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23601F6IHY2013FSO LP ALL75550.1 [Cert]
23602IW2FLB2012ISO LP ALL7555 [Cert]
23603DJ1YFK2017DLSO LP ALL72660.1 [Cert]
23604K0ARM2017W0SO LP ALL72440.7 [Cert]
23605M6LTT2017GSO LP ALL721092.2 [Cert]
23606R2TT2014UA-3SO LP ALL72660.6 [Cert]
23607I3YYY2013ISO LP ALL (T)721060.4 [Cert]
23608OK1CAI2011OKSO LP ALL72881.7 [Cert]
23609IW2NSE2006ISO LP ALL (R)726624.8  
23610YL2PA2004YLSO LP ALL726625.0  
23611VE6QO2016VE6SO LP ALL70650.2 [Cert]
23612VU3BUN2015VUSO LP ALL70553.3 [Cert]
23613IZ1QYD2013ISO LP ALL70550.3 [Cert]
23614RA3XGY2012UA-3SO LP ALL70770.9 [Cert]
23615KD8OLG2011W8SO LP ALL70771.3 [Cert]
23616BG5DMO2010BYSO LP ALL70771.2 [Cert]
23617UA0ZC2010RA0SO LP ALL70651.0 [Cert]
23618W6RGS2010W6SO LP ALL70870.8 [Cert]
23619DL7BA2007DLSO LP ALL705524.3  
23620K4KUZ2005W4SO LP ALL7055W4UM 
23621EA3FFE1996EASO LP ALL (T)701010  
23622W7THE2014W7SO LP ALL (R)66660.7 [Cert]
23623IZ3GKI2011ISO LP ALL66661.1 [Cert]
23624NC6P2003W6SO LP ALL666624.8  
23625UA4WAG2003UA-4SO LP ALL66663.9  
23626JJ2RON2015JA2SO LP ALL65550.5 [Cert]
23627JP2MRD2012JA2SO LP ALL6555 [Cert]
23628SP5MDB2012SPSO LP ALL65550.5 [Cert]
23629IZ8OFB2015ISO LP ALL64440.6 [Cert]
23630JA7BEW2012JA7SO LP ALL64440.1 [Cert]
23631KJ4JOA2015W4SO LP ALL63775.7 [Cert]
23632BH4RRG2013BYSO LP ALL63772.9 [Cert]
23633UT7KF2017URSO LP ALL60440.5 [Cert]
23634VK6TKR2016VKSO LP ALL60440.6 [Cert]
23635LZ2WSG2015LZSO LP ALL60660.2 [Cert]
23636W4WCJ2015W4SO LP ALL (R)60550.4 [Cert]
23637W9SWT2015W9SO LP ALL60551.6 [Cert]
23638DO1DXX2014DLSO LP ALL60540.8  
23639BG1SQT2012BYSO LP ALL (T)60661.7 [Cert]
23640SP7IIT2008SPSO LP ALL60440.1 [Cert]
23641KF4MJJ2007W4SO LP ALL60551.7  
23642GU0SUP2004GUSO LP ALL60660.2  
23643RA0SDW2003RA0SO LP ALL604424.6  
23644KI6SDD2017W6SO LP ALL56884.5 [Cert]
23645HB9TXW2013HBSO LP ALL56880.8 [Cert]
23646BA4MY2012BYSO LP ALL56971.5 [Cert]
23647BG6QHV2010BYSO LP ALL56772.5 [Cert]
236484K9W20094JSO LP ALL56871.0 [Cert]
23649AG1T/72009W7SO LP ALL56770.6 [Cert]
23650KC8NHP2008W8SO LP ALL56771.7 [Cert]
23651R9OO2014RA9SO LP ALL (T)55550.2 [Cert]
23652SN6A2014SPSO LP ALL55550.2SP6CES[Cert]
23653PC5F2013PASO LP ALL55550.2 [Cert]
23654WB3IGR2011W3SO LP ALL55550.3 [Cert]
23655IZ1MHY2010ISO LP ALL55550.5 [Cert]
23656JN1DNV2010JA1SO LP ALL (T)55550.5 [Cert]
23657VE6MRX2007VE6SO LP ALL555524.6  
23658W3QYL1997W3SO LP ALL (R)5555  
23659JA0MMS2016JA0SO LP ALL54661.0 [Cert]
23660KK6ANP2016W6SO LP ALL54660.2 [Cert]
23661DG2YCB2017DLSO LP ALL52440.3 [Cert]
23662UU4JQE2010URSO LP ALL52440.1 [Cert]
23663VA1AVR2017VE1SO LP ALL50550.6 [Cert]
23664W1WV2017W2SO LP ALL50550.3 [Cert]
23665WW5OBA2016W5SO LP ALL (R)50550.8 [Cert]
23666BG5HYM2010BYSO LP ALL50551.3 [Cert]
23667RA4UAT2010UA-4SO LP ALL50550.3 [Cert]
23668EA4AAZ2007EASO LP ALL505525.4  
23669OH2RL1994OHSO LP ALL5065  
23670DO1FPT2015DLSO LP ALL49771.0  
23671N8OOU/92014W9SO LP ALL49770.6 [Cert]
23672DL7LZ2017DLSO LP ALL48440.1 [Cert]
23673ZL2GQ2016ZLSO LP ALL48440.3 [Cert]
23674PD7MDJ2015PASO LP ALL4844  
23675SQ7OTA2014SPSO LP ALL48440.9 [Cert]
23676AC9EG2013W9SO LP ALL (R)48661.7 [Cert]
23677EA7VJ2010EASO LP ALL48440.3 [Cert]
23678EB5GIV2010EASO LP ALL (R)48540.3 [Cert]
23679MJ3FHT2003GJSO LP ALL486636.0  
23680TF3DT2016TFSO LP ALL459913.4 [Cert]
23681ZY5M2014PYSO LP ALL45551.1PP5UA[Cert]
23682NQ0I2012W0SO LP ALL45551.0 [Cert]
23683DW7DQS2011DUSO LP ALL (R)45330.6DW7DSH[Cert]
23684PF50RNARS2010PASO LP ALL45550.4PF9A[Cert]
23685DN5QA2009DLSO LP ALL45551.6TIMON[Cert]
23686KI4CBN2016W4SO LP ALL44440.2 [Cert]
23687CU3FV2011CUSO LP ALL44440.7 [Cert]
23688KC9KIO2011W9SO LP ALL44441.0 [Cert]
23689BG5DMN2010BYSO LP ALL44441.5 [Cert]
23690JG3WCZ1994JA3SO LP ALL4444  
23691UA4CDT2013UA-4SO LP ALL42330.5 [Cert]
23692JG1MYK2012JA1SO LP ALL (R)42772.2 [Cert]
23693BG6SZD2017BYSO LP ALL4011103.6  
23694DO5SV2017DLSO LP ALL (R)40441.0 [Cert]
23695EA5IMM2016EASO LP ALL (R)4044 [Cert]
23696WV7TRT/82016W8SO LP ALL (R)40550.6 [Cert]
23697AB3VE2015W3SO LP ALL (R)40554.5 [Cert]
23698DL1AS2015DLSO LP ALL (T)40551.3 [Cert]
23699W1ET2014W1SO LP ALL40440.5KC1AUG[Cert]
23700VK6FMAB2011VKSO LP ALL (R)40651.3 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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