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23701BG6QJG2010BYSO LP ALL40882.2 [Cert]
23702RN3DGI2010UA-3SO LP ALL40651.0 [Cert]
23703KG2V2007W2SO LP ALL (T)4055  
237049A4NC20069ASO LP ALL404424.2  
23705BG6WQ2017BYSO LP ALL36661.7BG6QYE 
23706DO2JX2016DLSO LP ALL36442.2 [Cert]
23707R6AW2016UA-6SO LP ALL36330.8 [Cert]
23708SV1IZY2015SVSO LP ALL (R)36441.6 [Cert]
23709KF5HIQ2014W5SO LP ALL36762.4 [Cert]
23710KK4MOV2014W4SO LP ALL (R)36440.5 [Cert]
23711KB3GJT2012W3SO LP ALL36660.4 [Cert]
23712W5TJS2012W5SO LP ALL (R)36441.3 [Cert]
23713W2HCB2011W2SO LP ALL36330.2 [Cert]
237149A3IGY20109ASO LP ALL36540.7 [Cert]
23715W2ARP2010W2SO LP ALL36440.6 [Cert]
23716W4BCG2008W4SO LP ALL36660.2 [Cert]
23717VR2YKP2006VRSO LP ALL36    
237187N4TDG2003JA1SO LP ALL366   
23719JK8FRL1997JA8SO LP ALL3633  
23720VK2FAIB2016VKSO LP ALL35752.1 [Cert]
23721KV4UV2014W4SO LP ALL (R)35550.7 [Cert]
23722W8IDW2010W8SO LP ALL (R)35551.3 [Cert]
23723VR2YKP2008VRSO LP ALL3555 [Cert]
23724UA9OA2003RA9SO LP ALL355525.3  
23725N9JTB2017W9SO LP ALL32440.5 [Cert]
23726BD2RWS2016BYSO LP ALL32441.1 [Cert]
23727KF7WWP2016W7SO LP ALL32440.7 [Cert]
23728W4VG2016W4SO LP ALL32440.4 [Cert]
23729DK0KKB2014DLSO LP ALL32440.4DL4HCF[Cert]
23730K3BAK2013W3SO LP ALL32441.0 [Cert]
23731PY3ASQ2013PYSO LP ALL32982.3 [Cert]
23732DN3AL2013DLSO LP ALL30550.5  
23733VA3CME2011VE3SO LP ALL30550.6 [Cert]
23734KC5QNK2007W5SO LP ALL3055  
23735UB8CFR2016RA9SO LP ALL28440.4 [Cert]
23736VE3RUV2016VE3SO LP ALL28440.5 [Cert]
23737K7LAG2015W7SO LP ALL28440.3 [Cert]
23738BG6QYE2013BYSO LP ALL27330.7 [Cert]
23739KU7Y2012W7SO LP ALL27330.1 [Cert]
23740JR1AHP2011JA1SO LP ALL (T)2733 [Cert]
23741UA1WBV/62007UA-6SO LP ALL273324.8  
23742KD4MCM/32005W3SO LP ALL273325.0  
23743SP5OXJ2003SPSO LP ALL273324.8  
23744W7EDM2017W7SO LP ALL25551.1 [Cert]
23745JJ2RON2016JA2SO LP ALL24331.0 [Cert]
23746DL1JPF2015DLSO LP ALL24443.1 [Cert]
23747VK4FPDG2015VKSO LP ALL24831.3 [Cert]
23748VU2MCW2015VUSO LP ALL24541.4 [Cert]
23749F4FWN2009FSO LP ALL (R)24441.5 [Cert]
23750G4LMW2008GSO LP ALL24220.2 [Cert]
23751K6LDX2001W6SO LP ALL243324.2  
23752RA0UBI2017RA0SO LP ALL21330.1  
23753ON3RPL2016ONSO LP ALL21771.1 [Cert]
23754RL3FXX2014UA-3SO LP ALL21730.6 [Cert]
23755W5OV2012W5SO LP ALL21330.1 [Cert]
23756LA3ZSA2010LASO LP ALL2133 [Cert]
23757RK9QWZ2010RA9SO LP ALL2133RW9QA[Cert]
23758JR1UMO2007JA1SO LP ALL213324.8  
23759N6MAW/52005W5SO LP ALL213327.6  
23760WS6G2002W6SO LP ALL (R)213324.2  
23761JK2VNL1999JA2SO LP ALL2143  
23762JJ4GTY1994JA4SO LP ALL2143  
23763KD9EEQ2016W9SO LP ALL (R)20551.4 [Cert]
23764TA1AJJ2016TA1SO LP ALL20540.5 [Cert]
23765W1NF2015W1SO LP ALL20541.1 [Cert]
23766PY3KV2014PYSO LP ALL20440.4 [Cert]
23767EA5IMM2017EASO LP ALL (R)1822 [Cert]
23768YM7KK2016TASO LP ALL18220.2 [Cert]
23769W5GZ2014W5SO LP ALL18320.1 [Cert]
23770VE7EOL2017VE7SO LP ALL (R)1622 [Cert]
23771ZS2EC2017ZSSO LP ALL (T)161080.7 [Cert]
23772KR7RK2016W7SO LP ALL16440.8 [Cert]
23773UR5QW2016URSO LP ALL16220.5 [Cert]
23774KK6NTL2015W6SO LP ALL (R)16444.9 [Cert]
23775UR5FST2014URSO LP ALL (R)1682 [Cert]
23776N4KTM2007W4SO LP ALL16    
23777N6YMK2007W6SO LP ALL1644  
23778BG3AEK2006BYSO LP ALL16440.8  
23779YV5NWG2005YVSO LP ALL163224.6  
23780N0ZTO2017W0SO LP ALL15330.2 [Cert]
23781W4GUD2017W4SO LP ALL15550.6 [Cert]
23782RA3TKS2014UA-3SO LP ALL (T)15331.1 [Cert]
23783CT4DK2008CTSO LP ALL15330.2 [Cert]
23784RN6DR2008UA-6SO LP ALL15330.1 [Cert]
23785BH4SKP2013BYSO LP ALL1422 [Cert]
23786W8TK/72007W7SO LP ALL1432  
23787BG5NKC2017BYSO LP ALL12662.3 [Cert]
23788BH1KVZ2017BYSO LP ALL12441.4 [Cert]
23789JS6RTD2017JA6SO LP ALL1222 [Cert]
23790DG2YCB2016DLSO LP ALL12331.0 [Cert]
23791N2SRK/02016W0SO LP ALL12220.1 [Cert]
23792AC0YG2015W0SO LP ALL1222 [Cert]
23793K0EZW2015W0SO LP ALL (T)12220.5 [Cert]
23794N3GTY/42015W4SO LP ALL (R)12448.7 [Cert]
23795DA0KOL2014DLSO LP ALL12330.2DL4HCF[Cert]
23796PA3BXR2014PASO LP ALL1222 [Cert]
23797SP9PRR2014SPSO LP ALL1222SQ9NOS[Cert]
23798SP8HXN2013SPSO LP ALL12220.1 [Cert]
237994Z5TK20094XSO LP ALL12220.5 [Cert]
23800AB8PV/42005W4SO LP ALL122224.4  

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