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201LB3RE2016LASO LP 20M (T)18,7201381204.8 [Cert]
202JA4AQR2008JA4SO LP 20M (T)18,44592856.8 [Cert]
203KC8NLP2014W8SO LP 20M (T)17,84585838.4 [Cert]
204W9IL2006W9SO LP 20M (T)17,83589875.4  
205RV6BK2010UA-6SO LP 20M (T)17,57293929.3 [Cert]
206YO4DI2017YOSO LP 20M (T)17,1501059812.2 [Cert]
207PI4WLD2008PASO LP 20M (T)17,13692843.8PA0MIR[Cert]
208PY5KW2008PYSO LP 20M (T)16,236898210.4 [Cert]
209JA3DAY2009JA3SO LP 20M (T)15,428857615.7 [Cert]
210WI1K2017W1SO LP 20M (T)15,130978912.9 [Cert]
211JA3DAY2010JA3SO LP 20M (T)15,11180738.9 [Cert]
212N8WAV2014W8SO LP 20M (T)14,78477774.9 [Cert]
213AF8C2012W8SO LP 20M (T)14,39983773.9 [Cert]
214VE3IAE2008VE3SO LP 20M (T)14,21271764.8 [Cert]
215SP9KJU2017SPSO LP 20M (T)13,94491845.5SP9MDY[Cert]
216W7ON2015W7SO LP 20M (T)13,904101889.0 [Cert]
217DF1MC2014DLSO LP 20M (T)13,8181079811.8 [Cert]
218OK2ILD2011OKSO LP 20M (T)13,68094908.0 [Cert]
219EA2CHL2000EASO LP 20M (T)13,100109100  
220YB6LAY2016YBSO LP 20M (T)12,85276686.5 [Cert]
221G2YC2011GSO LP 20M (T)11,616100964.9 [Cert]
222YO5AXF2017YOSO LP 20M (T)11,259918113.3 [Cert]
223RV6ACC2012UA-6SO LP 20M (T)10,864100977.4 [Cert]
224N8SBE2015W8SO LP 20M (T)10,83664631.8 [Cert]
225JI6BEN2014JA6SO LP 20M (T)10,400726510.9 [Cert]
226WD9DJD2001W9SO LP 20M (T)10,0657261  
227SA7J2010SMSO LP 20M (T)9,79491836.3SM7XGG[Cert]
228YB2ECG2006YBSO LP 20M (T)9,74462584.7  
2299A5CW20069ASO LP 20M (T)9,727857128.5  
230IW1RLS2017ISO LP 20M (T)8,50076687.8 [Cert]
231IZ2ABI2017ISO LP 20M (T)8,30866623.6  
232ES1ZW2013ESSO LP 20M (T)8,23292846.7ES3VGA[Cert]
233YB2BBY2011YBSO LP 20M (T)7,896605610.9 [Cert]
234K7SR2011W7SO LP 20M (T)7,860626010.7 [Cert]
235IK8DNJ2006ISO LP 20M (T)7,54060583.9  
236ON6LY2006ONSO LP 20M (T)7,350777027.6  
237N8WAV2009W8SO LP 20M (T)6,46660534.6 [Cert]
238VE5GC2017VE5SO LP 20M (T)6,20160535.3 [Cert]
239AF8C2004W8SO LP 20M (T)6,156575428.0  
240IU4BUQ2017ISO LP 20M (T)6,018635914.0 [Cert]
241RV6ACC2013UA-6SO LP 20M (T)5,98564634.9 [Cert]
242IZ5MXA2015ISO LP 20M (T)5,880817012.5 [Cert]
243JK8PBO2017JA8SO LP 20M (T)5,64048474.5 [Cert]
244VK4MN2011VKSO LP 20M (T)5,62545456.4 [Cert]
245IZ5MXA2012ISO LP 20M (T)5,60061565.9 [Cert]
246W8SIG2016W8SO LP 20M (T)5,25050509.3 [Cert]
247W8GX2015W8SO LP 20M (T)4,57842421.8 [Cert]
248AN4A2010EASO LP 20M (T)4,55449461.8EA4CWN[Cert]
249JA3DAY2013JA3SO LP 20M (T)4,32941397.6 [Cert]
250W8IQ2017W8SO LP 20M (T)4,30055503.5 [Cert]
251ZL/F1TUJ2016ZLSO LP 20M (T)4,25638381.7 [Cert]
252JI6BEN2015JA6SO LP 20M (T)3,94848478.8 [Cert]
253DM3HA2013DLSO LP 20M (T)3,53864615.2 [Cert]
254DL1MHJ2009DLSO LP 20M (T)3,53536352.7 [Cert]
255SQ3RX2009SPSO LP 20M (T)3,48647422.4 [Cert]
256KC8NLP2013W8SO LP 20M (T)3,240494510.4 [Cert]
257IZ6NNH2012ISO LP 20M (T)3,24055543.3 [Cert]
258K5PX2007W5SO LP 20M (T)3,19251423.5  
259VU2NSL2016VUSO LP 20M (T)3,00836323.7 [Cert]
260IW2EVH2015ISO LP 20M (T)2,97045456.6  
261KC7H2010W7SO LP 20M (T)2,88041402.0 [Cert]
262N8WAV2010W8SO LP 20M (T)2,49633322.3 [Cert]
263JA3DAY2017JA3SO LP 20M (T)2,48235347.1 [Cert]
264UR5IKN2008URSO LP 20M (T)2,28038384.3 [Cert]
265ED4T2011EASO LP 20M (T)2,25737372.0EA4CWN[Cert]
266VY0/VE3VID2014VE8SO LP 20M (T)2,13327272.8 [Cert]
267N6DO2011W6SO LP 20M (T)1,98433312.2 [Cert]
268JR4GPA2016JA4SO LP 20M (T)1,94331293.1 [Cert]
269VE3AUO2012VE3SO LP 20M (T)1,90428283.0 [Cert]
270HS1JNB2009HSSO LP 20M (T)1,85633294.5 [Cert]
271DU7JGU2016DUSO LP 20M (T)1,70028255.0  
272S58P2008S5SO LP 20M (T)1,66427260.6 [Cert]
273K9PSM2014W9SO LP 20M (T)1,62428282.8 [Cert]
2747M1MCT2009JA1SO LP 20M (T)1,51823231.9 [Cert]
275RA4L2017UA-4SO LP 20M (T)1,40439362.5 [Cert]
276LY2LF2014LYSO LP 20M (T)1,26036362.0 [Cert]
277IZ7WWY2013ISO LP 20M (T)95025253.1 [Cert]
278SP9MDY2015SPSO LP 20M (T)874191911.1 [Cert]
279YO7MPI2016YOSO LP 20M (T)81921211.2 [Cert]
280JG2CNS/32009JA3SO LP 20M (T)78022203.9 [Cert]
281JG1OWV2003JA1SO LP 20M (T)67515151.7  
282HL5YI2011HLSO LP 20M (T)57017150.8 [Cert]
283VE8DW2011VE8SO LP 20M (T)56014142.2 [Cert]
284CN2AY2016CNSO LP 20M (T)50713130.1DF8AN 
285EW2M2017EUSO LP 20M (T)40515151.2 [Cert]
286I4/IT9AKC2017ISO LP 20M (T)39117171.6 [Cert]
287JA1MXY1999JA1SO LP 20M (T)3901413  
288LA2USA2016LASO LP 20M (T)37819182.5 [Cert]
289IZ0CEY2009ISO LP 20M (T)37713132.4 [Cert]
290N9HDE/02015W0SO LP 20M (T)37516153.2 [Cert]
291TA3BH2015TASO LP 20M (T)36311111.3 [Cert]
292UA9JMB2008RA9SO LP 20M (T)28818161.5 [Cert]
293SH3O2008SMSO LP 20M (T)20010100.3SM3TLG[Cert]
294VK5UE2012VKSO LP 20M (T)1761081.0 [Cert]
295JO3FUO2007JA3SO LP 20M (T)1719924.4JJ1BDX 
296KD7JS2012W7SO LP 20M (T)152882.0 [Cert]
297BG8HFK2017BYSO LP 20M (T)15011101.5 [Cert]
298K2BF2003W2SO LP 20M (T)1368824.4  
299W2IMY2011W2SO LP 20M (T)126761.3 [Cert]
300DN1MSF2009DLSO LP 20M (T)126870.6STEFAN[Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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