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3201OE1GTC2013OESO LP 20M14010102.0  
3202S57LR2012S5SO LP 20M14010101.8 
32039M2KRZ20179M2SO LP 20M136981.4 
3204KB3ANZ2014W3SO LP 20M136881.4 
3205K2BF2003W2SO LP 20M (T)1368824.4  
3206KD7EJC2000W7SO LP 20M (R)136148  
3207KF7LTG2014W7SO LP 20M135991.7 
3208TA2JN2010TASO LP 20M133770.1 
3209N0ICV/92009W9SO LP 20M133872.2 
3210EW2EG2014EUSO LP 20M13212120.6 
3211KC0RNI2013W0SO LP 20M13013132.4 
3212OX3UR2008OXSO LP 20M128880.7 
3213KI4JBD2005W4SO LP 20M (R)1288825.5  
3214SM3EAE2013SMSO LP 20M126990.5 
3215J28AA2011J2SO LP 20M126760.7E70A
3216W2IMY2011W2SO LP 20M (T)126761.3 
3217K4MTX2010W4SO LP 20M (R)126991.7 
3218DN1MSF2009DLSO LP 20M (T)126870.6STEFAN
3219W1BJ2007W1SO LP 20M12677  
3220KD7YCU2005W7SO LP 20M126991.2  
32217L2ICS1999JA1SO LP 20M12687  
3222VA3HUN2007VE3SO LP 20M120881.6  
3223KB1VXY2017W1SO LP 20M119770.2 
3224BG4TBJ2009BYSO LP 20M1191071.1 
3225UN9LU2010UNSO LP 20M117990.3 
3226BG9TX2009BYSO LP 20M117990.9 
3227RK3DSW2006UA-3SO LP 20M1128825.0  
32289A7R20059ASO LP 20M1128824.3  
3229KG5KGV2017W5SO LP 20M (R)11011111.3 
3230OE1LFB2017OESO LP 20M108990.5 
3231OE1GTC2015OESO LP 20M108660.5 
3232VE7DAQ2012VE7SO LP 20M108660.5 
3233RA3TNC2011UA-3SO LP 20M108661.4 
3234SQ9NKR2010SPSO LP 20M108990.6 
3235AF7MD2017W7SO LP 20M (T)104981.2 
3236BD4KA2017BYSO LP 20M (T)104981.3 
3237DL1OAI2017DLSO LP 20M104880.7 
3238AJ4RI2010W4SO LP 20M104981.8 
3239OK5SWL2013OKSO LP 20M10010100.1OK2SWD
3240LA6BNA2011LASO LP 20M10010100.8 
3241K0ANS2008W0SO LP 20M (R)10010100.8 
3242KE5LHC2008W5SO LP 20M (R)10010101.7 
3243OH1LVR1997OHSO LP 20M1001010  
3244KC0LFQ2010W0SO LP 20M991090.6 
3245VA3FN2017VE3SO LP 20M98770.7 
3246PY5AWB1998PYSO LP 20M9877  
3247K7SKE2016W7SO LP 20M (T)96881.1  
3248TA4BU2015TASO LP 20M96660.3 
3249WQ3C/42013W4SO LP 20M96660.2 
3250AK4Q2011W4SO LP 20M966616.1 
3251K4MTX2011W4SO LP 20M91770.7 
3252VA3HUN2008VE3SO LP 20M91771.8 
3253AD4UM1997W4SO LP 20M9187  
3254LY2NZ2017LYSO LP 20M90661.2 
3255W8KHP/42008W4SO LP 20M90661.1 
3256AE0AR2013W0SO LP 20M88880.3 
3257R0ABD2017RA0SO LP 20M84771.5 
3258IW3SAR2009ISO LP 20M84770.8 
3259IW3SOQ2017ISO LP 20M811092.9 
3260DJ6XB2003DLSO LP 20M819924.3  
3261BG3EO/12009BYSO LP 20M8011100.6 
3262KD9MS2010W9SO LP 20M78660.5 
3263VE3QEE2006VE3SO LP 20M786624.8  
3264TF3JA2011TFSO LP 20M77772.0 
3265UA3LQQ2010UA-3SO LP 20M77771.0 
3266NB0O/62015W6SO LP 20M75550.4 
3267TA4ARB2015TASO LP 20M75550.1  
3268TA5EA2015TASO LP 20M75550.2 
3269BD2TBJ2013BYSO LP 20M72880.7 
3270K0RRP/42012W4SO LP 20M72661.0 
3271C31CT2010C3SO LP 20M72991.0 
3272KM5VZ2015W5SO LP 20M70870.8 
3273TA4ALQ2015TASO LP 20M (R)65550.4 
3274DL2DSD2009DLSO LP 20M65551.7 
32757S7V2008SMSO LP 20M63771.0 
3276KC6ZZT2007W6SO LP 20M637725.4  
3277LU2ACH2015LUSO LP 20M60660.8  
3278HL2SQQ2007HLSO LP 20M606525.2  
3279LY1DC1992LYSO LP 20M6066  
32802E0CWT2017GSO LP 20M (R)56771.8 
3281EA4RCT2014EASO LP 20M (T)56881.4EA4ETT 
3282OH4KA2013OHSO LP 20M56880.4 
3283KO1X2015W1SO LP 20M (R)54661.2 
3284W1AON2015W1SO LP 20M54661.1 
3285JA1BUS2006JA1SO LP 20M525425.6  
3286DL1STV2015DLSO LP 20M49770.8 
3287JO1JKH2017JA1SO LP 20M48660.7 
3288TA4ALQ2016TASO LP 20M (R)48440.1 
3289JA5XPD2015JA5SO LP 20M48440.3 
3290TA4AAN2014TASO LP 20M (R)48440.8 
3291HB9TSA2010HBSO LP 20M48440.5 
3292W9TTT/02009W0SO LP 20M48660.2 
3293RK0UN2007RA0SO LP 20M484424.3  
3294VE3NLP/W42005W4SO LP 20M455527.5  
3295YU2M2015YUSO LP 20M42660.5 
3296NG7Z2009W7SO LP 20M42770.2 
3297PY4XX2017PYSO LP 20M40440.2 
3298JN3IWQ2013JA3SO LP 20M40441.7 
3299IN3AQK2013ISO LP 20M (T)36661.6 
3300MW0LGE2017GWSO LP 20M (R)35550.1 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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