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101LZ3ZZ2014LZSA HP ALL (T)2,633,0131,67586324.0 [Cert]
102DK5TX2010DLSA HP ALL (T)2,624,7321,62274827.3 [Cert]
103XR3P2011CESA HP ALL (T)2,574,0801,45064020.7CE3PG[Cert]
104UX1UF2010URSA HP ALL (T)2,569,3801,64974826.5 [Cert]
105YL9T2016YLSA HP ALL (T)2,444,8901,67574225.2 [Cert]
106YO3APJ2015YOSA HP ALL (T)2,368,0831,37778730.6 [Cert]
107W1CU2007W1SA HP ALL (T)2,357,0691,42168935.0  
108WC2L2017W2SA HP ALL (T)2,320,9081,43373428.8W2GDJ[Cert]
109AY8A2010LUSA HP ALL (T)2,313,2491,37160122.4 [Cert]
110IK8UND2014ISA HP ALL (T)2,305,6051,40084330.5 [Cert]
111DL6NDW2013DLSA HP ALL (T)2,302,6741,46375335.6 [Cert]
112N6WIN2010W6SA HP ALL (T)2,266,5021,72267935.9 [Cert]
113KG4W2011W4SA HP ALL (T)2,253,7331,26167731.3 [Cert]
114KG4W2012W4SA HP ALL (T)2,229,2551,21173526.7 [Cert]
115KH7BB2010KH6SA HP ALL (T)2,194,7201,34447327.6 [Cert]
116NA3M2011W3SA HP ALL (T)2,181,1501,10765532.1 [Cert]
117F4FFH2012FSA HP ALL (T)2,178,4951,36781530.4 [Cert]
118W6AEA/72012W7SA HP ALL (T)2,175,9921,29468628.1 [Cert]
119NF4A2008W4SA HP ALL (T)2,168,2801,68663436.0 [Cert]
120DL6NDW2015DLSA HP ALL (T)2,161,0711,32074733.2 [Cert]
121YO3APJ2011YOSA HP ALL (T)2,143,3301,29367021.1 [Cert]
1228S0C2013SMSA HP ALL (T)2,131,6881,21579636.0SM0MPV[Cert]
123OO7P2017ONSA HP ALL (T)2,112,8011,29073931.3 [Cert]
124RT0R2014RA0SA HP ALL (T)2,073,0601,19066029.0  
125WN9O1999W9SA HP ALL (T)2,055,9331,296627W9IU 
126G0VXE2011GSA HP ALL (T)2,055,5041,28474835.5 [Cert]
127IZ3SQW2013ISA HP ALL (T)2,036,2801,43371732.6 [Cert]
128LU3DX2010LUSA HP ALL (T)2,028,8851,19361534.3 [Cert]
129N6JV2013W6SA HP ALL (T)2,019,0391,43767131.7 [Cert]
130VK2CA2011VKSA HP ALL (T)2,015,0591,21757123.3 [Cert]
131YB4IR2009YBSA HP ALL (T)2,010,4201,15754026.7 [Cert]
1329A7R20139ASA HP ALL (T)2,010,0841,21776426.1 [Cert]
133LZ4T2016LZSA HP ALL (T)1,996,2081,29269722.1LZ2DF[Cert]
134N3MX2008W3SA HP ALL (T)1,958,5351,16061326.5 [Cert]
135W1AJT/VE32005VE3SA HP ALL (T)1,935,5601,09758333.8  
136VB3O2006VE3SA HP ALL (T)1,932,9871,10058136.0W1AJT 
137R11ALS2014UA-1SA HP ALL (T)1,925,5761,64176928.0UA3RF[Cert]
138CT3HF2010CT3SA HP ALL (T)1,924,0921,07555113.4 [Cert]
139OK2ZW2001OKSA HP ALL (T)1,921,6891,28364933.1  
140LY8X2002LYSA HP ALL (T)1,921,0521,27862830.7LY2BIL 
141CT3HF2011CT3SA HP ALL (T)1,910,1601,16156013.9 [Cert]
142YO3APJ2012YOSA HP ALL (T)1,905,0571,14069319.5 [Cert]
143EV1R2017EUSA HP ALL (T)1,895,0401,31270536.0 [Cert]
144ON4VDV2015ONSA HP ALL (T)1,886,0401,27974425.4 [Cert]
145F4FFZ2017FSA HP ALL (T)1,884,4411,18368734.0 [Cert]
146KE4S2015W4SA HP ALL (T)1,879,1191,13262731.1 [Cert]
147EU5C2015EUSA HP ALL (T)1,878,9421,26566335.2EW1HI[Cert]
148YL1S2008YLSA HP ALL (T)1,868,8621,39664233.9YL1ZF[Cert]
149TG9IRP2010TGSA HP ALL (T)1,867,6001,50456015.3IV3IYH[Cert]
150G0VXE2012GSA HP ALL (T)1,861,8801,32871236.0 [Cert]
151DF5MA2015DLSA HP ALL (T)1,838,4371,29170929.8 [Cert]
152OK1C2015OKSA HP ALL (T)1,837,9521,19066435.0 [Cert]
153NS9I2014W9SA HP ALL (T)1,819,2581,04865321.8 [Cert]
154K5MV2011W5SA HP ALL (T)1,818,2881,20964824.8 [Cert]
155XR3P2010CESA HP ALL (T)1,814,2561,13858621.5CE3PG[Cert]
156YL9T2015YLSA HP ALL (T)1,798,7761,30066429.0YL2TW 
157OE6MDF2012OESA HP ALL (T)1,795,6821,22365827.8 [Cert]
158KE2DX2011W2SA HP ALL (T)1,788,7001,04062023.8 [Cert]
159UA9CTT2013RA9SA HP ALL (T)1,788,2471,08462927.1 [Cert]
160IZ4GWE2011ISA HP ALL (T)1,761,9141,12967317.6 [Cert]
161JJ0JML2015JA0SA HP ALL (T)1,759,9701,07659033.2 [Cert]
162AB3CX/22009W2SA HP ALL (T)1,755,3331,28663933.6 [Cert]
163UX0RR2016URSA HP ALL (T)1,753,0501,23265035.8 [Cert]
1648S0C2015SMSA HP ALL (T)1,743,4401,09376036.0SM0MPV[Cert]
165W0BM2011W0SA HP ALL (T)1,736,0601,01961029.5 [Cert]
166K3MD2012W3SA HP ALL (T)1,732,7221,16863424.8 [Cert]
167IK3UNA/12014ISA HP ALL (T)1,689,7281,21068820.4 [Cert]
168EF2O2013EASA HP ALL (T)1,680,4261,11362131.7EA2AOO[Cert]
169AB2E2012W2SA HP ALL (T)1,674,7111,25158728.2 [Cert]
170K5MV2012W5SA HP ALL (T)1,667,9001,22265023.7 [Cert]
171RW3DU2010UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,653,1881,24469228.1 [Cert]
172EF2O2014EASA HP ALL (T)1,639,3691,06661731.5EA2AOO[Cert]
173R2014I2014UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,621,4061,37473428.8UA9XL[Cert]
174MD0CCE2009GDSA HP ALL (T)1,618,3911,15661726.4 [Cert]
175W1KQ2012W1SA HP ALL (T)1,608,9201,04858430.1 [Cert]
176ON6NL2017ONSA HP ALL (T)1,606,9241,10064922.1 [Cert]
177DK1KC2011DLSA HP ALL (T)1,606,3651,03865729.9 [Cert]
178AB2E2005W2SA HP ALL (T)1,593,9841,24859331.1  
179EF5K2011EASA HP ALL (T)1,582,1991,55073926.5EA5DWS[Cert]
180RM3DA2016UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,574,9651,24659527.9 [Cert]
181UA0SR2014RA0SA HP ALL (T)1,574,32190662320.0 [Cert]
182RZ9U2017RA9SA HP ALL (T)1,567,11689360636.0 [Cert]
183EF1A2010EASA HP ALL (T)1,543,8871,04463324.7EA1XT[Cert]
184K6MM2012W6SA HP ALL (T)1,538,4001,14464129.4 [Cert]
185N0FCD/92015W9SA HP ALL (T)1,516,9441,11562421.6 [Cert]
186ED4A2012EASA HP ALL (T)1,516,4551,23570524.8EA4TV[Cert]
187ZM1G2013ZLSA HP ALL (T)1,505,6391,01652724.9ZL2HAM[Cert]
188NF4A2010W4SA HP ALL (T)1,505,1681,12460417.2 [Cert]
189W6TK2006W6SA HP ALL (T)1,495,4921,50754823.6  
190SV1JGX2012SVSA HP ALL (T)1,465,6321,22067236.0 [Cert]
191N2SQW2012W2SA HP ALL (T)1,451,73898754734.5 [Cert]
192N3QE2014W3SA HP ALL (T)1,451,08489856226.0 [Cert]
193LU7YZ2015LUSA HP ALL (T)1,424,93599952113.6 [Cert]
194VE9MY2010VE1SA HP ALL (T)1,407,92469851825.2 [Cert]
195K0LUZ/42013W4SA HP ALL (T)1,399,5601,00064218.3 [Cert]
196DM5TI2014DLSA HP ALL (T)1,398,1251,06162519.0 [Cert]
197BG5TOX2015BYSA HP ALL (T)1,377,4611,08555734.8 [Cert]
198EF2O2015EASA HP ALL (T)1,376,3701,03361533.9EA2AOO[Cert]
199SV1JGX2013SVSA HP ALL (T)1,366,1821,22563936.0 [Cert]
200L33M2017LUSA HP ALL (T)1,366,01298850819.5LU3MAM[Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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