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901RZ0SW2010RA0SO LP ALL4,64657466.9 [Cert]
902UA0CW2001RA0SO HP ALL4,48442387.7  
903RX0AK2011RA0SA HP ALL4,41042422.9 [Cert]
904RA0SMS2012RA0SO LP 15M4,26844441.1 [Cert]
905RN0CW2011RA0SO LP 15M4,18045448.3 [Cert]
906UA0C2015RA0SO LP ALL4,13045352.9  
907RA0LMO2016RA0SO LP ALL3,978413411.2 [Cert]
908UA0SBO1977RA0SO HP 80M3,9165422  
909RU0AW2008RA0SO HP 40M3,91038341.0 [Cert]
910UK0CAG1984RA0SO HP 20M3,7805836UA0CGN 
911RA0APW2009RA0SO LP ALL3,68638387.8 [Cert]
912RA0SMS2014RA0SA LP ALL3,62641371.3  
913UA0OD2010RA0SO LP 10M3,57053429.1 [Cert]
914RA0ANO2004RA0SA LP ALL3,44140377.3  
915RK0AWQ2008RA0SO HP 20M3,44140373.3RK0AWQ[Cert]
916UA0SBQ2015RA0SO QRP ALL3,42039365.9 [Cert]
917UA0CW2006RA0SO LP ALL3,416282829.0  
918RK0UT2017RA0SO HP 20M3,40040401.7 [Cert]
919UC0L2017RA0SO LP ALL3,38242385.3 [Cert]
920UA0BA2015RA0SA HP ALL3,34838361.4 [Cert]
921UA0CDM1982RA0SO HP ALL3,2403630  
922UA0LFK1981RA0SO HP 10M3,1683332  
923UA0FEP1983RA0SO HP 10M3,1544538  
924RZ0SW2012RA0SO LP ALL3,09636363.5 [Cert]
925RW0CF2007RA0SO LP 15M3,09440342.6  
926RZ0AK2008RA0SO LP ALL3,07845382.4 [Cert]
927R0AFF2016RA0SO LP 15M (R)2,97034331.3 [Cert]
928RW0CF2013RA0SA HP 10M2,96440395.1 [Cert]
929UA0KAJ1983RA0SO HP 10M2,8905734  
930RU0A2011RA0SA HP ALL2,76033303.6 [Cert]
931RU0AT1999RA0SO LP 15M2,7523332  
932UI0L2016RA0SA LP ALL (T)2,71635284.0 [Cert]
933RW0UB2008RA0SO LP 20M2,66044388.1 [Cert]
934RW0CV2011RA0SO LP 20M2,50834331.6 [Cert]
935UA0CCO1983RA0SO HP ALL2,4573327  
936UB0AEX2015RA0SO LP ALL (R)2,43032302.2 [Cert]
937UA0CCW1984RA0SO HP ALL2,3042218  
938RU0AE2009RA0SO HP ALL2,21429271.8 [Cert]
939R0TR2016RA0SO LP ALL2,10627261.2 [Cert]
940RK0AB2011RA0SO HP 15M2,10028282.5 [Cert]
941RA0AY2017RA0SA QRP 20M2,05932297.8 [Cert]
942UA0ZC2015RA0SA LP ALL2,03031293.4 [Cert]
943UI0L2017RA0SA LP 80M1,976332611.4 [Cert]
944RA0ACM2013RA0SA HP ALL1,94428271.4 [Cert]
945UA0OD2007RA0SO LP ALL1,9442827  
946UA0APP2003RA0SO LP ALL1,920603236.0  
947UA0SG1988RA0SO QRP 10M1,8864741  
948UA0LNL2014RA0SO LP ALL1,88531295.6 [Cert]
949RA0ANO2016RA0SA LP 20M1,87226243.2 [Cert]
950RA0SCQ1976RA0SO HP 10M1,8636227  
951R0ABZ2014RA0SO LP ALL1,72525253.2 [Cert]
952RA0FA1993RA0SO LP 80M1,7222521  
953UA0LS2015RA0SO LP ALL1,70537317.4 [Cert]
954UA0KBC1981RA0SO HP 10M1,6503225  
955UA0OC1979RA0SO HP 20M1,5602524  
956RW0CR2010RA0SO HP ALL1,54123233.0 [Cert]
957UA0SFN1976RA0SO HP 10M1,5085326  
958RA0AAN1977RA0SO HP 10M1,4825526  
959RA0ANO2012RA0SA LP ALL1,44923232.9 [Cert]
960UA0LNL2013RA0SO LP ALL1,32329275.1 [Cert]
961UA0IT2012RA0SA LP ALL1,32022221.1 [Cert]
962RA0UF2017RA0SO HP ALL1,29037301.4  
963UW0CW1987RA0SO HP ALL1,2422018  
964RW0CF2017RA0SA HP ALL1,23216163.1 [Cert]
965UA0SBQ2014RA0SO QRP ALL1,17621211.9 [Cert]
966RK0SZZ2004RA0SO LP ALL1,1602320  
967RA0ANO2007RA0SA LP ALL1,12526255.0  
968UA0W2013RA0SA HP 40M (T)1,02015154.6 [Cert]
969UA0LNL2015RA0SO LP ALL1,01222225.5 [Cert]
970UA0CW2000RA0SO HP ALL9761916  
971R0TR2015RA0SO LP ALL96826221.3 [Cert]
972UV0EX1981RA0SO HP 10M9242221  
973RA0SK1989RA0SO HP 40M9241414  
974RA0AY2015RA0SA QRP 40M86718179.0 [Cert]
975UA0KBO1983RA0SO HP 20M8671717  
976UA0ZC2014RA0SA LP ALL84619182.1 [Cert]
977UA0SF2015RA0SO HP ALL81719193.9 [Cert]
978RA0CDM1983RA0SO HP 10M7991717  
979UA0APV2006RA0SO LP ALL76818161.4  
980RW0CR2014RA0SA HP 10M73616163.7 [Cert]
981UA0W2014RA0SA HP 80M (T)726111111.3 [Cert]
982UW0NE1979RA0SO HP ALL7201615  
983UA0FBZ1976RA0SO HP 20M6304614  
984RA0ABJ1977RA0SO HP 10M6003020  
985RA0UF2011RA0SO LP 10M52517151.2 [Cert]
986UA0LFI1983RA0SO HP 10M4681613  
987UA0LOD2003RA0SO LP 15M459191726.3  
988RW0BM2009RA0SO HP 15M45017151.7 [Cert]
989RW0AR2005RA0SO HP ALL44414122.1  
990UA0JD1985RA0SO HP 20M4291313  
991UK0CAA1981RA0MULTI-ONE HP42521173 Oprs 
992UA0QCA1982RA0SO HP 10M3961211  
993RA0ANO2008RA0SA LP 20M36414142.0 [Cert]
994UA0SAV2006RA0SO LP ALL3641414  
995RD0A2013RA0SA HP 80M360991.0 [Cert]
996RA0AY2009RA0SO QRP 40M36010101.0 [Cert]
997UA0SLN1984RA0SO HP 20M3411311  
998UA0C2013RA0SO LP ALL33816131.2  
999UA0SQU2005RA0SO LP ALL3251513  
1000RW0MM2011RA0SA LP 15M32412120.6 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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