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2201KC2HTP2004W2SO LP 15M1,05021215.2  
2202K2JF2014W2SO LP ALL1,05021211.1 [Cert]
2203K2CY2000W2SO QRP ALL1,0352323  
2204N2NUR2017W2SO LP ALL1,02020203.9 [Cert]
2205K2JF2011W2SO LP ALL1,01224231.7 [Cert]
2206W2FG2013W2SO LP ALL1,00820181.4  
2207K2AMP2010W2SO LP ALL99022223.9 [Cert]
2208N2KYP1992W2SO LP ALL9343433  
2209KC2JRQ2013W2SO LP 10M88218181.8 [Cert]
2210K2TV2010W2SO LP 20M85519190.6 [Cert]
2211WB2PXA1986W2SO HP 20M8282323  
2212N2UB1998W2SO HP 10M8001816  
2213W2LHL2009W2SO LP 15M79917173.1 [Cert]
2214N2AMW2009W2SO LP 20M79226224.6 [Cert]
2215K2SZ2015W2SO HP ALL75618181.4 [Cert]
2216KB2KOL2016W2SO LP ALL75618180.7 [Cert]
2217KC2NEO2016W2SO LP ALL74817171.3 [Cert]
2218KC2OVM2009W2SO LP ALL74121195.3 [Cert]
2219KB2GD2016W2SA LP ALL73117172.5 [Cert]
2220AA2DS2009W2SO LP 40M71422212.3 [Cert]
2221WA2ACV2017W2SO LP 20M68021202.8 [Cert]
2222KC2PRZ2015W2SO HP ALL (R)67216162.3 [Cert]
2223W2MRD2015W2SO LP ALL66317172.8 [Cert]
2224KD2DOE2016W2SO LP ALL66022201.9 [Cert]
2225KC2JRQ2017W2SO LP 20M65616161.3 [Cert]
2226KC2YXU2012W2SO LP 40M (R)61614141.1 [Cert]
2227KC2YEA2017W2SA LP ALL61515150.6 [Cert]
2228N2DWS2009W2SO HP 20M60819190.8 [Cert]
2229W2BVH2005W2SO LP ALL6021514  
2230N2LQ2009W2SA LP ALL58815143.5 [Cert]
2231KA2BXH2010W2SO HP 15M58515150.8 [Cert]
2232KB2DUH1988W2SO HP 10M5132727  
2233N2RJ2017W2SA HP 80M (T)49512110.7 [Cert]
2234K2AL2017W2SO LP ALL (T)48114131.4 [Cert]
2235KD2FJQ2015W2SO QRP ALL (R)48113132.5 [Cert]
2236WB2GDD1988W2SO QRP 20M4763028  
2237KD2DVW2016W2SO LP ALL46813132.8 [Cert]
2238K2DL2010W2SO LP ALL45917173.3 [Cert]
2239K2AMI2009W2SO HP ALL43414141.4 [Cert]
2240WX2S2015W2SA HP ALL42010100.4 [Cert]
2241KA2IBN2011W2SO LP ALL42015153.8 [Cert]
2242KC2OGR2007W2SO LP ALL40817173.4  
2243W2BSN2012W2SO HP ALL38010100.6 [Cert]
2244W2CJX1977W2SO HP ALL3771613  
2245KC2ASA2016W2SA LP ALL36012121.1 [Cert]
2246N2ZN2006W2SO LP 15M (T)36013122.9  
2247K2BQ1980W2SO HP 160M3522622  
2248KC2VPE2015W2SO LP 10M35113131.5 [Cert]
2249WB2DVU1996W2SO LP ALL (T)350128  
2250N2HO2013W2SA HP ALL34812121.2 [Cert]
2251W2BSN2013W2SA HP ALL336981.4 [Cert]
2252W2KTF1984W2SO HP ALL3361616  
2253W2RR2017W2SO HP 15M33011111.1WA2AOG[Cert]
2254W2RES2017W2SO LP 20M33011111.5 [Cert]
2255AA2TH2016W2SO LP ALL31911113.3 [Cert]
2256NA2Q1989W2SO HP ALL3121313  
2257N2FF2016W2SA HP 15M31011100.3 [Cert]
2258KG9NZ/22012W2SO LP ALL30417162.7 [Cert]
2259W2CJX1978W2SO HP ALL3001212  
2260N2KMJ/AE1992W2SO LP 160M3002525  
2261KC2JRQ2008W2SO LP ALL27612120.6 [Cert]
2262K2XA2016W2SO HP ALL259770.1 [Cert]
2263N2UJN2017W2SO LP ALL25311110.9 [Cert]
2264KD2DOE2015W2SO LP 20M (R)24211112.1 [Cert]
2265KC2TFI2017W2SO LP ALL225991.1 [Cert]
2266WB2DVU1994W2SO LP ALL22599  
2267KD2DVW2017W2SO LP ALL21010101.2 [Cert]
2268K2DL2011W2SO LP ALL207992.7 [Cert]
2269NA2X1997W2SO HP 10M2041717  
2270N1IBM/22015W2SA HP ALL1801090.8 [Cert]
2271N2NKX2014W2SO LP 10M (T)18010101.5N2NKX @N2NKX 
2272WA2PFC1979W2SO HP ALL1761111  
2273W2UL1978W2SO HP 10M16088  
2274K2AMP2011W2SO LP ALL144990.9 [Cert]
2275N2NKX2015W2SA LP 10M136981.5 [Cert]
2276K2BF2003W2SO LP 20M (T)1368824.4  
2277WB2MDZ1980W2SO HP 15M13599N2AHW 
2278KC2FBV2003W2SO LP 10M130101026.3  
2279NA2H2008W2SO LP 40M13010102.4 [Cert]
2280N2SAB2014W2SA HP ALL126993.1 [Cert]
2281W2IMY2011W2SO LP 20M (T)126761.3 [Cert]
2282K2SZ2003W2SO LP ALL126771.8  
2283WD2AHD1989W2SO HP 10M11977  
2284KD2KCD2016W2SO LP ALL96661.2 [Cert]
2285AB2IO2014W2SA LP ALL72662.5 [Cert]
2286AC2RJ2017W2SO QRP ALL72883.8 [Cert]
2287KC2ZXY2011W2SO LP 10M (R)65551.2 [Cert]
2288KA2WLI1986W2SO HP 20M5688  
2289W2BSN2010W2SO HP ALL56540.7 [Cert]
2290N2IJW1994W2SO LP 10M5555  
2291K2HAT2016W2SA HP ALL5433 [Cert]
2292W1WV2017W2SO LP ALL50550.3 [Cert]
2293WB2SNN2011W2SO HP 10M44441.5 [Cert]
2294KB2HSH2017W2SA QRP 20M42660.7 [Cert]
2295KG2V2007W2SO LP ALL (T)4055  
2296WB2AIV2016W2SA HP 20M36440.5 [Cert]
2297W2HCB2011W2SO LP ALL36330.2 [Cert]
2298W2ARP2010W2SO LP ALL36440.6 [Cert]
2299N2UHR1999W2SO QRP 10M3644  
2300KC2AWX2010W2SO LP 10M32440.6 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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