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101CG1ANH1985VE1SO HP ALL422,004525278  
102XJ1JS1999VE1SO LP 15M (T)404,690492286  
103VE1ZD2013VE1SA LP ALL399,10544131519.0 [Cert]
104VE3BMV/11997VE1SO HP 160M397,760383226  
105VE1JS2003VE1SO LP ALL (T)389,12044932013.2  
106VE1DHD2008VE1SA LP ALL388,51550329523.2 [Cert]
107VE1OP2011VE1SA HP 20M (T)387,71741034111.6 [Cert]
108VE1JBC2014VE1SO HP ALL383,46042730811.9 [Cert]
109VE9WH1999VE1SO LP ALL361,920389320  
110VE9CEH2008VE1SO LP ALL346,88441227431.9 [Cert]
111VE1MC2010VE1SO HP ALL338,12239029312.2 [Cert]
112VE1JS2006VE1SO LP ALL (T)336,64439530811.0  
113VE1OP2003VE1SO HP 20M (T)335,1604633159.3  
114VE9WH2014VE1SA LP ALL318,08737729713.7 [Cert]
115VE9MY1998VE1SO HP ALL304,830386270  
116VE1TRH1998VE1SO HP ALL (R)301,735436259  
117VE9MY2003VE1SO HP ALL298,29135730117.2  
118VE1JS2007VE1SO LP ALL (T)292,99834528213.4  
119VG1ZJ1992VE1SO HP 15M291,242399293  
120VE1ZA2009VE1SO LP ALL (T)274,83331426110.7 [Cert]
121XO2AC/XK11993VE1SO LP 20M263,676384292  
122VE9ML2012VE1SA LP 40M255,38723421311.5 [Cert]
123VE1PEW2014VE1SO LP ALL251,75034826512.7 [Cert]
124VE9ST1994VE1SO HP 10M248,712450241  
125VE9MY2006VE1SO HP ALL245,49429326215.7  
126VE1CCC1980VE1SO HP 10M240,051481213  
127VE1YDX2005VE1SO LP ALL (T)233,8643182487.3VE1JS 
128VE1XDX1994VE1SO HP ALL217,864311241  
129VE1AL2013VE1SO LP 15M217,61329927115.2 [Cert]
130VE1RIK1991VE1SO HP ALL203,721276267  
131VE9WH2015VE1SA LP ALL198,3522792539.2 [Cert]
132VE9ML2011VE1SA LP 80M193,91422218911.7 [Cert]
133VA1CHP2005VE1SO LP ALL191,52029322418.7  
134VE1JS2012VE1SO HP ALL (T)188,3402602194.3 [Cert]
135VE1OP2005VE1SO LP 20M (T)183,1383662336.5  
136VE1OP2009VE1SA HP ALL179,5983232225.0 [Cert]
137CF1DX1989VE1SO QRP ALL175,770364210VE1DX 
138VE1SQ2016VE1SO LP 20M (T)171,83327024112.3 [Cert]
139VE1RJ1996VE1SO HP ALL (R)170,317283203  
140XM1150CAN2017VE1SO LP 20M170,1473382297.5 [Cert]
141VE9NC2005VE1SO LP ALL (T)168,8612562317.4  
142VE1AOE2010VE1SO LP 40M (T)168,56620217812.2 [Cert]
143VE1RY1979VE1SO HP 20M168,435373197  
144VE9ST1995VE1SO LP 15M167,757295199  
145VE1AJP1979VE1SO HP 20M167,000344200  
146CI2LI2017VE1SO HP 20M (T)166,41330522110.5VY2LI[Cert]
147VE1DX1988VE1SO HP 80M164,304240168  
148VA1MM2011VE1SO HP ALL164,0162642013.8 [Cert]
149VE1RAR2007VE1SA LP ALL (R)161,30426618823.8  
150VE1SQ2013VE1SO LP 20M158,44025823315.5 [Cert]
151VE1ZA2014VE1SA LP ALL158,0022632065.9  
152VE1SQ2010VE1SO LP ALL151,41024720612.1 [Cert]
153VE9FX2016VE1SA HP ALL148,92522418514.6 [Cert]
154VE9MY2005VE1SO HP ALL142,0482391938.5  
155VE9NF2016VE1SO LP 20M (R)138,03023721514.1 [Cert]
156VE9CEH2009VE1SO LP 80M136,18624614917.7 [Cert]
157VE9FX2015VE1SO HP ALL131,43324819316.1 [Cert]
158VE1RAR2012VE1SO LP 20M126,63022921015.5 [Cert]
159VE9WH2016VE1SA LP ALL124,9891971837.9 [Cert]
160VE9ML2013VE1SA LP 40M124,8001661505.8 [Cert]
161VE1GB1986VE1SO HP 80M116,116185154  
162VE1RQ1975VE1SO HP 20M114,300296150  
163VE1ASJ2003VE1SO LP 10M (R)111,93629217620.6  
164VE1TRH1997VE1SO LP ALL (R)111,843221153  
165VE1BII1983VE1SO HP 15M108,476241188  
166VE9MY2008VE1SO HP ALL106,6411731538.9 [Cert]
167VE9FF1994VE1SO LP ALL105,560239182  
168VE9OA2014VE1SA LP ALL102,03719616710.2 [Cert]
169VE1GFH1993VE1SO HP ALL98,560250176  
170VE9EX2013VE1SO LP ALL (R)97,50020315616.3 [Cert]
171VE1RAR2009VE1SO LP ALL96,70119114912.3 [Cert]
172VE1REC1994VE1SO LP 20M94,116214186  
173VE1BNN1978VE1SO HP 10M87,696296112  
174VE9OA2013VE1SO LP ALL82,6651971679.8 [Cert]
175VE1GB1987VE1SO HP 80M81,900151126  
176VE1SQ2015VE1SO LP 20M (T)79,4641771688.9 [Cert]
177VE1RAA1996VE1SO HP 15M76,867205139  
178VE9WH1998VE1SO LP ALL75,624162137  
179VO1LT1993VE1SO HP 15M69,483197159  
180VE1AGZ1986VE1SO HP 20M69,355177143  
181VA1MM2010VE1SO HP 40M68,7421601143.9 [Cert]
182VE9XY2006VE1SO LP ALL (R)64,60415512414.3  
183VE1RIK1992VE1SO HP 10M63,960191156  
184VE9DXR2002VE1SO LP 10M56,980150140  
185VE9ZL1997VE1SO LP ALL54,12613093  
186VE1FQ2000VE1MULTI-ONE HP53,544151138Tim Dave Jim Doug 
187VE1BQJ1983VE1SO HP ALL48,287147109  
188VA1XH2017VE1SO LP 40M (T)47,616100965.2 [Cert]
189VE1JS2008VE1SO LP ALL (T)44,9081151094.5 [Cert]
190VE1ZJ1988VE1SO HP 15M44,896236122  
191VE1BZA1993VE1SO LP 15M43,703137137  
192VE9MY2013VE1SA HP ALL (T)42,6301091053.3 [Cert]
193VE1ANH1976VE1SO HP ALL39,330141114  
194CG1JS2017VE1SO LP ALL (T)38,3251151054.9VE1JS[Cert]
195VE1RAA1995VE1SO HP 10M37,024137104  
196VE9ZL1996VE1SO LP ALL35,37011090  
197VE9GLF2003VE1SO LP ALL34,45612111811.6  
198VE9PLS2013VE1SO LP ALL28,5601111027.2 [Cert]
199VE1DXD1991VE1SO HP 80M27,1048577  
200VE9DXR2006VE1SO LP 20M25,99611397  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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