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101JH8SIT2011JA8SO HP 20M (T)45,4961391216.9 
102JI8GZS2000JA8SO LP 15M44,125139125  
103JA8IJI2010JA8SO LP ALL43,75015112513.9 
104JH8CXW2015JA8SA HP 10M (T)43,05313712712.9 
105JA8IJI2009JA8SO LP ALL (T)42,67215211215.8 
106JA8JCR1997JA8SO LP ALL42,18415899  
107JA8IJI2013JA8SO LP ALL41,00416010214.2 
108JE8KKX2015JA8SO LP ALL (T)40,0051321059.7 
109JH8CXW2010JA8SA HP ALL (T)38,48011810411.5 
110JH8TDZ1982JA8SO HP 15M37,714131109  
111JH8CXW2016JA8SA HP ALL (T)36,1081211029.6 
112JA8RJE1988JA8SO QRP 15M35,643159109  
113JA8TEZ2002JA8SO HP ALL35,298121106  
114JA8TEZ1998JA8SO LP ALL34,540133110  
115JA8RJE1994JA8SO LP 10M33,277139107  
116JE8KKX2012JA8SO LP ALL (T)33,0881319410.8 
117JA8QQE1980JA8SO HP 10M32,68012595  
118JE8KKX2011JA8SO LP ALL (T)32,2561159611.3 
119JH8DEH1978JA8SO QRP 15M32,20414197  
120JA8JTZ1977JA8SO HP 20M30,96015480  
121JH8DEH1987JA8SO QRP ALL30,94312897  
122JH8DBJ2013JA8SO HP 15M30,7971111036.5 
123JA8EZR1980JA8SO HP ALL30,01412186  
124JH8DHV1989JA8SO HP 10M29,97311697  
125JK8PBO2016JA8SO LP 20M (T)29,60612111314.1 
126JR8OGB1988JA8SO HP 15M29,593134101  
127JH8DBJ2017JA8SA HP 20M28,017103994.4 
128JR8SGE1984JA8SO HP 15M26,70012389  
129JI8BUR/82002JA8SO LP 15M26,220104959.8  
130JK8WBR2001JA8SO LP ALL23,35210084  
131JE8KKX2002JA8SO LP ALL23,306998610.4  
132JA8TGD2016JA8SO HP 15M22,950979011.5 
133JA8UJY1987JA8SO HP 15M22,87512575  
134JH8UQJ1998JA8SO HP 10M22,60813196  
135JL8MBF2008JA8SO LP ALL (T)22,3861248212.7 
136JA8ECS2017JA8SO HP 15M22,188106869.9 
137JE8FOU1987JA8SO QRP 15M22,09212484  
138JG8TDZ2013JA8SO HP 10M21,3441099217.7 
139JL8MBF2007JA8SO LP ALL (R)20,510977014.5  
140JA8IJI2008JA8SO LP 20M (T)19,3501088610.4 
141JL8MBF2016JA8SO LP ALL19,1971007912.2 
142JG8QBD1991JA8SO HP ALL17,6339677  
143JA8TGD2014JA8SO HP 15M17,06483799.7 
144JI8BUR/82005JA8SO LP 15M16,827877911.1  
145JA8TGD2017JA8SO HP ALL15,750797514.1 
146JH8AJB1993JA8SO LP 15M15,4668874  
147JI8GZS1999JA8SO LP 15M14,5607870  
148JK8HOS1999JA8SO LP 15M13,5347467  
149JH8TDZ1981JA8SO HP 15M12,6447958  
150JH8FIH2017JA8SO HP ALL (T)12,46270675.8 
151JJ3DJS/82012JA8SO LP ALL (T)12,34879637.2 
152JI8GZS1998JA8SO LP 15M12,0067269  
153JF8LPB2016JA8SO QRP 15M11,926746712.1 
154JR8FLY1990JA8SO HP 10M11,5906861  
155JH8HUG1981JA8SO HP 10M10,7527056  
156JE8FOU1986JA8SO HP 15M10,3688064  
157JE8KGH2014JA8SO LP 10M (T)8,96056563.2 
158JH8DEH1979JA8SO QRP 15M7,9367862  
159JA8TEZ1997JA8SO LP ALL6,8155847  
160JI8LBW1993JA8SO LP ALL6,5175149  
161JK8HOS2000JA8SO LP ALL6,2725249  
162JR8QMO1984JA8SO HP 10M6,0485942  
163JH8DHV1996JA8SO LP 15M5,7246054  
164JK8PBO2017JA8SO LP 20M (T)5,64048474.5 
165JH8TDZ1985JA8SO HP 15M5,6285342  
166JH8KAN1978JA8SO QRP 10M5,2915737  
167JK8FRL1999JA8SO LP 15M4,9984342  
168JR8QMP1984JA8SO HP 10M4,9925139  
169JA8EJO1984JA8SO HP ALL4,9784738  
170JE8UZG1992JA8SO LP 15M4,2574543  
171JA8JTZ2015JA8SO LP ALL (T)4,09541395.6 
172JK8FRL1998JA8SO LP ALL (R)3,8644442  
173JA8ECS2011JA8SO HP 10M3,49642385.7 
174JE8KKX2007JA8SO LP 15M3,25640374.5  
175JA8TEZ1996JA8SO LP ALL2,6703430  
176JA8XMC1977JA8SO HP 15M2,4923328  
177JF8NRC1989JA8SO QRP 15M2,4363129  
178JK8HOS1998JA8SO LP ALL2,2083332  
179JI8BUR2014JA8SO LP 15M2,19032305.8 
180JE8NTJ2014JA8SO LP ALL2,17530293.2 
181JM8GJB2015JA8SO LP ALL (R)2,13931315.9 
1827K1NUZ/82010JA8SA HP ALL (T)1,94331293.7 
183JA8LN1991JA8SO HP 15M1,9323128  
184JA8BKI1975JA8SO HP 20M1,9243226  
185JK8FRL2000JA8SO LP 15M1,8902827  
186JA8CEA2016JA8SO LP ALL (T)1,82026262.7 
187JE1KDM/81985JA8SO HP ALL1,6532017  
188JE8UZG1991JA8SO HP ALL1,5932727  
189JE8KKX2004JA8SO LP ALL1,408242226.0  
190JE8KKX2017JA8SO LP ALL (T)1,23223224.3 
191JA8TEZ2003JA8SO HP 15M1,224252436.0  
192JE8KGH2016JA8SO LP 15M (T)1,07823221.1 
193JK8NIP2015JA8SO LP 15M1,07121211.3 
194JA8AZN2014JA8SO HP ALL96016162.6 
195JA8JIM1984JA8SO HP 15M9542118  
196JR8FLY1991JA8SO HP 10M9502019  
197JH8SGR2017JA8SA HP ALL93618183.2 
198JA8CJY1984JA8SO HP ALL8742019  
199JH8RGQ1989JA8SO HP 10M8161716  
200JA8JTZ2013JA8SO LP ALL79218183.0 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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