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2401JQ1JQJ1994JA1SO QRP 10M3641513  
2402JA1DBG2014JA1SO LP 15M (T)36012121.6JA1DBG @JA1DBG[Cert]
2403JA1YNE2013JA1SO LP 15M36012100.4 [Cert]
2404JH1GLJ2016JA1SO LP 10M35013102.7 [Cert]
2405JE1QCL2009JA1SO LP 15M35015142.3 [Cert]
2406JS1NXR1989JA1SO HP ALL3481312  
2407JH1GUO2008JA1SA LP ALL34111110.5 [Cert]
2408JP1TYX1984JA1SO HP 15M3411111  
2409JA1STY1992JA1SO LP ALL3411111  
2410JH1TUX2002JA1SO LP 10M336121224.8  
2411JM1WZP1985JA1SO HP 15M3301110  
2412JI1QDK2016JA1SO LP 15M (R)32215142.3  
24137M1CUN1997JA1SO LP 15M3221714  
2414JE1GZB1983JA1SO HP 20M3191511  
2415JG1TIX1979JA1SO HP 20M3191111  
2416JR7MZC/11990JA1SO HP 15M3121612  
2417JO7FGZ/12010JA1SO QRP 15M31213131.5 [Cert]
2418JK1BII2008JA1SO LP 40M30811111.1 [Cert]
24197K1CFN1994JA1SO QRP ALL3001010  
2420JO1MCC1989JA1SO QRP ALL3001010  
24217L1AVS2014JA1SO QRP ALL29914131.8 [Cert]
2422JA1AAT2004JA1SO LP 10M297119  
2423JA1GZK2017JA1SO LP 15M (T)29012100.6 [Cert]
2424JG1WKM2012JA1SO LP 15M29011102.4 [Cert]
2425JI1UDD2009JA1SO LP ALL (T)28612111.1 [Cert]
2426JA1MZM2017JA1SA LP 20M (T)28010100.3 [Cert]
2427JA1FO1987JA1SO HP 10M2801110  
2428JG1GCO2005JA1SO LP 15M2801010  
2429JF1HJX2009JA1SO LP 15M2791190.4 [Cert]
2430JG1TIX1984JA1SO HP 20M2751111  
2431JG1GCO1994JA1SO LP 15M2751311  
2432JO1MCC1991JA1SO HP ALL2731313  
2433JA8KEA/12014JA1SO LP 15M27012101.5 [Cert]
2434JA1BNW1977JA1SO HP 20M264138  
24357K1EQG2005JA1SO LP 15M2641212  
2436JN1DNV2008JA1SO LP ALL26412122.3 [Cert]
2437JH1HHP2016JA1SO LP 15M26013135.7 [Cert]
2438JH1CVJ2012JA1SO LP 15M26010100.7 [Cert]
2439JK1BII2007JA1SO LP 15M260101026.3  
2440JA1LBZ2004JA1SO LP 15M260101026.0  
2441JH1RMH1996JA1SO LP 15M2601010  
2442JG1SWV2013JA1SO LP 20M (R)260111011.6 [Cert]
2443JK1TCV2009JA1SO QRP 15M26010101.2 [Cert]
2444JF1XDM1976JA1SO HP 10M2551415  
2445JG1OTQ1988JA1SO HP 15M2531111  
2446JJ1WWL/12007JA1SO LP ALL (T)253111125.2  
2447JL1DRX1992JA1SO HP 15M252109  
2448JK1CYF2012JA1SO LP ALL (T)25212125.0 [Cert]
2449JA1YNE2014JA1MULTI-ONE LP243990.4JO3BDR JR1NKN[Cert]
2450JA1RDP1978JA1SO HP 20M24399  
24517L1AFS2016JA1SO LP 15M24213111.4 [Cert]
2452JF1XDM1977JA1SO HP 10M2401110  
24537M2MIK1996JA1SO LP 15M2382214  
2454JN1VUB1986JA1SO HP 20M2341513  
2455JA1MJN2009JA1SO HP 15M230131011.8 [Cert]
2456JQ1KRT2010JA1SO LP ALL23010102.0 [Cert]
2457JO1JKH2013JA1SO LP 10M225990.9  
2458JH1EYM2015JA1SO LP 20M225990.7 [Cert]
2459JR1BAS2007JA1SA HP ALL220101024.9  
2460JL7FBV/12011JA1SO LP 15M22010101.2 [Cert]
2461JG1GCO2006JA1SO LP 20M2201010  
2462JA1NYV1986JA1SO HP 40M217137  
2463JK1CYF2015JA1SO LP 15M (T)21612120.7 [Cert]
2464JA1SMD2008JA1SO LP 15M2161091.4 [Cert]
2465JH1RDU2010JA1SO LP 40M (T)216660.7 [Cert]
2466JH1HDE2017JA1SO QRP ALL2161092.6 [Cert]
2467JF1HJX2010JA1SO LP 15M21010101.3 [Cert]
2468JL7FBV/12009JA1SO LP 20M21011101.7 [Cert]
2469JR1IJV2017JA1SO HP ALL207991.3  
2470JL7PVR/11994JA1SO LP 15M20799  
2471JO1MCC1990JA1SO HP 10M20098  
24727L1AVS2015JA1SO LP ALL19811110.9 [Cert]
2473JK1ODA2014JA1SO HP 10M192881.5 [Cert]
2474JN1OTG1989JA1SO HP 15M19288  
2475JH1UES1996JA1SO LP 20M1921212  
2476JM1GPV1983JA1SO HP 15M1901010  
2477JA2SAP/11986JA1SO HP 20M18999  
2478JN1BBO2010JA1SO LP 10M189990.6 [Cert]
2479JH1GLJ2013JA1SO LP ALL189992.6 [Cert]
2480JH1APK2013JA1SA HP 80M (T)186660.1  
2481JO1MCC1984JA1SO HP 10M18498  
2482JJ1VTE2002JA1SO LP 15M1849824.7  
2483JR1OYL1986JA1SO HP 10M1801010  
2484JP1LRT1983JA1SO HP 15M1801110  
2485JR1USU2014JA1SO LP ALL18013123.1 [Cert]
2486JI1DSU2010JA1SO LP ALL18010101.6 [Cert]
2487JI8BUR2007JA1SO LP 15M17610825.7  
2488JQ1NGT2014JA1SO QRP 10M (T)176880.4 [Cert]
2489JA1BNW2004JA1SO HP ALL1719924.9  
2490JF1DIR2014JA1SO LP 15M171990.7 [Cert]
2491JF1UOX2013JA1SO LP 15M171990.8 [Cert]
2492JN1DNV2004JA1SO LP 15M1719924.9  
2493JK1TCV2007JA1SO QRP ALL171992.3  
24947L3OBQ2017JA1SO LP 15M17011101.7 [Cert]
2495JJ1HHJ2014JA1SO LP 15M17011100.1  
2496JA1LKY2016JA1SA LP 15M16513112.1 [Cert]
24977K2QNI2017JA1SO QRP 15M1621092.6 [Cert]
2498JI1UDD2010JA1SO LP ALL (T)160881.1 [Cert]
2499JG1GCO2016JA1SO LP 15M153991.7 [Cert]
2500JE1ALA2006JA1SO LP 10M152982.9  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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