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1901N1MGO2007W1SO HP ALL2,706353326.7  
1902W1TW2016W1SO QRP 80M (T)2,68422222.1 [Cert]
1903KC1HBG2017W1SO LP ALL2,67333338.0 [Cert]
1904W1TUM1984W1SO HP ALL2,6134739  
1905N1NN2012W1SO LP ALL2,49030305.7 [Cert]
1906K1VSJ2010W1SO HP ALL2,48032314.3 [Cert]
1907W2HDI/12013W1SA HP ALL2,43034302.8 [Cert]
1908W1WBB2011W1SO LP 160M (T)2,36834324.8 [Cert]
1909NE1F2009W1SA LP ALL2,33633322.5 [Cert]
1910W1PWK1979W1SO HP 10M2,3253331  
1911N1VVV2012W1SA LP 10M (T)2,30433323.8 [Cert]
1912N1XSS2017W1SA LP ALL2,29433313.9 [Cert]
1913WA1DRQ2017W1SA HP ALL2,29130291.5 [Cert]
1914KI1U2013W1SO LP ALL2,28030302.6 [Cert]
1915N1XUQ2011W1SO LP ALL2,27734335.9 [Cert]
1916W1CTR1982W1SO HP 10M2,1903230  
1917K1BG2016W1MULTI-ONE HP2,18728271.1K1BG KC1FCK AB1WQ[Cert]
1918KB1UMM2011W1SO LP ALL2,14630294.5 [Cert]
1919KA1LMR2008W1SO QRP ALL2,12828281.9 [Cert]
1920KA1RFD2012W1SO LP 15M2,07030302.9 [Cert]
1921NQ1C2016W1SO LP ALL2,07035301.7 [Cert]
1922AE1D1992W1SO LP ALL2,0505750  
1923K1VSJ1989W1SO HP 20M2,0022626  
1924WA2ORV/11980W1SO HP ALL1,9843331  
1925K1DNR2013W1SA HP 160M (T)1,92040326.7 [Cert]
1926WA1VRD1994W1SO HP 10M1,8963024  
1927W1GXZ2014W1SO HP ALL1,87526251.5 [Cert]
1928WA1MJS2017W1SO LP 20M1,86328275.8 [Cert]
1929NU1H2012W1SO LP 40M (T)1,84823222.0 [Cert]
1930NX1T2010W1SO HP 160M1,82733293.3 [Cert]
1931N1YKH2005W1SO LP 20M1,76733313.3  
1932N1EMF2011W1SO LP ALL1,75029254.9 [Cert]
1933N1DFD1996W1SO LP ALL1,7363131  
1934NX1Y2010W1SO LP ALL1,72825243.4 [Cert]
1935W1CEK2013W1SO QRP ALL1,72829272.1 [Cert]
1936NE1F2008W1SA LP ALL1,67525252.4 [Cert]
1937K1GQ2010W1SO HP ALL1,67224222.8 [Cert]
1938KD1YV2017W1SO LP ALL1,65028251.1 [Cert]
1939AB1NG2013W1SO LP ALL (T)1,63324233.9 [Cert]
1940KB1ZBU2013W1SO QRP ALL (R)1,62028274.2 [Cert]
1941KB1IWX2006W1SO HP ALL1,575272528.0  
1942N1AHP1984W1SO HP ALL1,5754035  
1943W1YNE1977W1SO HP 20M1,4962322  
1944W1PWK1980W1SO HP 10M1,4912421  
1945KA1QVK1992W1SO LP 10M1,4723432  
1946W1GYE1975W1SO HP ALL1,4302522  
1947KB1CKT2003W1SO QRP ALL1,42836340.5  
1948W1WY1988W1SO HP 10M1,3922624  
1949W1MDO1976W1SO HP 15M1,3682624  
1950KM1R2014W1SO HP 160M1,32627263.4 [Cert]
1951KB1WRH2012W1SO LP ALL (R)1,32022201.3 [Cert]
1952AB1NG2012W1SO LP ALL1,31126236.3 [Cert]
1953KB1ILH2007W1SO HP ALL1,302232126.1  
1954W1WIU2006W1SO HP ALL1,296252426.3  
1955AB1XB2017W1SA LP ALL1,28121211.7  
1956K1BV2015W1SO HP ALL1,25422224.5 [Cert]
1957K1IIK1976W1SO HP 20M1,2402220  
1958W1PLM2010W1SO LP ALL1,22020201.6 [Cert]
1959KB1QEU2009W1SO QRP 20M (R)1,17525253.5 [Cert]
1960WA1WRH1995W1SO LP ALL1,1442322  
1961K3IU/12008W1SO LP 20M1,12223220.8 [Cert]
1962N1OFO1997W1SO LP ALL1,0922928  
1963KD1XH2013W1SO LP ALL1,03516152.6 [Cert]
1964N1QN2009W1SO LP ALL1,02619192.2 [Cert]
1965N1XQ2009W1SO LP ALL1,01225221.8 [Cert]
1966AA1M1989W1SO HP ALL1,0082424  
1967W1KU2011W1SO LP ALL1,00826243.0 [Cert]
1968KC2LRC/12014W1SA LP ALL1,00719191.5  
1969N1ORK2008W1SO LP ALL98831263.2 [Cert]
1970W1OHM2008W1SO LP 15M98721214.2 [Cert]
1971W1PL2015W1SA HP ALL98617172.0 [Cert]
1972K1FDP2014W1SO HP ALL96919191.2 [Cert]
1973KB1WUO2012W1SO LP 10M (R)95019191.1 [Cert]
1974WA1N2013W1SO LP ALL90020201.5  
1975W1ZQ2016W1SA HP ALL88814122.9 [Cert]
1976WA1OUI2011W1SO HP ALL88022201.0 [Cert]
1977W1WY 1975W1SO HP 40M8742923  
1978KK1W2011W1SO LP ALL86717170.6 [Cert]
1979NF1O2012W1SA LP ALL84015141.5 [Cert]
1980W1XW2006W1SO LP ALL (T)84022215.9  
1981W1GYE1976W1SO HP ALL8361922  
1982K2MN/11997W1SO LP 20M8281818  
1983NE1F2012W1SA LP ALL82614140.9 [Cert]
1984KC1YL2017W1SA LP ALL (R)81624242.6 [Cert]
1985KU1X1986W1SO HP 20M8002020  
1986AB1FY2006W1SO LP 40M798141424.9  
1987KB1OGZ2008W1SO HP ALL (R)78224232.1 [Cert]
1988KB1ICX2003W1SO LP 20M780202036.0  
1989K1BUK2017W1SO HP ALL74119191.2 [Cert]
1990WK1H2008W1SO LP ALL68421191.8 [Cert]
1991KB1WEZ2014W1SO LP ALL64617171.9 [Cert]
1992WE1SAX2017W1SA LP ALL64016163.0 [Cert]
1993W8TOM/12013W1SA QRP 10M64017162.5 [Cert]
1994NF1O2015W1SA LP ALL57414141.0 [Cert]
1995KB1REQ2012W1SO LP ALL57414140.9 [Cert]
1996W1CEK2005W1SO QRP ALL57017151.0  
1997AB1JU2010W1SO LP 40M (R)52014131.2 [Cert]
1998KH6CP/WW11988W1SO QRP 80M5203126  
1999N1NN2013W1SO LP ALL51815142.8 [Cert]
2000K1MOM2002W1SO LP ALL504141424.6  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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