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20101IK3PQG2012ISO HP ALL (T)27010101.1 
20102OH2MPO2003OHSO HP ALL (T)270109  
20103AA6EE1991W6SO HP ALL2701010  
20104I8VKB2002ISO HP ALL266117  
20105PY2KP2016PYSO HP ALL26412122.2 
20106OK2SWD1981OKOMSO HP ALL2641312  
20107WB9ZED1979W9SO HP ALL2641111  
20108IC8SCI2008ISO HP ALL26010100.6 
20109EA5DCL1985EASO HP ALL2601010  
20110K2XA2016W2SO HP ALL259770.1 
20111IK2LCY1989ISO HP ALL2531111  
20112S51DX2003S5SO HP ALL25210924.4  
20113JA6QDU1997JA6SO HP ALL2521312  
20114SP5ENA1985SPSO HP ALL25287  
20115JE2SSX1983JA2SO HP ALL2501110  
20116LU6QI1983LUSO HP ALL24399  
20117Y59ZD1982DMSO HP ALL24399  
20118WB4BBH1981W4SO HP ALL24399  
20119UN5J2008UNSO HP ALL (T)24212111.4 
20120Y51YF1980DMSO HP ALL2421211  
20121PT9ZZ1988PYSO HP ALL2401210PY5ZC 
20122UC2LBE1983EUSO HP ALL2401010  
20123W5QOU1981W5SO HP ALL2401010  
20124YO5AUV1985YOSO HP ALL2381614  
20125RG5A2014UA-3SO HP ALL2341090.6 
20126UA3DAT1987UA-3SO HP ALL2311211  
20127IK3XTY2001ISO HP ALL230111025.4  
20128Y48ZF1981DMSO HP ALL22599  
20129OH2BMG1975OHSO HP ALL224108  
20130DO9MV2015DLSO HP ALL22013110.9  
20131LZ05ANT2008LZSO HP ALL22010100.2 
20132Y33VA1980DMSO HP ALL2201010  
20133DM4ZFM1976DMSO HP ALL2201111  
20134LZ1SE1983LZSO HP ALL2161412  
20135JR3MTJ1977JA3SO HP ALL21688  
20136UA9BA2012RA9SO HP ALL210972.5 
20137DL1HRE2010DLSO HP ALL21016143.3 
20138LA5TBA1984LASO HP ALL2101010  
20139Y57QM1980DMSO HP ALL2101010  
20140LZ2EE1978LZSO HP ALL2091311  
20141Y51TO1990DMSO HP ALL20898  
20142JH3TXR1983JA3SO HP ALL20898  
20143JR1IJV2017JA1SO HP ALL207991.3  
20144OG0BHU1992OH0SO HP ALL207109  
20145SM0MC1984SMSO HP ALL20799  
20146EA7ATE1982EASO HP ALL20799  
20147SM4DQE1979SMSO HP ALL20799  
20148WB9BCR1978W9SO HP ALL20799  
20149BG5FCH2012BYSO HP ALL20412122.6 
20150JR3NDM2005JA3SO HP ALL1989925.6  
20151PA0RWS1983PASO HP ALL1921212  
20152W4NOS1980W4SO HP ALL19288  
20153Z81D2015Z8SO HP ALL1909106.3 
20154OK1OPT1987OKOMSO HP ALL18999  
20155LA9LO1981LASO HP ALL18999  
20156OK3CAW1978OKOMSO HP ALL18498  
20157PA0RWS1985PASO HP ALL1801010  
20158OZ1BUR1980OZSO HP ALL1801512  
20159JH6WRV1977JA6SO HP ALL180119  
20160RA4UVK2006UA-4SO HP ALL1768824.1  
20161NY6Y2004W6SO HP ALL1768826.4  
20162JA9CWJ2001JA9SO HP ALL1768824.5  
20163WA2PFC1979W2SO HP ALL1761111  
20164JA1BNW2004JA1SO HP ALL1719924.9  
20165PA0TV1980PASO HP ALL17199  
20166UC2ACA1979EUSO HP ALL171109  
20167RA9FEC1983RA9SO HP ALL16898  
20168Y24HF1983DMSO HP ALL16898  
20169JF3PHY1980JA3SO HP ALL16887  
20170Y38ZG1980DMSO HP ALL168167  
20171SM5Y2008SMSO HP ALL16511110.7SM5AAY
20172N1TTT2017W1SO HP ALL162990.8 
20173JI2NQS1984JA2SO HP ALL16187  
20174LA5KO1980LASO HP ALL16088  
20175K8PYD1976W8SO HP ALL16098  
20176LA9OSA2011LASO HP ALL (R)15414140.6 
20177KC3QS1985W3SO HP ALL1541311  
20178DL2AMD2014DLSO HP ALL152880.2 
20179OK30TBG1975OKOMSO HP ALL15298  
20180KL4AD2016KLSO HP ALL147771.6 
20181KM4HDM2015W4SO HP ALL (R)14412122.7 
20182W0PC2015W0SO HP ALL144880.6 
20183IZ2GNQ2013ISO HP ALL144660.7 
20184SP2FAP2008SPSO HP ALL144880.1 
20185PY6KW1988PYSO HP ALL144129  
20186HC1AK1978HCSO HP ALL14077  
20187FE6CYT1990FSO HP ALL1362513  
20188OH6IO2017OHSO HP ALL133770.7 
20189LA5TBA1985LASO HP ALL13377  
20190OE5CWL1980OESO HP ALL13377  
20191Y32OK1980DMSO HP ALL13377  
20192UF6HS19764LSO HP ALL13377  
20193K4DKE2012W4SO HP ALL (R)132661.3 
20194KF5NRS2015W5SO HP ALL128882.5 
20195S59T2009S5SO HP ALL1281080.8 
20196Z37FCA2000Z3SO HP ALL12888  
20197DM2EBH1977DMSO HP ALL12888  
20198RK9WZZ2007RA9SO HP ALL1268724.5Ruslan R9W-449 
20199W5IL2004W5SO HP ALL126760.7  
20200UR7EO2001URSO HP ALL126661.2  

Page 202 of 204

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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