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201EA4FSC2015EASA LP 10M81,80321117915.8 [Cert]
202OK2PCL2015OKSA LP 10M81,62018015416.6 [Cert]
203I0UZF2016ISA LP 10M81,59321613919.8 [Cert]
204JL4CVG1998JA4SA LP 10M80,765235145  
205EI7JZ2014EISA LP 10M (T)79,5521951768.5 [Cert]
206PU2VTC2012PYSA LP 10M (T)79,26121816922.1 [Cert]
207PU5AGM2013PYSA LP 10M (R)78,22819816416.8 [Cert]
208PU8MET2014PYSA LP 10M (R)78,03020217020.6 [Cert]
209ZP8T2014ZPSA LP 10M77,91019215910.6K2DER[Cert]
210PY2XC2006PYSA LP 10M76,9762161369.8  
211YO8WW2014YOSA LP 10M76,8601941806.8 [Cert]
212PA0O2015PASA LP 10M76,6531821538.1 [Cert]
213ON3DI2015ONSA LP 10M75,83118915729.7 [Cert]
2149A3TY20129ASA LP 10M75,04717915112.2 [Cert]
215BG8GAM2014BYSA LP 10M74,82018317414.0 [Cert]
216EA8CQW2011EA8SA LP 10M74,7901941355.5 [Cert]
217HG8C2015HASA LP 10M74,5681881566.1 [Cert]
218PU9OSB2009PYSA LP 10M74,35823015312.4 [Cert]
219ZW5WIM2012PYSA LP 10M (R)73,78819517217.4PU5IKE[Cert]
220VR2PX2013VRSA LP 10M72,9802711648.9 [Cert]
221VU3NXI2014VUSA LP 10M72,90017116217.5 [Cert]
222LU3CW2014LUSA LP 10M71,96718814911.4 [Cert]
223LU2AYB2013LUSA LP 10M71,63219414811.1 [Cert]
224EA1DR2015EASA LP 10M71,0682081639.1 [Cert]
225PU1KGG2008PYSA LP 10M70,88019416018.4 [Cert]
226LU3JVO2010LUSA LP 10M70,4131861477.7 [Cert]
227EA5FCW2015EASA LP 10M70,09019016312.7 [Cert]
228CA3LGJ2014CESA LP 10M69,12019116014.5 [Cert]
229F4FDA2011FSA LP 10M68,58617713822.9 [Cert]
230HB9DHG2012HBSA LP 10M66,7921851387.6 [Cert]
231HG0R2011HASA LP 10M66,1201801458.5HA0NAR[Cert]
232IZ8BRI2013ISA LP 10M (T)64,40017114010.6  
2339W2GSG20149M2SA LP 10M (R)60,06620414115.3 [Cert]
234JG2REJ2001JA2SA LP 10M59,265155135  
235NA4W2016W4SA LP 10M59,26417412811.2K4WI[Cert]
236JA4AQR2014JA4SA LP 10M (T)57,54615113912.31[Cert]
237UA0WY2013RA0SA LP 10M57,36520614919.2 [Cert]
238YV8ER2013YVSA LP 10M57,05724314322.9 [Cert]
239PY2TOP2013PYSA LP 10M55,8251631459.0 [Cert]
240SV5BYR2015SV5SA LP 10M54,8912261713.2 [Cert]
241PY2XC2013PYSA LP 10M54,8801651404.4 [Cert]
242YU2A2011YUSA LP 10M (T)53,82015713014.7 [Cert]
243IT9DGG2014IT9SA LP 10M (R)53,04416114913.8 [Cert]
244PU1KVA2015PYSA LP 10M51,7371581339.1 [Cert]
245AB2DE2014W2SA LP 10M51,0901351313.2 [Cert]
246PU4HUD2013PYSA LP 10M51,04216014117.8 [Cert]
247PU7DEF2016PYSA LP 10M49,36819413612.8 [Cert]
248VK4LAT2013VKSA LP 10M48,67815412213.4 [Cert]
249JA7KQC2012JA7SA LP 10M47,81615413920.2 [Cert]
250YB0OHG2014YBSA LP 10M (T)47,60113612912.9 [Cert]
251PU8WTJ2016PYSA LP 10M45,28821113625.4 [Cert]
252DF5MA2014DLSA LP 10M44,6971461412.7 [Cert]
253JH6WHN2014JA6SA LP 10M44,6401301245.1 [Cert]
254UA9UX2014RA9SA LP 10M (T)43,64814112813.5 [Cert]
255EA1CS2015EASA LP 10M41,6581471315.0 [Cert]
256PU8TAS2016PYSA LP 10M (R)41,47214812811.8 [Cert]
257RA9Y2013RA9SA LP 10M40,96017412815.5 [Cert]
258EA1BHQ2001EASA LP 10M40,5601301208.9  
259PU4HUD2014PYSA LP 10M40,50613512914.3 [Cert]
260YO9BXC2012YOSA LP 10M40,3561221149.7 [Cert]
261PY3CAL2013PYSA LP 10M40,30014012417.1 [Cert]
262EE7K2014EASA LP 10M39,0721751483.9 [Cert]
263YO5PBW2011YOSA LP 10M38,69513010915.7 [Cert]
264BA7IO2010BYSA LP 10M37,69820512214.0 [Cert]
265SV1ELI2014SVSA LP 10M37,53913512910.2 [Cert]
266VY1EI2015VE8SA LP 10M (T)36,3121741027.6 [Cert]
267IT9AUH2011IT9SA LP 10M36,0751271118.3 [Cert]
268PU5IKE2013PYSA LP 10M (R)35,9521361128.7 [Cert]
269PY1DO2013PYSA LP 10M35,8681341228.7 [Cert]
270PU2LVF2015PYSA LP 10M35,76013112020.1 [Cert]
271PU2VYT2000PYSA LP 10M35,316129108  
272RA9MX2012RA9SA LP 10M34,5781181138.2 [Cert]
273ED4AA2016EASA LP 10M34,2001319013.7EA4AA[Cert]
274PU4JKB2016PYSA LP 10M (R)34,12214812119.9 [Cert]
275PD9DX2015PASA LP 10M33,4951231055.7 [Cert]
276KD2HXI2015W2SA LP 10M (R)33,37211910814.2 [Cert]
277JM1NKT2005JA1SA LP 10M (T)32,7541441037.8  
278N1RLR2014W1SA LP 10M32,19011211113.2 [Cert]
279PU2SDX2017PYSA LP 10M32,18414410814.1 [Cert]
280YO8MI2015YOSA LP 10M32,10013410713.6 [Cert]
281IT9ACN2010IT9SA LP 10M31,6351219516.4 [Cert]
282PY2IML2013PYSA LP 10M30,6801261188.9 [Cert]
283K9GY2002W9SA LP 10M30,4981111028.6  
284JA1MZM2014JA1SA LP 10M (T)30,432112962.3 [Cert]
285OM7LM2015OMSA LP 10M30,282113985.6 [Cert]
286UT2IV2014URSA LP 10M30,06912311710.3 [Cert]
287DL1GBQ2015DLSA LP 10M28,420110987.4 [Cert]
288F5BEG2010FSA LP 10M27,7201149013.7 [Cert]
289EA5OL2015EASA LP 10M27,4381121025.8 [Cert]
290LW1ECO1998LUSA LP 10M27,23111487  
291PY2DV2015PYSA LP 10M27,0891071033.8 [Cert]
292K4MOA2014W4SA LP 10M26,03695924.6 [Cert]
293IV3RCH2011ISA LP 10M (T)25,925113856.3 [Cert]
294KP4JFR2015KP4SA LP 10M (T)25,662110919.9 [Cert]
295PX3X2014PYSA LP 10M25,536104966.8 [Cert]
296SP1RKT2013SPSA LP 10M25,389106935.0 [Cert]
297PU8YPL2016PYSA LP 10M25,19014211012.0 [Cert]
298OK2RO2014OKSA LP 10M25,1521089610.5 [Cert]
299PU5AGM2012PYSA LP 10M (R)24,96011910418.2 [Cert]
300LZ1FH2014LZSA LP 10M24,9261111036.7 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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