  
3349BV2WS2005BVSO LP 15M (R)160101025.5  
3350JG1GCO2016JA1SO LP 15M153991.7 [Cert]
3351UY5QZ2008URSO LP 15M152882.6 [Cert]
3352UR5ZLK2006URSO LP 15M147771.4  
3353DO1NPF2011DLSO LP 15M144881.2 [Cert]
3354RV9CQ2009RA9SO LP 15M14311112.7 [Cert]
33557K1EQG2006JA1SO LP 15M13698  
3356JF2FKJ2010JA2SO LP 15M135990.8 [Cert]
3357N6JMS2013W6SO LP 15M (R)13211111.6 [Cert]
3358JA1LBZ2009JA1SO LP 15M128881.1 [Cert]
3359JM4UZM2001JA4SO LP 15M128168  
33609M6ZAE20159M6SO LP 15M126871.4  
3361SQ9LOJ2009SPSO LP 15M126761.0 [Cert]
3362UT5UGQ1998URSO LP 15M (R)12676  
3363DL7LZ2012DLSO LP 15M119771.2 [Cert]
3364YB0ARJ2017YBSO LP 15M (T)112870.8 [Cert]
3365NG4L2011W4SO LP 15M (T)112770.3 [Cert]
3366BA2BA2014BYSO LP 15M11012114.0 [Cert]
3367RZ4AZA2013UA-4SO LP 15M (R)11010100.9ARTEM_ANTONISHEN 
3368EW7DK2016EUSO LP 15M108660.3 [Cert]
3369YC0OST2013YBSO LP 15M108660.7 [Cert]
3370JO1KVS2010JA1SO LP 15M108660.9 [Cert]
3371JA2YGP1997JA2SO LP 15M10866  
3372VE6KY2016VE6SO LP 15M (T)105770.5  
3373IW3IPI2013ISO LP 15M (T)105770.8 [Cert]
3374W7EEI2010W7SO LP 15M105770.7 [Cert]
3375VA7ST2006VE7SO LP 15M105750.4  
3376JA1JLP1996JA1SO LP 15M1053635  
3377WJ2O/6Y519936YSO LP 15M10577  
3378YU4WWW2015YUSO LP 15M (R)99991.8 [Cert]
3379JF2KWM2014JA2SO LP 15M98770.9 [Cert]
33807J1AJH2015JA1SO LP 15M96660.9 [Cert]
3381JA3NOJ2012JA3SO LP 15M96660.3 [Cert]
3382LZ1HW2011LZSO LP 15M96660.3 [Cert]
3383OK1BLU2009OKSO LP 15M96665.9 [Cert]
3384JM3HYL2007JA3SO LP 15M8575  
3385LY1GP2008LYSO LP 15M84660.6 [Cert]
3386JM1DSC2007JA1SO LP 15M846624.7  
3387AF6MH2014W6SO LP 15M80881.4 [Cert]
3388DL4HWM2012DLSO LP 15M78662.1 [Cert]
3389DO3MF2012DLSO LP 15M78661.7 [Cert]
3390BG6AHD2014BYSO LP 15M77772.0 [Cert]
33917N2JZT/12012JA1SO LP 15M75550.4 [Cert]
3392IK3PQG2010ISO LP 15M (T)75550.1 [Cert]
3393BD6JIN2012BYSO LP 15M72881.5 [Cert]
3394JQ2EAN2005JA2SO LP 15M7266  
3395TA1CH2015TA1SO LP 15M70770.7 [Cert]
3396BG5OA2017BYSO LP 15M65651.5 [Cert]
3397BD1TOH2013BYSO LP 15M65550.8 [Cert]
3398JS6SRY2015JA6SO LP 15M64885.4 [Cert]
33997K1EQG2010JA1SO LP 15M64880.6 [Cert]
3400BG6IF2011BYSO LP 15M63771.4 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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