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901RZ0SW2010RA0SO LP ALL4,64657466.9 
902UA0CW2001RA0SO HP ALL4,48442387.7  
903RX0AK2011RA0SA HP ALL4,41042422.9 
904RA0SMS2012RA0SO LP 15M4,26844441.1 
905RN0CW2011RA0SO LP 15M4,18045448.3 
906UA0C2015RA0SO LP ALL4,13045352.9  
907RA0LMO2016RA0SO LP ALL3,978413411.2 
908UA0SBO1977RA0SO HP 80M3,9165422  
909RU0AW2008RA0SO HP 40M3,91038341.0 
910UK0CAG1984RA0SO HP 20M3,7805836UA0CGN 
911RA0APW2009RA0SO LP ALL3,68638387.8 
912RA0SMS2014RA0SA LP ALL3,62641371.3  
913UA0OD2010RA0SO LP 10M3,57053429.1 
914RA0ANO2004RA0SA LP ALL3,44140377.3  
915RK0AWQ2008RA0SO HP 20M3,44140373.3RK0AWQ
916UA0SBQ2015RA0SO QRP ALL3,42039365.9 
917UA0CW2006RA0SO LP ALL3,416282829.0  
918RK0UT2017RA0SO HP 20M3,40040401.7 
919UC0L2017RA0SO LP ALL3,38242385.3 
920UA0BA2015RA0SA HP ALL3,34838361.4 
921UA0CDM1982RA0SO HP ALL3,2403630  
922UA0LFK1981RA0SO HP 10M3,1683332  
923UA0FEP1983RA0SO HP 10M3,1544538  
924RZ0SW2012RA0SO LP ALL3,09636363.5 
925RW0CF2007RA0SO LP 15M3,09440342.6  
926RZ0AK2008RA0SO LP ALL3,07845382.4 
927R0AFF2016RA0SO LP 15M (R)2,97034331.3 
928RW0CF2013RA0SA HP 10M2,96440395.1 
929UA0KAJ1983RA0SO HP 10M2,8905734  
930RU0A2011RA0SA HP ALL2,76033303.6 
931RU0AT1999RA0SO LP 15M2,7523332  
932UI0L2016RA0SA LP ALL (T)2,71635284.0 
933RW0UB2008RA0SO LP 20M2,66044388.1 
934RW0CV2011RA0SO LP 20M2,50834331.6 
935UA0CCO1983RA0SO HP ALL2,4573327  
936UB0AEX2015RA0SO LP ALL (R)2,43032302.2 
937UA0CCW1984RA0SO HP ALL2,3042218  
938RU0AE2009RA0SO HP ALL2,21429271.8 
939R0TR2016RA0SO LP ALL2,10627261.2 
940RK0AB2011RA0SO HP 15M2,10028282.5 
941RA0AY2017RA0SA QRP 20M2,05932297.8 
942UA0ZC2015RA0SA LP ALL2,03031293.4 
943UI0L2017RA0SA LP 80M1,976332611.4 
944RA0ACM2013RA0SA HP ALL1,94428271.4 
945UA0OD2007RA0SO LP ALL1,9442827  
946UA0APP2003RA0SO LP ALL1,920603236.0  
947UA0SG1988RA0SO QRP 10M1,8864741  
948UA0LNL2014RA0SO LP ALL1,88531295.6 
949RA0ANO2016RA0SA LP 20M1,87226243.2 
950RA0SCQ1976RA0SO HP 10M1,8636227  
951R0ABZ2014RA0SO LP ALL1,72525253.2 
952RA0FA1993RA0SO LP 80M1,7222521  
953UA0LS2015RA0SO LP ALL1,70537317.4 
954UA0KBC1981RA0SO HP 10M1,6503225  
955UA0OC1979RA0SO HP 20M1,5602524  
956RW0CR2010RA0SO HP ALL1,54123233.0 
957UA0SFN1976RA0SO HP 10M1,5085326  
958RA0AAN1977RA0SO HP 10M1,4825526  
959RA0ANO2012RA0SA LP ALL1,44923232.9 
960UA0LNL2013RA0SO LP ALL1,32329275.1 
961UA0IT2012RA0SA LP ALL1,32022221.1 
962RA0UF2017RA0SO HP ALL1,29037301.4  
963UW0CW1987RA0SO HP ALL1,2422018  
964RW0CF2017RA0SA HP ALL1,23216163.1 
965UA0SBQ2014RA0SO QRP ALL1,17621211.9 
966RK0SZZ2004RA0SO LP ALL1,1602320  
967RA0ANO2007RA0SA LP ALL1,12526255.0  
968UA0W2013RA0SA HP 40M (T)1,02015154.6 
969UA0LNL2015RA0SO LP ALL1,01222225.5 
970UA0CW2000RA0SO HP ALL9761916  
971R0TR2015RA0SO LP ALL96826221.3 
972UV0EX1981RA0SO HP 10M9242221  
973RA0SK1989RA0SO HP 40M9241414  
974RA0AY2015RA0SA QRP 40M86718179.0 
975UA0KBO1983RA0SO HP 20M8671717  
976UA0ZC2014RA0SA LP ALL84619182.1 
977UA0SF2015RA0SO HP ALL81719193.9 
978RA0CDM1983RA0SO HP 10M7991717  
979UA0APV2006RA0SO LP ALL76818161.4  
980RW0CR2014RA0SA HP 10M73616163.7 
981UA0W2014RA0SA HP 80M (T)726111111.3 
982UW0NE1979RA0SO HP ALL7201615  
983UA0FBZ1976RA0SO HP 20M6304614  
984RA0ABJ1977RA0SO HP 10M6003020  
985RA0UF2011RA0SO LP 10M52517151.2 
986UA0LFI1983RA0SO HP 10M4681613  
987UA0LOD2003RA0SO LP 15M459191726.3  
988RW0BM2009RA0SO HP 15M45017151.7 
989RW0AR2005RA0SO HP ALL44414122.1  
990UA0JD1985RA0SO HP 20M4291313  
991UK0CAA1981RA0MULTI-ONE HP42521173 Oprs 
992UA0QCA1982RA0SO HP 10M3961211  
993RA0ANO2008RA0SA LP 20M36414142.0 
994UA0SAV2006RA0SO LP ALL3641414  
995RD0A2013RA0SA HP 80M360991.0 
996RA0AY2009RA0SO QRP 40M36010101.0 
997UA0SLN1984RA0SO HP 20M3411311  
998UA0C2013RA0SO LP ALL33816131.2  
999UA0SQU2005RA0SO LP ALL3251513  
1000RW0MM2011RA0SA LP 15M32412120.6 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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