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1001RU4WD2008UA-4SO LP ALL11,285746110.3 [Cert]
1002UA4HA1999UA-4SO LP 15M11,2489074  
1003RK4PA2011UA-4SO LP ALL11,218797110.4 [Cert]
1004UA4PBX1980UA-4SO QRP ALL11,17210084  
1005UA4FUW2007UA-4SO LP ALL11,05579673.8  
1006RN4W2016UA-4SO HP ALL10,71073633.6 [Cert]
1007UA4HQS2006UA-4SO LP 20M10,68687782.7  
1008RC4R2017UA-4SA LP 20M10,56092885.4 [Cert]
1009RA4AUH2001UA-4SO QRP ALL10,25177676.0  
1010R4WT2015UA-4SO LP ALL10,17995874.1 [Cert]
1011RW4LQ2009UA-4SO LP 15M10,15269548.0 [Cert]
1012RV4HL2012UA-4SO LP ALL10,01174718.3 [Cert]
1013UA4FCZ1980UA-4SO HP 10M9,9767558  
1014UA4ARF2012UA-4SO LP ALL9,890928611.5 [Cert]
1015RA4FWA2011UA-4SO QRP 160M (R)9,88074655.3 [Cert]
1016UA4NW2010UA-4SO HP 80M9,80259584.6 [Cert]
1017RA4UVK2008UA-4SO HP ALL9,70062506.7 [Cert]
1018RN4HIF2009UA-4SO LP ALL9,59175696.7 [Cert]
1019RU4AA2017UA-4SO LP ALL9,51479714.0 [Cert]
1020RV4LS2005UA-4SO LP ALL9,275615316.3  
1021RW4LQ2005UA-4SO LP ALL9,240645512.1  
1022RA4FP2014UA-4SO LP 10M9,23458579.2 [Cert]
1023RU4LM2017UA-4SA LP ALL9,17676742.8 [Cert]
1024RW4HD2014UA-4SO HP ALL (T)9,10278743.8  
1025UA4HAK1999UA-4SO LP ALL9,0727572  
1026RU4PAA2015UA-4SO LP ALL8,96063566.0 [Cert]
1027UA4FAU1976UA-4SO HP 80M8,80010144  
1028RQ4F2015UA-4SA HP ALL8,79861535.9 [Cert]
1029RW4CLF2013UA-4SA HP 10M8,64264584.3 [Cert]
1030RA4PTI2009UA-4SO LP 80M8,64270586.4 [Cert]
1031UA4PCM2010UA-4SO LP ALL8,64260584.7 [Cert]
1032UA4AVN2016UA-4SO LP 15M8,52064605.0 [Cert]
1033UA4AO1988UA-4SO HP ALL8,3577361  
1034UA4CJJ2003UA-4SO HP ALL8,31664447.3  
1035UA4WNH2001UA-4SO HP ALL8,31672667.7  
1036UB4RDB2017UA-4SO LP ALL8,28077697.7 [Cert]
1037RA4PTI2010UA-4SO LP 80M8,24671629.9 [Cert]
1038RW4CBU2015UA-4SA LP ALL8,200958216.5 [Cert]
1039UA4CC2011UA-4SA HP 10M8,10957516.7 [Cert]
1040RA4PX2009UA-4SO LP ALL7,96571596.2 [Cert]
1041RA4HMT2009UA-4SO LP ALL7,93579694.9 [Cert]
1042UA4CCC1988UA-4SO HP 160M7,9008850  
1043RW4AO1996UA-4SO LP ALL7,8668269  
1044UA4ACP2008UA-4SO LP 20M7,68875622.7 [Cert]
1045UA4UT2014UA-4SO LP 10M7,63860572.6 [Cert]
1046UA4FEN2003UA-4SO LP ALL7,638605729.0  
1047RK4NAB2011UA-4SO HP ALL7,470888312.5 [Cert]
1048UA4CDC1983UA-4SO HP ALL7,4486849  
1049RW4LQ2007UA-4SO LP 15M7,33254478.6  
1050UA4CO1976UA-4SO HP ALL7,3208361  
1051UA4LW2008UA-4SO LP 15M7,29660578.9 [Cert]
1052RU4F2011UA-4SA LP ALL7,25063584.9 [Cert]
1053UA4HFG1980UA-4SO HP 10M7,2366254  
1054RV4LC2013UA-4SO LP ALL7,23656545.0 [Cert]
1055UA4CM1980UA-4SO HP ALL7,0727368  
1056UA4CGZ1983UA-4SO HP 80M7,0408144  
1057RK4FB2009UA-4SO QRP 20M6,96975698.6 [Cert]
1058RA4Y2014UA-4SO HP ALL6,61552491.9 [Cert]
1059RA4NAJ1995UA-4SO LP 15M6,6006555  
1060RW4HZ2016UA-4SO LP ALL6,36452377.2 [Cert]
1061UA4CM1981UA-4SO HP ALL6,3605853  
1062RA4PM1985UA-4SO HP ALL6,3365848  
1063RA4FUT2009UA-4SA LP 160M6,28859485.8 [Cert]
1064RA4DB2014UA-4SO LP ALL5,985686314.1 [Cert]
1065UA4LU1999UA-4SO LP ALL (T)5,9455041  
1066RA4UAT2000UA-4SO QRP ALL5,9224847  
1067R4RM2012UA-4SA LP ALL5,77640385.4 [Cert]
1068RA4WC2013UA-4SA LP 15M5,77555554.3 [Cert]
1069RN4ACX2012UA-4SA HP 15M5,76857565.7 [Cert]
1070RM4R2013UA-4SA HP ALL5,76353512.2 [Cert]
1071UA4WAD1991UA-4SO HP 15M5,6736561  
1072RN4AX2013UA-4SO LP ALL5,37649429.0 [Cert]
1073EZ4CBX1983UA-4SO HP 160M5,3657137  
1074RW4LC2002UA-4SO LP ALL5,346625421.8  
1075RA4PX2010UA-4SO LP ALL5,00556554.1 [Cert]
1076UA4PWW1981UA-4SO HP ALL4,9725144  
1077RA4PTI2013UA-4SO LP 80M4,90547457.1 [Cert]
1078UA4PAQ2017UA-4SO LP 20M4,81659566.0 [Cert]
1079RV4AS2012UA-4SA LP 20M4,73849463.1 [Cert]
1080RA4RO2010UA-4SA HP ALL4,49446427.6 [Cert]
1081RV4LS2011UA-4SO LP 15M4,407403916.3 [Cert]
1082UA4FAR1976UA-4SO HP 20M4,3466953  
1083RA4DX2011UA-4SO QRP 15M4,214544910.4 [Cert]
1084UA4SN2012UA-4SO LP 20M4,15468626.4 [Cert]
1085UA4CGZ1984UA-4SO HP 160M4,1485334  
1086RA4DX2014UA-4SO QRP 10M4,10455543.7 [Cert]
1087UA4PCM2011UA-4SO LP ALL4,07037374.8 [Cert]
1088RA4UAT2011UA-4SO LP ALL4,03237366.6 [Cert]
1089UA4AAC2004UA-4SO LP 15M3,960414027.1  
1090R4WT2014UA-4SA LP ALL3,92254531.6 [Cert]
1091RU4AN2007UA-4SO LP ALL3,92044404.3  
1092RA4NCC2005UA-4SO LP ALL3,91549455.9  
1093UZ4YWW1987UA-4SO HP 20M3,8704690Woly 
1094RA4HDE1978UA-4SO HP 10M3,8424134  
1095RN4AM2014UA-4SA LP ALL3,80838342.4 [Cert]
1096RV4LC2010UA-4SO LP ALL3,61245433.3 [Cert]
1097UA4ACD1975UA-4SO HP 40M3,4724528  
1098RW4LQ2008UA-4SO LP ALL (T)3,44137314.0 [Cert]
1099RA4UAT2015UA-4SO LP ALL3,29632327.4 [Cert]
1100RV4LS2012UA-4SO LP 10M2,970343317.0 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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