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201WW1USA/02014W0SO LP 15M (T)12,56772711.8W0AO
202YB8EDO2014YBSO LP 15M (T)12,54573654.6 
203YF4IJ2013YBSO LP 15M (T)11,71866633.7 
204JF1GZZ2010JA1SO LP 15M (T)11,690737016.5 
205DH8BQA/M2007DLSO LP 15M (T)10,62675695.1DH8BQA 
206IZ4AFW2004ISO LP 15M (T)10,176736427.0  
207JA3BBG2012JA3SO LP 15M (T)9,78067606.7 
208HS0ZDR2002HSSO LP 15M (T)9,57767619.1N4CT 
209IK8TFN2012ISO LP 15M (T)9,450757512.2 
210JR2NTC2015JA2SO LP 15M (T)9,42064602.8 
211N6BHX2012W6SO LP 15M (T)9,40876644.7 
212G2YC2015GSO LP 15M (T)9,39693814.7 
213JA1MZM2013JA1SO LP 15M (T)9,34861572.3 
214SA6AIN2010SMSO LP 15M (T)9,20471599.9 
215JA1YQH1999JA1SO LP 15M (T)8,8555955JR0EFE 
2167M1MCY2012JA1SO LP 15M (T)8,736645613.9 
217RA0UJ2017RA0SO LP 15M (T)8,190937013.0 
218JH1KZQ/11999JA1SO LP 15M (T)8,1206356  
219JA3BBG2013JA3SO LP 15M (T)8,00861567.3 
220K7ACZ2013W7SO LP 15M (T)7,84455534.8  
221IZ5CMI2016ISO LP 15M (T)7,54854513.2 
222JR4LRY2015JA4SO LP 15M (T)7,192665813.7 
223KN8D2011W8SO LP 15M (T)6,579525121.1 
224SM7HSP2002SMSO LP 15M (T)6,4775751  
225LW5EE2010LUSO LP 15M (T)6,46851491.0 
226JA3LKE2004JA3SO LP 15M (T)6,44050468.9  
227JL3RDC2007JA3SO LP 15M (T)6,01854518.5  
228NA4M/52006W5SO LP 15M (T)5,88053492.7  
229TA3BN2001TASO LP 15M (T)5,75047461.1  
230N6BHX2013W6SO LP 15M (T)5,24351497.1 
231RM5DZZ2013UA-3SO LP 15M (T)4,65053502.9  
232YE4IJ2015YBSO LP 15M (T)4,63345414.9 
233IZ4AFW2006ISO LP 15M (T)4,144383726.3  
234K4BP2003W4SO LP 15M (T)4,14047451.4  
235ZS6ELI2010ZSSO LP 15M (T)4,09540393.0 
236W9TC2017W9SO LP 15M (T)4,06643381.4 
237JR4LRY2013JA4SO LP 15M (T)4,06645386.7 
238IZ8JPV2010ISO LP 15M (T)3,92239376.0 
239BA1SN2017BYSO LP 15M (T)3,81146376.8 
240JA3BBG2015JA3SO LP 15M (T)3,31235364.0 
241RV9YK2017RA9SO LP 15M (T)3,30049448.1 
242W9ILY2010W9SO LP 15M (T)3,11643381.9 
243PP5ASF2015PYSO LP 15M (T)3,10842377.3 
244N5DTT2011W5SO LP 15M (T)2,99738374.5 
245JH1EJB2016JA1SO LP 15M (T)2,850413810.2 
246JA7HYS2016JA7SO LP 15M (T)2,84833322.3 
247JA2KKA2015JA2SO LP 15M (T)2,80533332.7 
248JR4LRY2017JA4SO LP 15M (T)2,51135316.5 
249JG5UWK2013JA5SO LP 15M (T)2,38034344.6 
250JK1CYF2014JA1SO LP 15M (T)2,26331313.0 
251F4CGJ2012FSO LP 15M (T)2,204383817.5 
252AN5TN2000EASO LP 15M (T)2,068108101EA5TN 
253JR4LRY2014JA4SO LP 15M (T)1,86329274.9 
254ZL2K2012ZLSO LP 15M (T)1,82028266.3ZL2KT
255N5IF2012W5SO LP 15M (T)1,78236332.5 
256PP5ASF2016PYSO LP 15M (T)1,59031306.8 
257JG1ALA2009JA1SO LP 15M (T)1,28126217.9 
258PP5ASF2014PYSO LP 15M (T)1,20434285.4 
259LA6VQ2016LASO LP 15M (T)1,18822222.6 
260W7JFF2012W7SO LP 15M (T)1,15521212.1 
261JK1CYF2013JA1SO LP 15M (T)1,11321216.0 
2629V1IZ20119VSO LP 15M (T)1,10425233.7 
263JE8KGH2016JA8SO LP 15M (T)1,07823221.1 
264VK6SMK2015VKSO LP 15M (T)90025207.1  
265XV4TUJ20103WSO LP 15M (T)90021204.7 
266YO3BA2017YOSO LP 15M (T)86719171.3  
267JA2VSU/32008JA3SO LP 15M (T)76519171.7 
268RD4W2015UA-4SO LP 15M (T)75026254.5  
269DU7JGU2015DUSO LP 15M (T)73818184.0 
270VK3VH2017VKSO LP 15M (T)72021182.3 
271YE2BEM2016YBSO LP 15M (T)64020208.8 
272JA7SSP2013JA7SO LP 15M (T)56014141.7  
273IK4NZD2016ISO LP 15M (T)54614141.2 
274W9ELN/02009W0SO LP 15M (T)46814122.1 
275JE8KKX2016JA8SO LP 15M (T)45015151.9 
276IZ3ALW2011ISO LP 15M (T)42913130.5 
277JA1DBG2014JA1SO LP 15M (T)36012121.6JA1DBG @JA1DBG
278N2ZN2006W2SO LP 15M (T)36013122.9  
279SG3O2008SMSO LP 15M (T)30010100.6SM3AGO @SM3AGO
280JA1GZK2017JA1SO LP 15M (T)29012100.6 
281K1VSJ2016W1SO LP 15M (T)26010100.5 
282IK4NZD2013ISO LP 15M (T)23111110.5 
283W9ILY2011W9SO LP 15M (T)22010100.2 
284JK1CYF2015JA1SO LP 15M (T)21612120.7 
285YB1TS2017YBSO LP 15M (T)2071191.4 
286HC8GR2002HC8SO LP 15M (T)180101024.9  
287UT0MF2016URSO LP 15M (T)162990.6 
288YB0ARJ2017YBSO LP 15M (T)112870.8 
289NG4L2011W4SO LP 15M (T)112770.3 
290VE6KY2016VE6SO LP 15M (T)105770.5  
291IW3IPI2013ISO LP 15M (T)105770.8 
292IK3PQG2010ISO LP 15M (T)75550.1 
293N8EPG2013W8SO LP 15M (T)48440.6  
294G7RSM2012GSO LP 15M (T)35550.5 
295AB0OX/22005W2SO LP 15M (T)324424.4  
296JR1AHP2012JA1SO LP 15M (T)2733 
297ES4RLH2016ESSO LP 15M (T)21330.3 
298IZ3NXS2013ISO LP 15M (T)15330.4 
299KJ9C/02003W0SO LP 15M (T)153324.2  
300VK6SMK2017VKSO LP 15M (T)10320.1 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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