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201JA1XCZ/42013JA4SA LP 15M34,2701261157.5 [Cert]
202JH4QJT1980JA4SO HP 10M33,76113191  
203JA4AQR1982JA4SO HP 10M33,475111103  
204JR4ISK1989JA4SO HP ALL33,390130105  
205JR4GPA2004JA4SO LP 15M33,252126102  
206JR4VEV2015JA4SO LP 40M33,060113956.8 [Cert]
207JR4FLW2010JA4SO LP 20M32,6481191069.2 [Cert]
208JA4EZP2005JA4SO HP ALL32,60012310012.0  
209JA4DHN1993JA4SO HP ALL32,235117105  
210JO4CFV2013JA4SA HP ALL32,220110904.6 [Cert]
211JO4CFV2011JA4SA HP ALL31,680121885.7 [Cert]
212JA4HCK1983JA4SO HP ALL31,52514697  
213JR4GPA1997JA4SO LP 20M30,805125101  
214JH4PPQ1980JA4SO HP 15M30,52713189  
215JA4PA1985JA4SO HP 20M30,43211996  
216JA4HCK1984JA4SO HP ALL30,19214084  
217JA4PA1986JA4SO HP 20M28,88011495  
218JR4VEV2016JA4SA HP ALL28,608118964.9 [Cert]
219JI4WHS2013JA4SO LP 15M27,92711610713.3 [Cert]
220JR4URW2007JA4SO LP 40M (T)27,7841159212.1  
221JA4BDY2012JA4SO LP ALL (T)27,451118974.0 [Cert]
222JH4UHW1993JA4SO HP 80M27,2649371  
223JA4DQX2014JA4SO QRP 10M27,168103969.2 [Cert]
224JI4WHS1995JA4SO LP 15M26,97611696  
225JA4BAA2001JA4SO LP ALL26,13311193  
226JR4URW2010JA4SO LP 40M (T)25,67793816.1 [Cert]
227JR4URW2006JA4SO LP 40M (T)25,6651168713.0  
228JR4FLW2008JA4SO LP 20M25,10011410010.1 [Cert]
229JA4KWU1989JA4SO HP 10M24,7429889  
230JA4CSJ2016JA4SA HP ALL24,6501048512.9 [Cert]
231JA4AQR1999JA4SO LP 10M (T)24,4409494  
232JA4ETH1991JA4SO HP 10M24,03010190  
233JM4WUZ2006JA4SO HP 20M23,2761079211.3  
234JH4FUF2016JA4SO LP 15M (T)23,220101905.7 [Cert]
235JE4URN2015JA4SO LP 10M23,06498937.2 [Cert]
236JA4JKD1980JA4SO HP ALL22,86910577  
237JI4WHS2017JA4SO LP 15M22,7141168214.9 [Cert]
238JA4NQD1992JA4SO LP 10M22,65410494  
239JA4JCY1978JA4SO HP ALL22,11911173  
240JA4BAA2003JA4SO HP ALL22,11410075  
241JH4MVB1977JA4SO HP ALL21,3209982  
242JA4DWG2006JA4SO LP ALL (T)21,040938011.4  
243JH4FUF1995JA4SO LP ALL20,77510975  
244JA4EVN2016JA4SO HP ALL20,640116867.9 [Cert]
245JI4WHS2001JA4SO LP 15M20,4189182  
246JM4UZM/42000JA4SO LP ALL20,41810083  
247JA4NQD2011JA4SO HP ALL20,381116899.1 [Cert]
248JR4FLW/42011JA4SO LP 20M20,076968410.4 [Cert]
249JR4BVD1981JA4SO HP 10M19,95010075  
250JA4BAA2002JA4SO LP ALL (T)19,703150113  
251JR4CZM2015JA4SO LP ALL18,732101845.3 [Cert]
252JA4AQR2008JA4SO LP 20M (T)18,44592856.8 [Cert]
253JI1UTP/41992JA4SO LP 20M18,4446863  
254JA4EZP2007JA4SO HP ALL18,32097808.6  
255JA4UIT1981JA4SO HP ALL18,1769271  
256JR4CAU1992JA4SO LP 10M18,150165110  
257JR4VEV2011JA4SO LP 40M (T)17,78463574.5 [Cert]
258JH4WBY1983JA4SO HP ALL17,7249784  
259JA4RWN2016JA4SA LP ALL17,61290743.6 [Cert]
260JA4CSJ2012JA4SO LP ALL17,088776416.2 [Cert]
261JA4CZM1991JA4SO HP 40M16,9586661  
262JF4GWA2007JA4SO LP ALL16,5761007412.9  
263JO4BOW2012JA4SO HP ALL16,26488767.8 [Cert]
264JI4WHS2009JA4SO LP ALL16,146976920.3 [Cert]
265JA4AKN1999JA4SO QRP 15M15,9758575  
266JA4DHN1992JA4SO LP 15M15,4667974  
267JH4UTP2008JA4SO HP 10M15,276109576.7 [Cert]
268JR4URW2009JA4SO LP 40M (T)15,10472597.5 [Cert]
269JA4DQ2007JA4SO QRP 20M14,925917513.4  
270JA4DQX2007JA4SO QRP 20M14,726917413.4  
271JR4URW2008JA4SO LP 40M (T)14,32888729.1 [Cert]
272JR4LRY2012JA4SO LP 15M (T)14,129957118.3 [Cert]
273JE4VRF1992JA4SO HP ALL13,2607668  
274JI4UEN/42010JA4SO LP 15M12,69674694.9 [Cert]
275JM4WUZ2016JA4SA HP 20M12,55679738.2 [Cert]
276JA4DQX2006JA4SO QRP 20M12,444816814.8  
277JA4XRN1998JA4SO LP 20M11,8427362  
278JH4PPQ1979JA4SO HP 15M11,6827259  
279JA4AQR2010JA4SA LP 15M (T)11,52065644.8 [Cert]
280JF4UMY1988JA4SO HP 15M11,4608960  
281JM4WUZ2010JA4SO HP 15M11,39272642.7 [Cert]
282JA4GXS1976JA4SO HP 20M11,2248161  
283JA4NQD2009JA4SO HP ALL11,220876010.0 [Cert]
284JM4MXS1999JA4SO HP ALL11,0336759  
285JO4CFV2014JA4SA HP 10M10,97467622.3 [Cert]
286JA4EZP2014JA4SO HP 40M10,95050504.2 [Cert]
287JA4ETH1993JA4SO LP 10M10,7977359  
288JR4CTF2015JA4SO HP 15M10,55773696.9 [Cert]
289JA4AQZ1977JA4SO HP 20M10,2007450  
290JA4AQR2012JA4SO LP ALL (T)10,08064606.0 [Cert]
291JH4WBY1984JA4SO HP ALL10,0048361  
292JA4PWH1980JA4SO HP 15M9,7926751  
293JA4AQR2013JA4SA LP ALL (T)9,74761576.0 [Cert]
294JA4BKL1978JA4SO HP 20M9,6327056  
295JR4WLV1984JA4SO HP 10M9,4348253  
296JM4WUZ2009JA4SO HP 80M9,26457487.0 [Cert]
297JR4HVF1980JA4SO HP 15M9,0637653  
298JG4TFC1988JA4SO HP 15M8,9106555  
299JA4TUJ2014JA4SO LP ALL (T)8,66468575.0 [Cert]
300JR4LRY2009JA4SO LP 15M8,476765216.6 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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