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101JA9LX2016JA9SO LP ALL (T)35,65312510112.7 [Cert]
102JA9DVE1989JA9SO HP 10M34,711119103  
103JA9BLD1995JA9SO LP 15M34,020127105  
104JA9JKL1981JA9SO HP ALL33,48014590  
105JH9DRL2013JA9SA LP 15M33,04013311218.8 [Cert]
106JF9KVT2007JA9SO LP ALL32,23514310518.0  
107JH9URT2004JA9SO LP 40M32,2141349115.9  
108JA9GEW2015JA9SO LP 15M31,03012610712.2 [Cert]
109JF9KVT2006JA9SO LP ALL31,0201349417.2  
110JA9CRI1983JA9SO QRP 15M29,682111102  
111JH9URT2009JA9SO LP 40M29,467987912.4 [Cert]
112JA9SV1979JA9SO HP 10M25,59611081  
113JR9GQP1990JA9SO HP 15M24,84010592  
114JA9CCG2008JA9SO HP ALL24,297124918.3 [Cert]
115JR9GMS2012JA9SA HP ALL24,2881009212.9 [Cert]
116JE9JPY1998JA9SO LP 15M22,63210192  
117JH9WQO1988JA9SO HP 10M22,30411382  
118JA9IKL1993JA9SO LP 15M22,18510085  
119JA0TEA/91996JA9SO LP ALL21,02410573  
120JR9NVB2002JA9SO QRP 15M20,5748881  
121JA9TQY2009JA9SO LP 20M20,2931079110.8 [Cert]
122JA9SV1976JA9SO HP 20M19,57511175  
123JA9TQY2008JA9SO LP ALL19,0531188713.1 [Cert]
124JA9CCG1997JA9SO HP 20M18,5609680  
125JH9CEN2016JA9SO LP 15M (T)18,38797819.2 [Cert]
126JA9THA1982JA9SO HP 15M17,5569766  
127JA9NGS1977JA9SO HP 10M17,49016766  
128JA1ALX/91999JA9SO LP 10M16,4508970  
129JA9TQY2017JA9SO LP ALL16,450977011.7 [Cert]
130JH9URT2005JA9SO LP 15M15,900847526.3  
131JF9JTS2005JA9SO HP ALL15,75076703.3  
132JH9AMJ2007JA9SO LP 40M (T)15,104675912.8  
133JA9NOF2002JA9SO LP ALL (T)14,4578161  
134JA3LXY/91991JA9SO HP ALL14,2838069  
135JE9MBV/92010JA9SO LP 15M13,706907710.5 [Cert]
136JA9GEW2017JA9SO LP 15M12,74082659.1 [Cert]
137JA9EJG2016JA9SO LP ALL (T)12,60875649.3 [Cert]
138JE9PFD1997JA9SO LP ALL11,7128061  
139JA9NOF1999JA9SO LP ALL (T)11,4407165  
140JH9URT2006JA9SO LP 80M11,178655410.2  
141JR9GMS2010JA9SO HP ALL10,77365637.9 [Cert]
142JA9KUG1995JA9SO LP 20M10,3207060  
143JA9THA1983JA9SO HP 15M9,5047254  
144JA9CCG2009JA9SO HP 20M9,45072636.5 [Cert]
145JA9XBW1980JA9SO HP ALL9,3816053  
146JA9EJG2005JA9SO LP ALL9,126655429.0  
147JE9PFD1996JA9SO LP 15M8,8926857  
148JA9GEW2014JA9SO LP 10M8,37059544.8 [Cert]
149JA9SV1977JA9SO HP 20M8,3196947  
150JF9OFC2014JA9SO HP 10M (R)8,195615513.0  
151JA9XWR1983JA9SO HP 15M7,8479059  
152JH9WSX1995JA9SO LP ALL7,3016449  
153JA9JKL1980JA9SO HP 10M7,0505547  
154JA9EJG2010JA9SO LP ALL7,00754496.6 [Cert]
155JA9EBA1976JA9SO HP 20M6,6815851  
156JA9GHC1991JA9SO HP 15M6,5005250  
157JH9AQI1981JA9SO HP 15M5,6615637  
158JA9LX2013JA9SO LP ALL5,31335333.7 [Cert]
159JA9FHB2013JA9SO HP 10M (T)5,10648463.7 [Cert]
160JA9CWJ1988JA9SO HP ALL4,7045042  
161JE9OZW1997JA9SO LP ALL4,6875143  
162JA9EJG2000JA9SO LP ALL (T)4,2844036  
163JH9CAV1989JA9SO HP ALL4,1344739  
164JA9JKL1983JA9SO HP 15M4,0334037  
165JA9EJG2015JA9SO LP ALL3,97840396.5 [Cert]
166JE9HVF1996JA9SO LP 20M3,8854037  
167JH9VUU2011JA9SO LP 15M3,50038354.9 [Cert]
168JA9SV1978JA9SO HP 20M3,4563932  
169JA9XWR1982JA9SO HP 15M3,2705630  
170JH9JJD1983JA9SO HP ALL3,2643632  
171JA9EJG2013JA9SO LP ALL3,22039355.0 [Cert]
172JE9REN1997JA9SO LP 40M2,9163227  
173JA9EJG2011JA9SO LP ALL2,90435334.1 [Cert]
174JJ6VXY/92002JA9SO LP 10M2,8713633  
175JA9EJG2002JA9SO LP ALL2,66632313.9  
176JA9LX1975JA9SO HP 20M2,6565032  
177JR9OZJ1991JA9SO HP 15M2,6523534  
178JA9EJG2017JA9SO LP ALL (T)2,34932275.7 [Cert]
179JH9WSX1994JA9SO LP ALL2,3203329  
180JA0TEA/91994JA9SO LP ALL2,1463029  
181JA9XAT1993JA9SO LP 10M1,9723229  
182JA9CWJ1978JA9SO HP 40M1,9502625  
183JH9VJW2006JA9SO LP ALL1,82527254.4  
184JH9URT2007JA9SO LP 80M1,60623224.2  
185JA9DOF1992JA9SO HP 80M1,3601917  
186JR9GMS2011JA9SA HP ALL (T)1,28121213.0 [Cert]
187JR9GXQ/91993JA9SO QRP 40M1,2002120  
188JA9CWJ1991JA9SO HP ALL1,0802020  
189JR9GMS2013JA9SA HP ALL1,04520192.0 [Cert]
190JA9XAT1994JA9SO LP 10M9882119  
191JA9EJG2014JA9SO LP ALL98819192.0 [Cert]
192JH9BWC2006JA9SO LP 15M90020181.6  
193JA9CRI1982JA9SO QRP 15M8551915  
194JH9ETC1987JA9SO HP 15M8282018  
195JM2FCJ/92005JA9SO LP 40M768121224.8  
196JH9JJD2010JA9SA LP 15M (T)72018181.3 [Cert]
197JA9THA1992JA9SO HP 15M5761816  
198JE9REN1996JA9SO LP 40M5041414  
199JH9DRL/92015JA9SA LP 80M434141411.3 [Cert]
200JR9HNJ1989JA9SO HP ALL32499  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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