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1801K1TR1986W1SO HP 40M6,1566054  
1802N7FYO/12010W1SO LP ALL6,04856545.4 [Cert]
1803KB1PLN2008W1SO HP 20M (R)6,02751495.2 [Cert]
1804KB1BMF2017W1SA LP ALL6,026494611.7  
1805WC4E/12016W1SO LP ALL (T)6,00050481.0  
1806N1GKI2005W1SA LP ALL (T)5,95255482.9  
1807K1AIR2012W1SO LP ALL5,95050502.8 [Cert]
1808KA1C2012W1SO LP ALL5,92858522.9 [Cert]
1809NE1RD2012W1SO LP ALL5,92252472.2 [Cert]
1810W1OHM2007W1SO HP 20M5,88059565.5  
1811W1PLJ1979W1SO HP ALL5,8805042  
1812WK1J2017W1SA HP ALL (T)5,85046451.2 [Cert]
1813W1WEF2011W1SO HP ALL5,80547450.6 [Cert]
1814KA1VMG2014W1SO LP ALL5,76047451.7 [Cert]
1815K1VU2009W1SO LP ALL5,664554812.7 [Cert]
1816W1OHM2017W1SO LP ALL (T)5,65059506.0 [Cert]
1817KT1O1984W1SO HP ALL5,6447668  
1818WC4E2017W1SO LP ALL (T)5,61058512.1  
1819W1CNU1978W1SO HP ALL5,5865038  
1820W1PLJ1980W1SO HP 10M5,5605040  
1821K1RB1978W1SO HP 20M5,5044843  
1822AB1YH2016W1SA LP ALL5,50044445.6 [Cert]
1823K1DBO2017W1SA HP ALL5,37648485.0  
1824W1MK1995W1SO QRP 80M5,3045751  
1825KE1CY2011W1SO LP ALL5,17548453.4 [Cert]
1826N1EEK2016W1SA LP ALL5,15250469.1 [Cert]
1827KB1NRI2008W1SO LP ALL5,076534710.0 [Cert]
1828N1DBL2017W1SA LP ALL5,00438361.8 [Cert]
1829K1IG2016W1SA HP ALL4,90240387.8 [Cert]
1830KB1WEZ2016W1SO LP ALL4,83047463.7 [Cert]
1831N1VVV2011W1SA LP 10M4,77051458.2 [Cert]
1832W1LRY2007W1SA LP ALL4,77051453.4  
1833N1JI2013W1SO LP ALL4,74752475.8 [Cert]
1834AA1KM1998W1SO HP 20M4,7305955  
1835W1TTL2017W1SO HP 40M4,68079522.5 [Cert]
1836W1JIW2017W1SO HP 20M (R)4,64648464.9 [Cert]
1837K1HAP2014W1SO HP 160M4,590514512.8 [Cert]
1838KD1OG1994W1SO HP 15M4,5544846  
1839W1TO2004W1SA LP ALL4,485463927.6  
1840W1TW2013W1SO QRP 40M4,42034342.3 [Cert]
1841N7FYO/12012W1SO LP ALL4,40044403.6 [Cert]
1842N1UNH2017W1SA LP ALL4,20041402.3  
1843NX1Y2009W1SO LP 20M4,18139376.3 [Cert]
1844N1SXL2010W1SO HP ALL (T)4,14048453.2 [Cert]
1845W1OHM2013W1SO LP 20M4,12849434.0 [Cert]
1846KA1NWL/M1989W1SO HP 10M4,0664338  
1847K1YM2008W1SO LP ALL4,05050459.4 [Cert]
1848W1TW2015W1SO QRP 80M4,03129295.2 [Cert]
1849K1VSJ2000W1SO LP 10M4,0283838  
1850K1PAR2008W1SO LP ALL4,00257462.9 [Cert]
1851W1MAT2006W1SA HP ALL (T)3,93643412.2  
1852WA1NCN1984W1SO HP 20M3,9206156  
1853WI1G2009W1SO QRP ALL3,88045403.9W1IG[Cert]
1854WR1X1996W1SO HP ALL3,8614039  
1855K1BV2016W1SO HP ALL3,84234345.4 [Cert]
1856N1PBT/AE1994W1SO LP ALL3,7702929  
1857KB1HQI2005W1SO LP ALL3,76240384.0  
1858N1IW2006W1SO HP 20M3,750625024.6  
1859W1CEK2016W1SO QRP ALL3,73740372.0 [Cert]
1860AA2Z/11987W1SO HP ALL3,7244238  
1861W1BJ2011W1SO LP ALL3,68640383.8 [Cert]
1862K1VSJ1995W1SO LP ALL3,6363936  
1863AA2Z/11986W1SO HP ALL3,6274031  
1864KA1VMG1995W1SO LP 10M3,6264837  
1865K1VSJ1999W1SO LP 10M3,6053935  
1866K1TN1979W1SO HP 10M3,5704335  
1867KF1D2009W1SO LP 20M (R)3,57046422.8 [Cert]
1868W1AKI2016W1SO LP 20M (R)3,56743416.7 [Cert]
1869N1WRK2009W1SO LP 15M3,534403810.0 [Cert]
1870N1YKH2013W1SO LP 10M3,50240343.3 [Cert]
1871K1VSJ2017W1SO LP ALL (T)3,39536350.5 [Cert]
1872KB1WXM2013W1SO LP ALL (R)3,36243412.5 [Cert]
1873WA1FBX1976W1SO HP 40M3,3443644  
1874NZ1I2015W1SO QRP 10M (T)3,31236364.3 [Cert]
1875NA1O1991W1SO HP ALL3,2553635  
1876WB1DFV1979W1SO HP 10M3,2394441  
1877W1WY1981W1SO HP 20M3,2304038  
1878N1ZN2011W1SO LP ALL3,16834331.9 [Cert]
1879W1MJ2010W1SO LP ALL3,16839361.1 [Cert]
1880NG1I2017W1SO HP ALL3,16428281.3 [Cert]
1881W1WEF2009W1SO HP ALL3,11648410.6 [Cert]
1882KZ1O2006W1SO LP 20M3,116393822.8  
1883K1VU2005W1SO LP ALL3,116494127.6  
1884N1TM2012W1SO QRP 40M3,10432322.4 [Cert]
1885W1OH2017W1SO LP ALL3,06037343.0 [Cert]
1886WB1EAZ1989W1SO HP 80M3,0404440  
1887W1KM2013W1SO LP ALL3,03634331.2 [Cert]
1888N1NCJ/T1993W1SO LP 10M3,0244536  
1889W1PLJ1977W1SO HP ALL3,0073531  
1890KA1CZF1991W1SO QRP 20M2,9643938  
1891W1AKI2017W1SO LP 20M (R)2,92041405.6 [Cert]
1892W1AAD2003W1SO LP 80M2,916413626.9  
1893N1NJI2017W1SO LP ALL2,90031298.5 [Cert]
1894AG2K/12013W1SO LP ALL2,84233292.9 [Cert]
1895KB1JUF2009W1SO LP ALL2,81447426.8 [Cert]
1896W1WWW2012W1SO HP ALL2,80035351.1 [Cert]
1897KB1OWT2009W1SA LP ALL2,77538372.2 [Cert]
1898W1SRB2010W1SO LP ALL2,76045402.5 [Cert]
1899W1MSW2015W1SA LP ALL2,72631291.9 [Cert]
1900WV1M2006W1SA LP ALL2,72037342.5  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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