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1901KB8MKL1992W8SO LP 10M2,1305230  
1902KB8DB1981W8SO HP ALL2,1212121  
1903KC8LI1982W8SO HP ALL2,1123733  
1904KA5NHU/82015W8SO LP ALL2,08829295.3  
1905W8LRL1976W8SO HP 160M2,0807880  
1906KC8HWV2003W8SO LP ALL2,08026269.3  
1907N8XTH2011W8SO LP ALL2,07230283.2 [Cert]
1908K8OQL2005W8SO HP 160M2,010463025.9  
1909W8BS2005W8SA HP ALL (T)1,99828271.7  
1910NB8I2012W8SO HP ALL1,98829281.5 [Cert]
1911N8RLG2010W8SO LP ALL (R)1,97526251.9 [Cert]
1912AF8C2010W8SO LP ALL (T)1,95339312.2 [Cert]
1913WB8VZX1978W8SO HP ALL1,9252725  
1914W8IDW2014W8SO LP ALL1,92031302.8 [Cert]
1915WB8SDA2017W8SO LP ALL1,88530293.8 [Cert]
1916KB8OKK/T1994W8SO LP 10M1,8752925  
1917WA8WMC1981W8SO HP ALL1,8563029  
1918WB8APH1975W8SO HP 160M1,8488542  
1919WA2HOM/82011W8MULTI-ONE HP1,83030301.5K8ELR KD8PUC AA8RK KB6NU[Cert]
1920N8UZE2005W8MULTI-ONE HP1,829333127.9N8UZE K8BSG 
1921N8KOJ2012W8SA HP ALL1,80928275.7 [Cert]
1922N8GAS2016W8SA HP ALL1,80031302.5 [Cert]
1923KU8V1984W8SO HP 160M1,7485346  
1924W8YGR1977W8SO HP ALL1,7152322  
1925K8DHK1981W8SO HP 10M1,7042424  
1926KE8XH2016W8SA LP ALL1,70225234.0  
1927N8BZK1982W8SO HP ALL1,6565146  
1928WD8KND1978W8SO HP 10M1,6533119  
1929KB8MYC2010W8SO LP 20M1,63224241.6 [Cert]
1930AC8GLC1976W8SO HP ALL1,6202527  
1931WA8KEM1995W8SO LP 160M1,6204745  
1932W8IDM1997W8SO LP ALL1,5963028  
1933N8AXA1994W8SO QRP ALL1,5906160  
1934KZ8E2006W8SO LP ALL1,57527252.1  
1935WB8JUI2016W8SO QRP 10M1,56024242.2 [Cert]
1936W8JXM1981W8SO HP 40M1,4961717  
1937N8GU2013W8SO LP 15M1,49524231.2 [Cert]
1938N8ET1996W8SO QRP ALL1,4952423  
1939KD8YEO2015W8SO LP 20M (R)1,48528274.0 [Cert]
1940KB8MYC2009W8SO LP ALL1,48527271.8 [Cert]
1941KC8HQS2011W8SO LP ALL1,45025253.3 [Cert]
1942W9SWM/81981W8SO HP ALL1,4253225  
1943N8DRG2016W8SA LP ALL1,40721211.2 [Cert]
1944WA8A2015W8SA HP ALL1,36822197.1 [Cert]
1945W8EH2008W8SA LP ALL (T)1,35031301.3 [Cert]
1946W8JMF2009W8SO HP 40M (T)1,35015151.8 [Cert]
1947W8MET2009W8SO HP ALL1,33218181.8 [Cert]
1948KC8WTP2004W8SO LP ALL1,2962424  
1949W8LIG2012W8SO HP ALL1,27526254.5 [Cert]
1950KT8K2017W8SO QRP ALL1,24229275.1  
1951N8AXA1995W8SO QRP 20M1,2192523  
1952W8WG1996W8SO HP ALL1,2182121  
1953KD8FDK2014W8SO LP ALL1,21821211.7 [Cert]
1954NV8N2017W8SO LP ALL1,18829271.9N8RY[Cert]
1955W8GHZ2007W8SO LP ALL1,17529259.1  
1956WB8WNV2013W8SA LP ALL (T)1,16625223.0 [Cert]
1957KD8JAM2012W8SO LP ALL1,16622222.7 [Cert]
1958W8IMZ1976W8SO HP 40M1,1522824  
1959W8WG1995W8SO HP 20M1,1272323  
1960KG8QT1996W8SO HP 40M1,1202016  
1961WA8RCN1982W8SO HP 40M1,1043024  
1962WA8OGR1977W8SO HP 20M1,1022019  
1963K8ES1981W8SO HP ALL1,1002020  
1964KA8SBI2013W8SO LP ALL (T)1,10023201.7 [Cert]
1965KD8GRG2009W8SO LP ALL1,08128232.8 [Cert]
1966N8AXA1983W8SO QRP ALL1,0602020  
1967KD8WBD2014W8SA LP 10M (R)1,02619192.8 [Cert]
1968K8ZT2017W8SA QRP ALL1,00821212.4 [Cert]
1969W8MET2011W8SO HP ALL96917171.4 [Cert]
1970K9TRV/82011W8SA LP ALL96016151.7 [Cert]
1971K8CFU1978W8SO HP 160M9525234  
1972W8CAR1981W8SO HP ALL9452121  
1973N8RLG2011W8SO HP ALL93621181.1 [Cert]
1974WD8RWI2015W8SO HP ALL92022231.4 [Cert]
1975WW9DX/82015W8SA LP ALL91220190.7K9NW[Cert]
1976N8JMV2013W8SO LP ALL91026264.1 [Cert]
1977W8QZA1992W8SO QRP 40M9002625  
1978NF8M2015W8SO LP ALL89319190.4 [Cert]
1979WA8CKT1975W8SO HP 20M8822118  
1980W8YLJ1978W8SO HP ALL8481816  
1981K8IKO2015W8SO LP ALL (R)83728272.1 [Cert]
1982KB8MRC2015W8SO LP ALL (R)81422226.8 [Cert]
1983KE8NH1995W8SO HP 10M8101815  
1984KD8ZCH2016W8SO LP ALL (R)79823213.8  
1985N9KCQ/82011W8SO LP ALL76021202.6 [Cert]
1986K8GT2011W8SA LP ALL72016160.9 [Cert]
1987W8RID2010W8SO LP ALL72020201.9 [Cert]
1988WD8AJK1978W8SO HP 10M7141717  
1989N8ZKT2016W8SO LP ALL71417171.4 [Cert]
1990K8YSV2010W8SA LP ALL (T)70416161.6 [Cert]
1991N8QL2008W8SO LP ALL68017171.2 [Cert]
1992AB8SI2017W8SO LP ALL64516153.8 [Cert]
1993WA8BIN1981W8SO QRP 10M6442623  
1994WB9LBI/82008W8SO LP ALL63822221.5 [Cert]
1995N8BKX1980W8SO HP 20M6301515  
1996KD8TWV2013W8SO LP ALL (R)61221185.8 [Cert]
1997AB8FJ2013W8SO QRP 15M (T)58919192.5 [Cert]
1998K8DIL2014W8SO LP ALL58517152.2 [Cert]
1999AB8XE2008W8SO LP ALL (R)56020202.9 [Cert]
2000KC8IUM/M2005W8SO LP ALL546171425.2  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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