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3201OE1GTC2013OESO LP 20M14010102.0  
3202S57LR2012S5SO LP 20M14010101.8 [Cert]
32039M2KRZ20179M2SO LP 20M136981.4 [Cert]
3204KB3ANZ2014W3SO LP 20M136881.4 [Cert]
3205K2BF2003W2SO LP 20M (T)1368824.4  
3206KD7EJC2000W7SO LP 20M (R)136148  
3207KF7LTG2014W7SO LP 20M135991.7 [Cert]
3208TA2JN2010TASO LP 20M133770.1 [Cert]
3209N0ICV/92009W9SO LP 20M133872.2 [Cert]
3210EW2EG2014EUSO LP 20M13212120.6 [Cert]
3211KC0RNI2013W0SO LP 20M13013132.4 [Cert]
3212OX3UR2008OXSO LP 20M128880.7 [Cert]
3213KI4JBD2005W4SO LP 20M (R)1288825.5  
3214SM3EAE2013SMSO LP 20M126990.5 [Cert]
3215J28AA2011J2SO LP 20M126760.7E70A[Cert]
3216W2IMY2011W2SO LP 20M (T)126761.3 [Cert]
3217K4MTX2010W4SO LP 20M (R)126991.7 [Cert]
3218DN1MSF2009DLSO LP 20M (T)126870.6STEFAN[Cert]
3219W1BJ2007W1SO LP 20M12677  
3220KD7YCU2005W7SO LP 20M126991.2  
32217L2ICS1999JA1SO LP 20M12687  
3222VA3HUN2007VE3SO LP 20M120881.6  
3223KB1VXY2017W1SO LP 20M119770.2 [Cert]
3224BG4TBJ2009BYSO LP 20M1191071.1 [Cert]
3225UN9LU2010UNSO LP 20M117990.3 [Cert]
3226BG9TX2009BYSO LP 20M117990.9 [Cert]
3227RK3DSW2006UA-3SO LP 20M1128825.0  
32289A7R20059ASO LP 20M1128824.3  
3229KG5KGV2017W5SO LP 20M (R)11011111.3 [Cert]
3230OE1LFB2017OESO LP 20M108990.5 [Cert]
3231OE1GTC2015OESO LP 20M108660.5 [Cert]
3232VE7DAQ2012VE7SO LP 20M108660.5 [Cert]
3233RA3TNC2011UA-3SO LP 20M108661.4 [Cert]
3234SQ9NKR2010SPSO LP 20M108990.6 [Cert]
3235AF7MD2017W7SO LP 20M (T)104981.2 [Cert]
3236BD4KA2017BYSO LP 20M (T)104981.3 [Cert]
3237DL1OAI2017DLSO LP 20M104880.7 [Cert]
3238AJ4RI2010W4SO LP 20M104981.8 [Cert]
3239OK5SWL2013OKSO LP 20M10010100.1OK2SWD[Cert]
3240LA6BNA2011LASO LP 20M10010100.8 [Cert]
3241K0ANS2008W0SO LP 20M (R)10010100.8 [Cert]
3242KE5LHC2008W5SO LP 20M (R)10010101.7 [Cert]
3243OH1LVR1997OHSO LP 20M1001010  
3244KC0LFQ2010W0SO LP 20M991090.6 [Cert]
3245VA3FN2017VE3SO LP 20M98770.7 [Cert]
3246PY5AWB1998PYSO LP 20M9877  
3247K7SKE2016W7SO LP 20M (T)96881.1  
3248TA4BU2015TASO LP 20M96660.3 [Cert]
3249WQ3C/42013W4SO LP 20M96660.2 [Cert]
3250AK4Q2011W4SO LP 20M966616.1 [Cert]
3251K4MTX2011W4SO LP 20M91770.7 [Cert]
3252VA3HUN2008VE3SO LP 20M91771.8 [Cert]
3253AD4UM1997W4SO LP 20M9187  
3254LY2NZ2017LYSO LP 20M90661.2 [Cert]
3255W8KHP/42008W4SO LP 20M90661.1 [Cert]
3256AE0AR2013W0SO LP 20M88880.3 [Cert]
3257R0ABD2017RA0SO LP 20M84771.5 [Cert]
3258IW3SAR2009ISO LP 20M84770.8 [Cert]
3259IW3SOQ2017ISO LP 20M811092.9 [Cert]
3260DJ6XB2003DLSO LP 20M819924.3  
3261BG3EO/12009BYSO LP 20M8011100.6 [Cert]
3262KD9MS2010W9SO LP 20M78660.5 [Cert]
3263VE3QEE2006VE3SO LP 20M786624.8  
3264TF3JA2011TFSO LP 20M77772.0 [Cert]
3265UA3LQQ2010UA-3SO LP 20M77771.0 [Cert]
3266NB0O/62015W6SO LP 20M75550.4 [Cert]
3267TA4ARB2015TASO LP 20M75550.1  
3268TA5EA2015TASO LP 20M75550.2 [Cert]
3269BD2TBJ2013BYSO LP 20M72880.7 [Cert]
3270K0RRP/42012W4SO LP 20M72661.0 [Cert]
3271C31CT2010C3SO LP 20M72991.0 [Cert]
3272KM5VZ2015W5SO LP 20M70870.8 [Cert]
3273TA4ALQ2015TASO LP 20M (R)65550.4 [Cert]
3274DL2DSD2009DLSO LP 20M65551.7 [Cert]
32757S7V2008SMSO LP 20M63771.0 [Cert]
3276KC6ZZT2007W6SO LP 20M637725.4  
3277LU2ACH2015LUSO LP 20M60660.8  
3278HL2SQQ2007HLSO LP 20M606525.2  
3279LY1DC1992LYSO LP 20M6066  
32802E0CWT2017GSO LP 20M (R)56771.8 [Cert]
3281EA4RCT2014EASO LP 20M (T)56881.4EA4ETT 
3282OH4KA2013OHSO LP 20M56880.4 [Cert]
3283KO1X2015W1SO LP 20M (R)54661.2 [Cert]
3284W1AON2015W1SO LP 20M54661.1 [Cert]
3285JA1BUS2006JA1SO LP 20M525425.6  
3286DL1STV2015DLSO LP 20M49770.8 [Cert]
3287JO1JKH2017JA1SO LP 20M48660.7 [Cert]
3288TA4ALQ2016TASO LP 20M (R)48440.1 [Cert]
3289JA5XPD2015JA5SO LP 20M48440.3 [Cert]
3290TA4AAN2014TASO LP 20M (R)48440.8 [Cert]
3291HB9TSA2010HBSO LP 20M48440.5 [Cert]
3292W9TTT/02009W0SO LP 20M48660.2 [Cert]
3293RK0UN2007RA0SO LP 20M484424.3  
3294VE3NLP/W42005W4SO LP 20M455527.5  
3295YU2M2015YUSO LP 20M42660.5 [Cert]
3296NG7Z2009W7SO LP 20M42770.2 [Cert]
3297PY4XX2017PYSO LP 20M40440.2 [Cert]
3298JN3IWQ2013JA3SO LP 20M40441.7 [Cert]
3299IN3AQK2013ISO LP 20M (T)36661.6 [Cert]
3300MW0LGE2017GWSO LP 20M (R)35550.1 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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