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101JH8SIT2011JA8SO HP 20M (T)45,4961391216.9 [Cert]
102JI8GZS2000JA8SO LP 15M44,125139125  
103JA8IJI2010JA8SO LP ALL43,75015112513.9 [Cert]
104JH8CXW2015JA8SA HP 10M (T)43,05313712712.9 [Cert]
105JA8IJI2009JA8SO LP ALL (T)42,67215211215.8 [Cert]
106JA8JCR1997JA8SO LP ALL42,18415899  
107JA8IJI2013JA8SO LP ALL41,00416010214.2 [Cert]
108JE8KKX2015JA8SO LP ALL (T)40,0051321059.7 [Cert]
109JH8CXW2010JA8SA HP ALL (T)38,48011810411.5 [Cert]
110JH8TDZ1982JA8SO HP 15M37,714131109  
111JH8CXW2016JA8SA HP ALL (T)36,1081211029.6 [Cert]
112JA8RJE1988JA8SO QRP 15M35,643159109  
113JA8TEZ2002JA8SO HP ALL35,298121106  
114JA8TEZ1998JA8SO LP ALL34,540133110  
115JA8RJE1994JA8SO LP 10M33,277139107  
116JE8KKX2012JA8SO LP ALL (T)33,0881319410.8 [Cert]
117JA8QQE1980JA8SO HP 10M32,68012595  
118JE8KKX2011JA8SO LP ALL (T)32,2561159611.3 [Cert]
119JH8DEH1978JA8SO QRP 15M32,20414197  
120JA8JTZ1977JA8SO HP 20M30,96015480  
121JH8DEH1987JA8SO QRP ALL30,94312897  
122JH8DBJ2013JA8SO HP 15M30,7971111036.5 [Cert]
123JA8EZR1980JA8SO HP ALL30,01412186  
124JH8DHV1989JA8SO HP 10M29,97311697  
125JK8PBO2016JA8SO LP 20M (T)29,60612111314.1 [Cert]
126JR8OGB1988JA8SO HP 15M29,593134101  
127JH8DBJ2017JA8SA HP 20M28,017103994.4 [Cert]
128JR8SGE1984JA8SO HP 15M26,70012389  
129JI8BUR/82002JA8SO LP 15M26,220104959.8  
130JK8WBR2001JA8SO LP ALL23,35210084  
131JE8KKX2002JA8SO LP ALL23,306998610.4  
132JA8TGD2016JA8SO HP 15M22,950979011.5 [Cert]
133JA8UJY1987JA8SO HP 15M22,87512575  
134JH8UQJ1998JA8SO HP 10M22,60813196  
135JL8MBF2008JA8SO LP ALL (T)22,3861248212.7 [Cert]
136JA8ECS2017JA8SO HP 15M22,188106869.9 [Cert]
137JE8FOU1987JA8SO QRP 15M22,09212484  
138JG8TDZ2013JA8SO HP 10M21,3441099217.7 [Cert]
139JL8MBF2007JA8SO LP ALL (R)20,510977014.5  
140JA8IJI2008JA8SO LP 20M (T)19,3501088610.4 [Cert]
141JL8MBF2016JA8SO LP ALL19,1971007912.2 [Cert]
142JG8QBD1991JA8SO HP ALL17,6339677  
143JA8TGD2014JA8SO HP 15M17,06483799.7 [Cert]
144JI8BUR/82005JA8SO LP 15M16,827877911.1  
145JA8TGD2017JA8SO HP ALL15,750797514.1 [Cert]
146JH8AJB1993JA8SO LP 15M15,4668874  
147JI8GZS1999JA8SO LP 15M14,5607870  
148JK8HOS1999JA8SO LP 15M13,5347467  
149JH8TDZ1981JA8SO HP 15M12,6447958  
150JH8FIH2017JA8SO HP ALL (T)12,46270675.8 [Cert]
151JJ3DJS/82012JA8SO LP ALL (T)12,34879637.2 [Cert]
152JI8GZS1998JA8SO LP 15M12,0067269  
153JF8LPB2016JA8SO QRP 15M11,926746712.1 [Cert]
154JR8FLY1990JA8SO HP 10M11,5906861  
155JH8HUG1981JA8SO HP 10M10,7527056  
156JE8FOU1986JA8SO HP 15M10,3688064  
157JE8KGH2014JA8SO LP 10M (T)8,96056563.2 [Cert]
158JH8DEH1979JA8SO QRP 15M7,9367862  
159JA8TEZ1997JA8SO LP ALL6,8155847  
160JI8LBW1993JA8SO LP ALL6,5175149  
161JK8HOS2000JA8SO LP ALL6,2725249  
162JR8QMO1984JA8SO HP 10M6,0485942  
163JH8DHV1996JA8SO LP 15M5,7246054  
164JK8PBO2017JA8SO LP 20M (T)5,64048474.5 [Cert]
165JH8TDZ1985JA8SO HP 15M5,6285342  
166JH8KAN1978JA8SO QRP 10M5,2915737  
167JK8FRL1999JA8SO LP 15M4,9984342  
168JR8QMP1984JA8SO HP 10M4,9925139  
169JA8EJO1984JA8SO HP ALL4,9784738  
170JE8UZG1992JA8SO LP 15M4,2574543  
171JA8JTZ2015JA8SO LP ALL (T)4,09541395.6 [Cert]
172JK8FRL1998JA8SO LP ALL (R)3,8644442  
173JA8ECS2011JA8SO HP 10M3,49642385.7 [Cert]
174JE8KKX2007JA8SO LP 15M3,25640374.5  
175JA8TEZ1996JA8SO LP ALL2,6703430  
176JA8XMC1977JA8SO HP 15M2,4923328  
177JF8NRC1989JA8SO QRP 15M2,4363129  
178JK8HOS1998JA8SO LP ALL2,2083332  
179JI8BUR2014JA8SO LP 15M2,19032305.8 [Cert]
180JE8NTJ2014JA8SO LP ALL2,17530293.2 [Cert]
181JM8GJB2015JA8SO LP ALL (R)2,13931315.9 [Cert]
1827K1NUZ/82010JA8SA HP ALL (T)1,94331293.7 [Cert]
183JA8LN1991JA8SO HP 15M1,9323128  
184JA8BKI1975JA8SO HP 20M1,9243226  
185JK8FRL2000JA8SO LP 15M1,8902827  
186JA8CEA2016JA8SO LP ALL (T)1,82026262.7 [Cert]
187JE1KDM/81985JA8SO HP ALL1,6532017  
188JE8UZG1991JA8SO HP ALL1,5932727  
189JE8KKX2004JA8SO LP ALL1,408242226.0  
190JE8KKX2017JA8SO LP ALL (T)1,23223224.3 [Cert]
191JA8TEZ2003JA8SO HP 15M1,224252436.0  
192JE8KGH2016JA8SO LP 15M (T)1,07823221.1 [Cert]
193JK8NIP2015JA8SO LP 15M1,07121211.3 [Cert]
194JA8AZN2014JA8SO HP ALL96016162.6 [Cert]
195JA8JIM1984JA8SO HP 15M9542118  
196JR8FLY1991JA8SO HP 10M9502019  
197JH8SGR2017JA8SA HP ALL93618183.2 [Cert]
198JA8CJY1984JA8SO HP ALL8742019  
199JH8RGQ1989JA8SO HP 10M8161716  
200JA8JTZ2013JA8SO LP ALL79218183.0 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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