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23601F6IHY2013FSO LP ALL75550.1 
23602IW2FLB2012ISO LP ALL7555 
23603DJ1YFK2017DLSO LP ALL72660.1 
23604K0ARM2017W0SO LP ALL72440.7 
23605M6LTT2017GSO LP ALL721092.2 
23606R2TT2014UA-3SO LP ALL72660.6 
23607I3YYY2013ISO LP ALL (T)721060.4 
23608OK1CAI2011OKSO LP ALL72881.7 
23609IW2NSE2006ISO LP ALL (R)726624.8  
23610YL2PA2004YLSO LP ALL726625.0  
23611VE6QO2016VE6SO LP ALL70650.2 
23612VU3BUN2015VUSO LP ALL70553.3 
23613IZ1QYD2013ISO LP ALL70550.3 
23614RA3XGY2012UA-3SO LP ALL70770.9 
23615KD8OLG2011W8SO LP ALL70771.3 
23616BG5DMO2010BYSO LP ALL70771.2 
23617UA0ZC2010RA0SO LP ALL70651.0 
23618W6RGS2010W6SO LP ALL70870.8 
23619DL7BA2007DLSO LP ALL705524.3  
23620K4KUZ2005W4SO LP ALL7055W4UM 
23621EA3FFE1996EASO LP ALL (T)701010  
23622W7THE2014W7SO LP ALL (R)66660.7 
23623IZ3GKI2011ISO LP ALL66661.1 
23624NC6P2003W6SO LP ALL666624.8  
23625UA4WAG2003UA-4SO LP ALL66663.9  
23626JJ2RON2015JA2SO LP ALL65550.5 
23627JP2MRD2012JA2SO LP ALL6555 
23628SP5MDB2012SPSO LP ALL65550.5 
23629IZ8OFB2015ISO LP ALL64440.6 
23630JA7BEW2012JA7SO LP ALL64440.1 
23631KJ4JOA2015W4SO LP ALL63775.7 
23632BH4RRG2013BYSO LP ALL63772.9 
23633UT7KF2017URSO LP ALL60440.5 
23634VK6TKR2016VKSO LP ALL60440.6 
23635LZ2WSG2015LZSO LP ALL60660.2 
23636W4WCJ2015W4SO LP ALL (R)60550.4 
23637W9SWT2015W9SO LP ALL60551.6 
23638DO1DXX2014DLSO LP ALL60540.8  
23639BG1SQT2012BYSO LP ALL (T)60661.7 
23640SP7IIT2008SPSO LP ALL60440.1 
23641KF4MJJ2007W4SO LP ALL60551.7  
23642GU0SUP2004GUSO LP ALL60660.2  
23643RA0SDW2003RA0SO LP ALL604424.6  
23644KI6SDD2017W6SO LP ALL56884.5 
23645HB9TXW2013HBSO LP ALL56880.8 
23646BA4MY2012BYSO LP ALL56971.5 
23647BG6QHV2010BYSO LP ALL56772.5 
236484K9W20094JSO LP ALL56871.0 
23649AG1T/72009W7SO LP ALL56770.6 
23650KC8NHP2008W8SO LP ALL56771.7 
23651R9OO2014RA9SO LP ALL (T)55550.2 
23652SN6A2014SPSO LP ALL55550.2SP6CES
23653PC5F2013PASO LP ALL55550.2 
23654WB3IGR2011W3SO LP ALL55550.3 
23655IZ1MHY2010ISO LP ALL55550.5 
23656JN1DNV2010JA1SO LP ALL (T)55550.5 
23657VE6MRX2007VE6SO LP ALL555524.6  
23658W3QYL1997W3SO LP ALL (R)5555  
23659JA0MMS2016JA0SO LP ALL54661.0 
23660KK6ANP2016W6SO LP ALL54660.2 
23661DG2YCB2017DLSO LP ALL52440.3 
23662UU4JQE2010URSO LP ALL52440.1 
23663VA1AVR2017VE1SO LP ALL50550.6 
23664W1WV2017W2SO LP ALL50550.3 
23665WW5OBA2016W5SO LP ALL (R)50550.8 
23666BG5HYM2010BYSO LP ALL50551.3 
23667RA4UAT2010UA-4SO LP ALL50550.3 
23668EA4AAZ2007EASO LP ALL505525.4  
23669OH2RL1994OHSO LP ALL5065  
23670DO1FPT2015DLSO LP ALL49771.0  
23671N8OOU/92014W9SO LP ALL49770.6 
23672DL7LZ2017DLSO LP ALL48440.1 
23673ZL2GQ2016ZLSO LP ALL48440.3 
23674PD7MDJ2015PASO LP ALL4844  
23675SQ7OTA2014SPSO LP ALL48440.9 
23676AC9EG2013W9SO LP ALL (R)48661.7 
23677EA7VJ2010EASO LP ALL48440.3 
23678EB5GIV2010EASO LP ALL (R)48540.3 
23679MJ3FHT2003GJSO LP ALL486636.0  
23680TF3DT2016TFSO LP ALL459913.4 
23681ZY5M2014PYSO LP ALL45551.1PP5UA
23682NQ0I2012W0SO LP ALL45551.0 
23683DW7DQS2011DUSO LP ALL (R)45330.6DW7DSH
23684PF50RNARS2010PASO LP ALL45550.4PF9A
23685DN5QA2009DLSO LP ALL45551.6TIMON
23686KI4CBN2016W4SO LP ALL44440.2 
23687CU3FV2011CUSO LP ALL44440.7 
23688KC9KIO2011W9SO LP ALL44441.0 
23689BG5DMN2010BYSO LP ALL44441.5 
23690JG3WCZ1994JA3SO LP ALL4444  
23691UA4CDT2013UA-4SO LP ALL42330.5 
23692JG1MYK2012JA1SO LP ALL (R)42772.2 
23693BG6SZD2017BYSO LP ALL4011103.6  
23694DO5SV2017DLSO LP ALL (R)40441.0 
23695EA5IMM2016EASO LP ALL (R)4044 
23696WV7TRT/82016W8SO LP ALL (R)40550.6 
23697AB3VE2015W3SO LP ALL (R)40554.5 
23698DL1AS2015DLSO LP ALL (T)40551.3 
23699W1ET2014W1SO LP ALL40440.5KC1AUG
23700VK6FMAB2011VKSO LP ALL (R)40651.3 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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