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201WD8EOL1991W8SO HP ALL896,424854492  
202K5IID/81999W8SO LP ALL891,265794449  
203KF8UM1994W8SO HP 15M890,812817481  
204KA8WEO1992W8SO LP ALL890,625767625  
205WN8R2010W8SO HP ALL879,11282542829.1 [Cert]
206ND8L2012W8SO HP ALL874,14470846313.1 [Cert]
207W8JY1999W8SO HP ALL (T)873,976759428  
208WB8IFP1980W8SO HP 15M865,8651,076332  
209WB8TLI1998W8SO HP ALL861,084747402  
210ND8DX2007W8SO HP 80M860,62698441926.3  
211W8LU1983W8SO HP 20M841,563796439  
212K8CW1980W8SO HP ALL839,420854380  
213K8XX1978W8MULTI-ONE HP836,400936340K8XX WD8NLS 
214W4NTI/81999W8SO HP ALL835,280735394  
215NV8N2009W8SO LP 20M (T)820,50089750027.4 [Cert]
216W8GNM2014W8SA HP ALL (T)819,19867142624.5 [Cert]
217ND5S/81998W8SO HP ALL (T)805,396700454  
218K8PGJ2015W8SO LP ALL798,75075542635.6 [Cert]
219W8UPH2000W8SO LP ALL791,250688422  
220WD8EOL1990W8SO HP ALL778,950761450  
221WB8TLI2006W8SO LP ALL (T)767,11071641035.9  
222K8FL2010W8SO HP ALL763,55264442824.7 [Cert]
223N8FEH1992W8SO LP ALL758,536706424  
224KD8AX1984W8MULTI-ONE HP747,340990430KD8AX KC8GX N8ECH 
225AC8G2016W8SA HP ALL739,92565742518.7 [Cert]
226N8DXR2002W8SO LP ALL (T)734,44873842830.7  
227W8BI2015W8SA HP ALL728,74065143918.5 [Cert]
228K8CW1981W8SO HP ALL727,296830384  
229WB8TLI2009W8SO LP ALL (T)723,60067743232.0 [Cert]
230N8AKF1980W8SO HP 10M721,752791366  
231KI8CS1999W8SO LP ALL720,324673374  
232K1FJ/82014W8SA HP ALL (T)719,79354347724.4 [Cert]
233NG8D1990W8SO HP ALL718,656734456  
234WC8R1992W8MULTI-ONE HP714,870825470WC8R N3JLL KA3YRM N3JYY ... 
235N8BJQ1987W8SO HP ALL710,562784437  
236K3JT/82014W8SO HP ALL705,83162642718.1 [Cert]
237KB8LH1982W8SO HP ALL705,789785357  
238WB8TLI1992W8SO HP ALL704,740663422  
239WA8Y2015W8SO HP ALL700,96067041626.3 [Cert]
240NA8V2017W8SO HP ALL686,86875844412.1 [Cert]
241AA8LL2009W8SA HP ALL686,28058343020.0 [Cert]
242KE8UN2012W8SO LP ALL681,54865540426.3 [Cert]
243K8BL2015W8SA LP ALL (T)678,15260241217.2 [Cert]
244KU8V1983W8SO HP 15M676,860745389  
245K8KY2010W8SO HP ALL (T)666,00067940024.1 [Cert]
246N8BJQ1984W8SO HP ALL664,578771397  
247N8JQX1992W8SO HP ALL664,352622416  
248WB8TLI1991W8SO HP 10M660,265623415  
249K2UOP/82003W8SO HP ALL659,75072240622.9  
250K8YZW1977W8SO HP 20M659,295805315  
251N8AA1991W8SO HP 10M649,979652407  
252WD8EOL2011W8SO HP ALL647,39062741030.7 [Cert]
253KR8K1982W8SO HP 15M643,720797380N8ACA 
254N8BNE1982W8SO HP 10M641,580773340  
255WA8FRE2011W8SO HP ALL637,96069041021.7 [Cert]
256N8IE2005W8SO QRP ALL636,15771739130.7  
257KB8EC1979W8SO HP ALL626,450829335  
258KI8IZ2002W8SO LP ALL621,72065139625.5  
259N8CN1999W8SO LP ALL618,930637390  
260K8BL2012W8SA LP ALL (T)618,06848548416.8 [Cert]
261N8BJQ1988W8SO HP ALL613,785799415  
262WZ8T1995W8SO HP ALL609,822634414  
263WZ8T2008W8SO LP ALL (T)607,98674041730.2 [Cert]
264KC8FS2001W8SO LP ALL (T)604,50560837923.1  
265ND8L2010W8SA HP ALL603,98063740411.5 [Cert]
266KR8T2014W8SO HP 10M (T)603,05252242825.9 [Cert]
267ND8L2016W8SA HP ALL600,3255404078.7 [Cert]
268K2UOP/82005W8SO HP ALL597,91964237319.4  
269WZ8T2009W8SO LP ALL (T)596,99269042429.3 [Cert]
270WA8WV2005W8SO LP ALL595,31562736525.2  
271WB8ALP1978W8SO HP 10M591,327762297  
272WB8TLI1994W8SO HP ALL589,992614366  
273WT8C2009W8SA HP ALL588,55756438918.9 [Cert]
274W8ILC1979W8SO QRP ALL588,321712393  
275K8OQL1992W8SO HP ALL584,735706415  
276W8AEF1997W8SA HP ALL584,278823389  
277KA8D1992W8SO LP ALL580,260600380  
278AC8GX2014W8SA QRP ALL (T)576,46056938032.9 [Cert]
279W8TWA1980W8SO HP ALL570,149689281  
280AG8W1990W8SO HP ALL569,250661414  
281K8YYY2011W8SO HP ALL568,07156238133.3 [Cert]
282WW8DX1998W8SO LP ALL565,095620373NE8Z 
283KA8Q2004W8SO LP ALL564,35858936231.3  
284KC8NF1982W8SO HP ALL561,771687333  
285N8DXR2000W8SO LP ALL (T)561,408620384  
286WD8DSV1990W8SO HP ALL559,373683397  
287W8L2013W8MULTI-ONE HP555,72878437623.6KD8FO KM8AM KM8Q W8IF[Cert]
288KB8MRG1992W8MULTI-ONE HP547,668620396KB8MRG N8NPP 
289NG8D1995W8SO HP ALL546,190558386  
290AD8W2011W8SO HP ALL545,87058733831.4 [Cert]
291NJ8G1985W8MULTI-ONE HP542,880613360NJ8G KD8NU N9AG WB8ENR 
292KB8PK1985W8SO HP 20M540,912605354  
293WB8TLI1990W8SO HP ALL540,904611364  
294WB8TLI2007W8SO LP ALL (T)539,47860336935.0  
295W8JY2004W8SO HP ALL537,09260338229.4  
296N8DE2016W8SA HP ALL536,18750036716.7 [Cert]
297WZ8T1996W8SO HP ALL533,169607403  
298WB8TLI1989W8SO HP 10M529,525561359  
299K8GL2002W8SO LP ALL524,33555735514.4  
300W9LT/81994W8SO HP 80M522,704693359  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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