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201WA6FGV2010W6SO QRP 15M27,14014411512.1 [Cert]
202SQ4HRN2008SPSO QRP 15M26,82611910217.6 [Cert]
203LA7ZN1980LASO QRP 15M26,680115115  
204S59D1996S5SO QRP 15M26,31910893  
205SN5V2016SPSO QRP 15M (T)25,9471029310.8SQ5EBM[Cert]
206RB5GD1985URSO QRP 15M25,84411291  
207W7/JR1NKN1999W7SO QRP 15M25,72812896  
208VE6SH1992VE6SO QRP 15M25,441110103  
209OH2MPO1992OHSO QRP 15M24,840123108  
210SQ4HRN2006SPSO QRP 15M24,7681029617.4  
211UI8CM2012RA9SO QRP 15M24,47298924.4 [Cert]
212DF1RK2004DLSO QRP 15M24,44011294  
213WA6FGV2002W6SO QRP 15M24,29513411313.3  
214JH1HRJ1997JA1SO QRP 15M23,87612894  
215JR1NKN2004JA1SO QRP 15M23,8281119213.8  
216JR1NKN2015JA1SO QRP 15M23,7821199419.1 [Cert]
217UD6DFF19884JSO QRP 15M23,12412182  
218IK1TWC1995ISO QRP 15M22,98910597  
219SM6HQK1982SMSO QRP 15M22,93612194  
220SP4LVK2016SPSO QRP 15M22,525948510.6 [Cert]
221LZ2EW1987LZSO QRP 15M22,09910677  
222JE8FOU1987JA8SO QRP 15M22,09212484  
223VE2TLH2011VE2SO QRP 15M21,62796897.8VA2SG[Cert]
224RA3XEV2014UA-3SO QRP 15M21,52811910412.3 [Cert]
225KF7IYQ/22012W2SO QRP 15M (R)20,85693885.8 [Cert]
226JR9NVB2002JA9SO QRP 15M20,5748881  
227W3EK2012W3SO QRP 15M20,38193896.6 [Cert]
228UC2OGE1988EUSO QRP 15M20,16910881  
229DL1DXA2012DLSO QRP 15M19,55099856.5 [Cert]
230JF1JLW1983JA1SO QRP 15M19,3529582  
231UY5XE1985URSO QRP 15M19,2009980  
232LZ2EW1985LZSO QRP 15M19,11610081  
233JR7GYC1985JA7SO QRP 15M18,95410881  
234LA7WRA2016LASO QRP 15M18,509968315.3 [Cert]
235JF6GAS1983JA6SO QRP 15M18,48610278  
236JR1NKN2006JA1SO QRP 15M18,330957817.6  
237W6CN1986W6SO QRP 15M18,21611388  
238JR1NKN2013JA1SO QRP 15M17,7651068518.6 [Cert]
239WB7OCV/22004W2SO QRP 15M17,75610192  
2407N4WPY2017JA1SO QRP 15M17,6961057914.2 [Cert]
241K4XD2010W4SO QRP 15M17,68098858.6 [Cert]
242JR1NKN2005JA1SO QRP 15M17,459997913.0  
243JR3EZH1987JA3SO QRP 15M17,23810778  
244YT2B2008YUSO QRP 15M16,96898846.3 [Cert]
245JA0BMS/11979JA1SO QRP 15M16,6169467  
246KH6CP/WW11989W1SO QRP 15M16,610113110  
247KK6RF2014W6SO QRP 15M16,5541009315.3 [Cert]
248WA6FGV2004W6SO QRP 15M16,0051129714.0  
249JA4AKN1999JA4SO QRP 15M15,9758575  
250WA6FGV2005W6SO QRP 15M15,9161119214.3  
251HK3MAE/71987HKSO QRP 15M15,9008275  
252JF1JLW1984JA1SO QRP 15M15,8088976  
253DU7OK2017DUSO QRP 15M15,70889689.6 [Cert]
254WA6FGV2017W6SO QRP 15M15,6401018515.9 [Cert]
255SV1NK1983SVSO QRP 15M15,57512589  
256WO9S2016W9SO QRP 15M14,89681766.2 [Cert]
257JH3DMQ2013JA3SO QRP 15M14,832827210.1 [Cert]
258IZ2JQP2013ISO QRP 15M (T)14,09187775.0 [Cert]
2597N4WPY/12004JA1SO QRP 15M14,0898573  
260JR1NKN2014JA1SO QRP 15M13,608837216.6 [Cert]
261SP6DVP1994SPSO QRP 15M13,5857465  
262WA6VNR1978W6SO QRP 15M13,50010660  
263UA3DPX1989UA-3SO QRP 15M13,31110187  
264RA3XEV2005UA-3SO QRP 15M13,286887313.6  
265HA0GK2004HASO QRP 15M13,24879640.7  
266YB2OK2008YBSO QRP 15M12,880937013.4 [Cert]
267SQ4HRN2009SPSO QRP 15M12,544756410.9 [Cert]
268N1AFC1997W1SO QRP 15M12,5058061  
269JF8LPB2016JA8SO QRP 15M11,926746712.1 [Cert]
2707N4WPY2009JA1SO QRP 15M11,844866316.0 [Cert]
271KF0GX2013W0SO QRP 15M11,775877514.8 [Cert]
272JI3BFC1993JA3SO QRP 15M11,7007465  
273YO8DHA2015YOSO QRP 15M11,50894849.8 [Cert]
274JH1KZQ/12000JA1SO QRP 15M11,2847262  
275RA3GD1988UA-3SO QRP 15M11,1447956  
276YC0COX2009YBSO QRP 15M10,920706512.8 [Cert]
277UA9SHU1983RA9SO QRP 15M10,8876857  
278SQ9AOR2010SPSO QRP 15M10,86066605.5 [Cert]
279ES6MT2003ESSO QRP 15M10,62670699.7  
280YO4ATW2006YOSO QRP 15M10,54066629.5  
281JR1NKN2007JA1SO QRP 15M10,458746312.0  
282VU2PTT2012VUSO QRP 15M (T)10,41664624.3 [Cert]
283VU2PTT2010VUSO QRP 15M10,335666510.6 [Cert]
284SQ9AOR2011SPSO QRP 15M10,10672627.6 [Cert]
285UB5FDM1984URSO QRP 15M10,06211686  
286JK1JEQ/JD11980JD/oSO QRP 15M9,82319947  
287SN7P2010SPSO QRP 15M (R)9,80259587.1 [Cert]
288JK1PEC1983JA1SO QRP 15M9,6397763  
289YO6AFP1984YOSO QRP 15M9,5938153  
290YO2LAN2011YOSO QRP 15M9,33869587.0 [Cert]
291UB5AEO1988URSO QRP 15M9,2756953  
292IZ2QKG2013ISO QRP 15M (T)9,271787310.9 [Cert]
293BD4WM2011BYSO QRP 15M9,114726226.7 [Cert]
294WA6FGV2009W6SO QRP 15M9,100827012.1 [Cert]
295SM5CCT1990SMSO QRP 15M9,0528773  
296SV0AN1996SVSO QRP 15M9,0485852  
297LA8WG2011LASO QRP 15M8,906837311.5 [Cert]
298OK1AIJ2014OKSO QRP 15M8,77883777.2 [Cert]
299JR1NKN2017JA1SO QRP 15M8,736725214.6 [Cert]
300RA9MU2011RA9SO QRP 15M8,72161576.1 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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