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101F4FLQ2017FSA HP 80M (T)335,4123833088.2 [Cert]
102IZ5NFD2011ISA HP 80M333,31745533112.7 [Cert]
103YU1UO2000YUSA HP 80M329,412506291  
104EC7WR2017EASA HP 80M314,11835827713.6  
105S53O2008S5SA HP 80M311,0004633119.8 [Cert]
106HB9FBS2014HBSA HP 80M305,28044431815.7 [Cert]
107HG0A2008HASA HP 80M302,3954213076.5 [Cert]
108AA4MM2002W4SA HP 80M272,84434323418.1  
109DK9HN2014DLSA HP 80M263,46638730621.1 [Cert]
110R3ST2017UA-3SA HP 80M261,87141930717.6 [Cert]
111IC8C2009ISA HP 80M253,13442728721.4IC8JAH[Cert]
112OM6NM2009OMSA HP 80M247,0324202825.8 [Cert]
113EA4DB2015EASA HP 80M244,77634528216.3 [Cert]
114KE0L2006W0SA HP 80M (T)241,68059126516.0  
115SP3GTS2017SPSA HP 80M238,49735028710.4 [Cert]
116N6JV2017W6SA HP 80M212,94045325212.5 [Cert]
117YO3HOT2017YOSA HP 80M202,01430626118.0 [Cert]
118EA3PT2013EASA HP 80M200,49029124611.5 [Cert]
119UT5EL2015URSA HP 80M189,16433326211.0 [Cert]
120UN9LU2015UNSA HP 80M184,96019517013.6 [Cert]
121IZ8GNR2017ISA HP 80M (T)166,5603152407.4 [Cert]
122LA2XPA2011LASA HP 80M162,21424822115.9 [Cert]
123YT3J2016YUSA HP 80M160,4482522185.9 [Cert]
124EA1PP2015EASA HP 80M158,14425422414.9  
125ES5MG2008ESSA HP 80M155,11825125119.0 [Cert]
1264M5W2015YVSA HP 80M153,12620014112.1YV5MSG 
127YU1AAX2017YUSA HP 80M148,5123062388.2YU3EEA[Cert]
128HB9ODK2016HBSA HP 80M145,0922882265.1 [Cert]
129EA7JQO2017EASA HP 80M144,64026222610.8 [Cert]
130DL7URH2015DLSA HP 80M143,0622712337.1 [Cert]
131MW9W2008GWSA HP 80M (T)137,7602622108.4MW0JZE[Cert]
132EA1EA2012EASA HP 80M (T)134,8292412139.3 [Cert]
133KE0L2005W0SA HP 80M (T)134,39241421417.5KE0L 
134YO3HOT2016YOSA HP 80M131,45323321113.9 [Cert]
135OR5N2012ONSA HP 80M (T)130,8042772129.7ON1CB[Cert]
136DK9HN2011DLSA HP 80M124,82123120711.0 [Cert]
137YO5PBF2012YOSA HP 80M122,3882572175.5 [Cert]
138OZ1ADL2006OZSA HP 80M115,83026519527.5  
139WK4Y2009W4SA HP 80M (T)113,7503331755.3 [Cert]
140RA3OA2017UA-3SA HP 80M109,3922472126.4 [Cert]
141YT4TD1997YUSA HP 80M104,784314177  
142RU6FA2009UA-6SA HP 80M101,55623218210.1 [Cert]
143K4KZZ2013W4SA HP 80M101,53619116714.9 [Cert]
144EB1TR2013EASA HP 80M101,2051981736.3 [Cert]
145IN3NJB2005ISA HP 80M97,7282501929.4  
146UT7EZZ2015URSA HP 80M90,3432311915.8UR3EZ[Cert]
147UY3AW2012URSA HP 80M81,99319618112.5 [Cert]
148UV5EOZ2017URSA HP 80M81,8402271863.1 [Cert]
149G4NXG2011GSA HP 80M (T)81,1741931665.7 [Cert]
150KK9V2010W9SA HP 80M (T)80,6761971623.5 [Cert]
1515P5X2013OZSA HP 80M79,8982081826.0OZ1ETA[Cert]
152UI3A2017UA-3SA HP 80M79,48820518410.8 [Cert]
153XE2CQ2016XESA HP 80M71,0681621095.6 [Cert]
154RT3F2013UA-3SA HP 80M67,9801831654.7RV3MQ[Cert]
155EC1AE2013EASA HP 80M65,6261651576.9 [Cert]
156YV6BXN2010YVSA HP 80M (T)64,251119994.3 [Cert]
157CR5A2013CTSA HP 80M63,9001781425.2CT1FFU[Cert]
158LY4OO2013LYSA HP 80M61,7221791625.6 [Cert]
159EA5KV2007EASA HP 80M57,6201491345.5  
160F6IRA/P2016FSA HP 80M53,3281421322.3 [Cert]
161DK9HN2013DLSA HP 80M52,59516815711.1 [Cert]
162PA3FGA2013PASA HP 80M52,0521561437.3 [Cert]
163RA0ALM2006RA0SA HP 80M46,060110945.8  
164UA9MA2009RA9SA HP 80M44,52898923.7 [Cert]
165SP3GTS2013SPSA HP 80M40,6901391303.8 [Cert]
166JK1GKG1999JA1SA HP 80M39,77611788  
167AM1Q2009EASA HP 80M34,4851341214.2EA1QA[Cert]
168EA7OT2006EASA HP 80M33,69611910831.8  
169N4QV2009W4SA HP 80M27,740113953.7 [Cert]
170DL8OH2015DLSA HP 80M24,4651061054.0 [Cert]
171UR5GDX2017URSA HP 80M24,057103993.7 [Cert]
172K4WW2017W4SA HP 80M22,968129994.2 [Cert]
173YO8MI2012YOSA HP 80M22,7951059710.0 [Cert]
174UA9MA2010RA9SA HP 80M22,07268623.4 [Cert]
175SQ8MFB2011SPSA HP 80M21,93011510211.6 [Cert]
176US6IKV2009URSA HP 80M19,99211410213.6 [Cert]
177N8KOJ2009W8SA HP 80M18,5401459011.0 [Cert]
178UT8EU2014URSA HP 80M (T)14,77386794.0  
179R4NW2011UA-4SA HP 80M14,47275724.8 [Cert]
180LY5D2015LYSA HP 80M14,39984773.4LY3BY[Cert]
181EB5GG2014EASA HP 80M13,53268684.7 [Cert]
182OK1KZ2015OKSA HP 80M9,38071673.0 [Cert]
183YO8MI2013YOSA HP 80M8,25665643.5 [Cert]
184EW8DJ2013EUSA HP 80M (T)7,56056541.4  
185UA0W2015RA0SA HP 80M (T)6,930363510.4 [Cert]
186EA3BOX2016EASA HP 80M6,08453522.5 [Cert]
187NA5NN2015W5SA HP 80M5,70065571.2K2FF[Cert]
188EA3XL2017EASA HP 80M5,54652472.7 [Cert]
189WA9IVH2017W9SA HP 80M5,40550473.3 [Cert]
190OK1KZ2016OKSA HP 80M5,08851482.7 [Cert]
191K6GT2009W6SA HP 80M5,03247375.4 [Cert]
192N8KOJ2008W8SA HP 80M4,75253486.2 [Cert]
193R2AB2017UA-3SA HP 80M4,22445444.6 [Cert]
194NL8F2015KLSA HP 80M3,97332298.5  
195JH1APK2011JA1SA HP 80M (T)3,58429284.7 [Cert]
196JA6SRB2010JA6SA HP 80M3,05025255.6 [Cert]
197JM4WUZ2017JA4SA HP 80M2,94434324.0 [Cert]
198SQ6PHT2015SPSA HP 80M (R)2,24034322.4 [Cert]
199JA1IZZ2003JA1SA HP 80M1,72922193.6  
200YU0U2014YUSA HP 80M1,68030282.0  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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