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1901KB5DRJ2013W5SO LP ALL2,08836362.8 [Cert]
1902N9WL/52016W5SO LP 20M2,07241373.6 [Cert]
1903K5WXZ1987W5SO HP 160M2,0245646  
1904N5KAE2014W5SA LP ALL1,99828272.1  
1905KC0LFQ/52007W5SO LP ALL1,920353028.6  
1906AA5B1986W5SO HP 15M1,9093023  
1907K8TE/52013W5SO HP 20M1,90840362.2 [Cert]
1908NQ5M2017W5SO QRP 20M (R)1,88741375.5 [Cert]
1909W5EIJ1979W5SO HP ALL1,8813633  
1910W5JDX2008W5SO HP ALL1,87022223.6 [Cert]
1911AD6G/52003W5SO QRP 10M1,856333226.8  
1912NJ5DX2010W5SO HP ALL1,84833331.3W5OV[Cert]
1913KB5DRJ2010W5SO LP ALL1,82936313.3 [Cert]
1914NM5M2013W5SA HP ALL1,82029280.6 [Cert]
1915K5VOP2017W5SA LP ALL1,80031305.7 [Cert]
1916KA5PVB1987W5SO QRP 20M1,8005245  
1917NA5B1997W5SO HP 40M1,7927856  
1918N5IF2012W5SO LP 15M (T)1,78236332.5 [Cert]
1919WC5C2010W5SO QRP 15M (T)1,77033302.5K5ANR[Cert]
1920N5DGK2008W5SO LP 40M (T)1,76826266.4 [Cert]
1921AI5G2010W5SO LP ALL1,76038322.3 [Cert]
1922WB0RUR2017W5SO LP ALL1,74226262.3  
1923W5UNT2014W5MULTI-ONE LP1,71626261.9KF5SOQ KF5ZAM[Cert]
1924W5HMM1977W5SO HP ALL1,7022523  
1925KO9X1995W5SO LP ALL1,6123026  
1926K7UP/52006W5SO QRP 15M1,60825241.0  
1927W5TJS2014W5SO LP ALL (R)1,56026264.3 [Cert]
1928AB5HD1995W5SO LP 80M1,5584138  
1929N5DTT2008W5SO LP 15M1,51224244.7 [Cert]
1930KA5N1983W5SO QRP 15M1,5043732  
1931NM5M2010W5SO LP 15M1,48430281.7 [Cert]
1932N5BA1986W5SO QRP 10M1,4742822  
1933N5VGK2017W5SA HP ALL1,47223233.0 [Cert]
1934K5RA2000W5SO LP ALL1,4562726  
1935KA5PQD2004W5SO LP 10M1,452252224.4W5GN 
1936W5YB1978W5SO HP ALL1,4492323  
1937KV5F1984W5SO HP 20M1,4403736  
1938K5XN1997W5SO LP 20M1,4405048  
1939W5RTQ1975W5SO HP 10M1,4303526  
1940N5UWY2012W5SO LP 10M1,42823210.7 [Cert]
1941AB5N1980W5SO HP ALL1,4103630  
1942KF5ZFW2017W5SO LP ALL1,37525255.0 [Cert]
1943W5TJS2013W5SO LP ALL (R)1,35031303.4 [Cert]
1944KF5TXU2016W5SO QRP 20M1,34432325.7 [Cert]
1945KI5SC2017W5SO LP ALL1,33423236.0 [Cert]
1946AD5SR2005W5SO LP ALL (R)1,27429264.2  
1947AK5R1983W5SO HP ALL1,2543933  
1948KD2KW/52008W5SO HP ALL1,24828262.2 [Cert]
1949KE5BUD2005W5SO HP ALL (R)1,24826242.5  
1950K5FUV1990W5SO HP 10M1,2323228  
1951KB5DRJ2009W5SO QRP ALL1,23035305.0 [Cert]
1952KF5LOE2014W5SO HP ALL1,21923235.3 [Cert]
1953KC0LFQ/52008W5SO LP ALL1,20029252.3 [Cert]
1954K0MBC/52012W5SO LP ALL1,17525256.5 [Cert]
1955KF5UOJ2014W5SO LP 10M1,15024232.5 [Cert]
1956W5THT2009W5SO LP 20M1,15023231.0 [Cert]
1957N5CWA2015W5SO LP ALL (R)1,15025253.3 [Cert]
1958N5PA2014W5SO LP 10M1,14424221.1 [Cert]
1959KE5QBZ2009W5SO HP ALL1,12032282.8 [Cert]
1960K5NAP2016W5SO LP ALL1,11323215.0  
1961K5DEC1975W5SO HP ALL1,1062314  
1962NJ5DX2013W5SA HP ALL1,10425240.6W5OV[Cert]
1963WY8S/52015W5SO LP ALL1,08020201.4 [Cert]
1964AF5CC2014W5SA LP ALL (T)1,02620190.8  
1965AE5NO2012W5SA LP ALL (T)99022221.6 [Cert]
1966WD5BZI1978W5SO HP 40M9862217  
1967KF5RHI2017W5SO LP ALL97227272.9 [Cert]
1968KF5CYZ2016W5SO LP 40M (T)95418181.8  
1969N5PEF1994W5SO LP ALL9452421  
1970W5ZAF2011W5SO HP 20M93618185.7 [Cert]
1971K1JHS/52015W5SO LP ALL91818173.2 [Cert]
1972NZ5G2003W5SA LP ALL900201826.2  
1973KE5CWC2006W5SO LP ALL (R)90018183.2  
1974K5HM2014W5SA LP ALL89319191.3 [Cert]
1975KC6ZBE/52011W5SO LP ALL87419191.2 [Cert]
1976W5EFA1977W5SO HP ALL8671917  
1977KF5ELB2013W5SO LP 15M85822222.5 [Cert]
1978N5AJD2017W5SO LP ALL85823223.5 [Cert]
1979WM5R2010W5SO LP ALL85828262.4 [Cert]
1980KD2BGM2017W5SA QRP 20M (T)85126231.4 [Cert]
1981N5SDO2013W5SO HP ALL81914132.4 [Cert]
1982KF5SNL2015W5SO LP ALL (R)80021204.0 [Cert]
1983KF5GPQ2017W5SO LP ALL78025202.0 [Cert]
1984AC5NB2014W5SO LP ALL77920195.0 [Cert]
1985W5RAW2010W5SO LP ALL76021191.6 [Cert]
1986KF5YZ2014W5SO LP ALL (T)74120191.4 [Cert]
1987K5GHS2017W5SO LP ALL72027242.2 [Cert]
1988WD5BEP1980W5SO HP ALL6971817  
1989N5VP2008W5SO LP ALL68019172.6 [Cert]
1990KF5EYC2014W5SA LP ALL (T)67627265.0 [Cert]
1991WG5J2011W5SA HP 160M66024221.2 [Cert]
1992W5TM2004W5SA LP ALL660202024.8  
1993K5HTB2014W5SO HP ALL64818183.6 [Cert]
1994WD5EGK1978W5SO HP 15M6302121  
1995W5YQ1980W5SO HP ALL6272019  
1996NK5G2017W5SA QRP 20M62020202.1 [Cert]
1997W5NFL2014W5SO LP 10M61218180.8 [Cert]
1998WA5RTG1975W5SO HP 160M5982723  
1999AB5XZ2013W5SA LP 15M (T)59423221.4 [Cert]
2000NT5V1989W5SO HP ALL555922436  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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